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ignore my entire account i made it when i was like three I ACCEPT RANDOM FRIEND REQUESTS {she/her} മ◡മ
69 (nice) waffles given! (check out my signature)
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I don't bite! Asclepias does, though, be careful

ONLINE im not good at changing this


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Renegade Reef is a refuge for dragons fighting in the war against the Beastlclans (this is why you will see dragons of different flights here). Some of these dragons were born here. Some have committed crimes, crimes that were breaking the rules of everyday life in the dragon world, but were done for our own sakes, in ways that only the dragons who live in Renegade Reef understand.

Our reef is united, therefore our reef is strong. This is why these dragons have fled here: Because they know this. They know of the songs the wind sighs in the trees, telling of the brave and noble dragons of Renegade Reef, of the freedom they have. They know of the legends the rivers whisper, stories of the history deep within the mighty place that the most fearless dragons call home.

The dragons who have retreated to the safety and freedom of our reef have almost given up. They almost lost hope until they remembered the very words that had been murmured into their ears the moment they took their first breath of air: 'The Renegade Reef brings salvation. The Renegade Reef brings freedom. Follow the brightest star on the darkest night. Travel when the moon is still bright. Track the talon prints hidden deep in the sand. Listen to your heart, and your heart alone. The mind doesn't matter. Listen to your heart, and your heart will lead you to your destiny.'

These dragons now know it was not a silly legend, for they have found the place they were seeking. They have found our reef, eons ago, and they found our ancestors.

It is said that only the dragons destined to come to this reef know the legend, for it is a secret that flows in the blood of the ones that truly belong here.

Some found the reef. Some have died trying. And some are still looking, seeking the freedom and opportunity of the lives those in Renegade Reef live.


Queen Oceanwatcher's List of the Reef's Rights

1. Every dragon has the choice of a familiar.

2. Every dragon has the right to a mate and hatchlings.

3. Every dragon has the right to remain silent when questioned about their past.

4. Every dragon has the right to request an audience with the queen.

These rules apply only to good, loyal dragons of Renegade Reef.

Things you need to know about me:

Girl. Please refer to me as she/her :)

3 hours ahead of FR time. The best way to see if I'm on is to comment on my profile or shoot me a quick PM. I'll probably reply right away, otherwise send for help because my cat has carried out another assassination plot.

Favorite colors: Blue, green, purple, millennial pink
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Aura color: Green-silver currently, and you better keep it that way

Birthday: May 14th. Gifts would be great ;3

33% Ravenclaw, 33% Slytherin, 24% Gryffindor, 10% Hufflepuff

Ask me about fandoms! This includes Hamilton, Be More Chill, Heathers, Anime, Disney, and more :)

I'd love to chat with you about literally anything :D Just shoot me a PM or comment on my profile!

Note to self: Clean up clan information, also check on your friends, I believe you ended on Wildflight


1. Have 260 familiars (Uncompleted)

2. Get art for one page of dragons in my lair (Uncompleted)

3. Get the familiar and apparel for this month's festival (Uncompleted)

4. Survive a week of school (Uncompleted)

5. Sell some hatchlings my dude (Completed)

6. Make space and save up (Uncompleted)

7. Expand lair this month (Uncompleted)

8. 260 friends. Let's do this. (Uncompleted)

9. Make temple priest dragons and deities, one for each respected flight (Done so far: Water, Wind, Light, Shadow, Arcane, Ice, Nature)

10. Enter the Hunger Games for Dergs *I'll treat myself with some nice dergs if I win the Games* (Uncompleted)
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swaggiep34 on scratch.mit.edu
swaggiep34 on animaljam.com
swaggiep34 on dragcave.net
swaggiep34 on twocansandstring.com
haillikepotatoes on pokefarm.com

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Currently selling:
Lore, go to my shop for prices~ http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/art/2475234

-swaggiep34 :3

MODS: my cousin and i both have accounts, sometimes she uses my computer when she comes over ^^ I also occasionally log on using my phone

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possibly bisexual help im confused

Hatchery- http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/baz/2642950

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