Lothur (#42944982)
We cannot but admit there is meaning greater than ourselves.
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Light.
Male Mirror
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7.14 m
5.3 m
581.32 kg


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Jun 27, 2018
(4 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 7 Mirror
EXP: 1569 / 11881


The founder and Headmaster of Unaðheim School of Magic, Lothur is a serious, practical leader and has a magnanimous reputation around the school. His husband is Cielo, and he has two sons, Ezio and Emilio.
C ielo - DOCTOR
The school's head doctor and chair of the pre-med program, Cielo is a kind and patient but stern healer, known for his steady hands and compassionate heart. He and husband Lothur have two sons, Ezio and Emilio.
Home's deputy Headmaster and Lothur's second-in-command, Tenzin is an experienced cursebreaker. He's known for his friendly and gentle personality, but his dedication to the school and his anger when something gets in his way is something to behold. He has a son, Toiba.
A brilliant young lawyer, Godot oversees all legal matters the school runs into. He can come across as cold, arrogant, and condescending, but he's really just an awkward guy and he is genuinely just doing his best. His boyfriend is Narmer.
Awkward and a bit grumpy but reliable and well-meaning, Pius is in charge of the required research methods course and handles all academic honesty disputes. He's well-liked thanks to his patience and kind heart, but he's still a bit intimidating, and few dragons want to be on his bad side. He's married to Connor, and Araqiel is his younger brother.
The chair of the science program, Sefirah is the eccentric and intellectual sort. He likes a good mystery and has a healthy sense of scientific curiosity, making him a good dragon for students to turn to when they want help bending rules the right way.
The chair of the humanities program, Baruch is a principled and stoic philosophy professor. He is known as a fair professor with high expectations. His twin brother is Jericho, and Baruch and his husband Roscoe have twin sons, Maxwell and Arthur.
A serious, no-nonsense doctor, Aaisha only half-jokingly calls herself Cielo's "favourite henchman." Tougher than Cielo on the surface but less likely to chew you out, she's the doctor students choose when they hurt themselves doing something stupid.
Keshet is acknowledged as the most skilled magician at Home, and his classes reflect his high level of expertise and his high expectations. Kes is an acquired taste, but his passion and dedication make him a popular professor. He's married to Zuriel, and has a younger brother, Yekom.
The resident cursebreaker-general, Zuriel is a slightly reckless and daring archaeologist whose kind, friendly, and funny personality generally makes him a very likeable dragon indeed. His husband is Keshet, and his younger brother is Betzalel.
B etzalel - RABBI
The youngest member of Home's main faculty board, Betzalel is a rabbi and the school's chief theologian, though he prefers to share the chair responsibilities with the other theology professors. Calm and level-headed, he can always be found involving himself somewhere around the school. Zuriel is his older brother.
A quick-thinking, fast-talking dragon, Jude chairs the history program and is beloved for his hands-on, informal approach to history education. He has an laid-back approach to teaching which makes his classes low-stress and enjoyable, even if his hasty and irritable personality outside the class room makes his colleagues worry about his blood pressure.
Soft-spoken and well-spoken, Rysio is the chair of the foreign language program and his dearth of fluencies in the languages of Sornieth makes him the envy of the school's aspiring linguists. He and his husband Baruch have twin sons, Maxwell and Arthur.
Amiable and devoted to his work, Renly is known not only for his impressive magical ability but for the patience and kindness that define his teaching style. And also for his ability to make fudge brownies that are absolutely baller. He and his husband Nelson have a son, Rhys.
C larence - LIBRARIAN
Himself a graduate from Home, Clarence is the guardian of the school's library. Gentle and mild-mannered, Clancy takes his work seriously, and many students find helping him in the library to be a relaxing way to spend their time and learn something while they're at it.
The school's solemn, taciturn chief of guard and primary protector, Alter looks pretty much exactly like a pub carpet, but he tries to set a good example and most dragons genuinely look up to him. He and his husband Forfax have a daughter, Daisy.

Formal | Sentimental | Practical



Partner: Cielo
Friends: Tenzin
Relatives: Ezio and Emilio

Elemental Alignment: Light
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Theme Song: O Children
Name meaning: Old Norse Loðurr.
Related to the words for "to grow" and "to shape."

Pronouns: He/Him/His
Role: Home's Headmaster
Likes: Sweets, books, rainstorms
Dislikes: Loudness, impoliteness, small-print books
Hobbies: Reading, poetry, cooking
Hoard: Hatchling photos and mementos

"Build your own dreams, or someone
else will hire you to build theirs."

The founder and headmaster of Home, Lothur is a bright and well-travelled Light-born scholar. Curious, practical, and unable to rest when he knows there is work still to be done, he is passionate about providing a home for gifted orphans. He is devoted to his husband Cielo and their two sons, and he set a precedent from the moment Home was founded of considering every dragon here family.

- Biography
Born in the Hewn City but orphaned at a young age and raised in an orphanage located in the Scarred Wasteland, Lothur has a strong sense of fairness and grew up with a great deal of anger with his circumstances. He left Plague as soon as he was old enough and returned to Light, where he took on several jobs teaching at various schools and universities, none of which lasted long. He started Unaðheim (which directly translates to "happy home," known affectionately by those who live here simply as "Home") as a passion project. It was rough at first, but he eventually found a stable location and recruited a robust and talented faculty board. He initially worried he was in over is head, having underestimated how many talented young dragons would stay here. Forever. Now, initial worries long forgotten, he is devoted to his residents, good friends with his colleagues, and is very proud of his family.

- Life at Home
Lothur is passionate about ensuring Home provides not just a good home but the best education possible for its residents. He keeps a close relationship with his colleagues on Home's faculty, ensuring a friendly and productive workplace environment, and works to ensure a consistently low student-teacher ratio. As Headmaster, Lothur cares deeply about providing a home for gifted orphans, and often runs himself ragged working to ensure things are running smoothly. He doesn't teach regularly anymore, but can often be persuaded to teach beginner's aviation and magic courses, and, if he's feeling especially generous, has been known to teach culinary arts courses. He thinks his greatest challenge as Headmaster is dealing with the rules, regulations, and red tape surrounding adoptions and acceptance of new hatchlings, especially those from out of Flight. The dragons at Home can always tell when a new hatchling is about to arrive based on how frequently Lothur complains of a headache.

- Relationships
When he's not working to keep Home running, Lothur can often be found spending time with his husband, Cielo, and their sons, Ezio and Emilio. His best friend from when he was a hatchling, Tenzin, is Home's deputy Headmaster, and the two remain close. Lothur is close with his colleagues on Home's faculty board, having built an environment of respect among the faculty and working hard to ensure that he never oversteps his bounds and respects the opinions of his faculty. Some of the residents at Home consider him overly strict, but almost every single resident who has ever lived at Home has called him "Dad." Lothur might sometimes ruffle feathers simply because he usually knows what he must do to make sure Home continues running as it should, but he truly considers every dragon at Home family.

- Personality
Lothur tends to be formal, polite, and somewhat strict, and often encourages the young dragons at Home to follow his example. He cares deeply about setting a good example, and it is usually obvious that most of his words and actions have been well thought-out. He is often approached as a mediator due to his level-headed, calm nature (and because it's easier to win an argument when you can say "yeah, well, Dad says I'm right!). He is a very sentimental dragon, and tenderly-preserved hatchling photos and mementos are the most treasured items in his hoard. As Home's faculty board has grown, he no longer teaches regular classes, but it is still easy to tell he's a teacher when he's in the mood to explain something or lecture a resident about whatever that day's bad decision was.


  • Despite being raised in Plague, Lothur has a terrible immune system.
  • He has a fear of bees (and practically all flying insects).
  • He is an excellent cook.

Unaðheim Faculty Info Card wrote:
Name: Loður
Birth Flight: Light; formative years in Plague; Light immigrant upon adulthood
Designation: Unaðheim overall headmaster/co-owner
Title: Headmaster
Classes Taught: Intro to Magic (b-g), Beginner's Aviation (b), culinary arts elective
Role and charges: Owner and founder of the orphanage, overseer of all major business and delegation; head of teacher education board
ART wrote:
Lothur's Journal, Continued
Notes on the Upkeep of an Orphanage

Home was founded as a place for those with no-where else to go. Our eligibility guidelines are rather flexible in keeping with this principle, and I will always allow for exceptions. Home accepts orphans, refugees, displaced dragons, and those exiled from their birth Clans. Applicants generally must pass through the legal process to ensure proper documentation and the like, though I typically allow applicants to stay with us before they have been formally accepted. Though we generally take in hatchlings, we also allow for young dragons to become permanent residents. Because of archaic rules in many other Flights, every hatchling or young dragon brought into Home is formally adopted (most commonly by myself or their Hall Headmaster) so that they will not become illegible for any universities or job placements in other Flights based on having no "birth Clan" allegiance. No consideration is given to applications on the basis of breed or element.
Faculty positions include myself, the Headmaster, head teachers, two physicians, two chief of guards, head counselor, and eight Heads of Halls and Assistant Heads of Halls. Many of these roles are self-explanatory, and as we have a relatively small faculty board for a large orphanage, many faculty members hold multiple positions. The main faculty board (all positions except Heads of Halls) live separately from the Halls, to ensure no favoritism develops. Each Head of Hall reports to a Hall Headmaster on the main faculty board. Faculty are chosen for positions based on merit and are frequently evaluated and undergo ongoing training. As with residents, preference is not given to staff applications based on breed or birth Flight. Staff members are expected to demonstrate an ability to work impartially with residents, have a mastery of the material they will be teaching, and ideally have a patient and kind disposition. Accepted faculty members are almost always masters of their elemental magic - this is so residents from every Flight may learn from a master in their element. Though Home has a rather informal atmosphere, I do expect staff members to be treated with respect. Residents at Home typically call me Headmaster, and other staff members are referred to either by their title or as Professor. For example, Cielo may be addressed as Doctor, and Betzalel may be addressed as Rebbe. Professor is a sufficient title of address for other faculty members, including Heads of Houses.
Magical Masters
Dragons from all Flights are awarded the title of 'Master' when they have reached complete mastery of their elemental magic. Home is host to at least one Master of each element. The duties of the Masters are to aid in basic to advanced instruction of that element for Home's residents. I am the Light Master; the other Masters are Grim (Water), Adalai (Fire), Jude (Plague), Velvel (Wind), Tenzin (Lightning), Minerva (Shadow), Raviv (Nature), Salem (Earth), Nadir (Ice), and Strange (Arcane). To be appointed as an elemental Master is a great honour and responsibility.
Home is organized into nine sub-groups, called Halls. The first Hall consists of faculty and the second consists of residents with Primal eyes, who typically require more individualized instruction. Residents are sorted into the other halls based on their personality and ambitions. Grouping like-minded residents together like so allows them to form areas where they belong and feel that belonging (it also allows us to have ready-made teams for family game night). Hall pride is important, and though every resident has close friends outside of their own Hall, they are proud of their Hall and cheer each other on. The Heads of Hall maintain order within the Halls and keep watch for any rule-breaking, keeping things running smoothly. Heads and assistant Heads are often either hired directly for the position or are graduated residents who I picked to hold the position.
Situated far from the nearest town large enough to have a proper school system, residents are educated at Home. The "core" subjects are magic, history, language, self-defense and survival skills, and alchemy. Education begins at the basic level, moves to the general level, and finally students move into the intermediate and then advanced levels. For example, course progression for magic might look like: foundations of spellcasting (b), basic charms (b), jinxes, hexes, and curses (g), elemental specialties (g), self-defense and offensive magic (i), and finally an advanced study such as occlumency or healing magic. Residents also have the choice to take elective classes, including history of magic, trade classes, and music. Residents are required to learn an additional language as well as their studies in Common. Residents graduate with advanced instruction from some of the most overqualified teachers in Light, and nearby universities know to highly consider candidates coming from Home.
Dragons come of age on their seventeenth hatchday. Residents are free to leave Home at that time if they wish, but most spend the year after they turn seventeen finishing their advanced courses before graduation with the rest of their year. Graduation is a big to-do, and typically takes months of preparation. Many head teachers have traditions in the days before residents graduate, such as taking advanced students out to a fancy dinner or hosting class parties. Graduation does not mean, of course, that residents must leave Home. One of the things I want to make very clear to each resident is that Home is just that - it is their home, and they will always be welcome here. Residents who have graduated are still very welcome to continue living at Home - they may engage in courses at Light universities while still living here, take up faculty positions if they are suitable, and generally help out around Home. Though residents do leave, they often do not leave all at once - they may leave Light but remain on the Yggdrasil board, and they know they are always welcome back. Most residents choose to stay at Home after they graduate, taking part in further learning and bringing in income from their jobs. Having so many experienced dragons in one place makes Home a very safe and knowledgeable environment.
Unhatched eggs are bound to be found every now and again, even if you don't make a serious effort to find them. Dragon eggs are curious things. While most eggs hatch within 90 days, this standard incubation period does not represent the lifespan of the egg. It is thought that eggs can survive for time indeterminate. As long as the the shell is whole and the magic remains, the hatchling within the egg will live. This is why, when hatchlings arrive at Home who have hatched from unclaimed eggs (which we may find in the wilds, in the Auction Houses, or in any other such places), we do not attempt to find these hatchlings' birth clans or families. It is more than likely that the clans of these hatchlings have been long forgotten.
Dragons are...intensely celebratory creatures. This is perhaps even more true at Home, as Cielo and I want to nurture any opportunities for joy we can find. Dragonkind celebrates each elemental Flight on a yearly basis, one for each month. This is why our months are named thus. For example, I was born during Brightshine, the Light month. Being an orphanage, and being as many of our hatchlings do not know their exact hatchdays, we celebrate their hatchdays in two ways. Firstly, we mark the day the hatchling arrives with us as their hatchday, unless they do know the day they hatched. For many of the dragons at Home, this does not feel quite special enough - so we celebrate during each elemental festival as if it is the hatchday of every dragon at Home who carries that alignment. Our older dragons love to plan our home festivities for each elemental festival, and the dragons of each element often plan festivals months in advance. Though we live in Light and all of us are aligned with Light, it is important that every dragon at Home has opportunity to celebrate their heritage.
Dragons believe that there is a blaze of magic in every word. The name that a dragon has must reflect its personality, its background, and its destiny. As the owner of this orphanage, allow me a moment to complain - what a huge amount of pressure this is! Most dragons here at Home are named in the ancient language of the Light Flight, as am I myself, but not all. It is on a case-by-case basis.
Last names are rarely used by dragons, unlike what is custom in the Beastclans. It is custom in Light for hatchlings to take the names of their parents as their last names. For example, my son Ezio is called Ezio Cielo-Lothurson. The other dragons here at home have the choice to take my and Cielo's names for their last names or to use the name of their biological parents. For dragons who do not know their biological parents, Light custom is for the last name to be Son-of-None. That is my name, too: Lothur Son-of-None.
Dragons are deeply influenced by magic. The magic of the deities is how we continue to live, and how our eggs grow and hatch. Dragon eggs take on the magical energy of their Flight, and this in turn influences everything from a dragon's own magic to some aspects of their personality to even their eye colour. This magic is strong - for example, even though I spent most of my formative years in Plague rather than in the Flight of my birth, my Light magic has always remained true. The curious few exceptions to the rule of birth Flight magic are dragons with cross-Flight magical abilities. We have a few here at Home - these are dragons whose magical alignment does not match their birth Flight. These dragons are typically marked by being small and weak, and their magic is very unstable as a rule. Only the most gifted cross-Flight dragons should attempt magical study. Most of these dragons do not survive to adulthood, as the imbalance between birth Flight magical energy and the dragon's magical alignment causes extreme sickness as hatchlings. However, if talented, these dragons can make for some of the best magicians I know.
Trying Times
We live in trying times. Though we are in relative peace at the moment, there are constant skirmishes at the borders of every Flight. Many of our dragons at Home are refugees from the skirmishes taking place at the Shadow borders, where things can get particularly vicious. I must say, I will never understand the focus from those in Flight leadership on dominance struggles rather than working together, between all dragonkind, to fight against the threats facing all of us. Many more of our dragons here are former mercenaries who used to work for whichever dominance team would pay more. Being a radically multi-Flight orphanage, I must constantly think about which dragons I can send into town to run errands. Should I send Earth dragons when news just reached us of increasing skirmishes at the Earth borders? Such large worries as Flight stereotyping and tension between dragons of different Flights should not matter to those running orphanages - but these are trying times.
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