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It's not
Jun 08, 2019, 08:18:34
GardenSnail wrote on 2019-06-08 08:14:58:
It's not pronounced gay-oler??? It's pronounced jailer?? Who woulda known.
Wait, WHAT?!
It's not
Jun 08, 2019, 08:17:47
@GardenSnail, it's okay, I slip up from time to time, too.
It's not
Jun 08, 2019, 08:15:32
6th Anniversary Celebration
Jun 08, 2019, 08:09:39
Forum Post | Announcements & News | By Akiri
AerusOnward wrote on 2019-06-08 08:04:19:
Are the gem marketplace prices fixed, or discounted for this week? I noticed bee for gaolers is a lot cheaper than normal bee

This is not a sale price. The gene is cheaper because it applies to ONLY Gaolers.
Scrying workshop not working
Jun 08, 2019, 08:05:20
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Thank you for reporting.

As you might expect, the Scry workshop is REALLY popular right now with the Gaoler influx. Some things may run slowly or fail to load for a little bit.

Sorry for the delays as our server gets used to the rush.
6th Anniversary Celebration
Jun 08, 2019, 07:54:58
perspective wrote on 2019-06-08 07:40:38:

@Mutron and @Kaepora knocked it out of the park.
Status Update
Jun 08, 2019, 07:43:04
Site Status | By Aequorin
Dragon Share Theme Week: Gaolers!
6th Anniversary Celebration
Jun 08, 2019, 07:30:03
Forum Post | Announcements & News | By Mutron
(rolls a 100-pack of lint rollers into the server room on a dolly in preparation)
6th Anniversary Celebration
Jun 08, 2019, 07:21:57
Forum Post | Announcements & News | By Undel
6th Anniversary Celebration
Jun 08, 2019, 07:21:35
Forum Post | Announcements & News | By Akiri
They secure, they contain, but most importantly they protec!
6th Anniversary Celebration
Jun 08, 2019, 07:03:26
6th Anniversary Celebration
Jun 08, 2019, 06:51:16


6th Anniversary Celebration
Jun 08, 2019, 06:50:46
Cherub, my Gaoler permababy, has quick reminder for everyone: Please stay on topic when replying to this announcement thread. Off-topic replies will be removed but you can post your Gaoler dragons here in our bonus Theme Week!
6th Anniversary Celebration
Jun 08, 2019, 06:48:37
Forum Post | Announcements & News | By Akiri

It’s time to celebrate! Flight Rising’s 6th anniversary celebration has officially kicked off, and to commemorate this moment, we’re launching the very first of our Ancient Breeds, the ruthless and reclusive Gaolers


Thank You For Another Incredible Year

As of this posting, Flight Rising has completed its sixth year of operation! It’s hard to believe that just a few short years ago our somewhat small project was first revealed to the world, and now we’re sharing and building it with all of you. Although the journey has had its bumps and bruises, it has been extremely rewarding and exciting to see Sornieth take on a life of its own, spurred by the creativity and dedication of several hundred thousand players.

Whether you’ve been a part of our community from the very beginning, or are taking your very first steps today, we want to thank you very much for playing with us.

As a part of our 6th Anniversary Celebration (and because we needed an open-ended maintenance), all dragons on the site have had their energy topped off!

Before we jump into the festivities, let’s take a quick look back on this past year:

  • We started off by releasing our newest Fairground game, Glimmer and Gloom.
  • We welcomed Roundsey and her weekly raffle roulette to the Trading Post.
  • We introduced new seasonal food-themed micro-holidays of
    • Drakeharvest
    • Frigidfin Expedition
    • Springswarm
  • We launched a brand new Coliseum stage: Thunderhead Savanna.
  • Along with our partners at Hivemill, we launched our official line of Flight Rising merchandise.
  • The forums have lit up with expression thanks to our emoji system.
  • We revamped the Dragon Lair and launched the Hibernal Den, allowing players to store and organize up to a combined total 605 dragons!
  • The familiars took over for a day while Marva showered the realm in creative masks.
  • We welcomed Galore the relic-keeper and his glorious gifts to the Trading Post. (Psst, by the way, go check out his stall!)
  • Several new genes were added:
    • Starmap
    • Constellation
    • Ringlets
    • Lionfish
    • Noxtide
    • Peacock
    • Laced
    • Edged
  • Several new eye types were added:
    • Dark Sclera
    • Goat
    • Swirl
  • Dragons all over the realm can now sport new apparel in the form of scale armor, bows, dresses, flowers, and silks.
  • In addition to new features and content, our engineering team was hard at work making some feature revamps and quality of life improvements, many suggested by you!
    • Predict Morphology received several optimizations and extra options.
    • It is now possible to see the server date when mousing over the clock.
    • The skin preview window was enabled in more areas.
    • The familiar preview window was enabled in more areas.
    • The process of reordering previously-approved custom skins was streamlined.
    • It’s now easy to see that a dragon in your lair is attached to a Crossroads trade.
    • Keyboard controls were added to dragon profiles to make paging through dragons a bit easier.
    • It is now possible to recover your username on the login page.
    • A search parameter for eternally youthful dragons was added to the Auction House.
    • Baldwin’s Bubbling Brew recipes received more robust search and filter options.
    • The Dressing Room received substantial interaction, search, filter, and visibility options.
    • <3”s have returned to the forum.
    • Players now receive an alert when Baldwin brews are completed.
    • The forum vista selection screen received some improvements.
    • Forum threads now have better breadcrumb navigation.
    • Quote trees in forum threads have been truncated to only show the last three.
    • It is now possible to mute forum pings in the Account Settings.
    • It is now possible to unlink your account from the one listed as its referrer.
    • The Dragon Lair and Hibernal Den now allow you to filter by dragons that meet the current day's exalt bonuses.


We’re excited to announce that the first of our ancient breeds, the Gaolers, have now been launched. Ancient Breeds are a way for the Flight Rising team to release more regular dragon content (pretty important for a dragon game!), but need to follow a few restrictions to make that possible. You can read about the ancient breed system in our Developer Update on the subject.

In addition to the details linked in the above Developer Update, we have a few more details to share with you:

  • While ancient breed dragons will have their own pool of unique genes, they will adhere to the existing Eye Types system; we don't have plans of releasing ancient-specific eye types.
  • Due to their breeding restrictions, it is possible for ancient breed dragons to produce 5-egg nests.
  • Ancient breed dragons can battle in the Coliseum.


The reclusive Gaolers (pronounced jail·ers) have long hidden themselves away from the world. Designed and conscripted by the Icewarden in the early days of the Fourth Age, these imposing creatures were tasked indefinitely with the duty of guarding the frosty prisons holding back the remnants of the Shade and the monstrous forms they took.


For millennia, they maintained their vast subterranean clans in complete isolation, but as a new age dawns, they have a renewed purpose to venture out…

You can read more about the reemergence of the Gaolers in our short story, Cracks in the Ice, and gain some knowledge of their characteristics in the Encyclopedia.

button_cracksintheice.png button_gaolersencyclopediaarticle.png

Gaoler Breed Change Scrolls

To celebrate the launch of the Ancient Breeds system and the debut of the Gaoler breed, all active players can, at this moment, visit Galore’s Glorious Gifts and pick up two (2) free Clanbound Breed Change: Gaoler scrolls to immediately use on dragons in their clan!

You will have until Saturday, June 15th @ 10:00 server time to claim your gifts.

If you’re looking to change more of your dragons into Gaolers, breed change scrolls will be overstocking in the Treasure Marketplace for this next week and at regular amounts thereafter.

Gaoler Genes: Unique & Parallel

When we were laying out our development plans, we shared that although ancient dragons can’t breed with modern dragons and can’t wear apparel, this exclusivity allowed us to both explore dragon designs that didn’t adhere to past standards (one head, four legs, two large wings, etc.) as well as create wild and unique silhouette-breaking genes. We’re thrilled to release some of those genes today alongside the breed.


Unique Genes

You can pick up the following unique Gaoler genes in the Treasure & Gem Marketplace:

You can create the following unique Gaoler genes using Baldwin’s Bubbling Brew:

You can find the following unique Gaoler genes by battling monsters in the Coliseum:

While the above genes are awesome, we realized that only creating unique genes would start to get difficult as more ancient breeds joined the fold, and many of you would love to have Gaolers sporting some of the genes you’ve grown to love over the years...

Parallel Genes

So, in addition to the unique genes above, Gaolers can also exhibit parallel genes that resemble those found in modern dragons. These genes will be available through the same type of gameplay that their identical counterparts are. The parallel genes releasing today are:

Gaoler Forum Vista

You can show off your newfound Gaoler hype by sporting the following forum vista, now available in the Treasure Marketplace:


A Familiar Gift

It almost wouldn’t be an anniversary if we didn’t welcome a new dragon buddy onto the scene. Meet the Dripcave Deputy, also available at Galore’s Glorious Gifts! This impish familiar is a loyal minion to the Gaolers and help them oversee their wards.

It will also be able to craft additional copies of this familiar within Baldwin's Bubbling Brew until Tuesday, June 11th 10:00 Server Time.


New Emojis

A set of adorable Gaoler emojis are now available!


The Search is On

As our dragon population continues to grow, searching and filtering those dragons becomes more important - and a greater challenge. With this is mind, Dragon Search has been revamped from the ground up to provide more search options and faster results!


You may recognize many of these search options from the Auction House, but this search includes a few completely new ones as well. Happy searching!


The Road Ahead

Every year we like to try and provide the community with a little insight on some of the features or goodies we’re setting goals to work on in the following calendar year. Though we may not always meet these goals in an exact timeframe, we still think it’s valuable for us to publicly acknowledge them; it also gives everyone (including us) something to look forward to!

Here are some (not all) of the projects our team would like to tackle in the next year. As a note, most of these listed are revamps, because we still would love to save some surprises!

Complete and launch the revamped World Map

As many of you know, this was a goal set forth in our post during last year’s anniversary, and we’ve provided a few details about it along the way. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite ready for primetime this year. We’re making excellent progress and the art is superb, however, it’s taking longer than we anticipated.

One of the systems we haven’t touched on yet that we’re very excited for is lair locations. Under the current system, your lair location was dictated solely on its capacity (how many dragon slots you had), and you couldn’t change that. With the launch of the World Map revamp, you will be given the option to designate where your lair exists from a list of the locations in your elemental region. While some of these locations still need to be unlocked via lair slot expansions, you still have the freedom to move your lair to any of the areas you have unlocked. (EXAMPLE: an ancient fire lair can move its lair location from the Great Furnace back to the Emberglow Hearth, or any location in between.)

Though our team has had to make some modifications to its workflow over the past year due to a team member injury, we’re hoping this is one of the first things we wrap up. As always, we’ll keep you posted on any changes.

Relaunch Coliseum PvP

Due to its complexity, we had to sideline the PvP (player-versus-player) functionality of the Coliseum when we launched its revamp. We’re currently looking into ways of making PvP a little more approachable, performant, as well as ways to provide players who like this style of gameplay a little more incentive to jump in and continue battling on a regular basis. While we don’t have anything more to share right now, we’ve got lots of ideas brewing and welcome your thoughts in the Suggestions forum.

Revamp the Bestiary

This is another one of those “long time coming” items, but we’d love to tackle a Bestiary revamp in the next year. As we do with many of our revamps, our aim will be to not only improve the coding of the feature, but provide some new and helpful usability improvements to it, keeping in mind player feedback collected over time.

Launch another ancient breed, create more daily activities, and roll out continued quality of life improvements.

These are a bit more nebulous plans, but absolutely things that we are working on as a team. Though we may not meet all of these and there’s a lot we would love to tell you, we’ll leave things there and continue to make announcements as they approach.


Achievement System Deactivation (August 2019)

As we mentioned in a previous Dev Update, we will be retiring the legacy achievements system while we work on its bigger and better replacement. As promised, we are announcing this shutdown well ahead of time so that you have ample time to earn any legacy achievements that you may be working towards.

The achievements system will be deactivated on Friday, August 16 at 6:00 server time.


Upcoming Micro-Holiday: Sunparched Prowl


Flight Rising's fourth food-themed microholiday, Sunparched Prowl, will be kicking off Thursday, Thursday June 13th (06:00) and running until Monday, June 17th (06:00).

During this limited seasonal event, players will have a chance to collect bonus meat food items as loot from all Coliseum battles. We'll also have a new pair of familiars for you to grab!

As with Drakeharvest, Frigidfin Expedition, and Springswarm, all experience gains in the Coliseum will be increased by 50% for the duration of the microholiday, so in addition to grabbing some extra meat items, you can level up some dragons!
M i n u t e s away
Jun 08, 2019, 05:59:07
M i n u t e s away
Jun 08, 2019, 05:54:18
See ya on the other side
Let's sleep till ancients are here
Jun 07, 2019, 22:42:27
Rivershard wrote on 2019-06-07 19:51:50:
Glacecakes wrote on 2019-06-07 19:22:31:
Xhaztol wrote on 2019-06-07 13:05:18:
Me: am I allowed to participate in this

My 15 month old child: well probably not
i didn't know xhaz had a kid lol

I'm picturing a in a diaper

This isn't entirely inaccurate.
1 day left, post fake ancients
Jun 07, 2019, 19:00:32
I made an ancient too. Don't tell Undel.

Let's sleep till ancients are here
Jun 07, 2019, 13:05:18
Me: am I allowed to participate in this

My 15 month old child: well probably not
Status Update
Jun 07, 2019, 12:49:08
Site Status | By Mutron
We will be performing scheduled maintenance starting at 6:00 Server Time on Saturday, June 8th. This will serve as our implementation window for the Ancient Breeds system. We don't have an estimate on when it will be concluded. During this time, the Flight Rising website will be unavailable.
let's stay awake until ancients are here
Jun 07, 2019, 09:13:53
Xhaztol wrote on 2019-06-07 09:08:38:
Please sleep! Flight Rising is super duper not more important than resting for school!

This, to infinity. Dragons will still be here.
let's stay awake until ancients are here
Jun 07, 2019, 09:08:38
Please sleep! Flight Rising is super duper not more important than resting for school!
Status Update
Jun 07, 2019, 09:03:26
Site Status | By Aequorin
It's a Mystery
Jun 07, 2019, 09:02:04
I’ve Been in FR for Four Years
Jun 06, 2019, 09:36:17
I feel a thousand years old

Thanks for playing!
Status Update
Jun 06, 2019, 00:05:56
Site Status | By Kaepora
It is now possible to mute all forum pings under Account Settings.
Status Update
Jun 05, 2019, 14:40:32
Site Status | By Kaepora
Remove Referral: Players can now unlink their account from the one listed as its referrer. This action is available in Account Settings.
It's a Mystery
Jun 05, 2019, 12:54:01
It's a Mystery
Jun 05, 2019, 09:47:58
Zephyria wrote on 2019-06-05 09:14:14:
5 different colors, 5 symbols on the stone? Possibly symbols for five new ancient breeds? That's my guess. HYYYYPE!

@Zephyria, only one (1) ancient breed will be released when the system launches on Saturday.
What Does It Mean [ANCIENT HYPE]
Jun 05, 2019, 09:46:40
Midwinter wrote on 2019-06-05 09:13:24:
I just saw this and had to physically restrain myself from screaming, does this mean we're getting more than one Ancient breed??

@Midwinter, it does not. Only one (1) ancient breed will be released when the system launches.
Status Update
Jun 05, 2019, 09:08:23
Site Status | By Aequorin
It's a Mystery
Jun 05, 2019, 09:01:54
One step closer...
Jun 05, 2019, 09:01:04
Status Update
Jun 05, 2019, 00:05:07
Site Status | By Kaepora
Lair filters can now highlight dragons eligible for the current day's exalt bonus!
Plague is Life not Death
Jun 04, 2019, 13:22:19
Yup! Plague is life and survival, not death and undead.

Plaguebringer and Gladekeeper (Plague and Nature) are two sides of the same coin, with the same goal: Life and survival. It's their method that differs.

Status Update
Jun 03, 2019, 12:48:04
Site Status | By Mutron
Maintenance and the additional Coliseum reboot have concluded. We will be monitoring throughout the day.
Status Update
Jun 03, 2019, 09:55:34
Site Status | By Aequorin
Dragon Share Theme Week: Beastclans Ambassador!
[T] Lair Revamp Bugs / Common Questions
Jun 01, 2019, 10:35:58
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Thank you, @eefles

Unfortunately, this is an issue with all dragon tooltips around the entire site. While we're aware of the problem, we have not identified a fix, short of rewriting the dragon tooltip system entirely. There may be a fix in the future, though!

The thorny details:
Tooltips show up when you hover over something. If that tooltip is forced to show up under your mouse curser (because you're near the edge of the screen), then, for that moment, you're hovering over the tooltip, not the original item, so the tooltip goes away... but now you ARE over the original item, so the tooltip comes back... and so we are in a loop, unless your mouse ends up on a spot where the tooltip doesn't show up.
Status Update
May 31, 2019, 23:34:45
Site Status | By Xhaztol
Status Update
May 31, 2019, 19:36:29
Site Status | By Kaepora
Thread titles will now link directly to the subscribed thread when managing Forum Subscriptions under Account Settings.
[T] Lair Revamp Bugs / Common Questions
May 31, 2019, 13:01:06
Forum Post | Bug Report Forums | By Kaepora
Thanks for catching the bug, @Midgardschlange

The initial cause should now be fixed, and your dragons are now showing up as they should.

While I couldn't move all of them out of the den, I do have good news - you have more free den space than you might have thought! The missing dragons were still taking up den space, even if they weren't showing, so it turns out that even after their return, you have space left.

Thanks again!
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