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By: nineofsin

A lush meadow, a verdant sky. Gentle winds, and crystal waters. Hidden within the glittering spires. A place of peace, a place of hope. Scantity for all. A sacred paradise.

Claws are used to cultivate. To hunt. Songs of happiness and romance reverberate in the air, paying homage to a tranquil utopia. The melodious laughter of younglings a profession calling this place home.

Here, dragons prosper.

Obscured from the world, few have seen this mystical place. Even less get the chance to step upon its protected grounds.

The sound of beautiful chimes echo as a small group of dragons come into view. As they dance and play among the lovely foliage, a small Mirror begins to walk forth; she appears formidable, yet she need not give off the aura of fear. Only moments pass before she speaks.

"Welcome stranger. Not many find our little valley." She vocalizes, although stunned that someone managed to see past the illusions of the shards.

"You have stumbled upon the Clan of the Arcane Moon."


8Q7J8RD.gifMWFAgdF.gif ZR271yP.gif


Hello! Welcome to Clan Arcane Moon!

Here you will find the links to my Hatchery, Gem sales and other miscellaneous things.


Things to do:
Buy more Gems
Add genes to certain dragons
Obtain matching accents/skins for dragons
Buy a few Crystal Genes

Get Hatchery/Breeding thread going
Complete Bestiary list
Gain more treasure (Needed badly)
Grind the Coliseum
Complete all Gen 1 gene projects
Complete KS familiars (3 to go)

Current trades/Payment plans

List of references/completed trades:

KatGrimm - Brought double maize/white G1 on Gem payment plan plus items and Chickensmoothie pets
Sucrose - Brought double blush/honeydew G1 on gem payment plans.
TheDivineZero - Brought double orca/pearl G1 on payment plan + items
heretical - Brought double sunset/moon G1 on gem payment plan
Ruzio - Brought double pink/white G1 on gem payemnt plans
Grim - Brought double midnight/denimn G1 on monthly gem payment plan
Kael - Brought triple midnight G1 on Gem payment plans
Ruzio - Brought double black/ice Gen 1 on Gem payment plans + Retired items
Leora - Brought double White/Obsidian G1 female Nocturne on Gem payment plan
Veevi - Brought Azure/Caribbean/Caribbean Gen 1 on payment plan with Gems
Tetraodon - Brought Splash/Caribbean/Splash Gen 1 on T payment plan
Kaitii - Brought a double white/platinum Gen 1 for Gems via weekly payment plan
snowy - Brought double white aqua Gen 1 via weekly payments in Gems and Speedy familiar
Kael - Brought triple blue Gen 1 via daily payment plan of T
MoonStoneCentaur - Brought triple royal Gen 1 on a weekly payment plan of Gems
Foo - Brought triple sunshine, obsidian/crim/gold and goldenrod/white/white on weekly payment plan of Gems
Extrasolar - Brought double purple/royal Gen 1 on weekly payment plan of Gems
blueaugust - Brought double brown soil Gen 1 on weekly payment plans of Gems
Jinkx - Brought Gen 2 Imp and ivory/choco/gold Gen 1 on payments/holds for Gems
Aludin - Brought KS Clockwork Dragon skin on weekly payments of Gems
Zyxyz - Brought Cloudy Wings KS item on weekly Gem payment plan
Fannish - Traded Aywas account for complete set of KS apparel + Bone Fiend







I participate in Mafia Forum games

Mafia games I've been in:
Outbreak - The Lovers(town) - lynched D3/Cancelled D4 no win
Arch-Zombie - Ongoing - Closed
Merchant Square Mafia - Imposter, Neutral - Town win
Witch's Revolt - Witch/Lynched D4 - Town Win
Pencil Smudges - Mafia/Lynched D4 - Town win
Sweet and Simple Mafia - Mafia - Mafia win
Sweet and Simple part 2 - Town/NK'd D5 Mafia Win
Spy's Venom - Amnesiac/3p/NK'd N1- 3P win
ChatMafia - Mafia Courier/Mafia win (On Discord)
Magic Mayhem - Pyromancer/Council (Town)
Killed N4/Revived N5/Killed again N6 -Town win
Fountain of Life - Hydra/Tracker - Town/Lynched D2 - Mafia win
ChatMafia (On Discord) - Town Vengeful - Killed N1 - Mafia win.
Fandom Hungergames Mafia - Town/NK'd D3/Mafia Win
Afterlife: Year Anniversary - Town/Dropped/Mafia win
Fandom Mafia - Lynched D4/Mafia/Mafia win

Games I am running:

Eye of the Storm - cancelled
PriPara (co-modding) - Third Party win



Witchs's Revolt Paraphernalia:

Thanks raiccon!
Thanks luxmold!


Pokemon Trainer Card

My FreeRice profile

~ My Buying Threads ~
Kickstarter Stuff + Other!

~ My Selling Threads ~
Gem Sales
Gen 1 Sales

Cis female +3 FR she/her/they pronouns
abLUAtY.pngGen One Hoarders Association 6Sx7SSv.png

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March 30, 2024 18:55:18
I was randomly thinking about Cain, the obsidian coatl on page 9, I was very happy to see he's still around :) Nothing more, just happy to see him in all his glory!
February 01, 2024 21:04:03
your veilspun gemstone was on the front page, she is very pretty in her accent and her geneset
October 09, 2023 06:29:19
Binary was on the front page! You have a gorgeous lair. :)
August 01, 2023 14:37:38
Caramel was front page! :D
July 06, 2023 16:48:03
gemstone on the front page!! beautiful
June 08, 2023 13:01:08
Gravity is on the front page! They look awesome
June 05, 2023 02:01:43
Gamma made front page! Theyre so pretty :3
April 22, 2023 14:02:29
cupid is on the front page! what a cutie!
February 17, 2023 23:03:20
Sherbert was on the front page!
November 30, 2022 04:58:23
*pets the floofy boi*
November 28, 2022 07:51:18
waaah your profile dragon!! pretty!! floofy!!
November 15, 2022 14:43:14
Willow was on the front page!! What a neat nature dragon!
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