Level 11 Spiral
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Lightning Sprite
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Energy: 43/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Lightning.
Male Spiral
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Personal Style


Obsidian Roundhorn
Onyx Seraph Headpiece
Swashbuckler's Cutlass
Darksong Haori
Classy Waistcoat
Hunter's Cape
Classy Tailcoat
Hunter's Leggings
Black Breeches
Inkwell Tail Feathers
Archer's Tail Twist
Black Renaissance Shirt


Accent: Many Eyes Lightning


Scene: Dusty Attic


4 m
2.1 m
110.34 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


May 14, 2016
(8 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 11 Spiral
EXP: 347 / 34264




  • none







Resident / Avatar

Neutral Good


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Pumpkin Adopt
by @Lestyn!

Lore is... bizarre.

For all intents and purposes, they look like your average Spiral. There's certainly nothing outwardly hinting at any secrets or strange powers - and yet, Lore is full of them.

For example: there's little in Byzmara that's outside their realm of knowledge, to the point where they know a lot of things they shouldn't. If you have a question, Lore can probably answer - if they're feeling up to it, that is. Though knowledgeable, they're also fickle. Friendly, yes, and they do love to help others, but, well. No one ever said they didn't play favorites.

In addition to effectively being a living search engine, Lore also has their own special brand of magic - elementless, mutable, arbitrary. Not that they show it much, as they're no combatant, but it does have its uses. Their favorite trick is instant teleportation, something only a few offworlders and rare few dragons have ever managed. Lore will often use it by request to supply certain items, poofing out of existence for a moment, only to reappear with the items in hand.

("I just bought them off the Auction House," says Lore upon being asked, which puzzles many since Byzmara doesn't have an Auction House. The mythical land of "Coli" is similarly mysterious. They won't do this for all items, however, and no one knows what criteria determines which items are obtainable or not.)

Interestingly enough, Lore doesn't actually live in Byzmara. Sure, they have frequent haunts - notably the library, the House of Delights, and Hitsugaya's general vicinity - but no one's been able to pin down a residence. Often Lore will simply appear whenever and wherever they're needed, but if they don't want to be found, they won't be.

The key to their myriad skills? Their ultimate secret? They can go where no other dragon can:


It becomes much easier to move around when you can access the site, after all. A single hyperlink can send them to a vastly different point in space. Bios can reveal a dragon's deepest secrets, things even the dragon themselves may not know. The forums are a gateway to the lives of Other Beings, those mysterious entities orchestrating events across all of Sornieth...

All of this, Lore knows. Will they ever reveal their secret? Only time... or perhaps another Being... will tell.


Literally like 500+ dragons I am NOT linking them all

Important ones - Hitsugaya, Ichigo, Mikado, Sevetrin, Kyrios, Toli, Inverse, Aidou


Arodan, bladesboi, Skado, noodle cart guy, Angelbane


Color Rarity: Common - 1/1,110 total
(last checked: 9/25/2022)
nekkid for ease of copy-pasta

Another day — dawn had come again to Byzmara. Most citizens breathed sighs of relief, but the guards were not among them. Daybreak didn't mean the strangeness was over. It just brought new anomalies to contend with.

"Just ignore 'em." The guards tried not to look at the Spiral that had appeared behind Hitsugaya. There's an old superstition that spirits and other entities prefer not to be noticed, but this strangeling didn't seem to care. They made eye contact with the guards, grinned at their jokes, and muttered about a few of them being "wallet-breakers". They drifted close to Dresden's broadsword, remarking, "A relic of a long-lost civilization, and you're going to use it to hit things?"

Before Dresden could respond, the Spiral vanished with a soft clap of displaced air. The guards shivered and leaped eagerly to obey Hitsugaya's next orders. But the newest recruit hedged, "I've seen that Spiral following the Captain about. Who are they?"

It was the grandfatherly Snapper who answered: "Now, young lady, if you think about it, I'm sure you'll remember who they are."

She was about to protest that no, she didn't remember... or did she?

Many dragons first encounter Lore as children. There isn't a magic word, not really. You just have to be lucky enough for them to hear your sigh of, "I wish I had..."

A poof of displaced air, the scent of ozone, and there they are! "Hey, there, little fella. I heard you were looking for this!"

The lucky hatchling can hardly believe it: There it is, the item they were longing for! "It's perfect! Thank you so much!" More practical children might query, "Where did you get this?"

"I bought it from someplace called the Auction House." And then, noting their concern — "It's perfectly legal! Don't worry about paying for anything or getting into trouble, 'cause you won't. It's on me!"

Naturally, there have been attempts to ensnare this dragon and use their mysterious powers for shady ends. But Lore is too wise for that. "I saw your tedious plot devices from miles away, random NPCs!" they declare before disappearing, much to their would-be captors' consternation and irritation.

This is not to say that Lore is without allies. They try to stay impartial, but with so many interesting dragons, it's difficult... They have their favorites, too. Hitsugaya in particular — Lore calls him "the main character."

"Main character of what?"

Lore’s smile widened. "Of your story, of course!"

Hitsugaya gave them a long, unfriendly look. It would've brought a green recruit to tears, but Lore was used to it by now. Eventually, it was Hitsugaya who caved in. "You recently helped us with a number of... troublesome cases." 'Volker. It was all Volker,' he thought, fighting back an awful grimace. A wryer, more optimistic part of him said, 'At least with Volker around, we'll never be out of work.'

"You were able to provide items we needed — almost instantly, in fact. Would it be imprudent to ask what your secret is? You've mentioned an 'auction house', but it doesn't seem to be one based in Byzmara. Unless perhaps there's another place we don't know of?"

Lore wasn't sure what noise to make: a chuckle or a sigh. So instead, they jumped straight to words: "Sorry, Captain, but you wouldn't believe it if I told you."

Hitsugaya's expression tightened. "This is Byzmara. I'll believe anything at this point."

"I appreciate that, honest. But there are in fact plenty of things that can't be talked about because they won't be believed. I'm sure you understand — because this is Byzmara."

Lore poofed away before Hitsugaya could question them further. It would've been nice to answer the Captain's questions; he had Byzmara's best interests at heart. But Lore had really meant what they'd said: There were things even Byzmarans wouldn't believe.

As they drifted between space, they mused, 'How would I even begin explaining these to anyone?' They meant the pages whirring past, unnaturally neat text about dragons and apparel, gene and breeding projects, new releases and memes and so on. Lore hovered in front of one icon, a picture of their face exactly as it was right now, down to the slightly lopsided fillet. They paused, centered the diamond upon their brow. After a brief flicker, the icon changed to reflect this, and then Lore read the text next to their picture: Lore Whining Days v2!

"Whining? Oh, but I rarely whine," Lore muttered to themselves. Still, they had to smile when they realized: 'Maybe I do have something to whine about, though; it's tough when you can see how the world works but it just raises further questions!'

Lore knew what they were seeing. The workings of the world, they called it. But they didn't know who was behind those pages, those pictures. Who spun the words out of the air, and who guided the dragons' claws? Who directed the gods, on the rare occasions they were made to speak? It was a mystery.

Lore found the icon and text that said Sevetrin, and they pressed a paw against it. Another poof of ozone, and they were in the House of Delights. A passing servant shrieked and ran off. Baine just squinted upwards. "Oh, it's you. Welcome back."

Lore grinned at him. As they whirled off into the House, they tried not to think about who or what might be watching them — or, arguably worse, directing their every move. They had called Hitsugaya "the main character", but if Hitsugaya was the main character, why was it always Lore's icon who was visible? What did it all mean — and who was actually behind that face?

--- Written by @Disillusionist, edits by @After

by @Rey
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