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As a chaotic neutral, I live a simple life. When life gives me lemons, I eats them, also including the lemon skin because that would be a waste.

Current Status:

[insert awkward finger guns here]

I just collect dragons, and then ultimately become unable to bring myself to get rid of them. Yeah, I've been here since 2018, and yeah, I still have no idea what I'm doing *sadly dabs* I tend to disappear for months and then pop back in every once and a while, so don't be surprised if I just randomly disintegrate into the atmosphere





hfkhTBd.gif 2J3QvJQ.gif

Who would win, The Predator or Kevin from Home Alone?

My dragon, Valotoy, has my wish list. If you wanna look at it...

Hiya! I'm just a person tryna vibe
-I'm really chill and friendly mah dude, but my humor may be pretty dark and weird.
-Use whatever pronouns ya want for me my fellow gamer, I don’t care B)
-I won't accept random friend requests from people I've never talked to or seen before. So say hi or something and have a chat first or invite me to roleplay!
-I live in North America and 3 hours ahead of FlightRising time.
-My personality is INTP-T and I am very chaotic for whatever reason :\
-I'm a level 1000 procrastinator and I kinda just use FR to hang out with people, make friends, roleplay, and collect random dragons and then don’t do anything with them
-I am horrible at remembering things lol please be patient with me if I forget anything.
-Everything I have is unorganized...am i gonna fix it?........no, don’t feel like it
-I'm broke, like, broke broke. Broke ever since the start. I was gonna fix that, but naw, I'm in the hole, this is where I stay now i guess
-Hey there, yea you, remember to drink water everyday and remember that you're loved and supported by people. Don't you forget that, okay. Or I'll punch you. You will not escape me. The punch is inevitable. You are warned :D

History of things my broadcast message was, in no particular order for my own convenience (Always WIP and may or may not make you laugh or confuse you)

-I have no happiness, only varying levels of chaotic energy.
-Hi!! Remember to love yourself and drink water everyday!
-*aggressive support intensifies*
-*punches you with the fist of happiness and good vibes*
-jesus christ, i was cringy
-Dark humor is the best humor >:D
-Ah, chaos, my favorite flavor
-Lasagna is spaghetti flavored cake, fool
-No refunds for lost sanity
-I need to be less Panic! and more "at the Disco"
-*unholy screeching*
-Responsibility? What is this peasant term you speak of mortal?
-New phone who dis
-Would salsa be considered a soup, smoothie, salad, or condiment?
-hehe, puns
-*increasingly loud screeching*
-*cries in kazoo*
-This ain't good chief
-Amnesia time, baaaabyyyyyy
-*sadly dabs*
-Behind you.
-I don't need sleep, I need a stable emotional state
-Why am I in light flight? Guess.
-I have an ongoing crisis and it's called life
-Warm water tastes round, cold water tastes pointy
-The giant dread of anxiety looming above me says hello
-I really shouldn't have drank that energy drink im in pain
-Yo no hablo anime
-*sigh* It do just be like that sometimes
-I have the lethality of a peanut...with a knife.
-I eat raw pasta noodles, your argument is invalid
-I am just FULL of mildly quotable statements
-I'm a walking safety hazard
-Hm, what did i get done? Hm, nothing, of course
-I'm just high on caffeine 24/7
-I identify as the sound a kazoo makes
-I am incredibly motivated to not do anything
-I am 83% sure that I 100% know what I'm doing
-I know how to choke people! :D
-I am not an achiever
-I have the power to rewind time, and I already stabbed you
-yea im cool i've got my collar up and everything
-This is the part where words come out of my mouth and dont make sense
-Fire can be black if you put it in the dark
- I'm gonna BURN the OCEAN!
-Remember buddy, you're loved and don't you forget that.
-*maintains eye contact as I eat ramen noodles from a teacup*
-I identify as a pineapple.
-You have nice ears :)
-I am a part-time knee cap boiler
-good vibes and chaotic vibes make a fine soup
-Bad skeletons get put in the flesh prison
-I don’t really know either, buddy
-Requesting permission to kill...
-| | | | | | | | | | | | | oh no | | | | | | | | | | | | D:
-Stay frosty, be cool, drink liquid nitrogen
-What a beautiful day to set things on fire
-Time to commit crimes and go into a coma
-No talk me, I workin' | -.-
-*dyslexic microwave noises*
-My reply rate is deader than top text bottom text memes
-I am as dumb as I am stupid
-You are now manually breathing
-All my dragons are dead. Epic gamer moment.
-The ‘lost your will to live’ kind of day
-I am afraid. Of what? Good question
-Ah yes, Hell.
-Dear heck why is my writing style so inconsistent
-Unfortunate mouth breathers get put in the grave
-I anger
-*sadly screams*
-*politely clears throat* aaaAAAAAAAA-
-You underestimate the rate at how I can disappoint people
-Now seems like a good time to scream
-Chimkin Nug
-Hey Gamers B) what’s gaming
-No gender, only gremlin
-No thoughts, head full of beans
-My Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: eat, sleep, and cry
-Think you have bones?? THINK AGAIN!!!
-I may be nervous and confused, but I’m trying my best!
-A throne forged of blood's iron, adorned with false solidity
-I'm confused, what's a beyonce?
-Tax fraud is an emotion and I am feeling it
-Cool, unfortunately I'm eating the foundation of your walls
-Could probably beat up several worms in hand to hand combat

funky magic time with the lads

Number of times people recognized true art by witnessing my signature/userpage: 33

thank, I hope I made you smile at least just a little bit today

Also, congrat, you decided to read all my unorganized info, go eat a cookie and commit treason or something

Recent Comments

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December 04, 2021 00:42:27
aww thank you so much! your dragons look great too
December 03, 2021 18:25:10
December 03, 2021 18:10:34
Can I yeet a friend request at you?
December 03, 2021 16:12:12
hey! just wanted to say that your signature caught me off guard and definitely brightened my day a little
November 29, 2021 19:57:10
You're welcome. Thanks man! :) g'night!
November 29, 2021 19:48:12
And your dragons are lookin' amazing!
November 29, 2021 19:22:41
Dude, your profile is AWESOME
November 06, 2021 09:12:11
Your broadcast is a mood. Your signature is a mood. Your bio is a mood. YOU ARE A MOOD AND SO RELATABLE
July 29, 2020 07:53:30
Your bio was amazing. I was in a crabby mood and your signature gave me a good laugh, thanks for that lol
July 27, 2020 19:20:05
dieties really stealing our beeswax, for these types of shenanigans
July 27, 2020 19:19:12
that second achievement caught me very off guard. I do not want to kiss. I do indeed watch in horror.
July 09, 2020 11:14:00
That is exactly what Sept is saying. Thank you.
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