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I give no promise of being active on this site. Life, eh?

Next Lair Expansion: 1045000t with dom discount. x_x

Preliminary Lore Hatchery (Closed)
Pack Ghost Subspecies Lore Page

Please no random friend requests. It's kind of creepy if you're asking to be my friend and we've never even talked before.

Also, and this has happened twice, now, please do not send me in-character messages without having first received my permission. I put a lot of effort into my lore, and while I am not opposed to rping, often times people assume incorrectly how my dragons would react to (or not react to) a stranger near the lair. Once we work out the details out of character, I will happily (usually) agree to an in-character message.

Notes to Self:
- Remember this!
- Don't try to make a heart with a greater than sign and a 3. It will erase everything that comes after it on your profile.
- Stop spending, darnit.
- jbapple for dom questions
- Looking forward to taking Drift home! R.I.P., Drift. ;-;
- Pirates.
- Obscure reference, but nicely done on the apparel. Color me impressed.
- Really cool heraldry shield adopts.
- Super cool lady. Ask to be this stud's mate once he's ready for that? Ask for one of her kids?
- Remember ol' Smokey
- How to post images with Microsoft Edge
- Helpful Dragon Pricing Guide
- Nest rental service
- I got an offer for someone to write a bio for me or for a friend for free. I feel like I just got a coupon. XD
- Oh my gosh an FR artist bought a dragon I sold aaaaaa-
- Frigid Gem "Guardian"
- Supplementary Swap Stand
- Remember this subspecies directory.
- I am a Wooly Spiral
- Tricky
- Nest rental service that was recommended to me.
- Overtranslated Sansurge
- I love this cat
- My dragon breeds tier list and why (Up through Sandsurges)
- Fest Gene Tier List
- Happy about this Volo win
- *fidgeting bashfully* So complimented on this thread...

I have got to stop randomly going to the auction house. I keep spending money when I do.

I earned a badge!

To do:

-Name all dragons in the clan
-Finish all bios
-Acquire and apply all desired genes to their respective dragons (wishlists on dragons' profiles)

May eventually try to get:
- Female Nocturne with primary Shadow Skink, secondary Wine Butterfly, and tertiary Sanguine Glimmer.
- Male Skydancer(?) with primary Eldritch Petals, secondary Peridot Saturn, and tertiary Swamp Contour. (Soren)
- Vermillion/Vermillion/Spring Primal Spiral

- Female Spiral with primary Overcast Skink, secondary Terracotta Toxin, and tertiary Fire Glimmer.

- Female Snapper with primary Stone Skink, secondary Steel Spinner, and tertiary Steel Runes. (Studies the past to predict the future, then shares her insights through song and poetic verse. A combination of values from the Water, Wind, and Earth flights. Has a powerful and clear voice.)

- Female Fae with primary Grapefruit Basic, secondary Pink Seraph, and tertiary Cantaloupe Thylacine.
- Female Fae with primary Rose Giraffe, secondary Rose Hex, and tertiary White Lace.

- Male Tundra with primary Black Basic, secondary Dust Basic, and tertiary Maroon Underbelly.

- (Male?) Imperial with primary Sable Speckle, secondary Umber Peregrine, and tertiary Amber Gembond. (Topaz Golem)

- Female Fae with primary Yellow Speckle, secondary Obsidian Alloy, and tertiary Banana Crackle.

- Ridgeback or Coatl with primary Pthalo Metallic (or Wasp), secondary Abyss Bee, and tertiary Cyan Circuit.

- Female Fae with primary Grey Petals, secondary Rose Bee, and tertiary Cream Stained.

- (Shadow/Earth?) Male Tundra with primary Black Basic, secondary Garnet Hypnotic, and tertiary Antique Contour?
- (Fire preferred, but possibly Light) (Male if singular) Gold/Gold and Black range Imp(s) with Burnished Gold and Gold Filigree sets, plus Untamed Claws.

Clans/Packs/Etc. I house:
- The Clan of Hiemisfatum
- Idolon's Pack
- The Snowstorm Phantom
- A wanderer blessed by the Icewarden
- Eightleaf Town (signups)
- This is out of date

Recent Comments

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April 21, 2024 08:01:37
Thank you for taking ManySmall. I love the lore you gave him! And the button eyes look amazing, hehe.
April 20, 2024 06:08:22
I was like 200 on Esmira! What a lovely dragon :)
April 14, 2024 06:51:38
Oh that's so cool! Thank you!
April 13, 2024 09:26:22
Aww thank you so much for the compliment on Absidol! ^^
March 14, 2024 15:13:01
I love Gimau so much. What a perfect little dragon
March 12, 2024 23:32:30
aww thank you!
March 10, 2024 22:29:20
I had to go look at Florence after you mentioned him, his pland look amazing btw!! Left the pretty vampire a star!
February 29, 2024 05:34:02
i don’t usually thank people for buying my dragons, but i’m happy you really like #93274314! i was pretty disappointed with my leap day hatches since none of them fit my Vibe, but im so happy he found a good home!
February 04, 2024 09:32:44
You're welcome! Nah it's all good, didn't do it to get something in return, enjoy! :D
December 26, 2023 14:04:42
Bumped Dicentra up to 200 likes, what a dapper "young" fellow. I loved the section where you included quotes from people's reactions to him! He deserves all the love and admiration! Best of luck on your upcoming vampire dragon!
December 20, 2023 02:49:26
Jonas was on the front page!
November 29, 2023 20:00:59
I'm glad you like her! the way I've dressed her is really fun and she's one of my favorites :)
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