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A Pistachio Green and Grey Undertide with a pink face curls on the right of the image. It has the gentle gradient streaks of the Varnish gene, and has the Blossom gene as well, which covers it in small pink and light aqua flowers. Seashells and sand are in the background. The overlaid text reads Undertide Gene Expansion, New Genes, Parchments, and Marketplace Adjustments!

Undertide dragons get a new coat of paint in today's update

The background is the new sweetheart basket scene where only the rose bushes and pink flower bushes are visible. Centered in the foreground is a cockatiel gryphon familiar with multiple wings. Their back is turned towards the viewer, showing off their wings. The pink center pair of wings resembles the classic non-anatomical heart shape. The overlaid text reads: Love is in the Air, Sweet sentiments, sweet friends, and sweet treats for all!

The return of the most lovely seasonal event in today's update!

Centered in the foreground is a feathered Wildclaw dragon wearing the Heliodor enhancement set, which puts a futuristic looking wing, mask, and eye augment on them. The dragon is taupe in body color with the giraffe gene, and have latte colored wings in the jester gene. The overlaid text reads: Augmented Apparel; Enhancements for dragons have been forged!

The future shines bright with new apparel!

In the foreground is a white ball python with slightly iridescent scales surrounded by snowdrop flowers. The python is sitting in an icy scene. The overlaid text reads: Crystalline Gala; Ice Festival Familiar, Apparel, Scene, & Genes.

This month, all of dragonkind come together to celebrate the Crystalline Gala. This festival celebrates the Ice Flight.

In the foreground is a tiger creature with foo dog influences holding a large calligraphy brush in its jaws, trailing dark ink behind it. In the background are dark ruins with crumbled masonry and blue flames, and the stones from the Ghostlight Ruins scene. The overlaid text reads: Scenes of a New Year; A new year brings new scenes, vistas, and familiars!

Will you dig around old sites and find new treasure, make a new friend, or battle and cause a scene in the new year?