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Y Draig Teg (the Fair Dragon) is a clan of beautiful dragons that live, and work, together at the base of the Behemoth. All members of the clan have their own Gladekeeper Topiary, though the other deities are honored, too. Each flight has been assigned a member born into the clan to learn about that flight, and, in turn, teach members of other flights about the clan and Nature.

Of course, the Behemoth is a wonderful place for love, which leads to eggs and hatchlings. Most dragons have multiple partners, though none take bringing new life into the world lightly. There are many stone fertility statues in the hoard, though the number of statues has reached a reasonable(?) amount. Jealousy between partners is not tolerated, nor has it shown up in the clan. The philosophy of the clan leaders, Olwen and Llwyd, is that love shared is multiplied, not diminished, and no dragon owns another. Even the familiars are given love and respect, and stay of their own choosing.


On this day, the 6th day after Brightshine Jubilee V, Gethin and Emrys heard the call of the Gladekeeper. May they serve Her well. (7/8/18)

On this day, the 2nd day after Thundercrack Carnivale V, Dolor heard the call of the Gladekeeper. May she serve Her well. (8/6/18)

On this day, the 1st day after Night of the Nocturne V, Rhiannon heard the call of the Gladekeeper. May she serve Her well. (1/6/19)

On this day, the 3rd day after Night of the Nocturne V, Aeronwen heard the call of the Gladekeeper. May she serve Her well. (1/8/19)

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Daily badge 1.
Daily badge 2.
Daily badge 3.Daily badge 4.
Daily badge 5.Daily badge 6.Daily badge 7.
Tier 4 - Pair of ToucanRed and white toadstoolsBubbling and Stable Potionsgroup of psilocybin mushroomsBursting, Dangerous, and Bubbling Potionstwo shiitake mushroomsBusted, Bursting, and Dangerous Potionstwo russula mushroomsPorcini muchroomMorel mushroomsgWSlctJ.png8m1lrqB.pngGvKrM4v.png630k0Bt.pngInk wash brush-style art of three red and gold Wildclaws performing a dragon dance with a green Auraboa puppet, with text for Nature's Year of the Wood Dragon push.A round red badge with gold details depicting a green Spiral dragon ascending a tree branch.A gold flowerpot with a plum blossom branch, a flowering orchid, and bamboo.A round red badge with gold details depicting a teal Obelisk dragon leaping over a tree limb.A gold flowerpot featuring the Four Gentlemen plants: plum blossom, orchid, bamboo, and crysanthemum.A round red badge with gold details depicting a green Pearlcatcher dragon sitting under a stylized tree.A red round badge with gold details depicting a teal Wildclaw dragon encircled by leafy branches.A red round badge with gold details depicting a green Fae dragon spreading their wings under a leafy canopy.Red Mandarin letters Jia-Chen representing the Wood Dragon year over a gold flowerpot featuring the Four Gentlemen plants.A red round badge with gold details depicting a teal Imperial dragon holding a leafy branch.A red round badge with gold details depicting a green Mirror dragon leaping from a tree.g2JPQxh.pnguwxi65K.pngvONdUvg.png31VKBRQ.png
Golden parakeetHawksbill Sea TurtlesUfHl5Xb.pngGG24 Cicada Confluence Signature Graphic‏‏‎A Behemoth cicada perched on a sundial.A Northern Glass Cicada nymph.A Behemoth cicada perched on a digital clock.A Northern Glass Cicada shedding its nymph skeleton during its metamorphosis to winged form.A Behemoth cicada perched on a stopwatch.An adult Northern Glass Cicada, its wings sparkling in the light.A Behemoth cicada perched on a calendar.A Behemoth cicada perched on an hourglass sand timer.A Behemoth cicada perched on an analog clock.A Behemoth cicada perched on a mechanical metronome.rWRVBzG.png3SOWRhf.pngfamBSmb.pngcyHBAEA.pngA pink, orange, yellow, and blue butterfly with white spotsA pink, orange, and yellow rose with white petal tips




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October 25, 2023 04:07:03
Thank you for your compliment to Ravin, I lit several stars for your dragons while I was here <3
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May 02, 2023 05:56:00
I love all of the badges in your profile. It brings such a smile to my face!
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December 12, 2020 23:52:28
That's really cool! I speak some welsh (but not fluently yet) as my uncle us teaching me. My family all originates from wales or the welsh border :)
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December 12, 2020 14:00:32
Gasps. Y Ddraig Teg. A fellow welsh speaker????
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October 30, 2020 15:08:17
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October 30, 2020 06:25:34
Olwen was on the front page!
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December 23, 2019 03:51:58
Ezreal was on the front page!! He’s a lad
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October 25, 2019 09:26:35
No problem ^-^
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October 23, 2019 17:47:21
Gwenol was on the front page ^_^
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August 12, 2019 18:42:15
Sulian was on front page amazing light rep!
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July 28, 2019 21:35:42
Troedgwyrdd was on the front page! Love the colors!
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July 12, 2019 11:04:56
Deilmyglyd was on the front page! She looks amazing!
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