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"Traveler, we welcome you to our lands. We are a gathering of many others like you, almost-outcasts with no better home than here. But we have learned to accept it, and through this, grow stronger. If you would like to join us, that can be arranged, and if you only want to stay the night, we'd be more than happy to grant you a place. New faces are always a welcome sight, and the Clan is open to all. We bid you a safe journey."


The Clan is divided into Orders, determining which section of the clan a dragon shall belong to in accordance to their task. The Clangrounds, likewise, are organized in a surprisingly structured way, allowing new members to easily determine which Order resides where.

The Clangrounds are a large gathering of tents, some built on the base of ancient ruins, situated between a river and a forest on the far western border of the Sunbeam Ruins. Lights are strung up between the pathways, showing the way even in darkest night. Higher-ranking members of the Clan oftentimes have their own, private tent to perform whatever work they need to, while visiting travellers will stay further towards the outskirts as the decision awaits: will they proceed on their journey, or choose to stay?

There are eight different groups a dragon of the Clan may belong to. Within these groups, there are most often three separate titles:
Head of the Order, to signify a dragon who leads their particular Order;
Member, the title held by all other dragons;
and lastly, Honorary Member, to show that while a dragon officially belongs to another Order, they do a great amount of work for their second Order and are therefore recognized as semi-members at the very least.

Out of these eight groups, five are full, standard Orders that all function the same; these are the Copper, Glass, Wooden, Stone and Golden Orders.
Two others function slightly different, as they are used in addition to other orders. While the Winged Order allows for dragons to be only a member of the Winged Order, all dragons in the Gilded Circle belong to another, primary order as well.
Lastly, the Founders are considered an entirely different rank altogether, although this title is only held by two dragons.

Valkyrie Blade

The two Founders, Marth and Caeda, who created this clan as a home to all dragons who did not have a place to call such. They are kind, welcoming souls, and are always willing to turn and lend a hand to those in need.

When the Clan was first founded, only very few dragons knew of it, and even less had joined. Those who did so, however, are by far the most experienced, and are seen as holding most true to the Clan’s ideals. These dragons are members of the Gilded Circle, holding both the most respect and power, as they gather weekly to discuss the Clan’s future.
Gilded Crown
The Gilded Circle
Stone Knife
The Winged Order

Led by Ruby, the Winged Order does not entirely function like the other Orders in that it is secondary order, similar to the Gilded Circle. However, dragons may choose to be only part of the Winged Order without joining any other Orders. The Winged Order is one that consists of fighters; those who keep the Clan safe, and will do anything to defend it. This does not extend only to physical warriors: mages and strategists are welcome as well.

Led by Caeda, the Copper Order is a small gathering of dragons who, at heart, are mechanics, inventors, scientists, engineers. They have a technical approach to most things; however, contrary to expectations, it is also one of the most tight-knit Orders due to its small size.
Iron Wrench
The Copper Order
The Glass Order

Led by Blake, the Glass Order is one of the two large Orders within the clan. The Glass Order is one of mages: any spellcasters, potionmakers or sorcerers are welcome, as long as they can withstand the somewhat chaotic atmosphere that is sure to follow from such a group’s existence.

Led by Shiroe, the Wooden Order is the other large Order within the clan, owing to its broad range of tasks. Perhaps the easiest way to describe the Wooden Order is to say that it is one of words and writing, of speakers and listeners. The Ruins’ historians and philosophers, of course, but also poets, peacekeepers, anyone who believes they belong in the Wooden Order and wishes to do so.
Grouse Basilisk Field Notes
The Wooden Order
Mysterious Relief
The Stone Order

Led by Angel, the Stone Order is perhaps best described as the physical side of the Clan: rather than enchantments and prose, they trade in weapons and wear. Under the Stone Order, there are three divisions to be made; that of the craftsmen, who fashion items for the Clan to use; that of the merchants, who take these wares to other clans; and that of the gatherers, those who provide the Clan with both food and materials.

The Golden Order is an unusual one, for it has only two members: its leader, Agniratha, and its one other member, Halation. The two make up the Clan’s treasurers; although it seems strange to have the Golden Order be a separate one, there lies an internal conflict behind it, and if anything, the two are glad to be alone.
Champion's Purse
The Golden Order

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