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The overlaid text reads - Gene Achievements - 122 new gene achievements for dragons who love new patterns. The image shows three fathom hatchling with white bodies and different gene patterns across their wings. The leftmost hatchling has the stained-glass like breakup pattern, the middle hatchling has the swirls and stars of constellation, and the last hatchling has the broken color with rivulets of line of current.

The Acclaimed Achievements Association is pleased to recognize additional achievements performed by your clan!

The overlaid text reads - The Boneyard - A desolate venue brings all new opponents and rewards. Facing the right side of the image is the Corvid Convergence, a skeletal creature that has dozens of crows trapped in its rib cage. To its right, also facing the right is a carcass custodian, a lizard creature with green skin and red eyes. It wears a bone skull for a helmet and carries an enormous bone that one might think is too large for its smaller frame to easily carry, but the lizard creature doesn't seem to be having any trouble at all. In the environment there are large bones poking out of the ground.

Dragons begin exploring a newly discovered Boneyard, but they are not the only ones to arrive at this unsettling scene.

The overlaid text reads Petrified and Lode, A primary and secondary gene pair, expanded to modern dragons! The banner image features a female pose Wildclaw dragon with greyish blue skin and teal wings. There are seams of sparkling cerulean edged in a darker blue-grey running across the feather-crested dragon's body and wings. The environment around the dragon is rocky terrain with red rock canyon formations.

Modern dragons begin displaying seams of Ancient gleam! Baldwin's Bubbling Brew receives rebalances for levels 15-16.

The overlaid text reads Reflection Scroll, Experience your dragons from a different perspective, moth capes, new familiars. The banner displays an antique white snapper with pale blue-green wings, wearing a cape that drapes over their shoulders styled like moth wings. Those familiar with the dragons would know that this Snapper dragon is facing the opposite dragon that it normally does! To the right is the reflection scroll icon, showing a magic scroll and two dragons facing opposite directions.

An enchanted scroll creates a new way of seeing things, while colorful moth capes make their way into the marketplace and trades!

The overlaid text reads - Brightshine Jubilee - Light festival familiar, apparel, scenes and genes! The image depicts a black and gold gryphon with light streaks coming off of its cheeks and chest. It is wearing golden armor across its chest and spotted wings.

This month, all of dragonkind come together to participate in the Brightshine Jubilee. This festival celebrates the Light Flight.