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"Hope begins when you stand in the dark and look out into the light..."

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When you approach our winding entrances you find an elaborate garden in the center of our community with a lovely worship area to Windsinger. The air heavy with the scents of a summer day fill the air around you. Ahh yes the wonderful Lilacs, Honeysuckles, Wisteria and Jasmine. The fields are full of Heather in the moors climbing to the higher lands dedicated to Aerewyn's Clan by Windsinger.

As you are guided along the pathways to the Bay that sparkles invitingly alongside our clan, and winds around back to the Cloudsong. You stand and inhale the deep, salty scent of the water. Behind you, someone with a low, musical voice says, “Hello there! Welcome to Aerewyn's Clan!”

This female Imperial is the shimmering red of a sunset, with exotic golden whorls marking her body. She bows her neck to you and offers a warm cup of autumnal tea. You take it and drink deeply. “I trust you mean no ill will,” she says, cocking an eyebrow. “To a peaceful clan like this? Of course not!” you say. “Good.” She laughs. “We may seem carefree here, in this beautiful place, but make no mistake—we are fierce defenders of this land.”

She tells you more as you make your way to the Bay. The shimmering waves gently crash against the pure white sand.

“We here at Clan Aerewyn have a Skydancer Council overseeing our Clan Protectors. Naturally, of course, we enlist Guardians as our…well Guardians.”

You both chuckle at the little joke. “But who is in charge of them?” you ask. “Oh. Me. Naturally.” Daidra bares her teeth in a friendly grin that is somehow fierce. “I oversee the Guardians—with a few Wildclaws to protect the hatchlings—to make sure all is well. We don’t have much trouble from within, though: the Imperials and Pearlcatchers treat one another with great respect.”

“Is that so?” You shade your eyes, looking into the crystalline waters of the bay. “Bit unusual, isn’t it?” “Yes. But my very best friend, Cassandra, is a Pearlcatcher. Though they seem a bit strange to me, I’m coming to understand their ways.” Her smile fades a bit. The sun is setting, now, igniting little sparkling fires all over her scales. Her radiance takes your breath away.

“I have other friends, too, you see—the Skydancers I met while journeying here, Xavier and Della, are the parents of KitsDancer, who now holds Head of the Skydancer Council. He’s a good man, the eldest of them and very bright, but sometimes hesitates in his father’s place.”

You breathe in the night air, realizing that this place has a long history.

She smiles at you. “Shall we go into the village?”
You’re more than willing to. “There are many dragons of note here,” she says softly. You both pause outside a lovely temple in the very center of the clan. It is bordered by a small lake full of lush lily-pads.


You admire the temple’s graceful green walls, its elegant wooden posts. Climbing Ivy vines wrap around the posts continuing up the outer walls while spilling out onto the beautiful facade gracing the entrance. Inside is a green-gold statue of the Windsinger that appears to be flying. You can’t see any transparent strings holding it up…but surely there must be some.

“Castiel—Cas—is Cassie’s mate. Our priest. He studies under Fog, who’s very smart and in-tune with the spirits. Far beyond what he should be at his age.” Ah. Those must be the two male Pearlcatchers seated before the statue, heads bent in an attitude of prayer. “You all are quite…religious around here,” you whisper.

“That’s one way to put it.” She smiles. The air is chill, and you can tell the tour is coming to an end. “There is no higher honour than to serve Windsinger. My first mate left to serve when he was quite young, and now my daughter strives to train others, to pass on and serve Windsinger, who is very generous to our clan. We are safe and warm here. And when it is my turn to pass into Summerland, I know I have a daughter who is just as dedicated in her heart as I am.” "Summerland?" you ask unfamiliar with the term. Daidra smiles tentatively while explaining it is the place we pass over to. Ancient lore passed from generation to generation of their family line. You nod understandably.

“Good,” you say softly. Together, you watch the prayers of the other two Pearlcatchers. Finally, Daidra nods. “You are welcome to stay here. You are free to cruise the jet-streams that cross above us, take part in our food—“ “More tea at the bay?” Your stomach rumbles, and you laugh together. “Yes! As long as you don’t hurt my clan, and your heart is given to the Windsinger.” She places a friendly paw on your shoulders and leads you to a warm bed.

Lore Written with Caelyn and Revisions by: Kitsune56


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January 07, 2023 06:53:50
Thanks for the visit! Love your lair. I like a few John Denver songs, just grew up hearing Country Roads all the time
January 07, 2023 02:30:21
Ofc! Will let you know when they hatch :)
December 26, 2022 17:39:00
tysm!! he cost me quite a lot to gene and outfit, he's probably the first dragon ive spent a fair bit of time on outfitting. all of your dragons look so pretty! and all of your low digits are real cool too
December 26, 2022 17:26:11
thank you for the familiars!!
December 14, 2022 08:31:59
Selucia (#1043314) was on the fp!
December 14, 2022 08:31:48
Selucia is on the front page!
December 01, 2022 06:40:13
Thank you! Heysel is beautiful
November 19, 2022 08:34:52
You're welcome all you dragons are gorgeous and thank you! :0 omg i'm glad you got them! I love their colors so I didn't want them exalted lol! (its okay if you ever do though!)
November 18, 2022 20:42:54
Effie was on the front page THEY'RE SO PRETTY
October 25, 2022 13:14:31
Oh my gosh, thank you so much!! Not very many people comment about Tika, so this really made my day *^^* I’m glad you enjoyed my lair and den!!
September 28, 2022 13:14:27
My thoughts exactly! I'm an exalting lair, but she was just so pretty, so I wanted to give her a chance to be found by someone who would appreciate her.
September 28, 2022 13:01:52
Metaphor is a lucky girl. I'm glad she was there when you were looking! I have no idea what your plans are for her, but whatever it is, she'll be honored. And if it is her fate to be exalted, she'll be so proud to serve the Windsinger.
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