Level 10 Tundra
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Ice.
Male Tundra
This dragon is hibernating.
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Personal Style


Black Tulip Flowerfall
Fancy Waistcoat
Gold Steampunk Gloves
Phantasmal Halfmask
Onyx Seraph Hip Drape
Black Breeches
Simple Gold Wing Bangles
Cloudy Tail Feathers



Scene: Shadowbinder's Domain


4.59 m
2.66 m
193.52 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Mar 09, 2018
(5 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 10 Tundra
EXP: 47 / 27676




  • none


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Well, this is embarrassing. It looks like something went wrong.


the only (non-progen) full palindrome "404" dragon active on site! all others with fewer zeroes are exalted :'))))

Made by @Maithe!



adj. opposite or contrary in position, direction, order, or effect.

n. something that is the opposite or reverse of something else.

The Error

the universe becomes somewhat strange where Inverse is involved. things that should act in a certain way have a tendency to - for unknown reasons - work differently or even stop working altogether. this results in some rather trying times when gravity decides to turn itself off or when your belongings have suddenly gone intangible. frequently turns himself over and floats upside-down in the middle of conversations.

easygoing, mischievous, delighted by unfortunate events. seen by many as Byzmara's equivalent of the Cheshire Cat - he loves stirring up trouble for his own delight. (accordingly, Hitsugaya hates dealing with him. Volker's annoyances may be more frequent, but at least the Imperial doesn't throw the laws of physics out the window.)

the inside of Inverse's house is an MC Escher-esque, larger-on-the-inside mess of misdirected gravity zones, warping stairs, and chessboard floors. it's the one space where he has absolute control, and stepping inside is stepping onto a game board. Inverse sets the rules, and there's a penalty if said rules are broken. put up with him long enough though, and he'll give you something special. (he suspends the rules whenever he has his crew over for fun times, though.)

one of the only two dragons to know about and understand IDs, saying that they hold some sort of special power. has gathered a select group of dragons with so-called special IDs, but if he had a purpose for it, it's unknown - for now they're all just a group of good friends who meet up every so often and keep up-to-date with each other via letters. is currently keeping an eye on three other dragons with special IDs (Akenehi, Tertris, and Sevetrin), just kinda seeing what they're up to as he decides whether or not to invite them to the Cool Kids ClubTM. he's subtle and floaty and glitchy enough that Akenehi and Tertris don't even know he's there, though they've seen him once or twice in unrelated instances (ex. at the marketplace).

Sevetrin in particular is somewhat intimidating and Inverse prefers to keep out of his way and watch his goings-on from the shadows. Sevetrin is perfectly aware of this (though the only reason he knows is because his luck enabled him to catch Inverse by chance), but as Inverse hasn't made himself a threat (or an annoyance) to him specifically, he's fine with the oddball Tundra hanging around as long as he doesn't get too close. their interactions don't often go beyond Sevetrin cheerfully greeting him when he passes by wherever Inverse is lurking (more out of a sense of "I know you're there" than friendliness), but any conversations that occur are cordial. Inverse knows Sevetrin's power trumps his own and doesn't want to do anything to draw his ire. though others around him tend to be fair game; Baine's found his spear glitched into a wall more than once, to Sevetrin's amusement.

Inverse's fourth-wall-ish knowledge is more limited, mostly it just amounts to looking at a dragon and instinctively knowing "ah yes you are dragon #9283749283" and getting a feel for whether that number is "important" or not. he doesn't know why he knows, just that he does. (as a note, there are also dragons without IDs, but these are NPCs/one-offs for plot purposes/background filler/etc. and as such he can also sense that their existences are somewhat "less" than dragons with IDs.) he's mostly contained in-universe otherwise, has no idea about FR as a site and has no clue that his being able to break reality accidentally-on-purpose is a nod to his own ID.

That sepulchral droning could only mean one thing: Volker was up to his experiments again. "Come forth, Accursed Fiendlord!" he bellowed. He swung the censer around, wafting odious smoke into the air. "Hearken unto your loyal servnclfx hvnosgn—"

He nearly swallowed his own tongue as the incantations melted into gibberish. And then a cackle filled the air. "INVERSE!" he bellowed, or tried to. It actually came out as "HJCKRRH!"

The Tundra — or whatever he was — finally materialized, revolving in mid-air like a giggling, furry balloon. "What're you doing, Volker? Playing with very bad things again? You awful, awful gasbag!"

"I'll show you gasbag, you — OYY!" Volker bumped into a brazier, spilling burning coals onto his robe. He was too busy beating out the fire to notice that the ashes were turning into lemon-scented flowers. And then they opened, spewing golden clouds into the air. Volker's rants turned into coughs, and his assistant sighed, shook his shaggy head, and began cleaning up the mess. When they looked up again, Inverse had disappeared.

"He's gone."

"Aye, sir," droned Simon, or whatever his name was. The lugubrious Longneck swept up the flowers and dropped them into a trash bin.

"I really must figure out how he does that..." Volker's eyes narrowed. Gods help him, but he had a plan.

Volker's plan involved following some very drunk dragons. He knew they were friends with Inverse, and he came close enough to hear their names—

"Eyy Legato, ya got m' bakset?" The Skydancer sagged sideways against the Bogsneak's neck. "Dun' forgetta bakset. Therra munchies inside."

"Yes, Nonpareil, I have your basket right here." Legato smiled, but the Skydancer wasn't pacified. "You don' touch it, m'kay?! No touchie! S'forra... forra ladies..."

They reeled down the street together. Volker followed behind, a lumbering shadow occasionally stumbling over bits of trash and muttering, "OopsGOSHDARNIT" whenever he bashed headfirst into shop awnings. Legato was concerned at first, thinking they'd be waylaid, and then he just sighed and started feeling sorry for the Imperial.

"Make a left here, Nonpareil... There we go. What're we gonna do 'bout that gent back there?"

Volker stiffened, one foot still in a discarded bucket. He'd been discovered! And then he noticed the Tunda peering over a nearby roof, smiling as brightly as the moon.

"You!" he tried to say, but instead, what came out was a dolphin's chitter. He tried to stumble backwards, but the bucket was turning to mush around his leg, and then the Tundra pointed towards him...

"And that's that gasbag taken care of!" Inverse dusted off his paws. He looked around his house, beaming with pride.

His friends were all here. Legato was just setting Nonpareil down, and Milano leaned over, wondering if he was all right. The Skydancer must have answered affirmatively, with some added sweetness she didn't appreciate, because then she lifted a paw. Inverse squeezed his eyes shut as the SLAP! resounded throughout the room.

Hurriedly, Legato proffered the basket. "We come in peace, with many treats!"

Milano perked up. So did someone else: "Treats AHOOOOOOOOYYY!!!" A sandy-scaled Imperial barreled past, her clothes whirling like a gale. Inverse thought she might have a bit of magic, too: How did that hat always stay on her head?

Cerys the witch coiled nearby, looking on with a benign smile. "The group's all here, I see."

"It certainly is!" Inverse backflipped in mid-air. As he did, the house turned together with him: stairs rearranged themselves, and doors appeared where there'd been none before. There were also windows: They looked out not onto Byzmara, but onto scenes elsewhere in Sornieth, and possibly other worlds... Waves of snowy mountains stretching into the horizon, columns of water thundering down from a celadon sky...

Legato waddled over. "I note that it is just our usual group, Inverse. You haven't succeeded in, ahem, enticing the dragons you've had your eye on...?"

The house continued blurring in and out of reality as Inverse slowly revolved. A loud "WHOOP!" followed by a smash! signified that their Imperial friend had run into a wall. Inverse replied, "I'm waiting for the best time to introduce myself to them... There's that sparkly, snaky fellow; he can see me, but we'll give it more time." He spread his paws. "They'll doubtless jump at the chance to join our club. It's not every day one gets a chance to gallivant with the Amazing ID Dragons!"

Legato blinked. "Is that what we're calling ourselves?"

"I haven't really thought about it. Names are such changeable things!"

"They're not the only changeable things," Cerys said wryly as the house blurred. The Imperial squawked as she collided with a wall again, and Milano hurried over to help her. Nonpareil whooped drunkenly and waved a biscuit in the air. "Bulls-eye!"

Soon the party was over and it was time to go home. The ladies left together; Legato had to help the inebriated Nonpareil. And Inverse drifted through the city, idly wandering...

It was his special sight: He could look at a dragon and see the number that showed the precise moment of their creation. He'd formed a club of individuals with these special "IDs" and was considering inviting three more to the group. His phantasmal nature meant that two of them couldn't see him, but there was another dragon with special sight, the House Head Sevetrin. Inverse was incorrigible most of the time, but Sevetrin's calm, collected demeanor always unsettled him. And it wasn't just that Sevetrin could see beyond reality's veil. He could also manipulate it...

Inverse smiled widely. "But once we befriend him, what a fine friend he'll be!"

For now, there were other amusements to be had. Inverse phased through space and found himself in a familiar pungent cellar, where another session of sepulchral horror-summoning was taking place.

Simon looked up morosely. "Volker, sir, he's here again."


--- Written by @Disillusionist, edits by @After

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