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The overlaid text reads - Forgotten Scenes and Genes  - Venture deeper into the Forgotten Cave. The banner image displays the Broadfin hippocamp, an aquatic horse with fins in place of a mane. It is patterned with the elaborate swirls of a coral dwelling fish in black, white, and blue. Behind it is the forgotten cave scene, showing green pools and grey rock.

New genes, scenes, and familiars!

The overlaid text reads - An Eye for Shenanigans - New eye types have arrived! The banner image displays an Aether hatchling with faded wind eyes, which display with a greyish tint, lacking vibrancy. The blue Spiral hatchling has dark water eyes, which take the hue of the eye to something approaching black. The tiger striped Auraboa hatchling has vibrant green buttons for eyes.

Dragons are seeing Sornieth with new eyes!

The overlaid text reads - Mistral Jamboree - Wind festival familiar, apparel, scene, and genes! There is a paradise tree snake entwined with several gold daffodils. The tree snake has vibrant red markings across its back and a striped pattern. The background is  the circular spinning stone gates, hovering in the air with plant matter being blown by wind.

This month, all of dragonkind come together to celebrate the Mistral Jamboree. This festival celebrates the Wind Flight.

The overlaid text reads Orb and Weaver, A primary and secondary gene pair, expanded! The banner image displays a Gaoler hatchling dragon with antlered horns and a fuzzy mane. Across its body in shades of flaxen yellow and caramel brown are the ringed and connected spots of the orb and weaver gene.

Modern dragons begin displaying an ancient twist! What was old is new again!

A serpentine imperial dragon wearing the green and black peridot enhancement set, which puts a futuristic looking wing, mask, and eye augment on them, is in the foreground. The dragon is oilslick in body color with the stripped savannah gene, and has obsidian-colored wings in the safari gene. The overlaid text reads: Augmented Apparel; Colorful enhancements for dragons have been forged!

The future shines bright with new apparel!