Lumiere (#2665275)
Level 7 Imperial
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Crowned Bonepriest
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Light.
Male Imperial
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24.22 m
22.49 m
8296.06 kg


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Mar 16, 2014
(9 years)



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Eye Type
Level 7 Imperial
EXP: 180 / 11881


{Quote is a w.i.p.}

Lumiere, Part 1, Volume I


A great blue Imperial drifted his way out into the grand hallway, a lazy smile spread across his face as a yellow and green Guardian followed him.

“I understand, Alga,” the Imperial said. “Just remember that I'll always be here whenever you need me.”

The Guardian, Alga, kept a stony gaze on her yellow face, her blue eyes narrowed. “I'm aware of that, Lumiere,” she forced her voice to sound calm, “and you need to remember that it's not time.”

“So you say,” Lumiere sounded bored, and he cocked one white brow. Pricking his ears, he heard other voices just down the hall. Turning his head, he saw a grey Mirror walking with a white and black Nocturne. The Imperial's smile widened.

“Must you?” asked Alga.

“Oh, I only wish to welcome your dear brother back.” Lumiere started making his way towards the other two dragons. “I didn't get the chance to when he came home, you see.”

Alga released a heavy sigh. “I know.”


“And that's why Alyss—”

“Okay! Sorry I asked.”

Rockpools smiled at Dewlap. “Have you learned your lesson?”

Dewlap grimaced. “Never wonder something out loud around you again.”

“However, I need to ask you something.” Rocky saw that Dewlap was about to protest, but he interrupted the Nocturne. “It's not about your power.”

Dewlap relaxed slightly. “Very well.”

“Sooo, Red's been acting strange lately...”


“Boy, guess I should've also mentioned it's not related to the whole Al thing,” Rocky grinned sheepishly.

Dewlap rubbed his temple with a three-clawed paw and closed his eyes for a couple moments. “Don't do that again.” Lowering his paw, he asked, “Strange how?”

“Well, it just surprises me that he hasn't glued himself to my side since...” Rocky trailed off and stopped walking.

Dewlap stopped and stood next to the young Mirror. “Since you got back?”


Thinking for a moment, the Nocturne asked, “You wouldn't happen to be his charge, would you?”

“Is that it? Wouldn't being separated from him during the storm make him more protective?”

“I could be wrong, but I think he feels as though he's—”


Rocky and Dewlap almost leaped out of their own scales at the sound of the voice behind them. Turning their heads back, a four-winged, four-antlered Imperial stood staring after them.

Rocky frowned. “You really think he failed, Lumiere?”

“Well, technically no. He thinks he did.”

Rocky winced at his words. “I shouldn't...we shouldn't have been out in that storm.”

Lumiere pouted. “I'm sure he'd feel better if you paid him a visit. Leaving him alone with April can't be good for his health.”

Rocky perked up. “Y'know, I will. I was just showing Dewlap here more of the castle anyway.”

Lumiere widened his eyes and grinned. “So this is the famous drake I've heard all about? The one who returned you safe and sound?” He tried meeting the Nocturne's gaze, but this Dewlap seemed reluctant to meet his. “You know, I haven't seen any of his kind in so long.”

The Mirror and Nocturne stiffened. Rocky cleared his throat before asking, “His kind?”

“Why, wizards.” Lumiere's smile never wavered. “What else could I possibly mean?”

“Right! Of course!” Rocky and Dewlap both laughed as they turned to walk again. “Well! Better go check on my big brother...” Rocky trailed off.

In a blinding flash of white, Lumiere appeared directly in front of Dewlap. Yellow eyes boring into pale green. “So sorry I couldn't have made your acquaintance over last night's feast. I had to attend to.” A deep chuckle rumbled in the Imperial's throat.

Dewlap remained still, and Rocky looked back and forth from the Imperial to the Nocturne. His blue smile widening, Lumiere said, “Nervous, are we?”

“Uhh...” Dewlap said.

“Of course, being in a castle full of dragons can be a tad overwhelming after spending so much time alone.” Shrugging, Lumiere strode between Rocky and Dewlap, walking back the way he'd come from. “Say hello to Red for me, will you?” he called over his shoulder, leaving the Mirror and Nocturne alone.

Rocky stared after Lumiere until the blue Imperial was out of his sight. Turning back to Dewlap, he'd noticed the Nocturne hadn't moved. “I think he knows,” Rocky whispered.

Dewlap just glared.

Lumiere, Part 2, Volume I


Continued from Trove Part 1

Dewlap tossed and turned in his bed. He stretched underneath the covers and buried his head deeper into the pillow. The white and black Nocturne sighed, heaving himself out of bed. Holding one paw in front of his face, he blew softly into it, and a light illuminated his palm. Reaching for the nightstand, he covered his yellowed horns with his sagging hat and wrapped the burlap mantle around his neck, and head for the door. Unlocking it as quietly as he could, Dewlap slowly opened the wooden door and stepped out into the dark hall, closing the door behind him.

Looking around, Dewlap could see nodrake else in sight. Why would they be? It was late, but Dewlap just couldn't stay asleep. So he started making his way down one end of the hall, his light guiding him. The Nocturne silently cursed his misfortune to himself as he passed each closed door that hid snoring dragons behind each one.

When he reached the railing above the main foyer, Dewlap thought he heard metal tapping on the stone floor below, but he couldn't see anything. Swallowing his unease, he tiptoed his way to the stairs, stepping down quietly, his other paw gripping the railing.

Dewlap's feet touched the first floor, and he stopped when he saw a figure by the castle main entrance. When he realized who it was, he relaxed slightly.

“Astraeus, what're you still doing here?” the Nocturne asked the pied Skydancer, who was facing away from him. “Don't Urdin and Bogatyr take over the night shift?”

The armoured Skydancer didn't answer, and Dewlap tensed as he moved closer. “Rae?” Dewlap reached one paw towards the guard and when he touched an armoured shoulder, Astraeus suddenly whipped around and Dewlap almost wasn't quick enough to keep his eyes averted from the Skydancer's. He heard the pied dragon say something, or at least try to, but Dewlap couldn't make it out, and he started backing away as the Skydancer advanced on him, taking jerky steps towards the Nocturne.

Dewlap laughed nervously. “Okay. Y'know what? I can see you're tired. Do you need help getting to your room? I'll go see if I can find...”

Astraeus lowered his body and leaped at the Nocturne, but Dewlap brought his other paw up and caught Astraeus in a shimmering bubble, holding the pied drake in midair. The Skydancer silently howled in frustration.

Dewlap's heart thundered against his ribs. He was having a nightmare. That's it. Why else would Astraeus be acting the same way Rocky had described himself when he'd been—

He gasped, and the bubble surrounding Astraeus disappeared, sending the Skydancer crashing to the floor.

Dewlap didn't need to look to know what had just happened, but he still did.

He shivered. He knew that sword. Only one dragon in the entire clan thought he needed one.

Aerico...” Dewlap hoarsely whispered before his shaking legs gave way. The Nocturne stumbled and fell onto his side, the blue-striped Spiral standing over him.

The light in Dewlap's paw flickered a few times before it died, and darkness shrouded all three dragons. Dewlap tried snapping his claws, hoping to send himself away, but nothing happened. He could barely make out Astraeus now on his feet and stalked towards him.

“” Dewlap kept desperately trying to to snap his claws, until eventually he hadn't the strength to.

When Aerico stretched out his white claws and Astraeus lifted an armoured paw, Dewlap suddenly found himself surrounded by a blinding flash of white, and the Spiral and Skydancer were no longer in sight. In fact, neither was the castle.

It was still dark wherever Dewlap now was, but not as dark as the castle. A thin layer of fog moved sluggishly across the ground and him. He tried to lift his body, but Dewlap only fell back onto his side, gasping in pain.

“Need some help?”

Dewlap jumped at the voice, his hammering heart jolted and sent another wave of agony through his chest.

You,” Dewlap hissed in accusation.

“Come now, is that any way to greet your rescuer?” Lumiere tutted.

Dewlap's vision started to blur and he began feeling cold. “Please...”

“Oh all right,” Lumiere said as he moved towards the Nocturne. “But try to keep still. This is really going to hurt.” He pressed one blue claw to the blade's tip and pushed.

Dewlap screamed and cursed. When the sword vanished from sight, Dewlap released heavy breaths of relief, his vision cleared as he blinked. The Nocturne steadily got to his feet and lifted his mantle, but instead of seeing a gaping hole, there was now only a faint scar.

“Trust me,” Lumiere began, “you definitely would not have wanted Al's help over mine.” The four-winged, four-antlered Imperial eyed the sword he'd pulled from the wizard's body. “Even when he's being controlled, that Spiral still has the best aim. His sword went straight through the centre of your heart.”

“Don't remind me,” Dewlap grumbled.

Lumiere shrugged and blew smoke over the sword, making it vanish.

“'d you know Aerico was being controlled?” Dewlap asked suspiciously.

“I could see what was going on when I was bringing you here,” Lumiere explained casually. "But I couldn't see who was controlling him or Rae."

“And how did you know exactly where I was?”

Lumiere huffed. “Really? That's how you're going to steer this conversation? Have it your way. When your body was dying, your very soul called out to me for help...well not to me the nearest source of magic greater than yours, which happened to be me.” Lumiere allowed a wide smile to spread across his blue face. “I see you're taking this case seriously. A dragon like you, who's spent almost his entire life alone, suddenly willing to risk his biggest secret being exposed in front of an entire clan of dragons, just to help one. Not to mention the fact that when Rocky was being controlled, you just happened to show up both times it happened.” The Imperial leaned in close to the Nocturne, who shrank back slightly, but kept his gaze on Lumiere's. “And if that's not suspicious, I don't know what is,” he finished, his grin never wavering.

Dewlap sighed. “Good point. And maybe you didn't do it. You were just the only dragon in this clan that I've met so far with powerful magic. And I thought...”

“Oh, if I'd been the one controlling Rocky or those two clowns, they'd be doing much more amusing things, believe me.”

“Unfortunately, I do.” Dewlap rubbed his temple in annoyance, then stopped, his pale eyes widening. “Wait a second...” he said and lowered his arm, “when this whole thing started, it was only Rocky being controlled...and now...”

Lumiere had shrunken himself. Though he was still larger than the Nocturne, the Imperial was about Rocky's size. He grabbed Dewlap and lifted the wizard up to his blue face. “That's it! Use your magical mind! Think!” he encouraged Dewlap. “Why would those two idiots start being controlled now?”

“Somedrake must've overheard me talking to Rocky about why it was only happening to him, and that it might've had something to do with somedrake having a grudge against Mirrors. It wasn't until just after that that now those two are having the same thing happen to them.” Dewlap furrowed his brows and frowned as he continued to think out loud. “Whoever's doing this must've started controlling them to turn my attention away from why it was just happening to Rocky.” He sighed. “And I still have no guess why he was the main target.”

Lumiere set the Nocturne back down. “But you're not going to let that young drake down, are you?” he asked.

Dewlap glared up at him. “Of course not. I just need more time, which I'm running out of before somedrake else finds out about my ability, and then I'll never be any help to him. Can I at least trust you to keep it a secret?”

“I won't tell a soul.”

Dewlap rolled his eyes and groaned. “Thank you.”

“That's all I needed to hear!” Lumiere then grew back to his normal giant size and towered above Dewlap, still smiling down at him. He waved one arm around them, making the fog disappear. “Good luck, you'll need it.”

The last thing Dewlap saw in that void was the Imperial's great blue smile, then everything went black.

The Nocturne woke up gasping as he sat up straight in bed. Quickly glancing around his dark room, he blew a shaky breath into one palm and a light illuminated his paw, and saw his hat and mantle on the nightstand by his bed. Sighing in relief, Dewlap extinguished his light and sank back down and slept.


The next morning, sunlight streamed through the heavy curtains, lighting the Nocturne's room and waking him up. Dewlap yawned, and pulling the blankets off of him, what he saw made his heart lurch.

There, on his black chest, was a faint scar.

A few raps at his door made the old Nocturne jump.

“Y-yes?” Dewlap asked.

When the knob turned, Dewlap quickly brought the covers up.

“You didn’t forget, did you?” the grey Mirror wondered as he opened the door and took a step in. Rocky tilted his head as he looked at the Nocturne. “You okay?”

“Yeah yeah, just fine. Forget what? What’re you talking about?”

“The special mission that Dad sent you on with Ari, Aerico and Astraeus?”

At the mention of the Spiral’s and Skydancer’s names, Dewlap widened his pale eyes and started shaking.

“You sure you’re all right?” Rocky asked him.

“Just...cold,” Dewlap replied as he gave one final shiver.

Rocky stared at him for a couple of moments longer before shrugging. “Well, you better get goin’. They wanted to leave at dawn.”

“Oh that’s right,” Dewlap chuckled as he reached for the nightstand, and he swiftly wrapped his burlap mantle around his neck and chest before removing the blankets and getting out of bed. “You tend to forget some things when you get old,” he said as he covered his yellowed horns with his hat.

“Speaking of which, Lumiere said he forgot to tell you ‘no problem’, whatever that means.”

Continued in Astraeus Part 1

Amazing art by AEtherium (429224)
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