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347 finished dragons??? Wow...uh...hi. Only 7 have polished lore/bios lol.
Note: Neurodivergent player with serious memory/focus issues.

Also: I suck at forms, I promise I tried really hard.

I reject friend requests from people I've never interacted with.

It's not because I don't welcome new friends so much as I already have to play "who are you again?" with some people already on my list. This unfun game becomes impossible if I bury those names in ones I've never interacted with.

If we do know each other, please shoot a PM with your invite to save me from the have I forgotten this person limbo.

With her enthusiastic permission, I am now also running a lair game inspired by Shatapatrika. Please consider visiting her impressive fandragons to play Where's Waldo and Where in her lair is Carmen Sandiego.
This lair's edition is:
Finding Dory

Dory and I are amnesiac buddies. If you find her wandering around my lair, please drop me a note somewhere (or give her a shoutout in your forum game post if you found her through one of those) and we'll see about getting her home in one of the fandragons tabs for a bit.


Exalting lair // Hatchery // They & Them
Currently saving for: Gene projects lol
Delari .Sylvae
Life persists
Wishlist || Lair Theme || Tumblr
Nomads settled in light with strong ties to wind & nature.

This is an exalting lair. Act fast if you want your dragon back.

Likewise breeding is rarely in character. I love letters from hatchlings, it's a cute idea, if you want a connection we can talk and I may even link your baby special in the parents' profiles!

I am not a flipper but I don't mind them. If you see me selling a dragon I got from you for more than I bought, either I didn't end up needing it and forgot how much I paid, so put it up for my standard prices or, even more likely, I've leveled it some and put it up for my standard prices just in case it sells before I use it as my own fodder.

My leveled fodder is pricey because if no one buys it for that, I will happily keep it for foddart payments instead. That being said, I am willing to haggle on some of them if you want it for a perma dragon. Also will trade a lot of them for equivalent dragons (same level, no basic genes, etc).


About the Clan
I have been considering making the Delari Sylvae concept more of an OOC anthology-type theme for my lair overall. Either way, not even half of the dragons in my lair and den are IC members of the same clan, much less, Delari Sylvae. Older lore follows for now while I finish figuring out how I want the over-arching lore to work around here.

Also of note, I'm seriously considering a head-canon for my own lair that dragons have size-altering magics. It'll probably be limited - like imperials and fae will have to meet in the middle or maybe they can only shrink from their normal size but never grow idk. It just seems easier for them to have size-change magic or something in order to have equal access to public buildings. Then again, I might decide to make humanoid forms for that purpose a head-canon. MOSTLY though I ignore size entirely because it gives me a headache getting all caught up on wait, how is this fae using the exact same library as this imperial? What size are these books? So head-canons in the works to make size a non-issue I can continue ignoring lol.

Delari Sylvae is primarily a nomadic clan at heart full of dragons from many flights each sharing a curious, wandering, adventurous nature in common. A variety of creative types call this clan home, especially those with a love for writing and stories.

While originating from a nest in ice flight territory, their figurehead leader (ranks are not really a thing among this clan), Saronai, hatched among the Wind clans and took up an early love for both song and adventure. She enjoys the natural and scholastic worlds in equal measure, but eventually chose a home base for her clan in Light flight's Beacon of the Radiant Eye. However, individuals, Saronai included, retain their penchant for traveling.

Her clan, named for the
delari sylvae, an obscure but ancient species of hardy trees, looks to these trees as living examples of life's persistence, symbols of hope and light. Even in the darkest of times, life will always return. Prevail.

They are keepers, guardians, and heralds of this truth, first and foremost, embracing the song of life and beauty of creative essence.

This is a clan of scholars, writers, poets, dancers, and singers, healers, adventurers and kindred spirits with an overall empathic regard for all those they encounter.



- I don't take commissions on account of my having minimal art skills and low energy/lore noob for written contributions.

- My timezone is FR +3 but I am an erratic sleeper/insomniac

- Every hatchling purchased from me, even the ones with hatchling lore and bios are ooc (out of character) until we discuss and collab on the specific connection to their parents and this clan. I welcome such discussions! If we both find something to work with, your hatchling will be linked officially in the parents' bio as an official lore connection.

Hatchling lore is sometimes provided as an idea - a little bonus if people wish to keep it intact and to give you some possible ideas for a connection. To make it official you will have to contact me and let me know you'd like to make it official and maybe collab on further lore or with letters from hatchlings.

- Clan lore does not actually include all keepers in my lair and den. Some dragons are definitely elsewhere in Sornieth and many don't even know each other.

- The dragons in my "hibernal den" are not necessarily asleep. In fact, my clan is more of an idea than a territory. Some dragons live together in the same territory, but many either don't live there at all or travel all over Sornieth and call Delari Sylvae headquarters a vacation home in Light, or a home they're rarely at. Delari Sylvae has always been more of a uniting idea for heralding life and hope, safe-guarding those in need. It's a people with kindred spirits more than a place.

- My flight choice was only made easy by all my friends being in light already, but it otherwise would have been a hard choice between nature, light, water, arcane, and wind. Honestly, nature might've won otherwise though light is probably tied for second.

-Delari Sylvae lore exists in multiple games and has been fitted into my limited knowledge of flight rising, sorry for any mistakes.

-My spouse and son both play, we sometimes use each others' devices/send each other gifts/borrow money/trade services (though this is true with a few of my friends too minus using each others' devices).

We live together, so we all share an IP address. Also, I now buy a good portion of my son's fodder so he can skip out on the auction house while still making a little treasure/gems. So yeah, if you notice a ton of his babies in my fodder, rest assured he's been paid for every single one.

Also, on the off-chance notes to devs work: I play from both my phone and PC. With my amnesia I occasionally forget I already have battle tabs open on one or the other. This leads to occasionally kicking myself out of coli on whatever device I started grinding with. I think I've also sometimes done this when having way too many tabs open just on the computer and forgetting I was already in the coli on a different one.

I promise nothing shady is going on. I'm not trying to override or bot coli, I'm just an easily distracted and forgetful birdbrain. It makes my monkey-brain anxiety feel a little better to put this on record.

- I dragons, but only ones I see that I genuinely love the look of (and/or have a great bio). A lack of is not a dislike. All dragons are good dragons.

- I also frequently ghost my way through all my favourites in entire lairs. Chances are if we interact, I have already done so and probably will again.

- Yes, I my own perma-dragons. Originally I wasn't going to but then they all got pouty at me in my imagination and guilted me into giving them all stars to prove my love. We are all happier and more content as a result.

- My custom broadcast formula is: Subspecies or Descriptor/Title (Preferred Pronouns). A few do not, it felt more accurate to describe them in other ways, probably closer to being agender. I'm very lax about this though.

- Also I am "old" - some old folks garden, I like to cultivate dragons (and play fashion wars on gw2, and brighten peoples' day with the occasional compliment to their characters/dragons, even random gifts). 100% not flirting.

- Finally, it has been called to my attention on occasion that my lair is wealthy and it's "impressive" how quickly I finish new gene/dragon/dressup projects. I'm not sure how I compare to other lairs that have been around since 2017, but this is a combo of no auction is too small and having 300+ listings at any time, friends/family willing to lend me fictional funds when I'm impatient, trades, good old fashioned luck, and I probably spend WAY TOO MUCH time on here between that, farming coli, etc. while I listen to audiobooks and podcasts.

Whatever I've been given, at some point, I have given back, multiple times, probably more than I was given in the first place.

Also helps to know various tips from being here since 2017 (like how NotN, noc eggs in particular, can help fund so many projects).


INFP | Air/Water | Empath
Sun: Aquarius | Rising: Pisces

Favourite Light Badges:

tumblr_inline_pvlkmqPgDA1qjjhuf_500.png TNOHAqj.png

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February 01, 2023 17:24:46
I know the raffle's over but dropped likes on most new permadragons anyway bc so v pretty,, espesh the lil baby,, good luck going through all those entries and thanks for taking the time to list each person's raffle count so we know!
January 31, 2023 18:36:38
Whoa Auriel is such a cool dragon, love how you designed them! <3
January 18, 2023 15:21:43
Thank you very very much for your wonderful and detailed comments and thoughts about my Plautumween dragons! It was such a nice surprise and made my evening after an exhausting day of work :D I truly appreciate that you took your time to write such elaborated praises, and they mean a lot to me and made me smile <3 I'm super happy I managed to salvage Crocodile and Lionfish on Amdusias haha, and I will definitely let you know in case I ever (hopefully) write Thymum's and Thymbra's story!
January 17, 2023 14:45:29
Auriellis was on the front page just now! :D
January 17, 2023 04:32:17
Tysm :] I stole them from the president I also found your shoelaces and dammmn I love them too!
January 16, 2023 08:28:32
You ae very welcome for the funnies xD might go look at your personal dragon collection too now, for a bit
January 06, 2023 21:56:13
Solvi was on the front page! I love her!
January 04, 2023 14:28:48
Thank you kindly for letting me know <3 Ruth is truly precious to me, so I'm super happy she made her way to the front page once! :D
January 02, 2023 20:48:53
Thanks for sharing your work! I'm grateful to have one ^.=.^
December 26, 2022 23:08:31
Vesper (#80208434) was on the front page! I gave them a like
December 23, 2022 05:02:17
Hi! Just wanted to check in and send some well-wishes <3 Since I've been somewhat remiss lately in keeping up with your star forum thread, unfortunately...

But I hope you're doing well, and I wish you the best of luck during NotN ;D Happy holidays (if you celebrate)!
December 22, 2022 11:12:02
I just happened to see this profile, so I going to send you FreEe sTufF- cuz why not!
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