gn0me's Clan
Lets rebuild the Pillar together!
Ancient Lair
near the

Clan Info


next: (Takara's) Poi/Nox/Rem? Tide/Tox/Rings?


_(1) Forgotten Cave (L12)
_(2) Woodland Path (L4-6)
_(3) Rainsong Jungle (L19)
_(4) Scorched Forest (L7-9)
_(5) Crystal Pools (L21)


Eldritch, Phthalo, Peacock, Emerald, Camo-Algae-Swamp, Honeydew, Amber, Yellow, Sanddollar, Gold-Metals, Sunset, Terracotta, Fire, Tangerine, Sand, Taupe-Slate, Latte-Dirt, Sable-Umber, Tarnish-Ginger, Vermillion, Berry, Coral, Cottoncandy

Eldritch, Abyss, Robin, Spruce-Pistachio, Thicket-Peacock-Emerald, Camo-x-x-x-x-x-Mantis, TBC

There shall be clan holders for these collected notes one day!
Starting today with clan page refactor:
20221006 Brew times
20221102 The Pelican Post: Daily Bulletin


Sep 24 6d bump
NOTN Swipp trade venues

Ribbon & Eel Gene Guide by Narconia

Comprehensive Gene Guide 2.0 by Shisa

FF skins:
Ashen Agent YES
Dwarf Star Engine 3?
Blazing Fireflies 2
Cinder Rage
Volcanic Veins
Conflagrant Blaze
Cinderslag Railway
Blacksand Phoenix
From the Ashes
Light the Path

TCC skins:
1 ThunderRing x10
2 aeye x10
2 Jewel Scarabot x3
1 voltvolley blitz
2 magnetic monopole -Flick
1 Lightttttata -Mordeyrin?
2 handy tech -Coby
2 Electric Assassin x2 -Dib
2 Engage the Energy x5
1 Industrial Organism

Chromatic: Pop, GOldtooth, Diogenes(Ltn),
another time: SUndew, Athan

Runes (mod)
Actually I don't even need to buy interesting dragons to face this issue anymore - sometimes I just breed them myself to this point

Nature Skydancer
Arcane Guardian

another breeding card tooL?,158,5,5,157,154,1,1
or just a tool?

This has been my notes page for 3 years
One day I will sift it into dragon bios like I've discovered everyone else does
One day

Its really long
Unbelievably long
If you don't believe me just start scrolling - but pack a lunch (or at least a cuppa)

L5 8250
L6 9750
L7 11250
L8 12750
L9 14250
L10 15750

Jumbuck means sheep in Australian colloquial for some reason.
"Whose that jolly jumbuck, you've got in your tucker bag,
You'll come a Waltzing Matilda with me!"

Feedback ID: 8038567210

Starting to scribble out some Baldwin lessons I've learnt

Red goo 10G/kt
Blue goo 20G/kt
Purple Sludge 18G/kt

Dom shoping list: (DONE)

Clown (X2? CelticFox)

Sparkles Boulder Myrid DONE
Chocolate Boulder Myrid DONE
Lambrusco Myrid DONE
100HC unnamed Bou/Myr DONE
G1 pair Regal's Bou/Myr/Spa DONE
Surge Myrid DONE

Stonewatcher Boulder Clown Toxin DONE

Did you know that if you list a Longwing Epiptite for 1.8Mt, when it sells you pay tax of 54kt?!?

Mixed element symbols

Spined Cobra
Amethyst Strike (+27) - Earth Water Lightning

Dryad's Saddle (50) - Ice Lightning Water
Ancient Fungus - Water ... ...

Friend Cockatiel
Black Capped Budgie - Nature Ice Earth

Chocolate Ferret
Ferret - Earth Plague Wind Light
Ermine - Water Lightning Ice Arcane

Ferret Friend
Weasel - Shadow Nature Fire

Critically low on:
coarse alchemical reductions (yellow porridge)
infused fragments (those blue cubes that aren't imbued sulfurs)
low on:
Fine Alchemical Reductions (black porridge - 2x used to brew imbued sulfur)
orange goo
blue goo
blue sludge

The best colors on FR:
Orca, Oilslick, Eldritch, Midnight, Shadow, Lapis, Abyss, Phthalo*, Radioactive, Honeydew, Peridot, Spring, Grapefruit, Banana, Metals, Sunset, Bronze, Pumpkin, Taupe, Driftwood, Clay, Umber, Hickory, Tarnish, Copper, Sanguine, Blood, Wine, Bubblegum, Rose, Pearl

*(f-(soft th)-allo, and I don't pretend its the correct way to pronounce it, I just enjoy saying it as it's written!)


capsule (b 7

slime 10
veined 10
toxin (b 10
trail (b 10
skink (b 10
Angler 10

Capsule 14
The turtle hung to the flag with all it's might.
So this is what flying was!

Boya - means 'rock' in local nyoongar language. Today also slang to mean 'money'

Finished breeding challenge!

Swapped Kujaku
Swapped Kujaku
Swapped Kujaku
Be nice to each other.
Please don't pretend to be a new player to take advantage of freebies
- you are taking from legitimate new players -
in RL its called Fraud and carries a hefty fine/sentence.

Bane F:
Skin: iii. LEGENDARY

Accent: Collector


Scavenger Hunt SC'21

Merry Melon - Forage (34+) Earth, Lightning, Shadow, Arcane
Pretty Pink Mums - Forage(34+) Water, Ice, Arcane, Fire
Blue throated budgie - Hunt Water, Arcane
Zephyr sparrow - Hunt Nature, Lightning, Wind

"Daylight Saving Time (DST) in Sornieth starts on the 2nd Sunday in March and ends on the 1st Sunday in November." - from

This string gives you a minimap in - the other game I'm addicted to

signature size is 525x100

5 cups water 2k-2.4k Cal

Dustcarve Dig dergs:
Velya 70350295 Aegann
Armik 70350296 Glisselda -> TheLocalCryptid 25kG (now a wildclaw, like ***?!?)
Tetra 70350297 RubiStaar

Golira from Triple Threat CYOA BSJ'21

Rift in Viridian Crystal CYOA, Greenskeeper Gathering

Today's writing prompt:
Empathy wasn't a superpower. But it might as well be.

Jupiter in the Bayou Bash

Free adopts

Coliseum Guides:
Newbies Guide to the Coli
Culex level by level Guide
How to Train your Dragon
Elemental hierarchy (spreadsheet)

Still waiting on Miracle's veil art from Whimzica, and two watercolors for water banes from Wavecrest foddart from Guardianite

It's Autumn Here!

What's the order of the gods by age? Like, there's the First Four, etc, but individually, how do they line up?

Earthshaker, Flamecaller, Windsinger, Tidelord,
Stormcatcher, Icewarden,
Lightweaver/Shadowbinder (same time),
*first Shade battle
*the Eight form the Great Pillar to protect Sornieth,
both from further incursions of the Shade,
and to seal away their divine powers;

Great Pillar:


*the world flourishes unhindered by their chaotic bickering

Plaguebringer/Gladekeeper (same time),


Hibernal Den Quests
Exalting Profitxlevel wrote:
L25: 1,363,652 experience
Exalt fodder floor of 7k. Approximate number of dragons to reach that amount of experience as some is lost to overflow:

L10 = 8,750 net profit x 19.5 = 170,625
L9 = 7,250 net profit x 28.3 = 205,175
L8 = 5,750 net profit x 42.4 = 243,800
L7 = 4,250 net profit x 67 = 284,750
L6 = 2,750 net profit x 130 = 357,500
L5 = 1,250 net profit x 250 =312,500

You'll lose a bit more time finding/naming/exalting more dragons but the numbers are fairly compelling.

Dracaena Tree

Circle bio-art by Element

COLI challenge:

Woodland Path:
Clowntail Fin x4 (Glamourtail Hopper fam)

Sandswept Delta:
Reflective Fish Scales
Unstable Serthis Concoction
Powerful Serthis Poison

Blooming Grove:
Umbral yarn (for Rosy Lake Cormorant fam)

Forgotten Cave:
Chitin apparel
new familiars

Bamboo Falls:

Thunderhead Savannah:
Desert Tiles (plus a Water Rune)
Avian gemstaff (for ferret friend apparel)

fanned cockroaches
Brilliant Lengths
River Muck
Radioactive Slime
Rainbow Sprite

Golem Workshop:
Sentinel Fish x4 (Glamourtail Hopper fam)
Deepwater Constructor xlots (Rainbow Glamourtail fam)

Constellation - Sparkle my 4yo's birthday dragon
Noxtide - Gunnel
Electricians Power Pack - Skycircuit
2x Glowing Eyes (Aesop, Singularity) -thankyou 47351 !!!
Por - thylacine

Lightning, Ice, Shadow 20x Giant Darner (Longwing Epiptite)
2 on Sep25 before rollover, 2 on Sep26 after rollover. Found 4 in one day around 6 days earlier, think I missed the first day 3, so test day 9 - Sep28/29
Earth, Water, Light, Nature 20x Dragonfly (Vermillion Epiptite fam)

L19+ Wind, Water, Lightning (Sea Fae x20 for Seaweed Scavenger fam (97/20))
Wind has a chance of River Muck dropping
5/2/21 14xSea fae in Wind
6/2/21 16xSea Fae in Water
7/2/21 5xSea Fae in Lightning
8/2/21 0xSea Fae in Wind
9/2/21 7xSea Fae in Wind
10/2 12xSea Fae in Wind
11/2 3xSea Fae in Wind - hit L26
12/2 1xSea Fae in Wind
13/2 5+Sea Fae, 1xRiver Muck!
14/2 6-10xSea Fae? (Wind)
15/2 15xSea Fae (wind)
16/2 12xSea Fae (Wind)
17/2 12xSea Fae (Wind) - hit L27
19/2 4xSea Fae (Wind)
20/2 11xSea Fae (Wind)
had a break from Wind for Trickmurk and hit L28
3/3 12xSea Fae (Wind)
4/3 10xSea Fae (Wind) and 1xRiver Muck!
5/3 1xSea Fae (wind)
6/3 -
7/3 3xSea Fae (Wind)
8/3 8xSea Fae (Wind)

/L30+ Plague, Lightning, Shadow, Fire (Cobra Snakehead x30 for Quetzeel fam 24/30)
12/3 1xCobra Snakehead (Shadow)
13/3 0xCobra Snakehead (Shadow)
14/3 -?
15/3 4xCobra Snakehead (Shadow)
16/3 0xCobra Snakehead (Shadow)
17/3 3xCobra Snakehead (Lightning) plus 8xSea Fae
18/3 6xCobra Snakehead (Lightning) plus 4xSea Fae
19/3 5xCobra Snakehead (Lightning) plus 12xSea Fae
20/3 just random stuff (Lightning)
21/3 just random stuff (Lightning)
kept going in PLague for a few days but it was pitiful
25/3 3xCobra Snakehead (Fire)
26/3 3xCobra Snakehead (Fire)
27/3 3xCobra Snakehead (Fire)

28/3 - Mistral Jamboree!!!

Shadow, Nature, Fire (Current: 60/60 for 2xferret friend apparel)
4Jan2021 Found first two weasels in Shadow!
5Jan2021 Found 8 more!
7Jan2021 2 more weasels in shadow
8Jan2021 2 more weasels in shadow
9Jan2021 5 more ""
10Jan'21 5 more ""
11Jan'21 8 found in Shadow and reached L25
12Jan'21 0 in Nature
13Jan'21 4 in Nature
14Jan'21 11 in Nature (just before rollover - 23:30)
15Jan'21 2 in Nature (just before rollover - 23:30)
16Jan'21 6 in Nature (23:00)
17Jan'21 last 5 in Nature (01:00)

DOM/DOMSHOP wishlist:

When Earth has dom discount - hit me up if we're on each other's friendlist!

Current Projects:
Primal Banescales
177 Koi

For HD quests:
DONE, at least until I run out of gem spots lol ($$$$$) it's a looong time until these are worth a den slot:
Breed change: Spiral 325kt
Breed change: Snapper 325kt
Breed change: Skydancer 400kt

[Pinkerlocke] Enigmatic Vagabonds

"Only when the children of the Pillar fuel the engine of fate shall they fortify life, challenge death, and know the true potential of magic."

You hear music, as you follow it to its source you come to a beautiful koi pond and pause to peer in. This appears to be the entryway to where the music is emerging from...
Please proceed to first lair tab


All sales on AH listed in Gems are payable in treasure also, just PM me
True loss is for him whose days have been spent in utter ignorance of his true self.
-- Baha'u'llah.

This lair exalts the daily bonus dergs!
(they're the ones you see by
clicking the FR logo in the top left
and scrolling down on the right side
and reading under the featured dragon)

A little about me:
I enjoy making characters from the BotE lorebooks:
Ten Eyes magisters wrote:


Lightning: Beatrix Thundrael
(mirror female - young adult)


Wind: Grommick Reedwing (skydancer male - elder)


Nature: Arwin Petalhide
(fae female - young adult)


Earth: Galford Rockbreaker (snapper male - elder)


Arcane: Smark Crystalon (guardian male - adult)

Plague: Caryan Spinehearth (pearlcatcher female - young adult)


Light: Rish Sunspark (imperial male - elder)

Ice: Amara Frostkeen (spiral female - elder)


Shadow: Daria Blotburrow (wildclaw female - adult)


Fire: Rancollo Lavala (coatl male - adult)


Water: Abysaell Deeplake (ridgeback female - adult)


"Yeah, eventually I just had to stop. It's like. I have limited time on this earth and if it's not 100% fun why the **** am I doing it"
- BriefLeaf Dec 16, 2018 Hobbyist Writer
“I use the analogy of a chair,” says Willcox. “Diet, physical activity, mental engagement and social connection are the four legs. If you don’t have one of them, you fall out of balance, and it can shorten life expectancy. Longevity isn’t about one single factor – it’s about not working too hard to share a constellation of them all.”
Notes: (You finished the intro please proceed inside if you wish, a year of notes follow below)

Visual color stack

Apparel Designers:


Current HD gathering quest:
Arcane Egg

Swipp Gathers

Honeybee L1+ Fire/Wind (for Scene)

20 Dragonfly for Vermilion Epiptite familiar
Insect Catching Earth 25+
Insect Catching Water 25+
Insect Catching Light 25+
Insect Catching Nature 25+

20x Giant Darner for Longwing Epiptite (dragonfly)
Insect(25+): Lightning,Ice,Shadow

13x Leechroot Mushroom (for Accent: Ponderous Powers)
Foraging: Arcane, Shadow, Plague

Apparel/Item Quests
Umbrann - Eternal Youth
Umbrann - Innocent eyes?

Level 10-16 Hybrid stones:
MAGE: Lightning, Ice, Arcane +2INT +2QCK
MELEE: Earth, Plague, Shadow, Fire +2STR +1DEF +1MND
EITHER: Water, Nature, Light, Wind +2AGI +2VIT
(set VIT 4-6 lower and put into STR/INT)
EXY might: Water, Light
EXY acuity: none

This one's gotta be a personal record to wake up to, 3 Dec 2019:


Dec 30 - new treasure record to wake up to (needed treasure, sold wraith and porcupine):

Coliseum Dragons for New Users

Everything past this point is game notes I leave myself as I learn my way around here

Collecting Various past and present festival items for Reps!

15.Plentiful breeds: Fae, guardian, tundra, mirror
20.Common breeds: pearlcatcher, ridgeback, snapper, spiral
25.Uncommon breeds: Skydancer, Bogsneak
30.Limited breeds: Imperial, Nocturne
35.Rare breeds: Wildclaw, Coatl


Goldenray:Rosa - bonus:imperials eat seafood
Lambrusco:Chartreuse - high chance of pink, nice colours in alternates

Magnifico:Blacketh - purples, P:metallic/crystal S:alloy, T:glimmer/filigree


Athan:Blacketh - colourful randoms, nice alloys/metallics
Ameloren:Oldtan or crackle PC, next round with gembond coatl

fam 1:

.Cantaloupe, nice
.Chartreuse guaranteed ice primary, light grey or blue

fam 2:
Lambrusco: can't - mother/son
.Blacketh - guaranteed metallic primary

.LadyOactive reliable grey-dark primaries with light highlights
.Wisp - probably the most unusual so far, smoke looks like it might work

.Rosa imperials with impressive alloy wings with smoke tertiary (or small chance runes so win/win)
.LadyOActive - stunning black primary with skink AND runes, really sets off the alloy/spinner wing colours. 90% chance of stunning spiral, 10% chance of stunning imperial
.Angel - also beautiful spirals
.Alabaster - rainbow children lol
Really fun, colourful breeding pair, 70%bogsneak30%Imperial

Apus:LadyOactive yes

Peridot and Chartreuse - similar to last batch of spirals (sibling ban?)
Goldenray:Blacketh - both Imperials and stunning

Brightear - search for mate:Firefly White to Honeydew

andersbegabt » Lair » Lyneth
Good breeder with Athan
WolfWhiskerBlues; Ice Petals, Turquoise Constellation, Amethyst Circuit, Skydancer, Either Gender Will Do, any eyes except for Goat, Swirl, or Multi-gaze
So far I've learnt that:
- Food gives Goo
- Materials give Ooze
- Apparel gives Slime
- Familiars give Muck
- Trinkets give Sludge

items to keep:
Arcane Lightning Shadow, Light X Earth, Wind Nature
Earth Fire Arcane, Lightning X Water, Nature Wind
Fire Nature Plague, Ice X Water, Shadow Earth
Ice Water Nature, Plague X Fire, Lightning Shadow
Light Plague Wind, Shadow X Arcane, Nature Lightning
Lightning Light Water, Ice X Earth, Wind Arcane
Nature Arcane Earth, Light X Plague, Ice Fire
Plague Shadow Water, Nature X Ice, Fire Light
Shadow Ice Wind, Fire X Arcane, Light Plague
Water Wind Earth, Fire X Lightning, Plague Ice
Wind Earth Lightning, Arcane X Shadow, Light Water

Most commonly recommended fighters: Nature, Water (Ghostlight), Arcane, Earth (Mire).

definitely consider staying longer in venues you find more fun or easier. As long as your highest level dragon is within 5 levels of the venue, you'll gain EXP there, and I find that it's a more satisfying training experience if I'm having fun. Redrock Cove and Volcanic Vents are both very nice venues to stay at for a bit— they have a high concentration of spellcasters, who take an extra turn to act, and Volcanic Vents even has spellcasting bosses.

Server generated progen reminded me of this until she got this year's Water skin!

Ten Eyes
The Magisters:

Lightning: Beatrix Thundrael (mirror female - young adult)
Wind: Grommick Reedwing (skydancer male - elder)
Nature: Arwin Petalhide (fae female - young adult)
Arcane: Smark Crystalon (guardian male - adult)
Plague: Caryan Spinehearth (pearlcatcher female - young adult) - ebony black mane
Light: Rish Sunspark (imperial male - elder)
Shadow: Daria Blotburrow (wildclaw female - adult)
Fire: Rancollo Lavala (coatl male - adult)
Water: Abysaell Deeplake (ridgeback female - adult)
Earth: Galford Rockbreaker (snapper male - elder)
Ice: Amara Frostkeen (spiral female - elder)

Dreams reading lore...
Workplace Hazards (all Lightning?)
Flick - lightning ridgeback
Chasem - snapper
Dib - spiral
Gertrude - ice-coloured pearlcatcher, apprentice magister - Accent: Dancing Conductor?
Cracklinne - fae, Chief Storm Engineer

A New Direction
Edgar, M courier, emerald
Windsinger?, sex unspecified, 'them' (not he/she) a young spiral dragon dancing in the dead air. The youth's coloring was pale green, patterned in stripes the same shade as bamboo, and horns of dark green swept back from their wide grinning face.

The Seed and the Sickness - Plague/Nature
Garote - Imperial(M), boneguard, wicked marrowmask upon his snout, wreath of pressed flowers from Liefe, bound by vines (Druid's woodtreads, Trickmurk vines skin, armor covering glow)
Yugona Marrowbite - bogsneak, scars and bone neck-mantle, Final Infection
Liefa - Nature ridgeback(F), Druid of the Viridian Labyrinth and Ambassador to the Scarred Wasteland, mantle of orange and yellow flowers, First Seed
Almon - Earth snapper

Hear today, Gone tomorrow (Water)
Aguar the Shallowseer, Guardian(M), alchemist apparel? "Aguar produced divination reagents from a pouch around his neck, and began the ritual." - divination sash (across eyes?)
Splash, Pearlcatcher(F) -Ritual?

Temper, Temper Fire
Por F coatl
Haemil M mirror vibrant yellow tigerhide, cousin of Por (squat,soot covering his gruff face)
Ventrik fae, apprentice to Haemil
Howle burly tundra with cropped black-tipped fur.
Gremmich Maggmaw, snapper forgemaster M
Perchance Smoak F
Archmage Carris, hooded mage, advisor to Smoak, hint of a horn peeking out from under its robe

Kindred Crossing (shadow)
Gleam, F Guardian (Light)
Umbrann, M ridgeback (Shadow) deep purple

Ancient Fascinations (Earth)
Velya, F Nocturne, (Puppet) wizened master of the research excavation, Master Archaeologian Dragonhome Preservation Guild - shawl around shoulders
Fetter, M Spiral, log book, satchel *missing*
Mysher, M crew dragon *missing*
Armik, M archaeologist
Eora, F snapper, secretary *missing*
Patriarch Ebonhide, M Imperial
Trito, M PC, Ebonhide's steward, a frail pearlcatcher, wrote something down on the parchment he was carrying

Gaoler ref:
Towering above her were three massive forms. Each was covered in a matted shag of long hair which draped over nearly every inch of them. They had rounded snouts with very large lower jaws, and sloping heads that receded into what Wemba assumed to be their manes. Out of each head sprang two very large bone-like horns, each of which was covered in several sharp points, and gnarled into a gradual curve. They had small mammalian ears and piercing white eyes that glowed in the murk. Their quadrupedal forms were held up by thick, muscular legs ending in menacing claws. Small, but frightening wing-like appendages draped from their shoulders.

Cracks in the Ice
Introduced earlier in Jailbreak:
Wemba, Ice, Skydancer plump, thick feathers
Trendal, Ice, Tundra
3 mysterious figures who introduce themselves as Icewarden's first children - the Gaolers.
.Solveig, Warden of the Keeper Order, female
.Sentry-Warden Vidar, massive brown male
.third unnamed male, described later as huge white and gray Gaoler who takes over the role of Keeper-Warden when Solveig returns to her position as Seeker-Warden again.

Gaoler structure:
4 Wardens preside over 4 Orders
Vidar of the Sentries—who you’ve already had the pleasure of meeting
—Hertha of the Overseers, and
Asmund of the Sentinels.
Each order has its purpose, from defending the surface from intrusion, guarding prisoners, or watching over—

Sentinel-Warden Asmund, male
Overseer-Warden Hertha, female, black mane

So the end structure is:
Solveig: Seeker-Warden female
unnamed: Keeper-Warden male, huge white and gray
Asmund: Sentinel-Warden male
Hertha: Overseer-Warden female, black mane
Vidar: Sentry-Warden male, massive, brown

100 Sand Creeper: Lightning,Plague,Wind for Autumnal Wreath 800G omg
L26 Daffodil

20 Clay - Light, Lightning, Nature
20 Gravel -
15 Iron Ore - Earth, Fire, Plague, Wind
15 Nickel Ore -

15 Display Plumes
15 Beeswax
Ragepuff (down&familiar)
Coli times: Exalt payouts
Rosa, 2 fodder, Harpy's Roost (forgot about adding VIT to fodder between restarts so times can get much better)
10500 5250 L3
13500 6750 L3-4 2;10
16500 8250 L4-5 4:57 (boss and a couple of restarts)
19500 9750 L5-6 4:30 (one restart due to Rallying fodder)
22500 11250 L6-7 10:54 (couple of restarts)
Angel, Mire, same two fodder all stats into VIT
25500 12750 L7-8 5:09
28500 14250 L8-9 10:11
14826 -13500 (L9LEP) = 1326
15737 -13500 = 2237
16563 profit from 37min IMPROVABLE!
Torrent Tricktail ~80
Rainbowfeather Thief ~80
Longneck Lampooner 50-80
Lithetail assassin 50
Eye of Talona 50-75
Dapplemane deceiver 50-99

Will o' the Wisp 70-75
White Raven Armor 72-75 Garote
Powerpack Coat 20G!!! 35-40 Chasem
Polished Trident 45-50 Glory
Mistlurker's Garb 45-50
Forest's Edge Vines 62-30 Garote/Yugona
Flowering Gladeboughs 65-57 Yugona/Liefa
Celestial Attendant 68-60
Bloodstone Cascades 70-75 Imperial?
Ejderha - turkish for dragon
Sinjin debts
Fodder levels:
15 for lore paid 3 July - lore written
15 for lore paid - lore awaiting
15 for lore paid - lore awaiting
5 for stinger - awaiting
14 levels credit for next time I am pushing
Sunburn exalt levels:
9 KnockTurn
9 KnockTurn
9 Yugona
11 Steel, Noc
11 Phthalo, Noc
9 Robat, coatl (noxtide)
12 Flick, RB (20kt!)
8 Pepper, RB (14kt)
4 Yukan(brave), Noc 7400
10 Puppet, Noc 1700
8 Vudan, 13kt
8 CelestialMage, 13kt
8 Raegan, 13kt
7 Harlequin, 10.6kt
7 Corvus, 10.6k+2G
8 Ocean, 13kt
8 Dirge, 14kt
8 Kellan, 12.6kt
9 Alyssa, 15kt
9 Emerald, 17kt (+1 runes, +1 noc)
9 Acolyte, 14kt
8 Sable, 13kt
7 Cupric, 12kt+1G
8 Lavandula, 14.4kt
8 Sabine, 13.4kt
8 TomatoJaguar, tun 13.2kt
8 CherryRipe, tun 14.2kt
8 Tomato, tun 14.6kt
8 Fluffball, tun 13.7kt
9 Saffron, tun 15.2kt
8 Leadbeater, tun 13.7kt
10 Stormcrow, tun 17.5kt
271 Levels@rollover end of June 20 (32 dragons)

9 Hunter, PC 15.5kt
8 Pearl, PC 13.8kt
8 Caryan, PC 14.5kt
3 GrapeGlimmer, 5.5kt
3 ShadowGembond, 5.8kt
6 PearlNoxtide, PC 11.4kt
7 Honey, mir 12.9kt
7 Beatrix, mir 12.3kt
9 Scales, 13.6kt
6 Polonium, 9.4kt
6 Bloodhunter, 19kt
7 Plaguebat, 11.3kt
7 Flutterby, 12kt
7 Sadira, 11.6kt
7 Iri, 11.2kt
7 Ruby, 10.5kt
7 SeafoamGhost, 11.1kt
SUB 114 levels, (17 dragons)

385 levels total exalted for BJ push (49 dragons)

how to find dancingcrane lore:
do a forum search on keywords “Gladekeeper’s Call” and poster dancingcrane, you’ll find all the rest, most of it at Writer’s Hatchery.
They are mostly in chronological order, though near the end I jump a bit as I realize that this or that dragon may have entered the story in a slightly different place. So sort your search “recent”, and start at the earliest, with chapter 1. As you read along, the dragons featured in earlier stories show up in later ones. Also notice there is an old and a new Writer’s Hatchery thread. The first chapters are in the old thread, but the search function will include those. Let me know if you have any problems finding anything!

80 earth 73G
50 fire
25 water
17 nature 12G
11 arcane 11G
10 wind (t) 18G 15.5kt
9 plague (t&have) 5Gx2
10 ice 10Gx9
38 lightning 35kt
25 light 23Gx6
18 shadow 7Gx2 8Gx2 bought for 7G
293 total

shady emblem 23G/36kt
searing emblem 21G/20kt
electricians 29G (but TC coming soon - but halos are last year not this year)
starseer's emblem 36G/38kt
infectionist's 45G/66kt


July 16, 2019 01:20:36
I have a system for figuring out pricing; I search the AH for the dragon's colours, but add a margin of error by searching within 3 colours of my dragon's shade on each of the three hue parameters. I then check the prices of dragons even remotely similar to mine.

My common dragons are given names and sold at a bit above fodder price.

Rarer dragons can cost up to 250 g / K t, which is still a bargain considering I'm the only breeder of those combos.

A flight achieves dominance if:

They have the highest ratio of exalted dragons per active clans at the end of a one-week period.


I blocked someone giving me bad attitude - it felt good :D
Thanks to the grumpy lady who blocked me during arcane push when I was out of order and showed me the light!

Here for the lore and the genes - not the drama
Dude didn't even know who Wemba was...
-therefore he has no right-

so shall remain unnamed :)

13/8/19 apple2019 hatchling due from his spacekoi boy sometime

Kyah likes Coatl, Tundra, Fae, Spiral

KEEL/Flowerfall matches:
Daisy Flowers/Maize Keel | Silver Flowers/Silver Keel
Black Tulip Flowers/Eggplant Keel | Violet Flowers/Amethyst Keel
Larkspur Flowers/Blue Keel | Seapetal Flowers/Turquoise Keel
Marigold Flowers/Metals Keel | Tigerlily Flowers/Terracotta Keel
Red Rose Flowers/Crimson Keel | Sakura Flowers/Cottoncandy Keel
Dried Flowers/Clay Keel

Starphire bday 17 Jun, her dad anniversary June 30

MJ Gathering
28/3 Dig: 32 scrolls
29/3 Fish: 32 scrolls, Golden snakehead ~12, a few Sea Fae
30/3 Dig: 23 scrolls
31/3 Dig: 20 scrolls
01/4 Dig: 34 scrolls
02/4 Fish:29 scrolls & 14 Sea Fae
03/4 Dig: 14 scrolls :/
04/4 Dig: 23 scrolls
Total: 143 scrolls from gathering

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December 04, 2022 04:19:31
thanks! and no i like apparel too much lol!
December 04, 2022 02:54:52
thanks for the kind words! hope you're doing well.
November 30, 2022 01:36:13
Arua and Moss are so deep sea monsters!!
November 29, 2022 19:36:16
Nice Undertides.
November 03, 2022 13:31:48
Hey! Yes I changed it a lot for my project, but I intend to keep it warm in my favorites once finished :3c
Thanks for stopping by ^^
September 27, 2022 20:55:08
oh!! i love your solar system ideas!! eye spots for jupiter's great red spot is fantastic!
September 02, 2022 19:12:56
Pumpkin was on the front page!
September 02, 2022 19:12:49
Pumpkin was on the front page and I love them a lot
August 28, 2022 08:04:40
Thank you :) i love her a lot
August 26, 2022 12:35:37
Ello, apolagies if the random friend request was suprising - i found your page through the auction house and the beaitiful banescales you had listed. Thought your lair looked so well thought out and beautiful ^-^
July 31, 2022 19:59:53
4 Eggs
July 31, 2022 02:15:07
Hey no worries, I sold them for cheap because I didn't need them and wanted to just make someone happy with it :D thank you tho
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