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Rare Eye Icon on Incorrect Hatchling
Sep 25, 2022, 17:13:23
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Undel
Thank you for the report. I showed this to the programming team and this is a legacy page that is currently in the early stages of being refactored. (ie: It's on the old code from the early days of the site. We're completely remaking it on the new, updated code.)

Since the bug is largely harmless, we're going to leave this for now, but have noted down that this is happening. When the refactored nest and hatching pages go live, this issue should be addressed at the same time. Two birds, one stone and all that!

Thanks again. This was a good catch!
Starfall Announcment Incorrect?
Sep 25, 2022, 17:07:41
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Undel
It should be corrected now! Thank you for the report!
[2 holiday currencies] wait-
Sep 25, 2022, 15:50:02
beautifulglitter wrote on 2022-09-23 13:16:36:
I just hope that each currency drops separately and isn't split randomly, e.g. this gathering turn you got crystals, the next dubloons. I think I'm going to hold off on dailies for a bit to scope out the situation just in case

They each have an independent chance to drop. One dropping does not affect the odds of the other dropping.
Seasonal Scene: Autumn
Sep 25, 2022, 15:49:17
Eucyon wrote on 2022-09-25 13:33:16:
Will we see the same scene for this upcoming winter and spring? Like with the tree and the pond, etc. And will this sort of seasonal scene rotation be different every year or the same?

You will see this same scene next year. If we are going to retire something that's not standard (like elemental holiday items) we announce it when there's still time to obtain it.

So you'll see this again next autumn too. :)
Starfall Celebration 2022
Sep 25, 2022, 15:41:36
Forum Post | Announcements & News | By Undel
IamNoHere wrote on 2022-09-25 06:14:37:
Not sure if somebody´s pointed out already, but the new Aura apparel´s description sounds like a Fire one, if not the same as Fire Aura´s.

Anyway, the new apparel and familiar look great ^^

edit: Happy Starfall, everyone!

Thank you for the report! This has been corrected!
Owleics wrote on 2022-09-25 06:28:26:
I'm sure this has been pointed out before but i noticed the front page text probably needs updating now that the new skin shop system is in place? the link still takes you through to the treasure market place, just thought it worth pointing out as it may be misleading to those who don't know where to find the skins!
For the duration of holiday, 12 (twelve) of these skins will be stocking in the Treasure Marketplace

This should be corrected now. I reused an old starfall news template and missed that bit!
mithrel wrote on 2022-09-25 13:17:13:
@Undel Joxar seems to be a bit confused. He's still celebrating Flameforger's in the Spare Inventory.

Orange is his original jacket color. That's him in "his clothing". The flameforger's jacket has flames on it. :)
Status Update
Sep 22, 2022, 13:04:20
Site Status | By Undel
The seasons change: Autumn seasonal items now have a chance to stock in the treasure marketplace from now until December 22, when winter items roll in. There is a new seasonal scene for autumn.
Seasonal Scene: Autumn
Sep 22, 2022, 13:02:35
Seasonal Scenes

Joining our selection of items that changes with the four seasons (summer, autumn, winter, spring) a new seasonal scene for Autumn has now been added! This scene is available for purchase in the the Marketplace from September 22 until December, when the winter selection rolls in.

Haha ive been scammed. Fun.
Sep 22, 2022, 08:38:57
Hello everyone. The reason why we don't allow call-out threads of this nature is due to the fact players can only see one side (their side), and may be making the wrong assumption about why a trade (of any kind) hasn't been completed. We have seen this happen many times over the years. Sometimes it is a bad-faith trade with malicious intent, and sometimes it's because life happened. And in covid times, life can, does hit people hard and fast. When it's a case of life happening, publicly accusing or calling someone out someone as a scammer when they are not has consequences.

As noted upthread, please report suspected bad faith trades to us via Contact Us. While we may not be able to restore items, dragons, or currency, we can still investigate and ensure the reported individual isn't exploiting our policies and scamming players. When you make your report, please follow the instructions noted in the policy itself:

When you do, include links to any posts on the Flight Rising website and any relevant Crossroads or private message ID numbers.

Failure to include this information, or failure to use the email address registered to your Flight Rising account will lead to delays reviewing and processing your ticket.

And because this thread is a form of callout, because the correct information on both policy and what to do has been given, and as all non-gameplay feedback (ie, rules, policies, etc) must be sent to us through Contact Us, this thread is now locked. Thank you for understanding.
Huh, I'm blocked.
Sep 20, 2022, 06:57:50
This thread is now locked under our rules about call-outs.

The block features exists so that players may curate their experience on Flight Rising. No one is required or expected to interact with every single player on the site, nor are they required to justify or explain why they chose to block another individual, and why threads about being blocked are not allowed.

Threads designed to draw attention to a specific player, group of players, or staff are considered “call-out” threads.

Regardless of the original poster’s intent, threads inviting discussion about others can quickly devolve into harassment campaigns and even well-intentioned threads can lead to this behavior.

This also includes “vague” posts where a specific player is not named but the interaction with them is described for discussion with others, such as a trade or discovering the other player has blocked them.

Status Update
Sep 19, 2022, 11:58:18
Site Status | By Aequorin
Dragon Share Theme Week: Pirate Dragons!
Currency from bonding familiars
Sep 19, 2022, 05:51:53
The chance to drop is correct and in alignment with our elemental festivals. Warriors way did have a higher chance than pirate day though, due to the three unique currencies, which might be the difference you are noticing.
Pirate Day 2022
Sep 19, 2022, 05:15:08
Forum Post | Announcements & News | By Undel
The missing familiars are now available in Patches’ shop! Apologies for the delay.
Pirate Day 2022
Sep 19, 2022, 04:54:27
Forum Post | Announcements & News | By Undel

Pirate day is back, and the scallywags of Sornieth continue their plunder!

Buried Treasure!

Across Sornieth dragons are uncovering tarnished doubloons! This currency can be found by performing various activities across the site. It may be spent in Patches' Pirate Plunder. What's that you ask? Why-

Patches Pirate Plunder!

A new dragon has made port, and has a year's worth of plunder to trade for! New and returning pirate day items can be found in Patches Pirate Plunder!

You can now have an entire crew's worth of pirate dragons in their own unique garb! ARRRRRRR...! Patches Pirate Plunder will remain available until 6:00 September 26th. Patches and his crew will cycle back each year in mid September.

Brew some Crew!

A captain isn't much without a crew! Novice and Veteran alchemists alike can head on over to Baldwin's Bubbling Brew to concoct some friends to man the deck! These recipes are available until 6:00 on September 26th when they cycle, so brew fast, ye landlubbers!

A Deserter

Fiona has befriended a deserter, but has hidden them away until she can find dragons who have a true love of macaws and will not turn them over to their irate crew!

A Scene to Behold!

Dragons may find copies of this scene in battle in the coliseum! All enemies have a rare chance to drop this scene until September 26 at 6:00 server time before it cycles away for another year!

Starfall Celebration Skin Contest

The tenth annual Starfall Celebration will begin September 25, 2022, and we're running a skin and accent contest in celebration! Click here for more information!

I'm Back
Sep 15, 2022, 22:01:46
signs we spend too much time on fr
Sep 15, 2022, 21:58:58
The other night I had taken a screenshot of something in our current user interface so that I could make some UI artwork templates. I pasted it into Photoshop and went to make dinner or something, came back, and tried to click links from the screenshot canvas.
Ruin flight rising: mild edition
Sep 15, 2022, 21:56:16
make dragons stink
Status Update
Sep 12, 2022, 14:45:15
Site Status | By Aequorin
Dragon Share Theme Week: Player's Choice!
MAintence wrong time?
Sep 12, 2022, 12:35:33
ufology wrote on 2022-09-12 10:10:11:
There's a chance that they just mixed up times? Most of the admins are on the east coast, or +3 FR time, so it would've been 9 for them when maint. started

Yes, this is exactly what happened. >.< Mutron and I are both in the EDT timezone and it just whooshed over our heads last week. I live in a constant state of automatically subtracting or adding three hours to any given time.
Status Update
Sep 09, 2022, 11:32:15
Site Status | By Mutron
Maintenance has concluded. Some pages may load slowly as players return to the site. We will be monitoring throughout the day.
yall theres a MAINTENANCE... PANIC!!!
Sep 09, 2022, 05:41:36
Just going to note here, it's Friday. A safe assumption is that maintenance on a Friday is boring maintenance.
Admit it, you're just like Crim
Sep 08, 2022, 12:17:05
@Varden, a ping for your new URL in Flight Rising Discussion!
It's the most wonderful time of the year
Sep 08, 2022, 12:10:07
@SpectralDragon, two quick moderation notes: Your title was edited to be in line with Forum Etiquette, and the gif was removed under Forum Etiquette as well. Thank you!
Thread titles should not be in all-capital letters or random mix of capital and non-capital letters.

Gifs should not have bright flashing colors or lights, nor should they involve the kind of bouncing or movement that could cause dizziness, nausea, seizures, etc.

Drakeharvest 2022
Sep 08, 2022, 06:00:03
Forum Post | Announcements & News | By Undel

Autumn has returned to the continent and dragons everywhere are reaping the benefits of a bountiful harvest season! Drakeharvest runs from September 8-12!

Drakeharvest, Flight Rising's plant-themed "micro-holiday", is in full swing! From Thursday, September 8th (06:00 Server Time) to Monday, September 12th (06:00 Server Time), all players will experience a couple of battle-related boosts!

Bountiful Battles

For the duration of Drakeharvest, all enemies will have a chance to drop
Heavy Grainbasket or Horn of Plenty in addition to their regular loot
. Other site activities such as gathering, breeding, bonding, brewing, and visiting some of the trading post dragons will also yield a chance at the harvest! Dragon clans everywhere are taking this time to stock up on fruits, veggies, fungi, seeds, flowers, and grains to prepare for the cold winter months.

Battle EXP Boost

During the event, all battles will yield 50% additional EXP, so now is a perfect time for dragons to train. Grab your newest team and head out into battle!

Plant-Pinching Pests

The prosperous harvest season doesn't come without its drawbacks. A common thieving species of crab has taken to the fields and foodstores in droves to make off with as much as they can carry! For the duration of Drakeharvest, Harvest Hardshell and Plantation Pincher familiars will drop fairly commonly in the Coliseum. Once the harvest has concluded, they'll go back into hiding, but may run into one or two while foraging.

This year we have a new vista that has a chance to drop in the coliseum and many other site-related activities.

Starfall Celebration Skin Contest

The tenth annual Starfall Celebration will begin September 25, 2022, and we're running a skin and accent contest in celebration! Click here for more information!

Tertiary Gene: Soap
Sep 03, 2022, 19:04:08
Forum Post | Announcements & News | By Undel
Sectonia wrote on 2022-09-03 18:47:53:
I do agree with those who are disappointed it’s a gem gene, but I’m honestly not surprised. All the nice genes are gem genes, lol.

Okay but am I the only who thinks the Ice banner literally looks no different?? Like at all?? Someone help me out here I see NO difference-

We overwrote the old images, so you are likely displayed a cached version. You'll need to clear your cache or perform a hard refresh. On PC Chrome you can do a hard refresh by holding down ctrl while you click the refresh button.
Tertiary Gene: Soap
Sep 03, 2022, 18:16:20
Forum Post | Announcements & News | By Undel
IndigoCat wrote on 2022-09-03 18:12:48:
the gem hibernal den unlocks link is to undel's hibden?

Whoops! I thought I was linking to a default hibden unlock page. Looks like there is no default, so I've removed the link. Thanks for catching that!
BirbDude wrote on 2022-09-03 18:13:09:
yall the starfall celebration banner links to the thundercrack skin contest btw

It has been corrected! Thank you for spotting it!
Tertiary Gene: Soap
Sep 03, 2022, 18:07:59
Forum Post | Announcements & News | By Undel

A new tertiary gene arrives! Plus new ice banner, den tasks, and more!

Tertiary Gene: Soap
A new tertiary gene is now available for modern dragons. Soap applies a shine with a highlight and colored backlight on the surface of your dragon, making them appear shiny and as if their skin is behind a bubble of soap. Soap is now available in the gem marketplace.

Banescales have received a new parallel gene, Peacock. Peacock (Banescale) has a chance to stock with its modern counterpart in the treasure marketplace.


Ice Banner: Frigid Floes
As we mentioned in our Anniversary Update, the ice banner revamp accidentally depicted Snowsquall Tundra, while all other banners depicted the starting location of new lairs.

The ice banners have been updated to depict the Frigid Floes, the ice starting area. When our second set of banner locations is available and we have a banner-selection system in place, Snowsquall Tundra's artwork will be available to ice again!

Starfall Celebration Skin Contest

The tenth annual Starfall Celebration will begin September 25, 2022, and we're running a skin and accent contest in celebration! Click here for more information!

Additional Updates
  • There are 8 new item Hibernal Den Unlocks
  • There are 2 new gem Hibernal Den Unlocks
  • The Battlelisk familiars from Warrior's Way have had their blades removed from their legs, as this positioning too closely referenced a blood sport that abuses roosters.
wait wait the battlelisks
Sep 03, 2022, 14:19:43
Hello everyone.

As much as I enjoy bird teeth discourse, I'm going to be locking this thread for now as gone off topic into discussing our rules/policies.

The blades were removed because they are still used today in animal abuse where they will be strapped to a rooster until one slices the other to death and people gamble on it. There is no other purpose or use for the blades. These particular blades were visually 1:1 what is used in cockfighting, and were attached to a rooster-shaped opponent. It's not something that we want to keep in the game (I approved the original familiar, and no, I didn't know what they looked like when I did so.)

We can look into adding battle weaponry for the battlelisks after the weekend.

Weapons and armor is fine for our creatures to wear while run headlong into battle royal with dragons and other mythological creatures. It's far enough removed from reality and within what we consider fantasy. (heck, we are even not against putting blades on other creatures arms - it was the spur-blades on a rooster shaped familiar that was simply too much.)

Status Update
Sep 02, 2022, 21:58:13
Site Status | By Undel
The tenth annual Starfall Celebration begins September 25th, and we're running a skin and accent competition in celebration.
Status Update
Sep 02, 2022, 21:51:56
Site Status | By Undel
The Battlelisk familiars from Warrior's Way have had their blades removed from their legs, as this positioning too closely referenced a blood sport that abuses roosters.
Status Update
Aug 30, 2022, 15:21:29
Site Status | By Aequorin
Dragon Share Theme Week: Flameforger's Festival!
Flameforger's Festival 2022
Aug 29, 2022, 13:38:19
Hello everyone. Quick moderation note. Inflammatory comments that pertain to the renamed accent have been removed, as well as any other comment or reply that quoted the now-removed posts, or were made in direct response to them. Thank you.
Marketplace Skins
Aug 28, 2022, 22:18:15
For now we are keeping the marketplace skin tab in place.

1. We wanted to have it still in place in case another hiccup happened like with Thundercrack and dom discount so we have a backup.

2. We want to wait a bit and ensure that no other holiday or situation would require skins stock in the treasure marketplace.

3. The grand exchange is still due for some QOL updates, so it's a bit hasty to remove features from the MP before we're fully satisfied with GE

If it sits unused for a sufficient length of time and we discover we really have no use for it at all, then we'll look at removing the skins tab down the line. For now, I acknowledge that at this time there is seemingly no use for it and we are looking at whether or not we want to keep the tab intact. In the meantime it's doing no harm aside from taking up some tab real-estate. :)
Flameforger's Festival 2022
Aug 28, 2022, 22:03:30
Forum Post | Announcements & News | By Undel
Viscere wrote on 2022-08-28 16:23:40:
Everything is absolutely gorgeous this fest!!

My concern is... Why do we have a skin based off a medieval torture and execution device? Interesting choice that I can see being misused... immediately. Seems like people don't really know what the reference is but still a bit of a yikes on trikes.

@Viscere We were unaware that that was a context and thought it was some sort of forged bull. As such, we have adjusted the title to reflect the context under which it was accepted. It may take a bit for tooltips to catch up, as the site has an internal cache, but its name will change to "Forged Automaton"
Sweaters of shame!
Aug 24, 2022, 13:05:53
Excuse me but the sweaters are marva-lous!
Status Update
Aug 23, 2022, 15:01:45
Site Status | By Aequorin
Dragon Share Theme Week: Tutors, Mentors, & Teachers!
I made an FR personality test
Aug 22, 2022, 15:52:59
I took this test and it still said I was a noggle - is that weird?
FR fav deity ships
Aug 19, 2022, 15:06:42
Oh. Hello, I hope everyone is doing well on this Friday evening.

I'm going to get right to the point: Deity shipping threads just don't end well.

Why? Because the deity dragons of Flight Rising are siblings, refer to each other as such in canon, and people are understandably uncomfortable with this topic, in this context. So I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread before that happens.

If someone has a headcanon (that falls within our Terms of Use and Rules & Policies) about the friendship, rivalry, or general family dynamic between the deities, by all means, feel free to share! Just don't ship them, not with these characters and definitely not on our site.
[Image is a gif of Han Solo in a tight shot (close-up) saying "Not this ship, sister."]
What did I miss
Aug 17, 2022, 10:41:33
@NameChanged3409, a ping for your new URL in Flight Rising Discussion!
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