Level 25 Pearlcatcher
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Shadow.
Female Pearlcatcher
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Personal Style


Shady Emblem
Silver Flowerfall
Black Tulip Flowerfall
Enchanter's Staff
Ornate Pearly Necklace
Conjurer's Cobwebs
Night Sky Arm Silks
Night Sky Leg Silks
Night Sky Tail Bangle
Night Sky Fillet


Accent: Traveling Illuminations



5.67 m
6.14 m
551.88 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Jun 19, 2018
(5 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Pearlcatcher
Max Level
Silverglow Meditate
Dark Bolt


» V E S P E R «
Queen of Shal'anir

"I speak as Her chosen!"


» Biography

In the place where cowards rule over the brave, and liars speak the only truths known, Vesper presents herself as the figurehead of Shal'anir and chosen of the Shadowbinder. Her pale scales look otherworldly within the perpetual gloom of the Tangled Wood and the smokey trails across iridescent hide seem to move as the shadows do that Vesper surrounds herself in. Despite her appearance, none are more at home with the Shadowbinder's lands than she. The antlers upon her head are testament to that; standing as both a blessing to the deity she serves and a mockery of her Imperial kin and sister deity.

Shal'anir is the place that Vesper has learnt to call home; the ancient tree holding a dark secret within her deepest bough that Vesper has now sworn to safeguard from the rest of Sornieth. It is on account of this duty that Vesper has become intrinsically tied to the behemoth. As Vesper draws breath, the tree around her moves in sync. As Vesper speaks, the will of Shal'anir is done. They are, in many ways, one and the same. It is because of Shal'anir that Vesper has seen the darkest truths become reality and the twisted shadows the vanishing light casts upon the wall. The beginning and the end intertwine, quickly weaving between one another as she watches until they're indecipherable and become true equilibrium of all that was, all that is, and all that will be.

Yet, in the same breath, Vesper has seen nothing. The pale Pearlcatcher is bound to the great Shal'anir by some force even she does not understand, and what the tree has seen and felt throughout her long reign over the Tangled Wood will sometimes carry over to Vesper's own conscious without her truly being aware of it. Has she heard a dragon's name before, or is it simply another stolen memory? Did she ever truly act out a certain way, or are the desires of the tree bleeding into her own? Even Vesper struggles to decipher her mind from the tree's own, for each thought will be echoed by another; one that both sings in tune with what Vesper wishes and directly opposes that which she stands for.

Vesper can offer no explanation to this uncertainty and simply trusts in her deity to guide her as is necessary. Before, she would be gifted visions of Shal'anir, the majesty of the tree apparent even within her shadow-addled mind. She could feel the Shadowbinder herself pushing her forward and instructing her; bringing Vesper to do what she could not. Yet, recently, her deity has fallen quiet. She has been replaced, for the lack of a better word, by the hivemind of Shal'anir. The tree sings in place of Vesper's deity and while it means the pale Pearlcatcher has not yet lost hope, she has grown to fear for the day Shal'anir falls silent and her beloved Shadowbinder is no-where to be found.
Vesper is an eerily pale dragoness with soft smokey incantations across her hide that, in the perpetual shadow of Shal'anir, seem to constantly move and flicker. Most notably, Vesper has a pair of impressive, albeit delicate, antlers atop her head that draws attention to her and is a clear sign of her status within Shal'anir.
Able to summon and dismiss shadows as will, Vesper is particularly potent in illusion magic and can completely drown a dragon in their deepest desires or worst nightmare in a heartbeat. She's as fickle as any and can completely disappear within the shadows, before materialising somewhere else, and is difficult to pinpoint.
Vesper has a calm, ethereal air to her. She moves with a level of otherworldly grace and speaks in low, hushed tones that carry a strong, and surprising, sense of authority. She is as a mother to those of Shal'anir, but there's an underlying danger about her that often goes unnoticed. She is a shadow dragon after all.

The Old Order «

"What is this place?” Vesper asked, voice reverent and pearl clutched to her chest as she moved through halls cast in silver and shadow.

“She is Shal’anir,” answered the one before her; a lone figure of ebon and ice. He was frail, with piercing blue eyes that long since seemed to have lost the light that life brought, and his tone grated on the ears with a deep, throaty growl punctuating each word. He’d introduced himself only as the ‘Deathsayer’ with a disdainful click towards the pale pearlcatcher that had wandered into what she presumed was his home. It was a simple answer that he gave, which, for him, was more than enough.

Vesper paused for a moment, stopping to examine what appeared to be a column of stone combined with tree bark, the finer wood spiralling around the pillar and adding support as to hold up the earth above their heads. What an odd thing. She’d never seen stone combined with bark in such a way, and she was certain that the stone, at least, was not naturally there.

“Yes, but what is Shal’anir?” Vesper then pressed, moving to rest an ivory claw on the strange column and run down the length of it. “This architecture, the way the ground has given way and formed these... Halls. The strange doorways, twisting passageways, and even the ‘windows’ of metal and glass. None of this is natural, is it?”

The Deathsayer, or, as he’d neglected to say, Sekk, stared down at Vesper with an indecipherable expression on his face. “Shal’anir is a home, a sacred place that was once worshipped. Her chosen have decorated her halls in kind, and she took to those changes well.”

Vesper glanced back towards the eerie skydancer. “Her chosen?” She echoed. “There have been others here before?”

Any other dragon would have hidden their displeasure at having to answer so many questions, but Sekk didn’t bother, and again made the strange warbled hissing sound Vesper had heard him make before. Somehow that grated on her ears more than his voice did. “How else would there be stone within her halls, and intricate designs etched into her boughs? Yes, there have been others before you. There have been others before me. There will be others after me, and there will be others after you. The cycle will go on.”

The pale pearlcatcher gave a low hum of thought. Such cryptic answers, but, in the short time she had known him, the Deathsayer had done the same warping of words with every question asked. She figured best not to dwell on his strange ways, for they were now entering another section of Shal’anir that appeared to be the main hall, and the sight was more than enough to take her breath away and make her momentarily forget her next question.

It was huge, easily able to fit in a dozen imperials and have them all take flight with ease, with the same ornate pillars from before in two rows supporting the ground above. The very floor beneath her paws was of pale grey stone and, just ahead of her, she could see small ‘chambers’ on either side of the hall, each with a small pedestal in the centre. At the head of the hall was a similar chamber, this having a much larger pedestal and an intricate arc above it laced with silver and midnight. Behind, high above the main pedestal, was a dial. It was a circular shape, with the same accents as the arc laced across it. However, instead of nonsensical shapes, these ones were deliberate. They formed what appeared to be a tree, perhaps Shal’anir herself, with the moon cast behind and the shapes of a variety of dragons at her base. A monument to the dragons that had been here before, and homage to the majesty that was their home.

“This is what the Shadowbinder wanted me to see, isn’t it?” Vesper now asked, although this wasn’t a question for Sekk to answer. She moved ahead of him now, and it was with a smooth familiarity that Sekk fell into step beside her, as if he already knew the outcome of this encounter.

“The Shadowbinder has no hold here. You are here because Shal’anir wishes it.” The Deathsayer shifted his wings as he looked to the main pedestal, expression lost beneath the wicked skull he’d adorned himself in. “She’s alive. She has a will, and she has a way.”

Vesper craned her neck towards the ceiling, which seemed impossibly high for being so deep underground. “You said there were others before us,” Vesper prompted, “what happened to them?”

“Shal’anir killed them,” Sekk said simply, ignoring Vesper’s sound of surprise and, no doubt, fear at this revelation. The pearlcatcher immediately stopped walking, instead turning to face the Deathsayer. He blatantly ignored her look of abject horror. “I told you she has a will. Go against that and risk the vision that she has, and these very halls will be your grave.”

“She purges her own?” Vesper asked, eyes fixated on him.

“Of course.” Sekk seemed completely unfazed by the idea and gave a noncommittal shrug. “That’s how the cycle goes. How much do you know of Shal’anir, exactly, Pale One?”

If Vesper found the title odd, she gave no inclination. She suspected it was another one of Sekk’s unique quips. “Very little. I began to see her in my dreams, visions of a great tree whose branches reached out for miles and cast all beneath into darkness, and felt a tugging that I simply couldn’t ignore, but that is all. I have no answers except for the ones you have given me.”

Sekk scoffed, and even Vesper could see the sneer that had etched its way onto his face. A cruel expression for a cruel dragon. “Usually Shal’air chooses those who know of her order, but it seems that, this time, things have changed.” Sekk then moved away from Vesper, instead walking towards one of the pedestals and gesturing with a wicked claw towards it. “Here is where her chosen used to reside. Shal’anir is something of a deity but acts more like a hivemind. Her will is done through those she chooses, and some of her favoured would be given one of these pedestals to stand upon. She named these her ‘paragons’, examples of the strongest, most intelligent, and inexplicably gifted dragons that she has to offer. Many of these would come from her halls, but some would come from outside her realm. These dragons would feel a tugging, like what you described, and would eventually find themselves within her reach. They’d be given the finest adornments and titles, and, in times of need, would be her primary line of attack and defence.”

Vesper listened attentively. As Sekk spoke, her gaze travelled around to each pedestal, and she could see small runes etched into each. Although this looked to be nothing but a bunch of scribbles at a glance, they were, in fact, words. Titles.

The Manipulator. The Wind-Reaver. The Seeker.

“At their head, of course, was the one who would rule them all. This one was above the title of ‘Paragon’, for she was something much more. She was more in tune with Shal’anir than anyone else; she lived and breathed by Her will, and she would see that will done.” Sekk gestured then to the largest of the pedestals, continuing on. All the while, Vesper read off the names on the pedestals, her understanding growing with each one.

The Bloodcaller. The Poisoned Mind. The Forsaken.

Sekk stopped just before the pedestal, gazing up at it with something of a mournful look in his eyes, if such was possible. “We call her the ‘Empress of Shal’anir’, for she is as a queen to her beloved, and is chosen by Shal’anir directly. Some were warmongers, some were peacekeepers, and some will be neither one nor the other. Each, however, is chosen for the specific chapter Shal’anir has in mind, and, when their time ends, another chapter begins. Such is the cycle.”

There were more pedestals, of course, but none aside from another pedestal just to the right of the central one that Vesper felt compelled to read and, as she moved to Sekk’s side to read it, he began to speak to her directly.

“Although I have my doubts, Shal’anir has already made up her mind, and I will not question her.” Dull blue eyes fixated on the pale pearlcatcher before him, strangely burning beneath the mask of bone. “It would appear, Pale One, that Shal’anir has taken you as her new empress. That is why you felt the tugging. That is why you dreamt of her. That is why you’re here. Whatever has happened to you before now has no place here, for this is what you were destined for and that is all that matters.”

Vesper took a few moments to consider what she was being told, and found that, when she could have perhaps been afraid of the gravity of the situation, she instead felt a strange sense of acceptance. This was what she was searching for, she had no doubt. She had much to learn, much to understand, but she would, in time, know all that she needed to know. “And what of her champions? The paragons you spoke of?”

“Your champions will come,” Sekk said in a definitive tone that suggested he was not to be second-guessed on the matter. “As they always do. They may not be the first dragons to arrive, and may very well be the last, but they will be here.”

Vesper gave an inclination of her head. “I trust your word, Deathsayer, yet I have much to learn. If all of what you say is true. I will need an advisor, will I not? Just as a queen has her right-hand, an empress must have her advisor.”

Either Sekk had been expecting the prompt, or he’d known all along that this was how it was going to go, because instead of a crude remark biting back against staying with the pearlcatcher, the skydancer instead bowed his head - a sign of respect in the face of his queen - and with that revealed the final, and already familiar, title carved into the pedestal behind.

The Deathsayer.


» Art «





» Notes «


- Silks on loan. She's giving them a test run


klaxxi'vess art by Blizzard Entertainment
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