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No forum posts in five+ months from severe depression.
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Just be glad that this user is alive.



I am leaving the forums for several years.
I literally. This is not from dissociation. I have been harassed in the past for years. Though, I still try to be respectful of other people as much as I possibly can.


(This user is having a severe chronic illness + permanent chronic concussion/other several multiple injuries (severe head pain), and feels very sick. Please be nice to them).


Forum vista description is an aroace flag.
*I am not attracted to fictional characters.
*You know how in some Superman movies there were military coders? Yea? Similar.


Genderfluid / Dragon nerd / Adult
About | FAQ | Disabled System | Chaotic Good
I would rather be referred to as my username than my actual name, I have dissociation. I don’t role play. Favorite character is Magnus Chase.

Please be aware that I have carpal tunnel/permanent arm-wrist pain, (I have had major depression for years), and may have typos in messages. It’s not up to me if I don’t respond back in a few days.

*Magnus Chase is a character from a fictional book series written by Rick Riordan (Norse mythology).

Current avatar dragon: Krypto (dog from an animated movie) - DC Comics. He is associated with the Justice League/Superman.
(This is social anxiety related).

I am disabled from severe chronic health issues (chronic headaches/etc) and will not be posting on the forums for sometime. Studying languages is a coping mechanism for that.

I am currently going through a lot right now. Still remaining nice when I can, I would always act kindly. I am a survivor and would be very understanding. Accepting any and all messages and friends requests.

Will reply as soon as possible to any messages when I can be online. Still on a semi hiatus, though I check frequently around afternoon and evenings from being occupied during the morning.

(Will) be leaving the forums for a while.
(Please) do not ask about future forum posts.

I have difficulty talking in real life + diagnosed autism, and have stopped replying to profile comments.

Favorite anime character: Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia).
Favorite ancient historical civilization: Mesopotamia - I have a major interest in historical nonfiction and older languages.
Favorite cartoon: Transformers Prime.
Favorite word: Constellation.
Favorite book series: Skyward, Stormlight Archives, Rithmatist, and Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. Fandragons of these are in the hibernal den, I have a few for now.

Favorite screenplay: Ocean's Eleven.
Favorite play: Percy Jackson - the Musical (though I am generally interested in most types of mythology, I don’t have a preference as I am fond of so many of them.)
Favorite movie: Mission Impossible (series).

-> Currently required to learn a bunch of languages - more than 5 - so future online activity may be varied.

Mostly taking a forum hiatus in 2024 from major pain (I posted for as long as I could). From my physical health, I am no longer able to respond to future profile comments. I read and appreciate each one. Again, thanks for posting them! I’d be responding back if I could.

I no longer have music buttons on my profile because I am too sad to listen to any form of it by myself.

Favorite book genres: fantasy (various), historical fiction, horror, and science fiction. I will also watch almost any movie that’s pg-13 or a lower rating, so I know of a lot of them.

I will be unable to forum post in 2024 from stuff going on in my life. I have both serious mental + physical health issues.

I have a migraine headache/stomach issue, expect reply times to be slow. Currently extremely busy in real life. More ID buttons are listed below.

I’ll always accept friend requests, some messages are open, from how my health is. I can't be on more right now from in real life stuff (if my energy goes below 50% that is why), use of <3 is friendly platonic.

Note to mods: I use multiple devices from multiple locations (IPs may change).

Lore-wise, I ignore a lot of the main plague lore, except for the survivor aspect. Currently, my lair is kept clean at all times, and the dragons are very healthy. Many are doctors, warriors, and artists, with a main purpose to help.

Dragons in my lair tend to be peaceful and many of the wall guards will be around to help and give warm cloaks, blankets, and supplies to other dragons. They also have several Skydancers flying in patterns nearby to help the mood.

Most of the main lair is under an infrastructure/building renovation at the moment since more dragons moved in. Many of the ones previously in the sanctuary moved to hibernal den for a vacation and a few are in healing, since it is calming there.

This lair is also very allied to the water, ice, lightning, and earth flights. There are also extremely high countless numbers of dragons that exist outside of the main lair and den which aren’t listed in slots. They frequently occupy themselves with things benefiting the clan.

I will (mostly) be taking a forum hiatus during the months of September/October 2023.

Should my forum activity on here be very low for several weeks, assume I've been grounded. I live in a really strict family, please be patient.

Buttons relating to my conditions (content: image heavy):
Basic info:

Identities (I have lots of social anxiety and am aroace):

Health stuff (some, I have a lot physically wrong, trigger warning because I have a lot):
I have depression that is not stable from the past few months, otherwise I’d be on more. Please be kind, I still try to sound positive. Even if I do, I still feel sad, fr has always been one of my special interests.

Languages I have an interest in/am required to learn (main one is English):
(Japanese level is N3)
Fictional ones:
(Lord of the Rings, Avatar).

Main comfort interests at the moment (some of them, I hyperfixate on fantasy which always happens, can't prevent this from diagnosed autism):
*These are in no particular order - also, I have a Dune franchise interest as well. I am a huge fan of the books.
*Even though I have a D&D interest I do not know how to play it. So while I know stuff about it, I wouldn’t know how to do anything if I was at a table. I still am really interested in it though.
character name: Florencia Clearwater, Paladin class. Chaotic Good.

Hobbies (entertainment purposes only):
I have interests in these just for fun, not professionally. I research stuff about the last one.

Personal FR Timeline
2-13-17: Aubin becomes Queen.
5-26-18: Light sprite obtained (CrystalKing).
6-8-18: Rosemary inherits the Clan, becomes Queen.
9-5-18: Cauldron becomes maximum level (28 now).
11-x-19: Obtained 600 familiars.
12-10-19: Golden Bantam Fangar obtained (Arcturus).
1-12-20: Obtained a full set of sprites.
2-17-20: Obtained 700 familiars.
5-20-20: Reached a shiny star on the forums.
7-10-20: Obtained 800 familiars.
12-12-20: Reached 2,000 forum posts.
11-X-22: Obtained 1,000 familiars.
11-23-22: Any potential major hiatus avoided, semi hiatus still in place.

Messaging semi hiatus for a while until I recover. I’m taking a (temporary) break from writing most profile comments for a bit, unless I really like a clan bio/lore/etc from irl stuff. I’d be interacting more if I could.

I have fictional characters (known as fictives) in my system, as well as regular alters, who write their names in parenthesis/brackets should they want. I've had alters for years, this is from a coping mechanism. Please accept this.

Online status button is permanently turned off from social anxiety.

Friends = really good beings (Trigger warning: some really bright colors):


The above is a lore thing for my clan.

Exalting has been stopped since around January 2022. To the ones kind enough to send research notes: thanks, I really like that archaeology game!

yea there's a lot of magical doctor dragons lore wise, favorite colors are yellow and blue

Previous username was BreezingWinds.

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Adding a message here.
I have severe major depression, so please know that before interacting.
I’m really a very, very nice person and I care about other people a lot.
From health issues, I might not respond until late hours in the day.
Just…..please be kind.
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Bweh!!! ^_^. Hi frennnn.
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Thank you for finding Winter! Hope he brings you joy :D
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