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So... dragons are highly derived archosaurs.
Ancient Lair
carved into the

Clan Info

Undressed dragons don't mean I'm not loving them. I'm just truly trash at dressing dragons.
(As always, feel free to randomly make apparel or skincent / accent suggestions for anyone in my Den [self marketing!] or in the Long Patrol on the main Lair. It makes my day. :)

Dragon prices are always negotiable, pm me, I really like to haggle. If it's in the Fodder, Sales or Waiting Room tabs it's totally open for offers. But you can also give my HibDen a look for anything that intests you.

Dragons in the Hibernal Den are being Gene Outfit Planned, see their bios for their "true" appearance in gened form if nothing else.
New Plan, I have 40 pages of skins/accents and I'm never going to have enough dragons for them and I don't feel like going broke for the art collecting habit. Everyone's getting their altskin look in their bios now.

How to get embiggened dragons OMG this is the best thing ever.

Dragon Ages:
7 days = 2.5 years
14/15 days = 5 years
1 month = 10 years
1 year = 100 years
Boreal Wood, Volcanic Vents,
Crystal Pools
Forbidden Portal*, Waterway,
Harpy's Roost
Crystal Pools, Kelp Beds,
Redrock Cove
Blooming Grove, Mire,
Bamboo Falls
Oh God so many gene projects!

Currently doing some trading with DA art concepts, Furvilla and Chicken Smoothie. (Also a bit from my CB Silvers, Deadlines, Golds & Holidays on DC.)
Storm Sent – A Dark Wind Hatchery

Storm Begotten – The onsite Lorebook of the Clan at the Eye of the Storm

Clan of Storms - The offsite Lorebook and Repository of Clan Stories

The Ecology of The Coliseum

Clan hatchery and Lorebook undergoing structural renovations. Pardon the dust!

The Ecology of the Coliseum taking suggestions and critique! Go check it out!



Bearer of
Badges & Sigils


Bearer of


Holder of Gene Plans

This is an exalting lair. If I have purchased your dragon and it resides past Kourin then it is likely to be exalted. If you would like it back, please offer the amount I paid back, or, if leveling has already begun the exalt payout of a lv.10. I breed to exalt, if you've found an exalted dragon you liked, followed it back to me and I still have the parents? Feel completely free to ask me to try to breed out another for you.

!*!*!*!*!* Admins/Mods/Or Whoever !*!*!*!*!*
I have a running agreement with Tot21. We used to live/work around each other a lot, but still keep in touch. I buy their dragons for exalt bait.
!*!*!*!*!* Admins/Mods/Or Whoever !*!*!*!*!*

Progen Offspring Collection!
Buffer Text
Water I

Earth 0

Shadow I

Lighting III

Nature IV

Plague I

Arcane III

Looking for
Cream/Amber/Amber Female Light Imp

Elemental Lures?
Temporary Scrying Codes for Dragons
Toggle Hatchlings to Adults in Forsee Progeny
Eat Me / Drink Me (Size Changing Potions!)
Toggle OFF 'Flee' in the Coli
Bond Awakened Familiars through the Beastiary: Unique bond gifts from Awakened Familiars
Make a 'Services' Subforum
Adjust Capcha Buffs (Food/Mats/Give EXP in All Venues
Search AH by User/Personal Seller URLS
Force Nests to be Multigaze/Facet/Primal - Gem Item + Long Cooldown
[G] Select Mates from Dragon's Own Tab FIRST

Current Quests!
Standing Army Challenge!
X99 Long Drop Challenge on Personal Hard Modes

Important Links!
[LF]Gula & Skag accents
Roundsey's Raffle Waste
[LF] Centhwevir Skin!

Volatile Matter's Outfit Generator!
To read the deleted: Don't Retire the Scattervial thread deleted 29 Aug 2018
go to the google search bar and enter "
site: " to retrieve the cached version. add /# to the end of "2452478" to go to a particular page, 1-87.

Update 4/25/2020 Google Cache is gone, there is one snapshot available via the Wayback Machine.

10/10/2018 Marropo wants a Beige/Robin/Cream imp with Shimmer
Keep an eye on Nemo's broods for one, or send him over once I get the right mate range.


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