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The overlaid text reads - Limited Event - Unfathomable Odyssey. The red wing elements of the Flight Rising logo surround text that reads 11 years. Merrigan, the aquatic fathom dragon in shades of blue wears a nautical hat filled with coral seaweed, pearls, and shells, and holds a telescope in front of the surface of a vast ocean, full of waves.

Flight Rising's eleventh year in operation kicks off with a splash of adventure! The Fathom dragons have returned from their decades-long circuit around the oceans, only to learn of the Tidelord's mysterious disappearance. Working in conjunction with the Water flight, they have launched an expedition to search for clues.

The overlaid text reads - Hatchling Skins - skin system improvements and new friends. There is a scaled dusthide hatchling dragon with antique scales and jade wings. It has an accent depicting lily of the valley flowers applied. A hatchling skin icon is in the upper left.
The day is finally hereā€”the Custom Skin & Accent system now supports hatchlings affected by Scroll of Eternal Youth! Get ready to flex those creative muscles to decorate over 20 adorable new templates.

The overlaid text reads - Greenskeeper Gathering - Nature festival familiar, apparel, scene, and genes! The image depicts a green mamba snake wrapped around stems of small, bell-shaped Lily of the Valley flowers and their leaves.

This month, all of dragonkind come together to celebrate the Greenskeeper Gathering. This festival celebrates the Nature Flight.

The overlaid text reads - Firebreather - More molten markings + Festival announcements! The banner displays a shaggy Gaoler dragon with a lion's mane and antlered horns in shades of lavender and muted blue. The Firebreather gene trails molten veins across its face in shades of pink.

More dragons begin to display molten markings alongside announcements for the 2024-2025 elemental holiday season!

The overlaid text reads - Marketplace Cycle - cycled items return to the marketplace + Balwin rebalance. In the foreground is the new avian-leaning amphithere familiar. It resembles a white stork crossed with a snake, boasting the beak, wings, and white feathers tipped with black of the former, and the serpentine body of the latter. In the background, a cauldron brews over a fire.

Cycled items return to the gem marketplace from May 6-13, and Baldwin levels 11-14 are rebalanced!