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I have aspegers so often don't realise if I insult someone.
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• Pretty Pink Mums x 20
--- Foraging (Lvl 34, Arcane/Fire/Ice/Water)

I don't accept random friend requests.

At least try talking to me first!
If I bought your dragon at 9K or less chances are I'm exalting it.


Artist dragon's depiction of Glen Alba, cradle of our clan(taken from deviantart, do not own):
Artist's profile: http://flaviobolla.deviantart.com/

*The once vibrant heart of this inhabited valley lies quiet, slumbering. Mist from the thundering falls enshrouds the trees, the dens and the nesting grounds, hiding them from view like a thick blanket. Some caretakers remain but they are unseen and unheard, as ghosts in the fog.*

*The bulk of its inhabitants have moved many leagues away, across the water and into the old growth redwoods that fringe the land of Light. None know why this ancient clan, rooted so deeply in Nature chose to make this tumultuous move. The promise remains that they will return however, one the very trees remember as they hide the valley from view.*

Glen Alba predominantly follows the lifestyle of the Hydera.
The Hydera are traders and merchants, that creep through the Labyrinth like rampant ivy. They are not malicious, but will fight if it is necessary. They have been seen pillaging unguarded hoards from other Flights, and even Beastclan camps. The spoils from these often quick raids are sold or traded throughout the Viridian Labyrinth, and thanks to the thick brush it is impossible for those who were raided to track the thieves and get their items back. As the Gladekeeper herself once stated to her people, "If the enemy leaves their treasures unguarded, you might as well take them while you can.". Hydera keep big territories, but despite of that they are often impossible to locate in the thick, overgrown jungle. They see the Tradens as competition. The Hydera banner depicts a seed sprouting two young leaves on top, and six long roots from left and right, that creep out towards the far sides of the banner.

*The cackle and screech of unseen wildlife is what greets you as you cautiously enter the Shrieking Wilds. Brilliant foliage obscures your vision, the mammoth trees close enough together in places that a fae could barely pass through. In others there is space enough for several guardians to walk abreast.

Little sunlight makes it through the dense canopy towering far above your head, leaving the forest floor in perpetual shadow. Coming to a steep slope you peer over the edge. Rising before you is a heavily forested valley, the sound of rushing water deafening to your ears.

Before you, the valley is more like a crack in the earth, a single massive root from the Behemoth plunging into the depths. Ahead of you there is light, behind the encroaching shadows and enormous trees of the Shrieking Wilds.

Heading forward you claw out onto a massive root-knotted overhang, hoping for some sign of other dragons. What greets your eyes is a welcome sight.

Light, glowing from windows and balconies like a hundred fireflies illuminates a thriving town, grown from the huge trees that hold this fissure riddled piece of the Labyrinth together.

Roots crisscross the valley creating walkways, some even topped with small dens and thriving gardens. Water flows from every crevice creating stunning waterfalls, rainbows glittering in the misty spray. There are few places where bare rock isn't covered in a verdant carpet of flower, grass and moss.

Further back from the falls lie rock hewn caverns, only the gleam of light from within betraying their presence.

If you could see beyond the inhabited jewel you would find forest rapidly giving way to lush grassland. Beyond that lie towering cliffs and a view of the pounding endless ocean.

Staring in awe you get little warning, a flash of ebony wings and armour decending from above.*

'Stranger, why did you come to our glen?'

*Landing with remarkable grace, the ebony clad Guardian spoke with a cool, velvety voice, obsidian wings folded flat. Her eyes were the brilliant green of Nature, glowing in the shadow of her helm.*

'Before you speak, know that I will hear any lies. Should you have a dark heart, then speak with care.'

*Looking surreptitiously around, you see the forest come alive with dragons, their jewel bright colours dimmed by the half-light and blending well with the lush foliage. Dragons of all kinds looked on, ready to fight at the drop of a hat. You had been surrounded the whole time and didn't even smell them over the heady aroma of life abundant.*

'Well, stranger?'

Shifting your gaze back to the Guardian, you're surprised to see she is gone, and an imposing forest coloured guardian is standing in her place. worn horns speckled with green buds emerge from under a brown wolf pelt, the fur glossy enough to be mistaken for that of a living animal... (Did those ears just twitch?) Her attire is a strange mix between feral druid and cultured warrior, her bearing one of age and concealed power. Her ancient eyes are radiant green, like komorebi in a living being, sunlight filtered through verdant leaves. The way the roots ripple under your claws tells you this is the dragon responsible for the marvel ahead.*

'Answer, or you shall not leave here...'


No one with apparel or familiars are for sale.

Wishlist for the 100K give and get:
Raven wooddruid apparel
Any familiars not in bestiary
Any mage, sweaters or climber apparel (pretty much anything not steampunk, birdskull or wraps)
Unhatched eggs :P
Scatterscroll XP
Spinner, Skink, Savannah, Spines, Underbelly, Runes genes
Green, yellow, red or blue sludge
Green goo
Yellow or blue ooze
Copper muck
Grey slime
PLEASE no festival chests unless it's during a holiday.
With anything else, please don't be put off if I regift or sell.

Old Mass Hatch Thread


Selling Gems: http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/ibaz/1549579/1

Hatchery banner is further down.

Hatchery is closed until further notice


Just a note, please forgive me if I ever seem rude to you. I have Aspergers syndrome and it often isn't obvious to me that something could come across as upsetting or ill mannered. I'm better at spotting it than I was but some things still slip through.

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Animated coli banners:

Coloured Cauldrons: http://nameddame.tumblr.com/post/121034167179/clan-khuleborough-various-brew-recolors-free#notes

Sornieth Zodiac:

Sornieth Zodiac Bio Icons:


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it took me a few seconds of looking at your profile picture to realize that Caleili did not, in fact, have a leaf on her head. she’s very pretty!
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I must say that actually no, I think I'd consider it a more personal reason (with a long story lmao). Whatever happened, it produced a heckload of memes and made my hatred iconic, apparently /lh
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Thanks<3 He's one of my favorites. He was a gift from the last owner that had him, who is a friend of mine. It's cool to see that his first mate and daughter are also active :D
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No problem at all! I love your lair btw, you've got some great dragons :)
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