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If you see any missing/blank images in my bios, please let me know so I can fix it! (main) (fr only)

Hello! I'm Pheel, and welcome to Florabrisa c:
(Lorebook page - wip)

Located on the south shore of the Windswept Plateau between the Twisting Crescendo and eastern Ashfall Waste, the Florabrisa Clan seeks to beautify the world with flowers. The comparatively gentle breeze carries the delicate smells from the gardens throughout the whole lair.
All dragons are welcomed into this clan with love! The only requirement is an appreciation of flowers (and even then, Tarragon is all too willing to let things slide.)
(Florabrisa Application) (the website changed and the quiz no longer works exactly as intended, but the questions are still there!)

I have like 300+ perma-dragons (and growing!). Once a dragon comes here, they do not leave... because Florbrisa is such a nice place :)
(and we're godless heathens who don't believe in exalting. Sorry Windsinger!)

Couples list! (singles list..some day)

Handy produce guide!

ps Sparce#104334 is super wonderful and amazing. And FossilGarden#202677 is an incredible friend and I wouldn't be on this site without them!!

Art for all dragons: (down to the wire! Farah, Tang, Panzerotti, Eeby, and Lauper need art)
Have every dragon breed: male [✓] female [✓]
Have every flight: ✓
Have every modern gene repped: Chrysocalla, Malachite
Have every ancient gene repped: Boa, Checkers, Pack, Chess, Tentacles, Plating, Nudibranch, Carnivore, Brightshine, Spool, Sandsurge genes, Auraboa genes, Fest genes...

Eyes: Multi-gaze✓ Glowing✓ Faceted✓ Dark Sclera✓ Swirl✓ Goat✓ Innocent✓ Bright✓ Pastel✓ Wind Primal✓ Light Primal✓ Nature Primal✓ Lightning Primal✓ Plague Primal✓ Ice Primal✓(other primals? arcane, earth, fire, water, shadow)

Gene Projects:
Pinstripe/Glimmer for Garua
Rings for Eeby
Bogsneak scroll for Unnamed Mulberry gen1
Savannah/Saddle/Glowtail for Mulberry gen1
Aether Scroll for unnamed Purple/Peridot gen1
Aether Fade for unnamed Purple/Peridot gen 1
Bar/Seraph/Sparkle for Avenger (new name for Avenger too)
Auraboa scroll for unnamed raspberry gen 1
Auraboa Wicker/Stripes/Batty for unnamed fruityboa
Multigaze or Glowing eyes for Gakuko?
misc apparel - darksteel items, glasses/spectacles/goggles, elemental sashes/arm bands, clawtips, gardening apparel, any animals, all flower apparel always
Fear Frog
Crowned Roc
Longwing Epiptite
Coarsefur Yeti
Disoriented Spirit
Ghostly Rat Lord
Glasswing Flutter
Ruffle Glasswing
Longhorn Capricat
Prancing Capricat
hoarding: Dire Vulture, Flesh Forager, Tatterwing Carcass, Shatterbone Vulture, Warped Gryphon, Depin, Corrosive Depin, False Eye Depin
Rosaline Strangler
Greenwing Razorclaw
Flamerest Fiendcat
Sandshore Snipper
Armored Greatowl
Scroll of Renaming (always can use!)
hoarding Vulture Idol & Raptor Effigy
Scene: Blooming Grove
Scene: Pillow Palace
Scene: Drakeharvest
Scene: Windsinger's Domain
Scene: Woodland Path
Scene: Mire
Scene: Arena
Scene: Quaint Parlor
Scene: Garden Arches
Scene: Flowering Wasteland
Scene: Strange Chest
need to get an m fae with butterfly some day
always in need of food,, (esp. plants)
lair reviews/dragon compliments are always loved c:

lair review story by wildewinged

(flag by Quasar91!)

Florabrisa's Founders -Tarragon, Moraine, Zaffre, and Tamarind!
(art by me)

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April 11, 2024 15:02:27
Thank you!! It took a hot minute, but Evander made it home - and I made it back to FR It's awesome to hear from ya!
March 22, 2024 21:14:36
Thank you so much! Candeloro's stuck way back in the HibDen, so it's always great to see him getting love from other players. Really appreciate your thoughtful compliments! ^^
March 13, 2024 10:51:23
thank you! :) I realized that I could gene him right now and did so, though I did change my plans a little
March 13, 2024 10:01:46
Love how much love uve put in your dragons, an inspiration for sure
February 25, 2024 17:20:36
I’ve came here to say „Thank you”, but then I’ve seen your lair and dragons and all that beautiful artworks and ideas for every single one dragon… wow. Just - wow. I’m a big fan.
January 26, 2024 11:08:11
Awww thank you so much! I am a sucker for blue and brown combinations, and when I saw how gorgeous blaze and cinder were I had to drop everything and find a dragon to gene up!
I'm so glad you commented actually because it was such a treat looking through your lair while I was at work today. I'm blown away by all of the details you add to your dragons. I think Sugarpaws and Prim are my favs!
January 24, 2024 15:00:06
I Must compliment Coyote, they wear the lace collar really well!
January 05, 2024 22:40:35
Yuriy is THE cutest!
January 04, 2024 08:04:10
nibli on random dragon! he is so cool and looks to be very well-loved :D
December 15, 2023 18:00:03
THANK you!! finally, the answer to harhulli's origins, after all these years..... and thank you for the compliment as well! ^_^
December 10, 2023 17:06:50
elder and woodruff are so sweet! :D
December 09, 2023 07:22:26
I just want you to know that with his lore and cool look, Tildr is my favorite dragon ever now
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