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There's no vaccination for what's bred in the bone.
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Clan Info

March 1-7 Conquest
May 31-June 6 Conquest
June 28-July 4 Conquest
Army of Rot
March 22-29
Contagious Disease
April 26-May 2
Infectious Virus
June 21-27
Contagious Outbreak
Misc Badges
Wyrmwound Veteran
Plague Race
Gold Donator
Quest 4/15
Won Lovely Raffle
I'm a Weinger
RoR Receiver
RoR Event Runner

Transformers themed lair, with a vague focus on the Lost Light crew from MTMTE, but not strictly them. There's also a random Justice Society member in here, because Jay Garrick Flash is best Flash.

My Ugly Babies sales thread (disclaimer: not all babies in the thread are ugly at all times):

lunatron's Elemental Rainbow hatchery thread. These guys are not ugly babies! Most Ice dragons I have come from her (so yeah, also, ICE EYES):

beckyh2112's Clan of the Hunting Dark's Sales thread. She doesn't have a handy icon for me, but she does have pretty dragons.

ZipDergs, the Level 25 dragon lending stable that I somehow ent up running (Plague members only):

Wyrmwound Veterans : Another thing that for some reason I'm in charge of. Mostly it means I donate a lot of treasure towards other people's lair expansions and fret over the prices buying Sprites for other people that I don't actually have copies of.

Ways To Help With Conquest Dominance Pushes - A Plague Specific guide I created to help new players (and players new to Dom) figure out ways they can help during a Conquest push.

My Flight Rising focused Tumblr. It's pretty random. Mostly reblogs.

My regular Tumblr. It's even more random. Includes a lot of robots, cats, superheroes, and social justice crap. Mostly reblogs.

Current Gathers:
  • Hunting Earth, Light, Arcane, Ice, Water
  • Digging Ice, Water, Earth, Lightning, Wind
  • Scavenge Shadow, Plague

Coli "Tours":
  • Familiar : Complete (Missed: Crystal Pools)
  • Battle Stone : Complete (Missed: Crystal Pools)
  • Apparel : Golem Workshop
  • Neutral Battle Stone : Not Started
  • Egg : Not Started
  • Runestone : Not Started
  • Crate : Not Started

Coli Familiars Needed:
  • Amber Gulper : Crystal Pools
  • Apatite Fisher : Crystal Pools
  • Arctic Hippalectryon : Crystal Pools
  • Banded Owlcat : Scorched Forest
  • Chalcedony Snipper : Crystal Pools
  • Clearwater Oracle : Crystal Pools
  • Crystalhide Jester : Crystal Pools
  • Crystalplate Stinger : Crystal Pools
  • Deadwood Boar : Rainsong Jungle
  • Frost Delver : Golem Workshop
  • Gale Wolf : Bamboo Falls
  • Goldenbeast : Rainsong Jungle
  • Hawksbill Goliath : Crystal Pools
  • King Parda : Rainsong Jungle
  • Longneck Hunter : Boreal Woods
  • Mantarune : Kelp Beds
  • Manticore Screamer : Rainsong Jungle
  • Maren Warlock : Crystal Pools
  • Molten Wartoad : Mire
  • Moonbeam Crayfish : Crystal Pools
  • Overcharged Silverbeast : Rainsong Jungle
  • Searing Jackalope : Scorched Forest
  • Sparkling Stinger : Crystal Pools
  • Stone Borer : Golem Workshop
  • Stonewatch Prince : Crystal Pools
  • Tigerblood Foo : Bamboo Falls
  • Wartoad : Mire
  • Windcarve Fugitive : Crystal Pools

Baldwin Familiars Needed:
  • Amberwing Waveskimmer
  • Anomalous Skink
  • Conjoined Skink
  • Great Blue Waveskimmer
  • Juvenile Starsweeper
  • Lesser Wisp

Swipp Familiars Needed:
  • Chocolate Ferret
  • Colorburst Buttersnake
  • Driftwood Baron
  • Maned Cobra
  • Spined Cobra

Gathering Familiars Needed:
  • Corundum Chameleon
  • Dappled Dunhoof
  • Darktouched Chimera
  • Blue Vein Pansy
  • Goliath Mountain Beetle
  • Hippojay
  • Manticore
  • Orange Blotch Pansy
  • Tufted Leaf Beetle

Retired Familiars (unlikely to get):
  • Arcane Sprite
  • Bone Fiend
  • Boolean (hahaha)
  • Cog Frog
  • Earth Sprite
  • Fire Sprite
  • Golden Idol
  • Ice Sprite
  • Light Sprite
  • Lightning Sprite
  • Red-Footed Akirbeak
  • Shadow Sprite
  • Skycat
  • Speedy
  • Water Sprite

Riot of Rot Events:

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August 09, 2022 13:45:00
MissFatale was on the page, such magnificent dragon
April 15, 2019 11:16:17
Love your TF dragons!!
April 28, 2017 10:38:27
*rubs face on ur lair* COME BAK 2 ME
December 23, 2016 18:00:58
We miss you!
December 02, 2016 20:26:50
Looks like you can add "Was on Random Dragon" to the list of RoadRage's honours!
February 27, 2016 12:19:31
miss you sly
January 20, 2016 01:15:53
Hello is ZipDergs still going?
January 18, 2016 17:01:07
Happy (Belated, sorry) Birthday!
November 26, 2015 15:19:14
Just saw Ember as the random dragon-she's gorgeous!
November 03, 2015 14:04:12
I for real gasped when I saw your AirRazor. She's always been my favorite girl Transformer!
October 12, 2015 16:07:04
Thank you for lending me your dragon! He was super useful
September 13, 2015 09:26:26
Thanks for the dragon team ^.^ really helped me out :>
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I am a dragon hear me Rawr! ^_^
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