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One of the Dominance Leads for Earth.

Now I hibernate until the next push.... What do you mean we're always pushing?

Creator of Warrior's Curse.

Creator of Ruins Keeper - Earth Subspecies

Letters from hatchlings are welcomed here. You will always receive a reply to one, though it may take a bit longer than it should.


One day I will expand the lore on my dragons. One day.

This lair does exalt but is not necessarily an exalting lair. Does it have a familiar? Then it's probably sticking around for a little while. Anything exalted will have a randomly generated name. If I bought it under 10k, it's probably getting exalted. If I say it won't be exalted, it won't be exalted by me, I can't control what people do if I trade it to them.

Custom Badges by Feinics

Tavern Banner by magiritsa

The Lorebrary Page
Map of the lair is stored in this Dragon's bio
This particular lair is easy to hear as the dragons inside tend to be loud. The front of their lair has been turned into a tavern. The lair is located on the outside of the Terraclae Here. Those who stumble across it may be looking for rest, to tell their stories or be there to recruit a guide.

It is still certainly a cave, though they have put a door on the entrance which always looks new. The door is made of interlocking pieces and depending which part you grab, only certain pieces will open, this is so any dragon of any size will have no trouble entering. Depending arrive, that door may only be a pile of splinters or ash. A sign hangs beside the entrance “The Silver Wolf Tavern” though below it is a crudely written one that just “Or just The Tavern”. There are still rocks and stones outside that line the path leading to the entrance and even reach some areas above the tavern itself. There are certainly things that hide among those rocks.

The main area of the cave has been carved out to be large and open. In one corner it seems as though they are continuing to expand to hold more and more patrons. Wooden support beans are placed at various parts but they seem more decrotive. There are wooden beams running along the ceiling attaching to the supports, some dragons grab onto them and move along them. Lanterns hang from the ceiling, lighting the spacious room. They seem to have placed enchanted wood flooring down capable of repairing itself. Of course, some take it as a challenge to try and damage it.

There are carved tables of stone and wood scattered around, made for the various sizes of dragons to enjoy, though there seems to be no requirement that they stay at the tables sized for them as smaller dragons stand on the larger tables to tell jokes to the larger ones, and large dragons lay beside smaller tables to partake in some sort of card game.

Near the back is a large fireplace surrounded by stools, stands and piles of soft pelts. It seems to be a guest favorite for telling stories.

There are tunnels that leave the main room, but they almost seemed guarded by large armored dragons. Against one wall though, is a nicely carved, stone bar with a silver and black nocturne working behind it with a few others, each wearing a wolf cape, probably part of where the name comes from. He’s quick with a smile and above his bar is carved the words: “All who enter here, will not go hungry.”

The paths that branch off the main room that are guarded lead to proper lair space for those who live here full time or are there for a visit. They also lead into different storage rooms, food, drinks, armor, weapons, the extra tables, all stored in different rooms. Though they have recently converted one room to a less guarded library due to a resident mage bringing home every book he saw.

The room roars with laughter, songs and the occasional fight. Many recount their adventures to water listeners or get into a contest of who slayed the largest wartoad.

Leaders: Korj, a rather tiny Nocturne (Really, look at her size), that can come off as very rude. She loves a good fight and good food. She respects those who put up a fight.

Dereth, the far more calming one of the pair who shows respect to everyone. He is a white knight who just wants to help and runs what can be called the Tavern side of things. Typically he's behind the bar.

Leon, head bouncer and closest friend of Dereth.

From Feinics

RP profile:

In case it comes up:
I play from a computer, a different laptop, a phone and a tablet, whatever I have that is working at the time I want to do something.

I have a standing agreement with Faithsoulpyre, I take care of the fest stuff they need, they nest dragons for me for specific dates.

Started in Fire.
Moved to Earth December 1, 2017

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Hello! Just came to say I saw your dragon, Wildstorm, on the front page! :D He looks really cool, I like his colors & what you've done with him so far! :D That is all, hope you have a fantastic day ^^)
January 11, 2024 15:54:07
Finally! I was wondering how to make lair space... Will they appear in notifications? Or will I just wake up tomorrow with a drastically reduced lair? If you conquer all my 6D birthday dragons and just leave me with the rest I warn you, I'm gonna cry
January 11, 2024 08:26:41
Is that Jun 10 post below like an affirmation or something? Thanks again for leading me here... as Louis Armstrong is famous for singing: What a Wonderful World! For me, FR is the best outcome from TW by far xD
June 10, 2023 07:00:03
I make good life decisions.
May 01, 2023 23:31:45
Rylese was on the front page!
April 20, 2023 14:56:50
Wildstorm was on the front page!
March 18, 2023 23:18:22
if you breed loken&sigyn could i be pinged for a male with contour? :0
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Cillian was on the front page!
September 24, 2022 22:11:07
Wow thank you so much for naming Buryn's parents! That's really kind of you to do :)
July 30, 2022 07:43:47
I'm dying for stoats - can't wait for the thread to open!!
June 17, 2022 16:19:12
bls tell dressy i love them
May 08, 2022 22:35:06
Sorry for the delay! I marked myself offline earlier to eat dinner, but the change might not have propagated to other spreadsheets in time. Thanks for supporting Lightning! :')
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