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Confirmed Gene Errors
Dec 13, 2023, 03:35:10
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Undel
The following corrections have gone in tonight:
  • Opal on Gaoler/Veilspun - Gaolers and Veilspun's opal gene has the highlight layer set to normal instead of screen, resulting in a more muddy opal with less sharp highlights. Fixed.
  • Pearlcatcher F Lace - Pearlcatcher females with the lace tertiary have a stray couple pixels that bleed over from the wing to the body of the dragon. Fixed.
  • Pearlcatcher M Edged - Edged markings clip from the wings into the tail on pearlcatcher males. Fixed.
  • Pearlcatcher M Lace - The lace tertiary does not edge the back wing of Pearlcatcher males. Fixed.
  • Pearlcatcher M Noxtide - Pearlcatcher males with the noxtide gene have a strange gradient present in their back wing, along where the arm would be. This appear to have been intended to be a fade to transparency to the primary color that was supposed to be set to multiply in photoshop but is unable to multiply in the generator. Fixed.
  • Ridgeback M Ripple/Current - The ripple and current genes do not cover the front portion of a Ridgeback male's back wing. Fixed.
  • Skydancer F Noxtide The areas of the gene where the shadow layer fades to transparency isn't clipped properly, resulting in an grey halo these portions. Fixed.
Status Update
Dec 13, 2023, 03:13:22
Site Status | By Undel
All news posts that contained the old item names for ancient genes have been updated so that their item tooltips should be visible.
These are not insects
Dec 13, 2023, 02:29:34
Plants have mushrooms included. Insects have arachnids, centipedes, scorpions, and other non-insect "bugs" included. Seafood is pretty broad and it's like "well, I guess it lives in the water..."

Meat's solid though.
Confirmed Gene Errors
Dec 13, 2023, 00:33:06
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Undel
  • Skydancer F Bee - The portion of bee on skydancer females that covers the "arm" of the wing as it transitions to the shoulder joint of the dragon's body has a gradient fade with an abrupt, harsh ending, rather than a smooth transition to transparency that all other dragons and the rest of the skydancer illustrations have.

This was a part of a main list, but I'm pulling this one out for its own sub-post because when starting the correction for Bee, I fell down a rabbit hole to a much larger issue.

The secondary to primary fade on the shoulder has a transition that doesn't fade completely out and has a defined edge. All secondaries on Skydancer F pose have had this issue since the breed launched in 2013. It's not easy to see except on highly contrasting colors, where it becomes fairly obvious. It cuts off into what could be considered musculature, but is a much harsher transition than any other breed.

Graphic of the secondary harsh wing transition for skydancer female pose

Graphic of a softer transition for the wing of Skydancer female pose

The fix is purely to get rid of a harsh edge when the secondary is laid over the primary, and no changes to pattern will otherwise be made. It needs to be done on all 44 secondaries for Skydancer F, thus the pulling this out into its own sub-post so that there's a way to track the fixes.

Skydancer F Secondary Cleanup Fixes In:
  • S Alloy
  • S Basic
  • S Bee
  • S Blaze
  • S Blend
  • S Breakup
  • S Butterfly
  • S Clouded
  • S Current
  • S Constellation
  • S Daub
  • S Edged
  • S Eel
  • S Eye Spots
  • S Facet
  • S Fissure
  • S Flair
  • S Foam
  • S Freckle
  • S Hex
  • S Hypnotic
  • S Jester
  • S Malachite
  • S Marbled
  • S Morph
  • S Noxtide
  • S Myrid
  • S Paint
  • S Paisley
  • S Patchwork
  • S Peregrine
  • S Rosette
  • S Saddle
  • S Safari
  • S Sarcophagus
  • S Saturn
  • S Seraph
  • S Shimmer
  • S Sludge
  • S Spinner
  • S Striation
  • S Stripes
  • S Toxin
  • S Trail

Skydancer F Secondary Cleanup To Do :
  • All done!

Status Update
Dec 12, 2023, 05:39:43
Site Status | By Undel
Aberration, Sandsurge, and Veilspun gene pages in the encyclopedia have been brought up-to-date with current genes and have corrected item names.
Confirmed Gene Errors
Dec 12, 2023, 01:38:52
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Undel
I updated the top post of this thread to split out what is and is not corrected.

The following corrections have gone in tonight:
  • Bogsneak F Python/Morph had a correction put in. The gradients contained hard edges where a misplaced selection cut into the soft edges of the gradients.
  • Obelisk Runes - Runes for obelisk had the missing horn coverage restored, and missing sparkles added.
  • Runes - Runes for all modern dragons has been corrected to remove a grey halo that was visible on certain colors where the shadow layer bled outside of the confines of the gene.
  • Ridgeback M Mist Seraph - Mist Seraph on Ridgeback males had a miscolored portion on the wing corrected.
  • Skydancer H Laced - Skydancer hatchlings with the laced primary had their shadow hue corrected to change per color.
  • Tundra H Koi - Koi Lead was not showing up on hatchlings. This has been corrected.
Status Update
Dec 11, 2023, 15:22:49
Site Status | By Aequorin
Dragon Share Theme Week: Winter Dragons!
Game Repeatedly Crashing / Freezing
Dec 11, 2023, 09:19:09
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Mutron
Hello all,

We apologize for how much this has been impacting you all. I wanted to provide an update. We are also convinced the issue is the Adobe ads. They are showing up very frequently and they are clearly locking up the browser. We are able to reproduce this issue ourselves and we have sent the necessary technical info to our advertising provider, so hopefully we can have these ads off the site fairly soon.

Thank you again for all of your patience on this matter.
Undertide genes still show up in search
Dec 11, 2023, 05:18:45
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Undel
All current Ancient genes have been renamed, so theoretically the AH will be completely clear of old naming schemes this time next Monday. (Auctions can be listed for up to 7 days, so the last one should drop off by then.)
Dec 11, 2023, 05:15:03
It's beautiful ;_;
An image displaying a single search result for the term primary gene: fade.

Just don't look at the encyclopedia right now...
Status Update
Dec 11, 2023, 05:07:29
Site Status | By Undel
Veilspun, Aberration, and Sandsurge gene items have been updated to new naming scheme for Ancient genes. Their encyclopedia pages will be updated soon!
Status Update
Dec 11, 2023, 04:23:52
Site Status | By Undel
Banescale & Gaoler genes have been updated to new naming scheme for Ancient genes. The encyclopedia pages for both breeds' genes have been brought up-to-date with current genes and names.
Undertide genes still show up in search
Dec 10, 2023, 20:26:45
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Undel
Thanks everyone. We will be looking into it.

As a non-engineer/programmer, I suspect that this is an internal caching issue. But I will forward this on those who will know better!

This should clear up with time. Upon further review those auctions were listed before the name change. New auctions, posted after the name change, no longer appear in search results without the correct naming scheme. So 7 days after a change, I suspect this will no longer be an issue. Apologies that it wasn't instant!
Status Update
Dec 09, 2023, 03:02:24
Site Status | By Undel
Undertide genes have been updated to reflect the more easily searchable naming scheme for Ancient genes.
FR pages freeze up (discussion)
Dec 08, 2023, 12:51:47
Hello everyone, this is a topic for the bug reports forum which requires more information in order for an investigation to happen.

In order to diagnose and fix an issue, we need detailed reports that include reproducible steps for investigation. If you already have a thread in the Bug Reports Forum, please make sure you are including what pages it happens on, the approximate date and time the freezing happened, your device type, OS version, browser, browser version, what anti-virus or anti-malware software you're running, etc. Thank you!
Frigidfin Expedition 2023
Dec 07, 2023, 06:02:00
Forum Post | Announcements & News | By Undel

Another chilling winter is about to howl across the realm and dragons everywhere are taking advantage of an unusually bountiful fishing season! Frigidfin Expedition runs from December 7-11, and brings with it new and returning items!

[Image Caption: The Frigidfin Expedition Logo is on the banner. Below it is the text "December 7-11: Seafood Bounty, EXP Boost & Event Rewards". On the right of the image is a narwhal-like creature with a net slug over its shoulder and a basket overflowing with fish. In the background is frigid river.]

Frigidfin Expedition
The Frigidfin Expedition, one of Flight Rising's quarterly micro-holidays, is in full swing! From Thursday, December 7th to Monday, December 11th (06:00 Server Time), all players will experience a couple of battle-related boosts!

Bountiful Battles
For the duration of the Frigidfin Expedition, all all Coliseum enemies will have the chance to drop seafood items in addition to their normal loot. Other site activities such as gathering, breeding, bonding, brewing, and visiting some of the trading post dragons will also yield a chance at the expedition! Dragon clans everywhere are taking this time to stock up on fishes, clams, sharks, sponges, corals, snails, shrimp and more to feed them through the winter.
Bountiful Fishnet Overflowing Fishbasket

Battle EXP Boost
During the event, all battles will yield 50% additional EXP, so now is a perfect time for dragons to train. Grab your newest team and head out into battle!

Furry & Finned Fishers
Dragonkind are not the only ones taking advantage of the prosperous fishing season. As the oceans, lakes, and rivers teem with life, enterprising critters rush the shores. A few unique species of beaver and newly emerged Narwin capitalize on this seafood surge, catching fish not only for themselves, but as currency in a barter system with waterfaring dragon clans. For the duration of the Frigidfin Expedition, these toothy familiars will drop fairly commonly in the Coliseum and rarely during Fishing.

Once the expedition has concluded, the Narwin go back into hiding, but dragons may still encounter into one or two beavers while Fishing.

A vista and scene have a chance to drop in the coliseum and many other site-related activities.
Narwin Fisher Narwin Harvester Chillriver Bucktooth Fenfisher Flattail
Scene: Frigidfin Expedition Vista: Frigidfin Expedition

Umbrellas for a Cloudy Day
The Acclaimed Achievements Association has new items to recognize those dragon clans who have accomplished great things! -Or, perhaps Avery was simply tired of dragons arriving soaked and creating hazards in the Association's halls during poor weather!

Umbrellas are now available at the Acclaimed Achievements Association! You can earn Achievements tokens by completing Achievements or Pursuits!
Grey Umbrella Brown Umbrella Pink Umbrella Red Umbrella Orange Umbrella Yellow Umbrella Green Umbrella Blue Umbrella Purple Umbrella

Additional Updates

Status Update
Dec 07, 2023, 02:01:52
Site Status | By Undel
Auraboa and Aether genes have been updated to reflect the more easily searchable naming scheme for Ancient genes.
Did the egg drop rate change?
Dec 07, 2023, 00:49:16
The rates of elemental eggs have not been altered in a several years!
Fishmas came early
Dec 07, 2023, 00:42:33
You saw nothing!

(It looks like a timeframe was set incorrectly, so it fired off at rollover instead of 06:00. This has been corrected!)
Status Update
Dec 07, 2023, 00:39:46
Site Status | By Undel
Frigidfin Expedition activated at rollover instead of 06:00 server time today. It has been turned off, and will return at 06:00 on December 7th!
why is plague mom in the coli?
Dec 07, 2023, 00:37:28
We used to directly log into the deity accounts, so I'll bet that someone clicked into coli to mess around in the early days of the site.

I have no idea what would happen because the dragon gods don't really have starter breed abilities or instructions for what to do with their sprites, so I'd imagine that it didn't go so well...
[Answered] Dragon Image Resizing
Dec 06, 2023, 10:05:25
Forum Post | Help Center | By Aequorin
@BeansGalore, forums serve several functions, from discussion of shared interests to information archive—especially when the forum is like this one, focused on answering questions!
[Answered] Dragon Image Resizing
Dec 06, 2023, 09:54:54
Forum Post | Help Center | By Aequorin
@BeansGalore, a quick heads up, your thread title received an edit to reflect both status and question. This will help new and current players when they are looking for this information via our Forum Search feature. Thank you!
URGENT! How do I delete my account
Dec 06, 2023, 08:51:32
Forum Post | Help Center | By Aequorin
@Foxgl0Ove, for reasons related to site and game infrastructure and stability, we do not and cannot delete accounts. Players residing in the EU or other countries or states with legislation or regulations similar to GDPR or CCPA can request the deletion of their data as laid out in our Privacy Policy via our privacy(at)stormlightworkshop(dot)com email.

This request will still require an email address to be used, specifically the one registered to the account in question. Further, verification of your identity as the individual who is (1) the person with the Right to make the request and (2) the registered account holder will be required. As compliance with these regulations is permanent, these verification requirements were put in place to prevent malicious griefing of accounts by ex-partners, ex-friends, etc.

If the existing regulations do not apply to you and or if they do but you do not wish to verify your identity, the only remaining option is to remove your details through your Account Settings, clear your clan biography and broadcast, exalt your dragons, and set your login email to a throwaway and your password to nonsense you won't remember.
censored words
Dec 04, 2023, 08:16:08
Forum Post | Help Center | By Aequorin
CyanideGoat wrote on 2023-12-01 19:19:34:
I have a question about this too! It sounds odd but I wanted to name a dragon and it showed up not allowed. The name I wanted was Poopy. It allowed me to name the dragon Maggot instead but that doesn't make sense. Is there a rule against the word p o o p y?

Hi @CyanideGoat, I think our rules here on inappropriate content or conduct can answer that question!

Gratuitously offensive content and inappropriate references focused on bodily fluids/waste (human, animal, OR dragon) are not allowed.
Ancient Tert Talk
Dec 01, 2023, 10:54:49
@bellz4brainz, a quick heads up, your title was edited under our Forum Etiquette. Thank you!
Gems referral message full of glitches
Dec 01, 2023, 10:18:19
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Thank you for the followup @Alphazi

Future alerts should now display correctly. Unfortunately, they were messed up while fixing the PM formatting.
censored words
Dec 01, 2023, 10:18:04
Forum Post | Help Center | By Aequorin
ufology wrote on 2023-11-29 21:21:09:
Hello! For the most part, you've already got it; obscene language, sexual content, slurs and insults are what's not allowed! Words that are banned on FR will be censored out like **** when you post it. If you notice this happen in any of your bios, just remove the word (or leave it as "****" if you want) and that's it! There is no penalty for activating the censor.

However, if you try to avoid the censor by using "@" to replace "A" and other tricks, that is when there will be penalties. As long as you abide by FR's built-in filter and don't try to trick it, you won't have any problems with words.

In any case, staff will always give you a gentle warning if you do something wrong, not immediately ban you! There's nothing to worry about ^^

Hi @ufology, you got most of it! But you missed one aspect with the censor: While we generally won't penalize a player for hitting the censor and having all asterisks go through, censored profanity directed at someone is not allowed. Because then it's harassment and targeting, with profanity being used with harmful intent.
Status Update
Nov 30, 2023, 13:23:30
Site Status | By Aequorin
[Auraboa Lore] A Brief Update.
[Auraboa Lore] Update & Apology
Nov 30, 2023, 13:17:46
Update, November 30, 2023:

Hello everyone, we have a quick update for you on the status of the Auraboa short story, Ancient Arboriculture Observations. We'd hoped to have the updated story published before the end of November, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

The updated draft is nearly finalized. We pulled additional world building and context from the original draft, built out more defined terms, context, and structure for Auraboan communication, and completely reworked the ending beat to that of the one originally intended, which had been scrapped due to length concerns.

Once this draft is finalized, it will need to undergo some sensitivity reviews. After those read-throughs are completed, the draft may have to again undergo editing and possibly additional drafting, and close out with another round of sensitivity reviews depending on the initial feedback.

We are priortizing this update, and are dedicating time and care to ensure the story we share with you is the one we intended to tell you, with context and worldbuilding. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we engage with this process.
Confirmed Gene Errors
Nov 30, 2023, 00:40:34
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Undel
  • Tertiary: Capsule on Banescale F & H had the highlight layer settings corrected.
  • Tertiary: Capsule on all Veilspun had the highlight layer settings corrected.
Hunter Capsule Undertide wrong colour
Nov 29, 2023, 23:59:53
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Undel
The incorrect layer settings on the female's color gradient have been corrected.
Gem Bonus and Cycled Item Return
Nov 28, 2023, 10:19:37
Good morning, everyone! I added a reply to the suggestions thread about the gem promotion badge, but I wanted to cross-reference it here so everyone know that we have seen and heard you.

Xhaztol wrote on 2023-11-28 10:15:39:
Hey everyone! Thank you for adding all your thoughts to this conversation.

As many of you know, the badge was implemented as a response to some feedback we got around the last time we ran a bonus gem promotion. It's clear there's a bit more finessing to be done, so we'll definitely be reading through this and taking your thoughts and suggestions into consideration for next time.
Status Update
Nov 28, 2023, 00:16:22
Site Status | By Kaepora
The Purchase Gems link in the side bar now indicates when a sale is active.
Gems referral message full of glitches
Nov 28, 2023, 00:06:40
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Thank you for the report @keet!

Future gem referral PM messages should now be formatted correctly. Please let us know if any such PMs created after today display oddly.
Status Update
Nov 27, 2023, 10:51:31
Site Status | By Aequorin
Dragon Share Theme Week: Rockbreaker's Ceremony!
Queerest Flight?
Nov 27, 2023, 08:58:37
Hey folks! A quick reminder for everyone, surveys and polls should be strictly limited to Flight Rising focused content only. When a poll or survey is focused on gathering personal and identifying information about players, the end result is that an individual or individuals possess a personal database of player information which is...not really a good thing. Especially when you consider we allow players as young as 13 years old to join our community. Please remember, external sites can be set up to capture your identifying information when you click through, which is why it's important to exercise discretion when online.
Gem Bonus and Cycled Item Return
Nov 27, 2023, 06:01:26
Forum Post | Announcements & News | By Undel
10% Gem Bonus Banner

Flight Rising is having a Cyber Monday sale, from now until Thursday November 30th at 06:00 server time! This sale features gem bonuses with every gem purchase. Cycled items return until December 4th at 06:00!

[Image Caption: "10% Gem Bonus, Plus Cycled Items return until December 4th." This banner shows a crate full of gems in front of a night time environment with waterfalls.]

Bonus Gems
From now until Thursday November 30th at 06:00 server time you will receive 10% bonus gems with every purchase.

Marketplace Shuffle
The gem marketplace has shuffled as a hoard of cycled items re-enter it for the week. From now until Monday December 4th at 06:00 server time, these items will be available, after which they will cycle out once more:
Fawn Fox Rat Downy Fox Rat Mock Firebird Dunhoof Ambassador
Breed Change: Wildclaw Vista: Rainy Day Vista: Twilight Firefly
Night Sky Arm Silks Night Sky Leg Silks Night Sky Silk Sash Night Sky Wing Silks Night Sky Silk Scarf Night Sky Tail Bangle Night Sky Fillet Night Sky Silk Veil Night Sky Bundle
Melodious Spats Melodious Vest Melodious Cap Bard Costume Trunk
Musical Spats Musical Vest Musical Cap Balladeer Costume Trunk
Canorous Spats Canorous Vest Canorous Cap Singer Costume Trunk
Harmonious Spats Harmonious Vest Harmonious Cap Minstrel Costume Trunk
Citrine Talonclasp Pendant Tanzanite Talonclasp Pendant Onyx Talonclasp Pendant Emerald Talonclasp Pendant Sapphire Talonclasp Pendant Jewelry Box
Trickster's Collar Trickster's Bellcap Trickster's Motley
Ornate Platinum Tail Cuffs Ornate Platinum Pauldrons Ornate Platinum Helmet Ornate Platinum Gorget Ornate Platinum Gauntlets Ornate Platinum Boots Ornate Platinum Belt Ornate Battle Armor
Goldslab Wingspan Goldslab Headdress Goldslab Warrior Regalia
Desert Dynasty Tail Rings Desert Dynasty Waist Cinch Desert Dynasty Cuffs Desert Dynasty Headdress Desert Dynasty Finery
Pastel Lace Headpiece Pastel Lace Collar Pastel Lace Wristlet Pastel Lace Waist Frill Pastel Lace Tail Ornament Pastel Lace Ribbons Pastel Lace Anklet Pastel-Edged Claw Pastel Lace Coffer
Silver Sylvan Collection Silver Sylvan Wings Silver Sylvan Lattice Silver Sylvan Twist Silver Sylvan Filigree Silver Sylvan Headpiece Silver Sylvan Dress Silver Sylvan Bracelets Silver Sylvan Anklets
Wise Whiskers Earthen Masque Regal Masque Masquerade Duds Brown Daredevil Cover Ruby Daredevil Cover Violet Daredevil Cover Daredevil's Covers Cyan Delver's Lamp Amber Delver's Lamp Yelling Wyrmpeck Screaming Tickbird Paunchy Red Percher Paunchy Green Percher Talkative Hookbeak Chattering Parrot Frustrating Menagerie Rainbow Flair Scarf

Please note that the gem sale ends 4 days before the cycled items leave.

The next cycled item return will happen the week of May 6-13.
Rockbreaker's Ceremony 2023
Nov 27, 2023, 01:43:26
Forum Post | Announcements & News | By Undel
Dreadnoughtus wrote on 2023-11-26 06:25:39:
Happy rockbreakers everyone, and I'm stoked my entries got an honorable mention when there were so many incredible entries! Looks like there is a slight typo for my name though- the link goes to my page, but the text in the post is missing the r ^^

My apologies! This has been corrected.
Status Update
Nov 24, 2023, 22:40:04
Site Status | By Undel
The Auraboa gene error thread has the current status on confirmed gene errors, items that are being investigated, and items that have been corrected.
Auraboa Gene Error Thread
Nov 24, 2023, 22:38:22
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Undel
Zosimos wrote on 2023-11-24 13:57:08:
Not an art error, but the Auraboa encyclopedia page doesn't have a list of their genes yet.

I'm sorry that it's not available at the moment. An Auraboa gene guide is something that we're definitely looking at for the future in addition to an Aether and Undertide gene guide. And of course updating all of the existing gene guides with some of our newer additions! There's a lot to do!
Crystalhide Treads incorrect rarity
Nov 23, 2023, 01:49:47
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Undel
Thank you for the report! This has been corrected!
Status Update
Nov 22, 2023, 16:08:55
Site Status | By Aequorin
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