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Local tree cultists have angered the tree.
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S h a l ' a n i r
The Shaded Behemoth

Kayro | FR +8


Apo - from
Theos - god

Derived from Apotheosis; the glorification of a subject to a divine, almost god-like level, upon which man is treated as a god. Synonym of paragon.


Shal'anir is a great tree hidden within the Tangled Wood, comparable in size to the great Behemoth and possessing a strange level of sentience of her own. The Order of Shal'anir is something of a cycle; dozens of clans all having once lived within her sacred halls, each following the next as one chapter of Shal'anir's life ended and another began. She seems to have an ultimate goal, although what that ultimate goal is is unknown, and the great tree has been known to turn upon her old denizens in a ritualistic 'purge' that sees the complete destruction of one order as to truly allow for another new one to begin.

Her empress is Vesper, a pale pearlcatcher whose natural skill over shadow magic sees Shal'anir perpetually shrouded from view and almost impossible to get to without being purposefully allowed entry. Beside Vesper stand her two advisors, who once belonged to the old order of Shal'anir and are the only survivors of the previous cycle, as well as her paragons. These paragons are chosen specifically by Shal'anir herself and are under the direct order of the empress. They serve both as the embodiment of her iron will outside of the Tangled Wood, as well as her primary defenders in the event of an attack. The title of paragon of the highest honour, and those who are blessed with such are only the finest warriors and intellectuals that Shal'anir has to offer. To come against one would mean certain death.

While once Shal'anir's empress may have driven them more towards war, the age of Vesper sees a much more peaceful approach that focuses on rebuilding what was lost during the purge and gaining a stable foothold on the Tangled Wood. Warriors and hunters are honourable, while the more intellectual dragons focus on expanding their knowledge of their home that is lost deep within her boughs. Alliances are much more worthwhile than enemies, but, should one double-cross Shal'anir, her children are more than willing to make both.



About me

Just a small lore clan. Constantly torn between aesthetics but the majority of my dragons are purple so I guess this is where it's at. Feel free to message me about lore, I love that sort of stuff, and am always happy to have new allies/enemies - whichever works.
- The Shadowbinder angry at the interference of another god in her lands
- Voiceless dragon that uses the voice of the last dragon it spoke to
- Dragon who reacts horribly to their own element
- Blind dragon who uses sound (in the form of low frequency hums) to locate others
- Enchanter dragon
- Advisor with a band around his muzzle so that he may never speak - either through an oath or through previous disloyalty

Admin note: I tend to use multiple devices on whatever internet I can find, so my IP address can be all over the place


Imperial wyvern - yinglong dragon

Drogon's Visit - peaceful reverence
Breaker of Chains - hopeful promises being made, bonds being forged
Mother of Dragons - rising up to the challenge

Apo - from
Theos - god

Derived from Apotheosis; the glorification of a subject to a divine, almost god-like level, upon which man is treated as a god. Synonym of paragon.


━━━ APOTHEOS ━━━━━━━━━━

The old bones that whisper in the warmth of the rising sun's rays are covered in moss and remain cool from the morning dew, inviting you to stop and rest a while. Here, the air is quiet, filled only with the distant pattering of rain as it encroaches upon the misty horizon, and, although you appear to be alone, there is a voice upon the northbound wind that speaks in tones of unwavering love and adoration.

"Welcome to the Imperium, Stranger. Travel well, and travel safe."


» Apo | She/Her | FR +8

» Just a small lore clan focusing on muted earthern/nature tones

» I take a lot of my inspiration from books/shows/games I really enjoy, and so a lot of my dragons will carry with them a little piece of one of my favourite characters <3

» This is an exalting lair - if you're worried a dragon I have brought from you is going to be exalted, PM me, and we can work something out

» If we have common interests and you'd like to talk about them, my PMs are always open <3


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October 29, 2022 11:41:40
Ahhh thank you so much. She is definitely one of my fav characters in the show and I hope she returns on Season 2.
October 23, 2022 12:41:43
Mortified to report they only produced 1 egg.
October 22, 2022 15:10:05
sure thing! I can host again no problem <3
October 17, 2022 09:28:48
Cenarius and Eonar had 3 eggs and Malorne and Gaia had 2!
September 16, 2022 23:51:39
Thank you very much for the kind comment about my Lair. I am happy to hear that my Snappers could inspire you, this really means a lot to me. :> You too have really gorgeous dragons, I adore your Reina & ShianHu. They are wonderful! *.*
September 15, 2022 08:33:30
2 eggs :/
September 14, 2022 16:16:07
Sure, send them up ^^
September 09, 2022 11:14:38
3 eggs for Malorne but only 1 egg for Cenarius :/
August 12, 2022 04:32:21
AAA THANK YOU. They have fully finished lore, I swear, I just haven't gotten around to compressing it into something that would fit in a dragon bio sjdndj Thank you again, they're very dear to me and I love when other people find joy in them :D
July 27, 2022 09:21:06
Jarak is such a beautiful dragon!
July 09, 2022 09:59:27
This lair is owned by a certified cabinet
June 29, 2022 02:33:23
Malorne and Gaia laid three eggs! Hope the hatchlings are what you're looking for <3
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