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L2rAmt2.png On the Western edge of the Mirrorlight Promenade, a once-abandoned ruin has been converted into a shining monument to the Lightweaver. This temple is home to Clan Araven, the founders of the Order of Dawn's Talon, a band of paladins dedicated to defending dragonkind from the Beastclans.
Clan Araven is on friendly terms with the remote Clan Valhall, bonded by trade and shared opposition to Ivadour.
The Jade Burrows and Clan Araven have an informal alliance, springing from friendships between leaders.
This small Kingdom in the Southern Icefields has recently been overrun by undead following the assassination of the King and unexpected rise of the new Queen. The Crown Prince, wrongly exiled for his father's murder, has fled to Clan Araven for sanctuary and aid in reclaiming his home.
A battered and faded temple rests on the western edge of the Mirrorlight Promenade, draped in golden banners and ribbons – a once-abandoned ruin converted by the resident dragons, Clan Araven, into a shining monument to the Lightweaver. Though its reliefs are worn and its mosaics faded, behind the chipped columns of this majestic building lies the hall of the Order of Dawn’s Talon, a band of paladins and other brave souls dedicated to defending dragonkind from the Beastclans.
Clan Araven – and by extension, the Order itself – has its origins in a fateful quest undertaken by the Fae priestess of the Lightweaver, Gallicinia, and her companions. After a Talonok raiding party made off with several eggs from various clans in the Sunbeam Ruins, Gallicinia joined a party of brave young dragons who vowed to put an end to the egg thefts and stop whatever foul scheme the bird-folk had planned.

This fellowship chased the Talonok to the depths of the Tangled Wood, following the trail of raided nests almost to the border of the Scarred Wasteland, where at long last the dragons confronted the thieves. But there, in the heart of their homeland, the Talonok were able to outnumber, outmaneuver, and overwhelm the would-be heroes in a terrible bloodbath.

The dragons attempted to escape the slaughter, but it was too late. In the chaos, only the dark-colored Fae was able to escape with her life. But her quest had not been entirely in vain, for as she fled, she was able to rescue a single pale green egg.

The Talonok hounded her relentlessly as she beat a desperate retreat toward her homeland, spurred on well beyond the normal limitations of her body by mortal terror, but the egg slowed her flight, and the bird-folk descended upon her. It was only through a stroke of luck, or very possibly fate, that her path intersected that of a Guardian on his Search. Recognizing the imperiled Fae as his long-sought Charge, Aurorus rushed to her aid and drove off the Talonok, with two orphaned Skydancer hatchlings clinging to his back through the chaos.

Aurorus continued to protect Gallicinia as they made their way eastward, now free to move at a more reasonable pace without the looming threat of death. During the journey, the rescued egg hatched, and the five dragons trekked on together to the Mirrorlight Promenade. Aurorus and Gallicinia had grown fond of each other in the course of their travels, and by the time of their arrival, had decided to begin a clan of their own. They settled in a ruined temple, and worked to restore it to a glory worthy of the Lightweaver.
But Gallicinia would not abandon her quest so easily. Delayed, but not defeated, she declared that with the founding of Clan Araven, named for the only remaining fragment of readable text in the temple, so too would be born a new order dedicated to the same lofty ideals that set her on her path, forever intertwined with the clan itself. They would pierce the heart of darkness like a ray of light – like Dawn’s Talon.


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September 08, 2023 14:37:28
Thank you so much!! I really try to make all my fandragons accurate but my psychonauts dragons are my pride and joy
April 12, 2023 22:43:14
just wanted to say that your gif is incredible! (Also I like your lore). Wishing you the best of luck with the C++ compiler, for there is no opponent more dangerous
April 12, 2023 22:28:18
Holy guacamole undel responded to my fae gif
Thanks Aquafilia!
April 10, 2023 09:19:17
Undel commented on your fae gif! Dev Tracker Apr 09, 2023, 17:30:23 !
December 26, 2022 18:24:11
not the c++ compiler...
July 01, 2022 16:30:16
Just wanted to stop by and mention my appreciation of your Frostbitten Draugr accent! Its one of the only UMAs I own, and its the only truly pretty UMA I've got (The other two being memes)
March 22, 2022 13:34:48
Procellarum was looking magnificent on the front page today!
November 08, 2021 22:04:28
Just wanted to say that your broadcast made me audibly laugh out loud. Always happy to see other programmers here on FR :D
July 01, 2021 13:57:25
Your guide is so good!!!
April 24, 2021 19:14:12
Amazing lair and loving your clan profile
March 13, 2021 16:37:03
November 14, 2020 23:48:53
I just came back and just had to say THANKS FOR BUTTERDANCER. honestly the best posts turned into the best accent. 10/10
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