Level 1 Wildclaw
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Colorburst Buttersnake
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Light.
Male Wildclaw
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Personal Style


Black Tulip Flower Crown
Emerald Aviator Satchel
Mage's Thicket Overcoat
Green and White Flair Scarf
Emerald Aviator Boots
Teardrop Citrine Ring


Accent: Ghostly Crows m WC



3.48 m
6.55 m
574.16 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Nov 13, 2015
(8 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Wildclaw
EXP: 0 / 245



The Hunters' Archivist
Collector and cataloger of many things

"Might you like some tea while you browse the stacks?"
(Note: This dragon is transfemale. Her bio will only use female pronouns for her.)

If there is one thing to be said about Paige, it's that she's a darling. Gentle and conscientious, she loves to entertain visitors to her library, whether they're there for business or social pursuits. She greets everyone who visits with the same deep-voiced cheer and good manners that she finds becoming of a good hostess.

The library itself is nestled in a deep, mostly unused turn of the tunnels that connect Oakrest to Carinstone Rest. No one goes down there besides the Hunters, Shadowstalk, the elders, or people who might find a reason to call on Paige and Ink at home. Inside it is a warm and wondrous lair stacked with books, scrolls, and maps to catalogue the tombs found below. In less immediate turns of the library are Paige's collections - insects, flora, fur tufts and pelts, you name it and it's there and neatly labeled, recorded, and cross-referenced.

There's an almost obsessive tilt to her study, and in this she pairs neatly with her mate, Ink. When Ink turns her mind towards a task, Paige is her right hand, finding exactly the tome that references the minor detail that has slipped just out of the coatl's reach. Paige remembers nearly everything she reads, and as such is a wondrous librarian.

Paige also has a tidy collection of tea. She absolutely adores tea, infusions, and other warm drinks to be made of dried plants. Certainly she can't make her whole diet out of it, but she is happy to serve tea to any guests, often with delicious snacks made by Clarion or Stardust.

Sometimes her research takes her deep into Cairnstone with Ink. She does not relish the hunt as her mate sometimes does, nor does she feel impelled to visit the tombs of the long-dead. She is, however, loathe to be away from her love for long, and if she can aid in her mate's struggles for the upperhand against the undead, well all the more reason to assist. She is no tender maiden best left to her own devices, however. She can harness her light magic to summon ethereal crows, which have saved her neck more times than she can count. And while she does not have the physical prowess of many wildclaws, she does have their ferocity. She has taken more than a few strikes over the years.

In her spare time, Paige illuminates manuscripts and practices bookbinding. Many of the tomes gathered in her library are hand-bound and filled with her tidy writing. She is a voracious reader of everything from technical manuals to trashy romance fiction. She dabbles sometimes with alchemy and invention as Ink's assistant. Most importantly, however, she aims to keep a home full of warmth and domesticity, highlighted by narrow misses and daring escapades.

(Paige is transfemale, and as such their hatchlings will have two moms)

For a long time, Ink and Paige thought they would not have a nest. Certainly there was no physical barrier, but neither of them found the situation very pleasant. They turned their attentions to more important pursuits, namely the safety of their clan and the enormity of their work.

But the thought often returned to them in their quiet mornings, before the brunt of their work could begin - how lovely to be mothers. They discussed their options and determined that however this might be done, it would not be the usual way. They would need outside help.

So Ink and Paige did what they do best. They turned to research, wrote letters, and tried to find someone - anyone - who could help them without the aid of some dark magic.

While visiting his parents and cousins, Carnelian heard their problem and suggested they talk to Azili, who had helped a pair in his clan. Still uncertain, the two discussed and weighed their options, but ultimately decided to send a letter asking her advice.

Azili came as soon as she was able, and she listened to their worries and hopes as a kindly aunt. She wandered Oakrest for a few days, then returned to them with a solution.

"Dig a nest in the sunniest spot," she said. "Do not let it grow damp, and line it with the softest earth."

They went at once and found a spot where it seemed the sun shined all the time. Here, they dug a nest, and they breathed their worries that this wouldn't work. Oh, but if it did!

When they reported to her that the nest was dug, Azili inspected it and seemed satisfied. "Now you must shape eggs," she said. She told them what would go into these eggs - rich clay, stones from the mountains, water from the underground rivers, and notes from their library. She had them mix these items together and form eggs, and let them harden in the sun before placing them in the nest.

Ink and Paige gathered the requisite items and did as they were asked. For several days they waited, turning and checking the eggs to make sure they were set before showing them to Azili. When she was satisfied that their task was done correctly, she bade them to place the eggs in the nest and sleep beside it.

But in the morning, the nest was not filled with eggs. Instead, there were only the facsimiles that the would-be mothers had placed on the earth. Paige grew despondent, and Ink grew angry.

But when Azili came to grant her counsel, the merely smiled. "Friends, you must be patient. The magic is there, and it's working, but this will take longer than some of my other clients."

"How much longer?" Ink asked.

But Azili didn't know.

"Why?" Paige asked.

But Azili shook her head again. "The magic of Dragonhome is old, and sometimes it moves slowly. Be patient, and you will be rewarded."

It took weeks longer than expected. Ink and Paige moved their research out near the nests to keep watch over the eggs but not lose a moment of time for their work. They shielded the eggs when it rained, making sure their precious charges would not dissolve back into their base components. They sometimes read to them distinct passages. They passed their days and weeks as attendant parents.

And in time, what Azili saw became clear to both of them - where there had been sundried mud, there was now the distinctive scaling of an earth egg. It took a long time to come to fruition, far longer than any in Oakrest had known before, but there were eggs - perfect in both their mothers' eyes.

Ink and Paige thanked Azili for her kindness and counsel before she returned home. And for her part, Azili reminded them that now they knew the process, they would be free to replicate it any time they wished. "But," she added, "you must be patient."

Layout by Straif/34928
Stat block by hisako/19016
Artists cited by name & number beneath each piece

retroRoyalty / 108658

It had been months since the Citadel was reopened. Trade was picking up, and new faces were moving in. Repairs to the corridors and chambers within were well under way. Normalcy seemed right around the corner.

So close, Paige thought, but not close enough.

She thought often of her mate, Ink. She thought of how Ink sat up at night, silently staring down her drawing board. She thought of how, since that first encounter with the Withered King, Ink had not had the strength she used to have.

It had been a long recovery. Ink gave her all during the time the Citadel was sealed, as had they all. The Hunters of Oakrest had worked together to ensure that the few civilians who had been locked within with them were safe, that the monsters who had swarmed the halls of the Citadel were stopped. But where Ink had once been nigh unstoppable, she now tired so quickly.

After the Citadel reopened, Paige had hoped her mate would strengthen quickly. Sunlight, fresh air, less stress in the clan ... It all should have added up to a rapid recovery for all of them. But where Paige and Six and Dru and Torch rebounded from the exhaustion they shared, Ink walked with a limp and her usually engaged attention was now withdrawn.

At Paige's insistance, they went to Oddity for an assessment. Oakrest's doctor looked her over, listening to the symptoms listed by both dragons. Then, he sent Paige from the room to listen to Ink's troubles in privacy.

That half hour was worrying for Paige, but she trusted Ink, and she trusted Odd to make an accurate assessment.

When she returned, she was surprised by the explanation to which they had arrived.

"My best guess is a curse," Oddity said, his tail twitching softly as he watched the two of them. "When Torch and Dru pulled you away from the wyrm, it nearly had you."

Ink nodded softly. "I don't remember much more of that time passed that. It was exhausting."

"It's trying to kill you even now," Oddity said. "You will continue to fight this weakness for the rest of your life if you do not break the curse."

There was a great silence, and Paige drew close to her mate. "How?" she asked softly, glancing over at Ink's stern gaze. The way her jaw was set was heartening. It looked like she at least knew what to fight.

Oddity shook his head. "I'm a surgeon and a diagnostician. I have no experience with curses and their ilk. I've never truly seen one in action before I moved here. I had only heard of them in rumors."

"I'll find a way," Ink said, her voice the honed edge of a knife.
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