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In case of starving dragons, blame Grim Reaper, or dead internet.


Standing up golden reindeer on a blue shield supported by four silver figures. The supporters are a unicorn on the left, a wolf on the right, a swan above and a dolphin below. Behind the coat of arms and the supporters are eleven flowers representing runes of the eleven flights. Starting from the top and moving clockwise the flowers are arcane, shadow, nature, wind, lightning, ice, light, fire, plague, earth and water.

Hi there! Before you step in, few words of caution.
A blue arcane spiral dragon is standing on a red-eyed reindeer statue looking to left towards things that visitors should be aware about. Every gene, color, eye type, element, breed, pose, apparel, scene, skin, familiar and vista has chance of appearing in this lair. If there are any that cause you unpleasant feelings, be careful or skip the lair entirely.

Some dragons have stories that mention things some of you might find uncomfortable, most notable being death. Keep that in mind if you want to read the lore, there won't be warnings for what is mentioned in each biography.

Some biographies, especially the modern ones, can be very text heavy.

Some of the additional info stuff, found below or on the top right corners of some biographies, can be either image or text heavy. Most of them are also kept in same thread, so even though the linked post might not be image/text heavy the other posts on the same page can be.

Still here? Great! Let me show you around. Oh, the name is Azul by the way, nice to meet you!
A blue arcane spiral dragon with purple wings is flying from left to right asking you to follow with a smile.

We are a peaceful clan residing on the western side of the Focal Point in a place called Dream Wood. We may live a bit in the middle of nowhere hidden from most of the world but we are open to our visitors and welcome everyone regardless of their look, element, origin or ideals. We are mostly nocturnal though don't be afraid to walk around during daytime, there are few dragons who are diurnal. Still, here are few hints and info tips if you want to explore the lair on your own.

Lair holds dragon that eat from clan's food storage even when they don't actually live in the main lair. Dragons who don't use clan's food resources can be found in Den.

Dragons in Dream Wood and Book of Spirits are organized by breed and gender. Dragons in every other tab, and the tabs themselves, are organized by the likelihood of encountering them.

Every dragon has their name origin explained if you are interested about that. It is located either right of the Biography below the frame in case of modern or at the very bottom of the Biography in case of ancients and permababies.

Modern dragons have a Traits section at the bottom of the biography. It will detail their personality, skills, canon familiars and some neat things about their looks.

If you want to try out dragon's outfit or see it in more detail, click the frame on the right side of the Biography. It will open the outfit in the Dressing Room.

All dragons have theme songs. You can find them by clicking the quote usually next to the Traits section below the frame. In case of most ancients and permababies the theme song is found by clicking the piece of parchment on the right side of the text. All except one link lead to YouTube, the lone one goes to Vimeo.

Dragons mentioned in the Biography are usually linked so you can see what they look like and maybe read their take on the event. In modern Biographies the links are bolded and of darker color while in ancient and permababy biographies they use same style as the main text.

Bolded place name in the Biography usually links to clan map. That only happens once in a Biography and only with modern dragons.

Bolded events in the Biography link to Story Hub for more detailed description of events. That only happens with modern dragons.

A blue arcane spiral dragon is wrapped around a streetlamp looking left towards lair information. The lamp is somewhat T-shaped with the left side having a large hanging yellow shpere while the right side has small pink diamond-shaped gem. On the top center of the lamp there is a pink bud-shaped gem and metal bars supporting the top one. The area between the bars and middle have flower decoration. Behind the lamp there is a brown tree with golden leaves. The tree is decorated with yellow orbs. On the ground both the lamp and the three are surrounded by crystals.

Oh, and few notations about what is and isn't canon.

A blue arcane spiral dragon is wrapped around a streetlamp looking right towards canonisity information. The lamp is somewhat T-shaped with the right side having a large hanging yellow shpere while the left side has small pink diamond-shaped gem. On the top center of the lamp there is a pink bud-shaped gem and metal bars supporting the top one. The area between the bars and middle have flower decoration. Behind the lamp there is a bluish grey tree with blue leaves. The tree is decorated with yellow orbs. On the ground both the lamp and the three are surrounded by crystals. The crystals, gems, orbs and spheres are all glowing and the tree has glowing cracks on its bark.
Measurements are all canon except weight in case of spirits.

Hatchdates are canon in case of modern dragons while with progenitors, ancients and permababies they are not.

Offspring and parents are canon in case of modern dragons while with ancients and permababies they are not.

Coliseum statistics, builds or moves are not canon.

Coliseum grinding teams and Coliseum training teams are not canon.

Familiar pairings are not canon. The dragon and the familiar are paired only for bonding reason. For canon pairings read the Traits section of the biography.

Name origins are not canon.

Genders are canon by default. Dragon being silhouetted indicates that the dragon's in-game gender is not their canon gender. Reading the biography usually tells what pronouns the dragon uses, in case of modern dragon the Traits section is usually the best source. If the dragon uses multiple pronouns, only one is used throughout the Biography to keep it from getting confusing.

Scenes are not canon.

Dragons in Exalt, Recruit Shelter and Inn tabs are canon.

Information about breeds and Beastclans is partly canon. Some of the information is true while some of it is outdated or just stereotypes.

Dominance events, breed releases, holidays and stories in site's Lorebook are all canon.

Players are canon. They are formless forces that control events on small areas from another plane of existence. Their presence cannot be felt and barely anyone is aware of their existence.

A blue arcane spiral dragon is wrapper around a wooden signpost that is decorated with a dolphin on the top. Two arrows are pointing right while one arrow with signs hanging from it is pointing left. All arrows and one of the signs have glowing pink runes carved on them.

However, I am currently here so you don't have to go wandering around the lair blindly. If you are looking for something specific, just say and I direct you to the right direction. Here are few places you might want to visit.

Do you want to meet one of clan’s important members and various experts? I can direct you to the dragon you are looking for. Some of them may have information to share relating to their profession, so don’t be afraid to ask around. Most of them don’t bite.

Residents ->

Do you want to trade with us? Mani runs our little shop, visit him to see if we have something you’d be interested about. He is also the guy to ask about buying a dragon.

Trade Center ->

We don’t currently accept friend requests, but if you want to create deeper ties with our clan you could become our twin-clan. Ask Alfa for more information.

Twin-Clans ->

Our clan offers both its space and nests for those who happen to need them, and we can lend our residents for breeding projects as well. Ask Vataja for more information.

Inn ->

If you come across a term that you don’t quite understand, glossary can be found in the library. Hopefully it clears at least some things up.
Glossary ->

If you want to get a better picture of the entire lair, check the map. It is found in the earth embassy.
Map ->

Do you want to hear some stories that clan’s residents have been part of? Visit Midnight in the Starwood lair and see what she will tell you.
Story Hub ->

Do you prefer more neutral overview of clan’s history? Visit Benizakura in the library, he has been writing down clan’s history since the very beginning.

Clan History ->

If you are curious about this “player” thing some dragons are talking about, try to locate Finlande. She seems to know something about that.
Player ->

Standing up golden reindeer on a blue shield supported by four dark blue silhouettes. The supporters are a unicorn on the left, a wolf on the right, a swan above and a dolphin below.

Oh, are you curious about our celestial guardians? I guess it won't hurt to tell a little about them.

Our clan is guarded by five stellar guardians. Their exact origin has been lost to time but they seem to originate from the Third Age. They were originally worshipped by elk centaurs who lived in what later became the Dream Wood ages ago but have since died out with barely any traces beyond old dragon records. After that the spirits were remembered by the old mage clan Sarvva, although it seems they started to fall out of significance as time went on vanishing altogether when the clan met with their demise. Since then the guardians have been rediscovered by the modern clan and we have adapted them as part of our culture as personal guardians in the ancient wood.

Guardian of Knowledge and Civilization

A constellation in form of a standing reindeer. Uses parts of western constellations.
Ruoigu is the most powerful out of the five guardians appearing as a mystical reindeer in the night sky. It guards knowledge and keeps civilizations thriving. Without it the intelligent beings in the Dream Wood would devolve into simple creatures and communities would collapse. After its two main guardians, Nagir and Ealga, fell Ruoigu hid itself behind other constellations in order to save itself. After the two came back Ruoigu came back too it now guarding the clan bearing its name. It is asked to look over clan’s conferences and trials to help the clan make the right choice. The dragons leaving to work in the Observatory also send their prayers to Ruoigu before departing.

Guardian of Ruoigu and Protector of the Clan

A constellation in form of a running wolf. Uses Ursa Major as its base.
Nagir is Ruoigu’s primary guardian the wolf being always close to it. It is tasked with keeping the reindeer safe and if it was to fail its final task is to make sure the ones keeping their civilized nature remain safe from those who devolve into primal beings. Nagir has always fought for its place among the stars against the Great Bear and for a long time the Ursa held Nagir’s place. Eventually the wolf though was able to retaliate and it won the Bear by biting its tail off. With the Bear driven off and Ruoigu back in the sky Nagir maintains its duty. Its main mission is to guard Ruoigu and such it is rarely called. However, if the clan was to face all-out war, it would ask Nagir for support. The wolf seems to have taken liking to the clan and it is suggested to be the reason for high number of wolf-shifters in there.

Guardian of Fate, Life and Death

A constellation in form of a galloping unicorn. Uses Leo as its base.
Ealga is Ruoigu’s second guardian but compared to Nagir it is much more distant. The unicorn seems to control life and death in the Dream Wood and is tasked to make sure threats don’t reach the reindeer. It scouts the wood alone and it can either eliminate potential threat or it can heal a potential friend. Like Nagir Ealga had had to fight for its place in the sky its enemy being the Leo. The big cat had managed to drive the unicorn away but eventually Ealga managed to take its place back. As a guardian of life and death Ealga is often called when someone is badly hurt. The clan can’t beg it to heal everyone, and if Ealga decided someone is time to go, the clan hopes it gives them a painless death.

Wayfinder and Guardian of Travelers

A constellation in form of a dolphin. Uses Corona Borealis as its base.
Eahket is the most distant from other guardians but it seems to be closest to the living beings. The dolphin swims in the night sky often following the Southern Lights but it has no issues with joining travelers and making sure they find their destination safely. If someone gets lost in the Dream Wood, calling for Eahket’s help usually leads back on track. Unlike most other guardians, Eahket never left the sky though it was missing for a while. It is unknown how or why but it seems the dolphin had been trapped within the Northern Crown until it was rediscovered and freed. It is back at playing with the Southern Lights and travelling between south and north especially. It is often called to bless the journey through the wood and, though it lacks power outside of it, many ask for its blessing when leaving the wood as well.

Herder and Guardian of the Dead

A constellation in form of a swan. Uses Cygnus as its base.
Idja is the only guardian who has never left the sky or been missing, its real name just had been lost to time. The swan is the herder of the dead, taking the souls and guiding them to their final resting place. Out of all the guardians Idja had most records found in the ruins. Some believe that was because the mage clan had heard some kind of prophecy of their upcoming demise and scared had turned their heads towards the herder of the souls. The swan is often called after a death has occurred and some residents send their messages for Idja in hope of it delivering them to their dead friends and relatives.

Well, that should be everything. If you still need some help or have something to ask don't be afraid approach. Anyway, see you around and enjoy your time in here.
A blue arcane spiral dragon is wrapped around a bluish grey tree branch that has large blue star-shaped leaves. She is looking directly towards the screen.

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