Alga (#21904045)
Level 4 Guardian
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Energy: 48/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Water.
Female Guardian
This dragon cannot breed until Jun 16, 2023 (7 days).
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11.79 m
12.46 m
7875.31 kg


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Mar 12, 2016
(7 years)



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Eye Type
Level 4 Guardian
EXP: 2244 / 4027


{Quote is a w.i.p.}

Alga, Part 1


Three little Guardians scampered down the halls of the dimly lit and empty castle. Giggling to each other, the larger, brown male chased after his younger sisters as they laughed, galloping away.

“Can't catch us, Mud!” Coral teased, flaring her pink wings as she ran just behind Alga.

As Alga lead the way, she couldn't help but study the ancient walls as the trio ran by. Their parents, Kelpbeard and Saline, had detected nodrake else within the old fortress with their magic. Mudflat, Coral and Alga now roamed freely and explored as much as they could, and they'd only just moved in today!

“How big do you think this castle is?” Alga wondered aloud.

“Mama and Papa said there could even be hidden rooms,” Mud said. “Even they don't know! But we'll be the first to find out.”

“We're famous explorers,” Coral added, her blue eyes lighting up, “discovering unknown passages and defending our home from evil!” she laughed, chasing Alga as Mud followed them.

Their chests heaved as they ran on, uncertain just for how long they'd been racing through the halls. They turned sharp corners, flew up and down long and short flights of stairs, and played several games of hide and seek in different rooms. All of which had long been abandoned. When they finally gave in, they trudged out of the last room, staggering until collapsing into a pile of fitful giggles.

“What should we do now?” Mudflat gasped.

“Alga,” Coral piped, “you're our sorceress, can you sense anydrake lurking in the shadows?” she added with playful hiss.

“I'll practice my magic later,” the little yellow she-drake puffed, smiling. “Aren't you guys...” she trailed off, tilting her head slightly as if listening to something.

“Tired?” Mud finished for her. He attempted to rise, then sank back to the floor. “Maybe,” he admitted. “But what if there's still so much more we haven't seen of this place yet?”

“We want to show Mama and Papa around after they've figured out how to cast a protection spell around the whole castle,” Coral nodded. She gazed after Alga when her sister suddenly scrambled up and looked one way, then the other. “What is it, Alga?” Coral asked her, rising to her own paws.

“I...I don't know. I think...I can feel something.” Without another word, Alga started down to one end of the darkening hall, with Coral and Mudflat on her heels.

“Maybe it's Mama's and Papa's spells trying to work,” Mud said, but Alga shook her head.

“This is different, more powerful,” the little yellow she-drake hushed.

“Who could be more powerful than our own parents?” Coral scoffed, smiling. “They could be king and queen of this castle!”

Neither Coral nor Mudflat dared to say another word as Alga lead them further. Only their pawsteps echoed softly against the stone all around them as they strode by. Mud and Coral nearly bumped into Alga when she stopped suddenly and she stared straight ahead a wall of dirt.

Coral and Mud exchanged looks. “Is this dirt exciting, Alga?” Mud wondered uncertainly.

“This is the source of the magic,” Alga whispered, tracing the wall with a glowing, blue claw. The soil began to crumble away with her own magic, and the three young dragons stepped back as a wide, dark hole had opened up before them.

“Sh-should we get Mama and Papa?” Coral stuttered.

“I thought we were famous explorers,” Mudflat countered with a small smile.

“But what if there's something down there?”

“Not something,” Alga said softly, “but somedrake.”

Mudflat snorted. “Father said that he and Mother couldn't detect any other dragons here. How do you know if somedrake is hiding in this tunnel?”

“They must have built this wall,” Alga said, stepping inside, and Coral and Mud suddenly stood straight in shock.

“Where are you going?” Coral hissed. “Shouldn't we go get...” she trailed off, watching her sister venture deeper until she was nearly swallowed by the darkness. “Wait for us!” she called after Alga, and she and Mudflat galloped after her.

The deeper they went, the brighter Alga's paws glowed blue, and her elder siblings stuck close to her and her light.

What was this sound she was hearing? Alga thought to herself. A steady, slow and deep beat filled her, driving her forward and further down the compact dirt tunnel. She didn't know how far or how long they've all been walking, and none of them said a word the entire journey. When Alga's light spread and filled a wider space, she, Mud and Coral halted, their dark eyes stared to the huge, coiled shadow in the middle.

“Is that...” Coral started, quivering.

“A dragon?” Mudflat finished for her.

Alga said nothing, only inching closer.

It was another dragon. The still scales shone blue under Alga's bright paws. Large, wide wings were tucked at the sides, and when she glanced up, she gasped.

“I've never seen any Imperial with that many antlers,” Mudflat said. “Are they dead?”

“No,” Alga hushed. “He's breathing, but very slowly. I think he's just asleep.” She moved closer still, towards the deep pounding from the huge dragon's chest.

“You're not going to wake him, are you?” Coral asked, trembling. “We don't know what he's like.”

Alga gave no indication that she heard her sister, instead reaching forward with one paw. This was the sound that had lead her here, this dragon's beating heart, she was sure. But...why? When she pressed her glowing palm to the Imperial's yellow chest, his eyes shot open and he sucked in an explosive gasp.

Coral yelped and Mudflat leapt in front of her, flaring his wings. As he called to Alga, he froze when the blue Imperial's own wings stretched and flapped—all four of them.

The three little Guardians dug their claws into the ground as the strong breeze beat at them. When the big blue Imperial finally ceased, he froze, staring down to Alga, his yellow eyes meeting her blue ones.

“Do you know why you woke me?” he asked her.

Alga couldn't respond as she remained still, instead shaking her head slightly.

The corners of Lumiere's jaws curled up. “You will.”

Continued in Silver Part 1

Alga, Part 2, Volume I
The deal.


Continued from Bogatyr Part 1

Wind howled as rain began pelting down hard against sea and shore. Waves crashed onto the beach and rocks, as if trying to reach the two dragons that had taken shelter in a large cave.

Rockpools spent the past few minutes shaking his body, trying to rid himself of the leftover snot that the Imperial Lumiere had left. The grey Mirror was wringing out his hood as Dewlap simply snapped his claws and the Nocturne’s hat and mantle instantly dried. He glanced over to Rocky and flicked his wrist, drying the young dragon’s hood.

“Thank you,” Rocky quietly said, sliding his hood back over his head and covering his neck.

Dewlap said nothing, trudging over to the cave’s wide entrance, and he sat on his haunches, watching the storm rage overhead.

“Is this the part where we discuss our plan?” Rocky asked hopefully, managing a weak smile.

Dewlap breathed a heavy sigh. “There is no plan,” he said, not turning to face the Mirror.

Rocky froze and stared at him. “What? But I thought—”

“Didn’t you see what happened back there?” Dewlap snapped. “They know what I am, and we still don’t know who’s been controlling you or why.”

“Then why can’t we just go back and explain everything?”

“If whoever’s been doing this is alerted, we’ll never find them if they decide to stop.” Dewlap sighed. “And your parents will never believe me if we did, dragons like them were taught to hate those like me, and it only makes it worse now that they know what I did to you.”

Rocky’s body and voice began shaking. “So that’s it then? You’re giving up?”

“Yes!” Dewlap roared as a flash of lightning illuminated the sky and shore. The old Nocturne didn’t move as he continued to stare outside. “I can’t go back. You don’t know what it’s like to be considered a threat to everydrake around you. I’m better off alone, it’s why I left—” he paused, his voice cracking.

“Why you left Trove?” Rocky asked quietly. He expected Dewlap to rage at him again for mentioning the Spiral’s name, but the Nocturne said nothing for several silent moments as thunder rumbled in the distance.

“She’s a different dragon because of me,” Dewlap said, his voice devoid of emotion. “I never should’ve done that to her. You and I wouldn’t even be in this mess if I hadn’t found you, either.”

Rocky winced at his words, and a lump caught in his throat, but he swallowed it. “Y’know something?” he asked, frowning, “I do know what it’s like to be a threat. That’s every day of my life, not knowing when my controller’s going to strike next and force me to attack my own family. If Red hadn’t stopped me that day, April would’ve been killed because of me.” He paused, trying to slow his hammering heart. “And...I trusted you. And you’re right, okay? I’ll never forgive you for searching my memories. I can’t. But I still need your help. I can’t go back knowing that I’ll hurt or kill somedrake else. But you’re wrong about one thing. They don’t know what you are. You’re a soul searcher, not the evil dragon they think you are.”

Dewlap slowly rose to his feet but still didn’t face the young dragon. “I’m sorry. It’s over.”

Rocky’s eyes stung and he barely managed to blink back tears. “Then leave,” he said, looking away.


Rocky widened his four blue eyes and turned his head to look to Dewlap again as the Nocturne spread his black wings and sprang out of the cave, into the raging storm. Rocky trotted up to the entrance, scanning the sky above. He only stared after Dewlap until the old dragon had vanished into the thick clouds as lightning flashed all around.


The raindrops felt like ice trying to pierce his wings. Thunder rumbled as it laughed at him. Dewlap only looked straight ahead, staring at nothing. He beat his heavy wings as he flew on, not caring where the storm took him.

He suddenly frowned and trembled. Balling his paws into tight fists, he roared over the deafening wind.


A louder crack of thunder sounded closer, and Dewlap closed his eyes as it bellowed in his ears. He kept beating his wings, and another flash appeared ahead of him. He squinted. He’d never seen flashes of that colour before—

He didn’t have time to gasp as intense pain fired throughout his entire body when another flash filled his vision. Dewlap’s wings stopped beating, and he was almost certain his heart had, as well, as he began to plummet towards the Sea below, his vision darkening.


The unconscious body of a Nocturne lay still. His feet and tip of his tail twitched as he slowly opened his pale eyes before suddenly shutting them tight. Wherever he was now, everywhere was white.


He barely heard the voice as his ears rang. The next time it spoke, it was clearer.


He opened his eyes again, and they slowly adjusted to the brightness around him. Dewlap spotted a lean grey shape standing just in front of him, its large aqua eyes looking down at him, and the Nocturne immediately averted his own eyes when he realized who he’d been looking into.

Silver?” Dewlap whispered in disbelief.

The Spiral before him nodded and gave Dewlap a small smile. Silver leaned down and reached for Dewlap’s paws with his own, gripping them gently and pulling the Nocturne to his feet. Dewlap had closed his eyes when he now stood with him.

“I didn’t think I’d see you again so soon,” Silver quietly said, a gentle smile on his grey face.

When Dewlap found his voice, he murmured, “Why are you here? Where...” he trailed off, then remembering falling after being struck. “Am I dead?” he asked, looking around.

Silver shook his head. “No.” His big eyes tried meeting Dewlap’s, but the Nocturne kept his own looked away. “Please, Dewlap, don’t be afraid to look at me.”

“You know why I can’t.”

Silver’s smile dropped and he looked to Dewlap forlornly. “Oh, why do you let yourself be tormented so?” He tried lifting Dewlap’s head with one paw, but the old Nocturne turned his pale face away. “You helped me when the others and I were trapped. We recognized your hatred for Marica, and...well, I’m so sorry for what we did to you, but I have to thank you for freeing me. And now it’s my turn to help you.” Silver paused and glanced to the side, another small smile escaping him. “But it’s not just me.”

Dewlap soon caught sight of two more draconian shapes walking towards them. A yellow Guardian with brilliant green wings was flanked by a grinning, four-antlered, four-winged blue Imperial.

Alga?” Dewlap whispered hoarsely, his green eyes widening.

The Guardian wore a solemn expression as she nodded.

“Why are you here?” Dewlap croaked. “How can any of you possibly help me after what I did?” he said to Silver and Alga. “I’m so sorry I searched Rocky’s memories, Alga. Something like that shouldn’t happen to anydrake.”

Alga said nothing for a few moments. When she glanced over to Lumiere, the Imperial smiled and he wiggled his white brows twice. Alga sighed, turning back to Dewlap and said, “Dewlap, why did you search his memories?”

“I...” Dewlap’s voice shook when he started, “I don’t know. I thought...that I’d be helping him figure out what was going on. And...because he thought himself to be cursed. Just like myself.”

“Dewlap,” Alga seemed to hesitate, “do you know why we’ve all come to you now?”

When the Nocturne didn’t answer right away, Silver moved to stand between Dewlap and the others. “Wait. Is it really the only way?”

“Is what the only way?” Dewlap asked, hanging his head.

Blue paws suddenly held the Nocturne’s chin, and Dewlap’s head was slightly lifted, his eyes widening as they now stared into the yellow of Lumiere. The Imperial never blinked as he stared back, pressing his forehead against Dewlap’s and he widened his own bright eyes.

Dewlap didn’t dare speak for a few silent moments. When he decided to break that silence, he sighed and asked, “What are you doing?”

The corners of Lumiere’s mouth slowly began curving upwards. “Just thinking, that’s all.”

Dewlap glared. “Well, your ‘thinking’ is creeping me out.”

“Oh can I tell him?” Lumiere asked eagerly, looking back to Alga and Silver.

“Tell me what?” Dewlap asked, casting quick glances from dragon to dragon.

Alga looked as if she were about to speak, but then she slightly slumped her shoulders and looked to Lumiere again.

Lumiere rose to his feet and stepped back to stand beside her. “There is in fact a way for me to remove your ability,” the Imperial told Dewlap, his blue grin stretching, “ requires another extraction, first.”

Dewlap could only stare back at him before finding his voice again. “You can? How?”

“I’m so glad you’ve asked!” Lumiere exclaimed, snapping his claws. Flashes appeared before chairs were poofed into existence underneath both dragons, and another flash as a large desk sat between them. A scroll glided towards Dewlap from behind Lumiere.

“What’s that?” Alga asked, sidestepping.

“Just something I whipped up for this occasion,” Lumiere said, smiling to her. Turning back to Dewlap, the Imperial continued. “Have a read through, and feel free to ask me anything you have trouble understanding.”

The glowing scroll illuminated Dewlap’s pale face, and he started reading from the top of the page. The more he scanned each paragraph, the more he widened his eyes in shock and his body began shaking. Once he’d finished reading, he suddenly leaned against the back of his seat.

“You need my soul?!” he screeched.

“Oh Dewlap, really. I don’t see what you’re getting all worked up over. After all, I’m not like—”

Lumiere was suddenly interrupted by a distant but shrill blood-curdling scream. Every dragon jumped. Except for the Imperial, who looked vaguely amused.

Silver’s eyes became round with wonder and fear. “What was that?” he asked Lumiere.

“I think you mean who, dear boy.” Lumiere’s grin stretched, and a deep chuckle rumbled in his throat before it grew into maniacal laughter.

Lumiere!” Alga hissed.

The big blue Imperial immediately clamped his jaws shut, though he still maintained his crazed grin.

“Who else is here?” the Guardian asked, frowning.

“Don’t worry your little heads,” Lumiere said to them as he struggled to keep a straight face. “Marica won’t be able to find us in this corner of my void.”

“Marica?!” the other three dragons echoed with shock.

“She's trapped in her own mind, she won't even know we're here,” Lumiere huffed. “Have you any more questions about our contract?” he asked Dewlap.

Before Dewlap could answer, Alga spoke up again. “Isn’t there any way he could just be unconscious? Why does the soul have to be extracted?”

“I don’t need it personally,” Lumiere reassured them, “by separating soul from body, it’s just so he won’t feel any pain or anything unbearable when I have to remove his ability. And if he were merely unconscious, he’d still be in his body. And if he’s still in his body, I’d risk touching the soul. And we can’t have that, now, can we?”

The others only stared after Lumiere in complete silence, and Alga shifted from each foot.

“Is it really the only way?” Dewlap asked.

“Well,” Lumiere began as he twirled one whisker with a blue claw in thought, “if you really have no need for your ability...” he trailed off, smiling again as he gestured to the scroll.

Alga looked down to the Nocturne. “You don’t have to agree to this,” she warned.

“Of course he doesn’t,” Lumiere said, his smile never wavering. “This is entirely his decision to make. If he wants me to help find his power and remove it, he’ll sign. If he chooses not to, he can just go back to being a lonely dragon, never to meet anydrake’s eyes and risk being hunted down again.” The Imperial leaned back against his chair and folded his arms across his yellow chest. “No pressure.”

Dewlap’s mind reeled. Could he really do this? How long would it be before he turned insane from searching all of those memories? From having all of those nightmares? But this was crazy. He knew he shouldn’t agree to something like this.

“I...” Dewlap’s voice shook.

A small vial suddenly began drifting from the desk’s top through the air towards Dewlap. When it stopped just in front of him, he peered inside. It was filled with a black ink.

“Before you make your choice,” Lumiere started, “allow me to make my mark.”

The others could only stare as they watched one of the Imperial’s blue paws detach itself from the wrist and glide down to the scroll. The paw dipped a single claw into the vial, and when it retracted, ink dripped once back into the vial and it scratched Lumiere’s name at the bottom of the scroll in smooth loops. The paw then flew hastily back and reattached itself back to its wrist.

Dewlap took a deep breath. He swiftly dipped one of his own claws into the vial, and a few drops of ink splattered on the floor. He lifted his trembling paw and looked away, scrawling his own name. When he finished, the names of both dragons glowed yellow and green before the scroll and vial vanished in puffs of smoke.

That’s the spirit!” Lumiere laughed. He flared each of his four great wings before suddenly gasping loudly in pain. He jerked and writhed and snarled and growled as his wings cracked and shrunk. A few blue feathers drifted down as his wings began transforming into arms.

Each dragon shivered when Lumiere laughed once more.

Ow. I haven’t done that for a long time,” Lumiere said, exposing his fangs in a wide grin. Looking down to Dewlap, he asked, “Shall we begin?” his deep voice purred as he rubbed every paw together.

Dewlap widened his green eyes and his body trembled. “I’ve changed my mind,” he said, eyeing Lumiere’s new paws.

“Oh don’t be such a scaredy-drake,” Lumiere tutted. “You read and agreed to our deal. When we signed our names, I promised to find and remove your power and never lay a single claw on your soul, and you promised not to resist my pull.”

“How are you going to pull his soul without touching it?” Silver asked, glaring up to Lumiere.

The Imperial smiled down to Silver. “I understand that you don’t want him feeling the same pain you did, but I’m not like Marica. I give my victims fair warning before taking the soul. Besides, I’m not going to hold him,” he went on, and a squat glass jar appeared is wisps of smoke into his paws, “this is.”

Dewlap took several deep breaths as he stared at the glass. He tried looking to Alga and Silver without directly meeting their gazes, but both dragons said nothing and they turned their heads away. Dewlap turned his own attention back to Lumiere and the big blue dragon leaned his body across the desk and down to the Nocturne, who began to slowly lean back against his chair, holding the jar in front of Dewlap’s eyes.

“I recommend relaxing,” Lumiere said, lowering his voice and rubbing one claw around the rim of the jar. “Let your body loosen,” he resumed, and a deep ringing sounded from the glass, “and let the song hold you,” he then withdrew his paw as the glass continued its haunting ring, “as you let go.”

Dewlap could only listen to the ringing that sounded around the rim of the glass. He soon found himself unable to tear his gaze away from the jar and he felt a similar tug from when he was back in Marica’s home, but this time it was gentler. He thought he heard his name being whispered, but he could see out of the corners of his eyes that none of the other dragons were moving their jaws. His breathing slowed and his grip on his body was slipping. A sigh escaped Dewlap’s throat and mouth and he was finally pulled from his body, floating into the glass as he watched helplessly when he saw his body falling into Lumiere’s arms.

Lumiere swiftly placed a cork into the top of the jar and lifted the Nocturne’s body onto the desk, placing the glass to the side.

“Now,” the Imperial said, directing a small smile to the ghostly figure in the jar and stretched every claw, “the real fun begins.”

Dewlap pressed his translucent palms against the wall of the glass, staring after Lumiere as the Imperial began placing each blue paw right through the Nocturne’s still body. He watched in despair and horror as every one of Lumiere’s paws dug around, except one.

Lumiere furrowed his white brows in concentration. He pressed and rubbed five of his paws through the body, each one sliding along scales, organs, muscles, and bones. The sixth paw he kept in the Nocturne’s chest, cupping the heart as he monitored its steady beat. When he brushed the lungs, small breaths escaped through his patient’s jaws.

Dewlap himself held his paws up to the glass, and he tried calling to the Imperial digging through his body.

Lumiere, please! I need to go back! My body’s still alive!

Alga turned her yellow head to look at the Nocturne’s ghost as she heard his plaintive wails. She couldn’t tell what Dewlap was saying, but the Guardian thought for certain the sound would break her heart. When Alga gazed to Lumiere, the blue Imperial didn’t seem to notice as he kept his yellow eyes focused on his work.

Lumiere,” her voice shook.

The Imperial didn’t look up when he answered. “You know I’d love nothing more than to stop and engage in a pleasant talk with you, Alga,” he said, smiling once before dropping it, “but if I do, he can’t be returned.”

“Then why can’t you just return him now?” Alga’s voice cracked. “He’s...”

“I know it’s hard to ignore his cries,” Lumiere’s voice softened, “and he will be returned, just as soon as I can find...” he trailed off, raising one white brow. “How interesting. It should be here,” he said, dragging one paw from the Nocturne’s forehead down to the eyes. “I’ve already searched everywhere else, but it’s not...”

“You can’t find it?”

Another wail sounded from the glass.

Lumiere slowly lifted his head and turned to look in the jar. The translucent head of Dewlap looked up to meet his eyes, and the big blue dragon grinned.

“Of course,” he said, reaching for the jar with one paw. “It’s always the last place you look.” Lumiere grasped it and a deep chuckle rumbled in his throat when he removed the cork with a pop.

Alga and Silver widened their blue and aqua eyes at him in horror.

“Lumiere, no,” Silver croaked.

“Your promise!” Alga screamed to the Imperial, her voice shaking.

“I promised to remove his ability once I’ve found it, haven’t I?” The grin on Lumiere’s blue face never wavered, his eyes never looking away from the soul residing in the jar as he held it close to his face.

Nodrake spoke for several stunned moments. Alga and Silver could only stare at Lumiere as the Imperial inspected the ghostly figure in the glass, still moving the rest of his blue paws through the Nocturne’s body. The only sound came from the still body when Lumiere brushed one palm along lungs in small sighs escaping the jaws.

Unfortunately,” Lumiere said, breaking that silence, “I also made another promise.” He tilted the jar down close to Dewlap’s body in front of the closed eyes. “Now back you go.”

Dewlap didn’t move for a couple of moments. He cast one last look up to Lumiere before finally floating forward and slowly entered his body through the eyes as Lumiere pulled each of his blue paws away.

A single explosive gasp sounded from Dewlap’s body as his green eyes shot open. He drew in several deep breaths and stared straight ahead.

“Remind me to never make a deal with you again,” the white and black dragon grumbled as he wheezed, stiffly rising to his feet.

“Oh don’t give me that look,” Lumiere tutted. “I returned you safe and sound, didn’t I?” he finished, smiling again.

“And I trusted you to...”

Lumiere leaned down. “Yes?”

“To help me,” Dewlap finished, his gaze turning distant.

“Hmm, just like Rocky trusted you to help him?” Lumiere grinned.

Dewlap cast another glare up to him. “But how can I go back? Everydrake will only think that I controlled him after knowing that I searched his mind.”

“Maybe it’s not you who needs to go back,” Alga whispered.

Before Dewlap could ask what she meant, water began swirling around him until he could no longer see the Guardian, Silver, or Lumiere. He held his breath when he found himself now completely submerged.

Dewlap frantically swam upwards, and when the Nocturne broke the surface, he gasped and breathed deeply. He spotted shore just ahead, and he pushed at the wild water with his black wings. When he was nearing the sandy shore, a strong wave pushed him forward and he crashed onto the beach, and he quickly dragged himself out of the water and collapsed onto the wet sand, gasping for breath.

What did Alga mean? Surely she couldn’t’ve meant that Rocky had to go back. Sure, he has a family to go back to, but what about the dragon behind his attacks? If the Mirror went back, he’d only be controlled again unless Alga and Lumiere decided to help him.

But Rocky had trusted him. Even after having his mind invaded by the old Nocturne.

And how could Dewlap go back? Even if he explained everything and showed everydrake what was really going on, they’d only think he was tricking them with illusions after realizing what he did to Rocky.

Dewlap froze as thunder rumbled in the distance.

That was just it, wasn’t it?

He knew what to do.

Continued in Coral Part 1
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