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This clan is led by a small fae named Myria. It is on the edge of the Frigid Floes near the Starfall Isles. The clan is fairly young and still establishing itself.

As the Frigid Floes are deeper than they are wide, the lair is a fairly deep maze of tunnels. Since most dragon species don't particularly enjoy tunneling, most of the major digging has been done by Chistery, the clan's first ridgeback, who continues to tunnel even though the lair is complete. Nova designed the chambers so that each dragon has their own ice chamber with room to spare. Galadriel helped carve most of the chambers since it was faster for her to tunnel than Nova. Because of all the chambers, each dragon and species can design their particular living space to their liking.

Galadriel made sure to leave herself a spacious cavern, much larger than most of the other chambers. She also carved large, intentional dens out of a few of Chistery's random tunnels for the clan's imperials to reside in. The faes have brought tree sap from journeys to the Snowsquall Tundra and Starwood Strand to weave their nests in the steep ice wall of one of the caverns. Tabithia technically has her own chamber, but greatly prefers tunneling through the cracks in the ice and since no one else can follow her, her whereabouts are often unknown, though it is assumed that she has carved many spiraling tube-like tunnels to the outside. The nocturnes share a small den whose only entrance is a thin crevice in the ice near the ceiling of one of the larger chambers. Given the nature of ice and the multitude of small tunnels, their clanmates often forget exactly which crack in the ice leads to their den. When not subjected to the distant (or not so distant) rumbling of Chistery tunneling, the clan is frequently compelled to listen to the echoes of Adina's humming throughout most of the lair, and they are continually searching for ways to better soundproof her den.

The lair then as a whole appears to be a generally circular set of large chambers with various other tunnels coming off from that (with many dead ends where Chistery got bored and changed direction) and a likely large amount of thin ribbons of tunnel in the ice winding around most of the floe. Occasionally, when it becomes concerning that all the tunnels may make the lair's structure unstable, the clan has to search the surface of the floe for tunnel exits. The inner tunnel entrance is then blocked with stones or other materials and the tunnel is filled with water and either frozen into ice with magic or left to freeze on its own in the eternal arctic temperatures of the Southern Icefield.

Wishlist: Archivist's Spellscroll, Companion Comet, Runestones, Vistas (Fae, Tundra, Waterway, Boreal Wood, Winter), Gossamer Flame Candles, Ghost Flame Wing Ribbon, Ice Sprite

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want the deerg, you can always send it back to me.
November 20, 2021 07:21:39
Thank you for giving my Veilspun bab a good home. Hopefully it makes it you happy. Since she was born in my hatchery all I ask is that you do not remove the hatchery banner from her bio, and that she not be sold or exalted. If you ever decide you don't
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Awesome! xD
Man, I miss that game...
October 24, 2018 18:00:16
I saw your name in the forums, and I thought it sounded familiar.
Were you the one with the lamas? I had lots of Zombie Mystics. xD
I just wanted to drop by and say hi. :)
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Hello there! Did we play Mystical Equine together?
March 25, 2018 10:32:26
We do! XD
March 20, 2018 15:42:49
I can't remember exactly what Bind's lore was. Something about bad spirits causing her spots or something?
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Yes I do, from Fallion.
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