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Ghostlight Anticitank [Build]
Apr 03, 2017 16:43:11






Here I am to learn you a thing about the secret to Ghostlight fodder training and liberate us all from a world of toridae and psywurms.

This is what freedom looks like:

We have the Ghostbuster build which has a scratch stone- building breath can be risky in the Ghostlight Ruins where physical mobs congregate with reckless abandon. Especially with more four-packs than the Mire.
Many thanks to JusticeTurtle for creating this original build.
We have the Ghostlight Monk build, which builds breath and sets up quickly but dodged eliminates can force a refresh. The Contuse debuff also forces a refresh because a Monk cannot scratch/eliminate. Waiting for the debuff to come off requires luck, especially regarding how likely the Longneck Mediums will cast again.
Many thanks to Lamentations for creating this build, and making me consider other stones in lieu of Scratch.
I suggest perhaps you consider the humble Anticipate stone, which is naturally found on Snappers and Bogsneaks. These issues disappear. One can reliably acquire enough breath for eliminating in two rounds, and can easily start building breath on four-packs. Dodged eliminates no longer force a refresh as well.

Anticipate has the speed of the Monk’s set up without the Meditate debuff and the endurance of the Ghostbuster build without the inability to set up on most of the packs.

The only disadvantage is that contuse hampers your abilities to eliminate enemies in one hit if Sap is not equipped.
Ghostlight Anticitank [Build]
Apr 03, 2017 16:43:23





Show Me the Build!

Stats in plain text are: 76 QCK, 115 STR. Everything else in VIT* or AGI.
This includes the stats given with Berserker stones- be careful when assigning them if you don't have a full set!

The best elements are going to be Water and Nature- the same as the Monk and Ghostbuster.

Necessary stones:
x3 x2

Pick two of the following:
Haste is good for adding a free 5 breath at the very start, by refunding the turn used to haste the dragon.
Bolster is my next favorite recommendation. The damage reduction stacks with Anticipate**, making your dragon able to tank more hits. Its counterpart (Ward) is not as useful since Ghostlight is filled to the brim with physical enemies.
A popular option, which can be good to rebuild HP if you're battling mages. I tend to not have many opportunities to use Sap, but it is a good backup if your tank gets contused.

*The priority stats are QCK and STR- you may stat your dragon with as much VIT/AGI/DEF as you'd like with the points left over. After tincturing, I gave my dragon 17 VIT.

**Using Anticipate, your tank will take -20 dmg per attack with bolster as well. It's either -20 per hit when defending or -40 when not defending if you have a bolster buff. This is true no matter what base DEF you start with.
Ghostlight Anticitank [Build]
Apr 03, 2017 16:43:33





Instruction Manual
A link to a gif of setting up with the Salatank

Linked instead of shown as per complaints about lag, many thanks to @Tserin for creating the gif

This build can start on almost every pack in the Ruins.*

Longneck Mediums are not your friends, packs involving two or more of them are not ideal starting packs. Jbapple and myself also recommend being careful starting on 3 packs of Aer Sprites or Lux Sprites. They are too fast to use Haste on the first turn for a free 5 breath, so just buff while they meditate the first round and then anticipate before their subsequent turns. Refresh on any pack with two or more mages if you're feeling impatient.

  1. First “round”- apply defensive buffs (I do Haste > Bolster > Anticipate) and on the turn before the enemies, use Anticipate.
    • The enemies will attack. Ideally, they will hit your anticipating trainer.
    • Mages will not attack the first round; use buffs to build extra breath instead of anticipating this round.

  2. Second “round”- Rally, Anticipate. If your trainer was hit twice, you can immediately begin eliminating enemies. If not, another round of anticipate** is needed.
    • The enemies will attack. Usually, this will give you the appropriate amount of breath for multiple eliminates so it’s likely even if your trainer gets dodged, recovering is easy.

  3. Third “round”- You are ready to eliminate everything in your path.

After the initial breath gathering pack, the Anticitank functions exactly like a Meditate Monk or Ghostbuster, or even a Mire Flyer- (Haste if you want) Rally, Eliminate.

*It is noticeably faster to refresh against the meditating enemies.

**Using Anticipate before another of your own turns will only grant 4 breath and will not have the added bonus of granting additional breath. Only use Anticipate immediately before enemies that can attack.
Ghostlight Anticitank [Build]
Apr 03, 2017 16:43:44





Redfoot's Variant

The Redfoot stats in plaintext: 115 STR, 70 QCK, the rest into VIT/DEF.

Required stones:
x3 x2
Suggested stones:

The Redfoot variant is an alternative for someone who wants more hit points and isn't concerned with having enough QCK to have the same turn order as the original. The 76 QCK build has a predictable turn order that will remain consistent no matter the pack, but can be noticeably fragile.. As I understand it, the variant cannot start as reliably on certain mobs- and may not have as much versatility, but the 76 build is squishier.

Sylvandyr's times have shown minimal difference in speed, so the choice in build comes down to personal preference. My own trainers are the 76 QCK because I personally prefer the original turn order.

Original text:
I changed the stats to STR 115 / QCK 70 and rest into VIT and DEF. The only enemies this actually affects is the Sombre Spirits and the Otherworldly Aura, which are casters so doesn't effect play style very much. But it does give a hefty boost to VIT, for longer lasting rounds. I rarely have to restart in the middle of a fodder.

I also replaced the Bolster with a Sap. Helps if I get hit with a Contuse or to recover health in the middle of a run.

This changes my order of play a little at the beginning. When I start a round on something that isn't faster than me (Somber Spirit, Otherworldly Aura, vultures, Lux Spectre, Aer Phantom), I Haste, then Rally, then Anticipate. If I get hit twice before my next turn, I'm already ready to come out swinging.

I will only restart if I get a pack with two or more vultures or Longneck Medium. The Salatank can take on a 4-pack right off the bat, which is incredible. And if I have a full breath bar and full health bar, I can even take out a boss. This is my new go-to build.

Ghostlight Anticitank [Build]
Apr 03, 2017 22:51:09





Messy messy messy sidenote collection

  • 76 QCK instead of 75 QCK: With only 75 QCK, you lose a turn before you eliminate all vultures. It looks the same at the start because Haste refunds the turn, but if you actually play through the turns there's a difference in turn order.
  • Two Buffs or One: Haste + Bolster vs Sap + One Buff. I prefer Boster + Sap but preferences can run the gamut.
  • Training Permas: I actually don't really recommend this build while training dragons to 25. As they get more and more health, they can take more hits for your trainer and while that's great past the first round, you actually want your trainer to get hit in the first round while you have anticipate going so you can build breath faster.
  • Preferences: I think both builds are valid just like some people use 117str/72qck for mire and some use 119str/70qck. It's the balance between might die a lot versus might be slower to finish a battle.
  • Ideal Element: Rough scores for trainer elements in the Ruins based on resistance/weakness to elemental mages found there (ignoring encounter frequency):
    • Earth: -2, worst
    • Wind, Shadow, Light, Lightning, Arcane, Ice: -1
    • Plague: 0
    • Water: 1
    • Nature: 2, best
    • My personal preference is Nature. I like that my trainer resists Longneck Scholars.

Ygdrasill wrote on 2017-08-29:
Having tried some variations on this, I'm sold on the version with 76 quickness with Sap (not Bolster). Here are my reasons why:

This is supposed to be a speed leveler. Ideally you get up to level 4 or 5 and then out before a reset is needed. With that in mind, I cast Haste, Rally, Anticipate and hope for 2 hits. If I get them great I'm ready to go. If not and it's going to take another round it's because my fodder took the hits and are out for the count. That means my AnticiTank is going to take 2-3 hits that second round granting me far more breath than I can use. Sure if something dodges right after, that would use it, but otherwise, between Haste and Rally, I'll be building more breath than I'll be using. Getting to use Sap on a caster along the way can be the difference between making it to level 5 and having to reset.

When I tried the versions with lower Quick and more Vit, my survivability went up but the efficiency and speed dropped noticably with extra battle rounds needed. This build is never going to compete with something like a Mire Meditate Monk or even a tradtional Mire flyer for survivablilty in leveling past 5 so why try to force it to? Make it the best it can be at what it's best at.

Many thanks to Tserin, enivrec, Thoracosaurus, Battler, jbapple, Sylvandyr, Bumbleheart, and Ice flight for testing and feedback!

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Ghostlight Anticitank [Build]
Apr 03, 2017 23:31:44





This is a good build. Although Mire is still slightly faster at level 5+, this is hands down the fastest lv4 training build available at the moment. (Especially since Mire is now on the second page.)

It's an alternate option if you don't want to grind in Mire or are in the market for chance Eliminate drops (which are really rare but still).

Some speed test comparisons. The difference in current level 4 times is really large (16%). I train in the Mire for lv5+ but use this build for Ghostlight if I want to train lv4s, either when conquesting or when other flights are buying lv4s for good prices.

Ghostlight, Anticipate, 115 STR / 76 QCK

Lv4: 0:00:31
Lv5: 0:01:19
Lv6: 0:02:10
Lv7: 0:03:27
Lv8: 0:05:24

Link to sheet

Mire, Scratch, 117 STR / 72 QCK, before 2nd page move

Lv4: 0:00:33
Lv5: 0:01:10
Lv6: 0:01:56
Lv7: 0:03:07
Lv8: 0:04:40

Link to sheet

Mire, Scratch, 117 STR / 72 QCK, after 2nd page move

Lv4: 0:00:36
Lv5: 0:01:11
Lv6: 0:02:01

Link to sheet


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Ghostlight Anticitank [Build]
Apr 04, 2017 00:50:34





+1 would recommend

I've trialed two versions of the salatank;
Nature dragon with Haste and Bolster
Water dragon with Haste and Sap
the former of which was restoned from a Ghostbuster, and the latter was my solution to "OMG so much meat, why did I choose a carnivore, I regret everything"

I have found that the salatank results in less food loss to restarts than the Ghostbuster, due to the wide range of packs it can start on. Sometimes I can even take out bosses with the Salatank (needs near full health, some orange health potions and a bit of luck. Nature element has the advantage of resisting one boss' elemental attack for very little damage.)

My personal preference is for the Sap variety; lets you sap back what you lose to the lack of bolster if you pick your moments right. This little tundra even found me an Eliminate~
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Ghostlight Anticitank [Build]
Apr 04, 2017 01:06:58





I've been testing this build for the past week, during the festival, once Sylvandyr recommended it to me. It took a while to get used to (it requires more refreshing than the Mire Flyer build, for instance), but it's very quick to start up again. I usually go ahead and refresh 'til I get a pack with at least two melee monsters, because I don't like to wait for the mages to meditate and eventually attack.

I'll be adding it as a possible build in my Coli guide - I ended up really liking it!
Ghostlight Anticitank [Build]
Apr 04, 2017 01:13:06





I love this build! I now have both varieties (the original Sala build and a Redfoot patch build)!
I've been using the build for a while now and would thoroughly recommend it!
My personal preference is for the original Anticitank, but having the second one for a "change" is nice.

I also scored an eliminate testing out this build in the Ruins and have recently had a second one drop. Thank you very much @Salamanderpie for this awesome build (and @Redfoot for the suggested modifications)!
Ghostlight Anticitank [Build]
Apr 04, 2017 01:19:19





this build feeds me money during pushes \o/ GLR builds are great for a change from the Mire, this one in particular is my personal favorite to use. I use the Redfoot variant of it for both of my trainers using this, and it works amazingly well for fodder training.