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Note for staff: I use some other devices to go on mobile.

Currently purging lair and revamping lore, please stand by.

You enter the deep blue, and immediately have regrets.


The Leviathan's Ribs Clan dwells in the depths of the Leviathan Trench, and is spread out in a forgotten cave system. Many secrets hide within. Some lay forgotten, others well-known. All are dreaming. But some... some... some are awakening.

About me, the player.

Note: I am currently going through some depression right now (2022 still very bad), so I might be a bit dysfunctional (I can confirm: I am most definitely dysfunctional right now). Please be gentle, but it's alright to call me out if I do something rude.

Please, call me Requacy.

They/Xe currently. Asexual/Aromantic Eldritch Horror with a passion for marine mad science. I can rave about dragons or nature for a monstrous amount of time. I always use the American Gothic font. Why? I do not know (although it is connected to my difficulties with the basic FR font).

(Working on revamping my item hoarding, so ignore this!)

Some of my interests: Science, Nature, Dragons, Dinosaurs, Mythology, Math, Art, Oddly Specific Time Periods, Speculative Fiction/Evolution, etc.

diomedes rules!!!
(If you understood that reference... thank you)

Help! I have fallen back into my cycling mythology obsession (this time Grecian/Roman/Egyptian flavor), and cannot return!

Recent Media (not including all): The Aeneid (translating), Shinbi's Haunted Apartment (rewatch), Arcane: League of Legends, Raptor Red (reread), Space Opera, Priory of the Orange Tree, Hades, Bugsnax, Thy Creature, Golden Treasure: the Great Green, Hollow Knight, Subnautica, etc.

Sometimes I don't get irony or sarcasm, but I normally do. Please tell me if I accidentally misinterpret something. You have the right to call me out if I do something wrong.

Please, if possible, try not to assume my emotions. I have a bad time with this and can become hot-headed when it happens. Still, call me out if I did something wrong.

Lore is under construction, please stand by :)

(Dear heck will I EVER write down my lore here? This is unhealthy)

I actually have more diverse dragon opinions than it appears, but I'm very good at procrastinating and I never buy breed change scrolls... dang it I really need more Snappers.


Thank you so much to the wonderful Amayai for this beautiful achievement!


Dream Dragons!


Lichtenberg Figures


Last Leviathan



Ignis Lux


Sapphire Dreams


Made From Clay


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March 27, 2023 21:32:17
tbh I'd like to see more steampunk settings in campaigns, because yes
March 25, 2023 17:44:55
Campaign idea I came up with earlier:

An isekai campaign where the PCs were average hoomans living average lives until they died suddenly and got reincarnated into the magical fantasy world the campaign is taking place in.

Each player makes a list of 20 D&D races (and has the DM approve them, of course (we don't want anyone smuggling in some overpowered homebrew they found online)), rolls a D20 (in the open so no one fudges their rolls), and looks at their list to see what race their character is reincarnated as (maybe if two players roll the same race, one or both can reroll so there aren't any repeats)

idk, i just thought this sounded like an interesting idea
March 25, 2023 11:22:32
(or any kind of humanoid rodent, really)
March 25, 2023 11:21:51
If there's a village of mouse people somewhere in the campaign, then please keep the snakes in the party on child leashes to prevent them from doing Average Murderhobo Activities directed toward the mouse village
March 25, 2023 11:04:17

Imagine being an NPC working at the local tavern, and a group of lizards, snakes, and turtles/tortoises walks in
March 23, 2023 22:40:49
Alternatively, everyone's a Lizardfolk, but they're all based on different species of lizards
March 23, 2023 22:33:27
Consider: D&D campaign where everyone's playing reptilian races. Dragonborn, Lizardfolk, Kobolds, Tortles, probably also Yuan-ti because snek, or whatever
March 23, 2023 21:18:21
Yeah PBS tries but falls short in a lotta ways.And thank you for the well wishes!I still need to narrow down a few things but its going real well so far.(I found a 1800s feminist empowerment novel about a murderous werewolf woman) and take your time.
March 23, 2023 11:25:51
Also feel like I should mention that during my Wyrewolf research, I keep wandering into the whole skinwalker issue. And it gets old real fast. Like no, that is not a Werewolf that has nothing to do with wolves.
March 23, 2023 11:23:03
Mood. There are literally several other deer creatures available instead of the non-deer related ones. Tbh I'm amazed noone else has apparently snatched the myth of Actaeon and ran with it.
March 22, 2023 13:39:26
I named mine Mogsly and Cobbles. =)
March 22, 2023 13:29:52
Devs keep hitting it out of the park with new ancients
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