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Flight Rising

Announcements & News (521 topics)
The latest game announcements and FR news, straight from the Dragon's Maw.
Dragon Share (195420 topics)
Show off your dragons, and ask for advice on how to continue to improve them.
Flight Rising Discussion (132981 topics)
Discuss Flight Rising.
Dragons For Sale (320484 topics)
Sell your dragons.
Suggestions (28773 topics)
Want to make Flight Rising even better? Post your suggestions for the game here.
Find a Dragon (158315 topics)
Search for the perfect dragon.
Guides (2406 topics)
Community created guides, helpful strategies, and more.
Dragon Trading (42606 topics)
Arrange Crossroads exchanges with other players.
Help Center (57791 topics)
Lost? Come here to ask your questions, or to help other users with theirs.
Items For Sale (215250 topics)
Arrange to buy & sell items with other Flight Rising players.
Bug Report Forums (37378 topics)
Did you run across an error? Is something behaving out of the ordinary? Please report any bugs you find.
Auctions (14569 topics)
Create auction-style bid-to-buy sales here.
Raffles & Giveaways (32168 topics)
Share your raffles and giveaways with the Flight Rising community.
Skins and Accents (15390 topics)
Share and sell your skin creations with other players.
Quests & Challenges (9463 topics)
Quests, Challenges, and Festival games.


General Discussion (50990 topics)
Discuss your favorites: TV shows, music, games, & hobbies.
Adoptables (11438 topics)
Create, adopt, or show off your adoptables with your friends.
Introductions (18304 topics)
Introduce yourself and say hello to the rest of the community.
Creative Corner (38822 topics)
Share your art and stories, and view the contributions of others. Constructive criticism is welcome.
Forum Games (10090 topics)
Play word and forum games here.
Art Sales (55443 topics)
For commissions and flat-sale of your creative efforts.
Roleplay (23593 topics)
Roleplay and stories that take place within the world of Flight Rising. Begin your adventure!