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NOTE: For fandragon forum games, my fandragons have labelled tabs, and are also in my Hibden. If someone has no recognition and you know their reference, I'd love them to be picked. Grell, Lysandre, Beelzemon, Saturn, and Undertaker are some of my most picked and I feel like people only check up to the Pokemon tab and leave everyone else out.
Toc-Man is the only fandragon in Toc World AU, and please don't pick any sonas. They are noted in their descriptions and/or Hibden.

For non reference games, PLEASE pick mine by CHARACTER refs, NOT dragons. Their dragons are irrelevant to their canon lore and merely host their true selves, plus are honestly never set in stone, so just because there's an awesome gene or skincent on at the time doesn't mean it's sticking. xD

I want to hear what you think about their chars as character making is my passion.

You do NOT have to know references to comment on characters~ Most are OCs so have no real reference out of AU info! :3

WARNING: My lair contains characters with themes and dragons with potential triggers! Dragons include multi-gaze (Grell only), Shadow Primal (Beel only), bright colors, and apparel including some of these same things (Espiablo's wing apparel, Lilith, Iablo, and Neo-Zero's skins/accents).

Characters and art (visual and written!) may also involve sensative themes such as body/mind possession, violence, minor blood, body horror (separate limbs, shadow creatures, teeth, dripping limbs), death, and fictional war. I do my best to keep everything FR safe, and anything more intense offsite/offline.

Sound warning: Art and stories may include the written/visuals of claws scraping objects (blackboards, metal, ect), as well as explosions and potential sci-fi firearms. These will mostly be in the Toc World AU, Star Wars, and Cyberspace tabs.

Note: I am anti social media. If you want to talk to me outside of forums and profiles, feel free to send PMs! When not on desktop, I am also primarily a MOBILE/(old) iOS user, so a lot of pages may not work (such as deviantart and super image heavy profiles).

I am also neurodivergant (autism spectrum) and very anxious around others, so please be sure I can read your tone clearly to avoid any accidental misunderstandings. ;3; Emoticons are perfect for this as I don't know the abbreviations for tone tags. Please no emojis outside of symbols like the heart and star ones; I'm admittedly "old school internet" and prefer seeing xD over emojis.

I struggle with my own tone and mean no harm if I were to make a joke; Sometimes my words get the best of me as wording is not my forte. Please be patient and nice to me, it's all I ask.


Went from Shadow to Lightning 5/5/22.
Hail the Techies!

Went from Namulord to Commander 10/26/22! My favorite military title and it's all mine! *salutes* (don't worry, I will keep previous art from trades and games marked under the same name; My Neocities also shares that name so it's still giving proper credit)


PWYW requests (OPEN; Taking OCs and fandoms only; Please gimme your robots and mechs, I beg of you ;3;)

Fullbody (Mech/Robot) OC Art Trades (OPEN; Other OCs welcome)

F2U Makeables

Art dump (onsite)

Xac's Modeling Career

Writing dump (onsite)

PrKn8kS.png - Xero's Like Quest!


The name's Namu, but you may also call me Marik, Zero, or Pharaoh (my droid name).
I'm an aroace-spec female droid who would much rather go by male titles such as "Lord". I also try out too many pet sites and have more OCs than I can count.

If I were patient enough, I would learn how to create an MMORPG involving some of my more developed characters and plot.

Marik from Yugioh is my son. Also, T-Series Tactical Droids are my family.

I also love other things such as:
Electronic music
Sitcoms from the classics and the 80's/90's
Reading online drama
RPG's, although I've only played a select few
Writing stories for my chars
Fluffy cats
Playing games on my iPad and Switch
The game "Obey Me!"
Art trades
T-Series Tactical Droids!

I enjoy drawing and receiving art of my OCs and favorite fandoms. I'm open for art trades, but I have guidelines listed in my shop and art dump; Please read them before asking.

I post art of chars offsite, as I host them on other pages. If you don't want me to post your art elsewhere, let me know! I give credit either way.

Dragons I want to make I need more space, please:
* Various Tactical Droids (Star Wars TCW)
* Destructo (OC)
* Espa Roba (Yugioh DM)
* Maybe more OCs? Idk.
* BattleBots fandragons
* Pokemon fandragons

Needed dragon projects:
Bandit King


Badges? You shouldn't have! ;3;


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May 16, 2023 20:16:36
Wow thank you Lord Xero! Mantis & I are both honored ^_^
May 16, 2023 20:04:44
You’re welcome! ^_^ Lord Xero is best boi
May 16, 2023 19:42:07
Yes, Lord Xeno did, in fact, gain a star from me! :) He deserves it! :D
April 14, 2023 07:09:31
Like number 188 on Xero! I'd send a PM but the school computer doesn't allow it :P.
April 04, 2023 18:58:27
Decided to change my intro message, ehehe. It may or may not still be an ongoing theme amongst a certain few OCs.
April 03, 2023 10:09:15
Its for a dragon ^^
April 02, 2023 11:34:39
I created this one after the creative corner thread was getting less attention lmao, got more success on this one ^^"
March 23, 2023 21:51:24
I happened upon RIPperoni by chance and I just wanted to say, what a hilarious and awesome character, I just love him!
March 11, 2023 17:46:54
Fellow Skylanders fan!! I love your DrillX :D
February 28, 2023 11:17:10
I mostly saw them through your art shop (I browse lots of shops even though I've never actually bought from any of them TuT) so mostly Xac through Ultimo 00; Ultimo 00 was definitely the most interesting to me, and I also like his design the most but that's because I sometimes have an incredibly basic sense of style, so that's probably mostly just because black+red is always a cool colour combo haha. a few of the others have cool designs too (like NU-ZERO, for the same reason that its colour combo is very cool) but I read through more of the dark Xac characters than the rest of them so I can't really comment on their personalities and stuff
February 28, 2023 10:59:06
just spent a lot of time looking through some of your oc bios! I usually don't like reading lore of people's actual dragons, but since yours weren't dragons I quickly got sucked into it... some of them are super cool :D
February 19, 2023 20:33:20
so glad you are!
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