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New Scrying Workshop Bug
May 01, 2019, 06:33:43
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora

This should also be fixed now. Thanks!
Merch + System Updates
May 01, 2019, 06:33:14

Another batch of official Flight Rising merch has hit our Hivemill store - including our first in-game promotional item! We've also got a few new improvements to the emoji system and the Predict Morphology section of the Scrying Workshop.

New Merch

We've been working on some new official merch items and are happy to report that they are now available for purchase in our Hivemill store. Two new designs are available in print and t-shirt form, and we're listing our first batch of stickers featuring the elemental dragon gods, their accompanying sprites, and more!


Sticker Star Promo

That's not all, though: If you buy our Sticker Bundle Pack, you'll receive a special promotional code that can be redeemed on the Flight Rising website for the exclusive Sticker Star forum vista!

(NOTE: One promotional code per Sticker Bundle Pack purchased will be emailed to buyers once the transaction is complete, so please be sure to use an email address that is reliable to purchase from the Hivemill store. If you do not immediately receive your promotional code email, please be sure to check your spam folder before seeking support. In order to redeem promotional code(s), you must be logged into a Flight Rising account.)

  • Should you experience issues with purchasing the new merch or a delay receiving your promotional code(s), please contact Hivemill Support. They will be unable to assist with any issues having to do with redeeming the code on the Flight Rising website.
  • Should you experience issues with redeeming the code on the Flight Rising website, please contact Flight Rising Support. Our support team will be unable to assist with any issues having to do with merch purchases or promotional code delivery.)


Creeping Creatures
A spooky new vista now has a chance to stock in the treasure marketplace.

Emoji System Update
The emoji system has certainly brightened our forums, but we understand that some of them are a bit difficult to see. It is now possible to select upscaled versions of all dragon breed smileys so that you can really show everyone how you feel.

To add a larger smiley to your post, open up the Emoji window and select "large" in the size dropdown. You'll then have the option to pick from all emoji that support this new size!

Predict Morphology

Predict Morphology has been updated to include a slew of new features!

More Sharing Options

You can now link directly to Predict Morphology with prefilled options. Giving and receiving scrying help has never been easier! Just click the link icon to generate the URL.

Roll the Dice!

You can now randomly tweak parts of a scry using the dice icon () next to each individual attribute. Do you have a great scry, but are stumped for a good tert? Give RNG a go for a cursed beautiful result!

Dragon ID Shortcut

Add a valid dragon ID to the end of the scrying workshop URL, and it will be loaded into the form automatically!
Scryshop color preview gone?
May 01, 2019, 06:18:45
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Mutron

The colorization & color sorting should be fixed now, the gene alphabetization will be fixed very soon.
colour preview machine broke
May 01, 2019, 06:18:06
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Mutron

Thanks for your report, this should be fixed now!
Scrying Workshop bugs
May 01, 2019, 05:57:48
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Thank you @Starcloud. Please try now - it should now display the correct info.
New Scrying Workshop Bug
May 01, 2019, 05:57:08
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Thanks @Zerologist ! This should now be fixed.
Status Update
Apr 30, 2019, 19:12:30
Site Status | By Mutron
Maintenance has concluded.
Hey you, I'm thankful for you!!
Apr 30, 2019, 17:15:13
Is it possible to hug a whole internet community
Persistent McAfee alerts
Apr 30, 2019, 11:12:26
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Mutron
Hello all,

Just to provide an update: after some more investigation, we still believe that the reason we are being (partially) blocked by McAfee SiteAdvisor is due to a false positive. We are not currently experiencing issues with any other similar detection engines. We will be submitting a request to McAfee to review the block. It may take some time (we expect at least a few days) for them to review and approve the request.

Thank you all for your reports and assistance in narrowing down this issue, as well as your patience while we work to resolve this!
Persistent McAfee alerts
Apr 29, 2019, 13:00:57
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Aequorin
Hawkfeather wrote on 2019-04-28 12:26:28:
But paired with the "something broke" outage, it's worrisome.

@Hawkfeather, the unscheduled outage is unrelated to the reports in this thread.

We're looking into this. In the past, alerts like the reported ones have been due to a false-positive or a quarantined image hosting site. That being said, we're investigating. What we need from players:
  • Links to the pages giving these warnings
  • Device type
  • Anti-virus/malware program
  • Approximate time/date

Thank you!
Status Update
Apr 29, 2019, 10:53:50
Site Status | By Aequorin
Dragon Share Theme Week: Merciless Mercenaries!
Status Update
Apr 26, 2019, 13:43:11
Site Status | By Kaepora
Adding a stack of items to a Crossroads trade will now automatically set the item quantity to the stack size.
Can't search for Earth Dragons
Apr 24, 2019, 14:11:52
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
@RebelMixtapes - Thanks for pointing this out.

The bug should now be fixed - although you may need to clear your cache one more time.
Someone likes Wasp/Bee/Peacock Faes
Apr 24, 2019, 11:41:22
Fae wings are just so good. But we'll triple check for repetition.
Status Update
Apr 22, 2019, 13:07:47
Site Status | By Aequorin
Dragon Share Theme Week: Wavecrest Saturnalia!
Wavecrest Saturnalia 2019
Apr 21, 2019, 06:10:00
Forum Post | Announcements & News | By Undel
wickedgarden wrote on 2019-04-21 06:04:22:
oh, btw, all of the skins and accents descriptions say 2018 and should say 2019!

They should be corrected now. Thank you for the report! It may take up to an hour for the site’s cache to catch up.
anyone else feel iike..
Apr 19, 2019, 12:04:32
We definitely don't regret making the apparel system. It's vast, yes, but it brings a ton of value and enjoyment to a huge swath of our community. As a development team, however, we need to make sure we're enforcing all pillars (if not THE pillar) of the game's character, and that's a variety of interesting/awesome dragon designs.
Total Food eaten counter frozen
Apr 18, 2019, 03:21:47
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Thank you for the report @Kapara

A fix for this has been scheduled to go live tomorrow during the already scheduled maintenance. Please let me know if the counter fails to increase after tomorrow.
it's maintenance time again
Apr 17, 2019, 15:07:50
After wrote on 2019-04-17 14:33:25:
yeah hour-long maintenance in that time bracket is pretty typical for backend server stuff, so i'm not expecting anything from it.

This is a safe assumption.
Apr 17, 2019, 10:23:17
Elisse wrote on 2019-04-17 10:12:02:
Does mean that there will be no closure to the other Bounty of the Elements stories? :(

A general FYI: Take these answers at face value. I'm speaking on two specific upcoming events about one specific perception: Wavecrest Saturnalia, the 6th Anniversary Celebration, and the current Tidelord situation. The Bounty of the Elements story isn't finished.


Apr 17, 2019, 10:04:14
PandaOverlord wrote on 2019-04-17 09:03:18:

Guess we'll have to wait 'till June 8.

@PandaOverlord, we do not have Tidelord-focused lore planned for our 6th Anniversary Celebration.
Status Update
Apr 17, 2019, 08:49:27
Site Status | By Kaepora
Hovering over the site time near the top of every page now reveals the current server date. Mobile devices can access this with a touch.
So wind is just farts
Apr 17, 2019, 08:18:29
Oh dear. Let's move on to another not body function oriented topic, shall we?

Obscene & Vulgar
Gratuitously offensive content and inappropriate references focused on bodily fluids/waste (human, animal, OR dragon) are not allowed.
Apr 17, 2019, 07:45:33
MangleSchmidt wrote on 2019-04-17 03:49:14:
Tidepapa is not dead, how dare you speak of him like that ):

That aside, sorry if you already know this and all, the reason why things about the Tidelord and the Water Flight has risen again is probably because Wavecrest Saturnalia is coming and we need that juicy lore. If you read the new lore chapter which called 'Mixed Elements', there is proof that the Tidelord is still alive and he's just.. missing.

Hello everyone! I need to take a moment to clarify something about Wavecrest Saturnalia. Mixed Elements was meant to give you an update on the missing deity since we left you hanging last year. We also knew some of you were concerned the Tidelord was dead. There will not be a follow-up or more lore released for Wavecrest Saturnalia. That wouldn't be fair to the other flights.
I realized a possible ancient breed
Apr 17, 2019, 07:40:33
@HolrinnLair, quick heads up. Your thread title was edited so it's more in line with our Forum Etiquette. Thanks!
minor layout bug (nesting grounds)
Apr 16, 2019, 14:52:42
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
@Youmeanies @WillowWolfie

This should now be fixed. Thanks for reporting it!
Lair Avatar Arrows?
Apr 16, 2019, 13:27:01
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
@WillowWolfie - This bug should now be fixed. Thank you for catching it!
[T] Dressing Room - Bug Reports
Apr 16, 2019, 12:13:49
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Thanks @Qhersek and @mmuted

The following items have been moved.
  • Rogue Belts - Extras
  • Herb Pouches - Extras
  • Staffs - Extras
  • Flowerfalls - Extras
  • NotN Grasps - Extras
  • Candles - Extras
  • Spring's Breath, Summer Swelter, Autumn Breeze, Winter Wind - Extras
  • Cutlasses - Body
  • Hanks - Body
  • Thorn Banner - Tail
  • Garbs - Head
  • Plumages - Extras
  • Sanddune Rags - Extras
  • Neck Bows - Body
Status Update
Apr 16, 2019, 08:01:33
Site Status | By Aequorin
Dragon Share Theme Week: Masterful Merchants!
Dev Update: Dragon Breed Development
Apr 15, 2019, 16:19:58
squiremarcus wrote on 2019-04-15 16:06:53:
"bug fixes and quality of life improvements"
"New features and feature revamps"
"Regular content updates and festivals"
"modern breed development"
"ancient breed development"

so basically this is confirming that you have nobody whatsoever working on adventure mode?

I would like to preface this post by saying that I'm neither confirming or denying adventure mode development (at this time), but that games and activities would fall under the "features" umbrella with regards to this chart.
Status Update
Apr 15, 2019, 14:46:03
Site Status | By Mutron
Advertisements have been re-enabled.
Dev Update: Dragon Breed Development
Apr 15, 2019, 14:23:00
We understand some of you may feel concerned, but hang in there! The feature isn't even out yet.

We're documenting your questions and suggestions for review. I encourage anyone worried about breed development to please to re-read the section about how we tackle it as a team.

We have artists dedicated to new modern breeds. Modern breed development continues uninterrupted. As for ancient breeds, they're designed with efficiency and exclusivity at the forefront.

Once the first ancient breed is released on our 6th Anniversary Celebration, give them some time to be a part of daily gameplay. Get a feel for them. See where they fit. If you still feel concerned then, please feel free to send the team a message through Contact Us to share your thoughts and concerns with us.
Dev Update: Dragon Breed Development
Apr 15, 2019, 11:30:00
Lunarsnow wrote on 2019-04-15 11:18:20:
Akiri wrote on 2019-04-15 06:01:18:
All ancient breeds will have a 20-day (Uncommon) cooldown

But Uncommon breeds have 25 day cooldowns. Did y'all mean 25-day or (Common)?

@Lunarsnow, >.>;

It's 20 days, and the post has been corrected. Thank you!
Dev Update: Dragon Breed Development
Apr 15, 2019, 09:52:17
Quick FYI: We're reading through the thread and documenting your questions about ancient breeds. We'll have more information to share with you when we release them. As always, if you have suggestions, please head on over to the Suggestions Forum, as we'll be reviewing those as well.
Advertising Report Thread
Apr 15, 2019, 09:43:04
Sorry about this everyone. I've contacted hiveworks and they say this is a network wide problem on some of the major ad networks that cropped up today. We'll be disabling mobile ads shortly while this shakes out. There's no one single ad to block sadly. It'll be on the ad networks themselves to get these out of the system.
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