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If anything is wrong with my lore, please lemme know so I can fix it! <3


Volume One:

What happens when a curse from a story comes to life?

Rockpools, a young Mirror, doesn't want to believe the tale his mother told him when he and his nestmates were barely more than hatchlings. After all, he's a Water dragon, and they're not known to be vicious.

Then one day, after playing with a new friend along the shores of his home, he discovers his claws bloodied and the body lying at his paws. And he can't remember a thing!

Many years later, he is reacquainted with the old dragon Dewlap, who years ago brought him back home. This time, Rocky tells Dewlap about his 'condition', and asks him for help. After having the same incident happen twice, Rocky may finally realize he's cursed, but Dewlap doesn't think so.

Could the story his mother told him be true? Or is something more sinister at work?

Currently in progress: all done!

Finished for now: Kelpbeard, Saline, Mudflat, Coralreef, Alga, Redtide, Aprilfish, Rockpools, Vixen, Dewlap, Trove, Anemone, Alyss, Astraeus, Aerico, Sweetstep, Phorcys, Calypso, Blake, Bogatyr, Lumiere, Pierce, Marica, Lucent, Silver

*Coming up next
**Recently done


Volume Two:

Something is visiting the Spirals in the clan and promising them all the same thing.

One night, a lone dragon seeks shelter from a storm. The clan welcomes Sylvester with open wings, but ever since his arrival, three Spirals are visited by a strange figure offering them help that only it can provide them.

Newt, a young and mute dragon with a mysterious condition. Alyss, the clan's only doctor is overwhelmed with the duties and responsibilities and cannot figure out the cause of Newt's pain. Aerico, the best (and only) swordsdrake in the clan who can't overcome heartache over a certain silver-eyed Tundra.

Some dragons feel another mystery on their claws, but there are just a few problems.

Newt is unable to speak about what he saw and heard, Alyss is too shaken to explain what he experienced, and Aerico is too stubborn to admit anything about his weakness!

And after a strange sick Fae arrives to their island, Dewlap is convinced another dragon is responsible for sending something to their castle and terrorizing them...

Currently in progress: all done!

Finished for now: Mudflat, Coralreef, Aerico, Anemone, Alyss, Aura, Twig, Pigeon, Newt, Prosper, Amity, Bubbles, Armin, Sylvester, Flower, Arawn, Ruby, Islet, Cog, Firefly, Tuuli, Glaw, Hadley, Azoth, Thimbleweed

*Coming up next
**Recently done


Volume Three:

He will be whole again...

Five years have passed.

Four secrets will surface.

Three wardens will return.

Two dragons will come to aid.

Only one can save them all.

Currently in progress: Redtide*, Quill, Firefly, Gallagher, Greer, Lumen, Horatia, Octavius, Whelk, Mei, Celosia, & more to come...

Finished for now: Seastar, Ophelia, Aster, Maelstrom, Nausicaa, Melody/Iris, Maple, Moonrise, Willow**

*Coming up next
**Recently done




Currently in progress: Jammy, Velvet, Valentino, Nautilus, Blanca, Lucent, Krocan, Hope, Hazy, Mantis, Helga, Harold, Lari, Dale, Great Blue, Taika, Glob, Calla, Huxley, Moira, Midnight, Corvus, Panthalassa, Fjord, Pacific, Merriweather

Finished for now: Aprilfish, the lavaliere, Pigeon, Bryony, Nightsky, Felice, Chiton, Clover, Marina, Cerith, Thimbleweed, Glisten, Silk, Bee, soul, the talisman, the tank, Gustav, Nea, Ida, Gil, Sorcha, Nemophila, Guile, Antares**

*Coming up next
**Recently done


You made it all the way down here? Wowie, I'm impressed.


-G1 stone/sand/any tert, Water element, any breed/genes/gender (for lore purposes cuz I have no idea if what I have planned next will fit in Rocky's bio)

-modern stained gene (for my dragon Coralreef)

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March 13, 2023 19:19:02
Bryony (#25350586) was on the front page! She looks awesome :D
March 13, 2023 19:04:02
Bryony (#25350586) was on the front page!
February 25, 2023 21:00:47
Cove was on the front page!
February 14, 2023 18:15:13
thank you so much!! and your profile dragon is so beautiful! <3
January 29, 2023 20:06:04
Bryony (#25350586) was on the front page!
January 23, 2023 19:03:45
Thanks for buying Jewel ^^
January 22, 2023 13:02:05
ty for letting me know!! ^W^ cool clan lore by the way!
November 20, 2022 09:42:27
Aww, you're welcome! ^^)
Ah yeah I get that, I love to draw & write myself, and hope to be an author someday, but sometimes it just isn't there.. yeah, I totally hear ya there, sometimes I just get so caught up in a story though that I really love where it's going & what I've got so far too so that's also a really good feeling ^^)
Aw, you're welcome again, so glad I could help then ^^)
Oooh awesome, looking forward to seeing them when they do get done then :D I know you'll do great when ya get around to them ^^) I know what ya mean though, I have tons of dragons sitting around with empty bios so don't feel bad XD :)
You're welcome! Glad I could help again ^^) You write really well, keep it up! ^^)
Thank you & you as well :D ^^)
November 18, 2022 23:31:33
Hello! I just came from the Theme Weeks forum & saw your post a bit above mine with Quill, and got curious, reading some of the other's bios, starting with his children, then to Blanca their mother, then to one of the AAAA since that caught my eye, then to Lucent, and on to Sweetstep and from there.. and all I have to say is.. wow.. your clan lore & story is soooo incredible! I haven't even read all of it yet but the part I did read & come into was amazing & quite the whirlwind of a story, well done! I'm glad Dewlap was forgiven & re-uinted with Trove and that he saved all those souls from Marica & helped Peirce :D I can see there's definitely more to read but it was quite fascinating what I saw so far so I just wanted to say, you have amazing work! It was quite the story :D don't stop the writing & I can't wait to come back to finish it :D Things like this is why I love reading ^^)
That is all, I hope you have a fantastic day :D sorry, I just had to say something ^^)
November 15, 2022 21:22:18
is hollyberry a fandragon. i need to know
November 05, 2022 11:50:48
Thimbleweed had front page!
October 25, 2022 23:34:30
Thanks for buying Lux! I love the outfit you've given them!
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