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Hello! I'm Pheel, and welcome to Florabrisa c:
(Lorebook page - wip)

Located on the south shore of the Windswept Plateau between the Twisting Crescendo and eastern Ashfall Waste, the Florabrisa Clan seeks to beautify the world with flowers. The comparatively gentle breeze carries the delicate smells from the gardens throughout the whole lair.
All dragons are welcomed into this clan with love! The only requirement is an appreciation of flowers (and even then, Tarragon is all too willing to let things slide.)
(Florabrisa Application) (the website changed and the quiz no longer works exactly as intended, but the questions are still there!)

I have like 300+ perma-dragons (and growing!). Once a dragon comes here, they do not leave... because Florbrisa is such a nice place :) (and we're godless heathens who don't believe in exalting. Sorry Windsinger!)

Couples list! (singles list..some day)

Handy produce guide!

ps Sparce#104334 is super wonderful and amazing. And FossilGarden#202677 is an incredible friend and I wouldn't be on this site without them!!

Art for all dragons: (down to the wire! Pewter, Farah, Castaway, and Lauper need art)
Have every dragon breed: male ✓ female ✓
Have every flight: ✓
Have every modern gene repped: Harlequin, Jester
Have every ancient gene repped: Wolf, Boa, Checkers, Pack, Chess, Tentacles, Plating, Nudibranch, Featherbeard, Aether genes..

Eyes: Multi-gaze✓ Glowing✓ Faceted✓ Dark Sclera✓ Swirl✓ Goat✓ Innocent✓ Bright✓ Pastel✓ Wind Primal✓ Light Primal✓ Nature Primal✓ Lightning Primal✓ Plague Primal✓ Ice Primal✓(other primals? arcane, earth, fire, water, shadow)

Gene Projects:
Aether Tide/Flutter for Bleepbloop
Wolf/Rings/Featherbeard for Eeby
Unusual eyes for Malaya
Poison/Rosette for Asterina
blend/underbelly for Bibelot?
Chrysoberyl Crystal Earrings for Memphre
misc apparel - darksteel items, glasses/spectacles/goggles, elemental sashes/arm bands, clawtips, gardening apparel, any animals, all flower apparel always
Fear Frog
Crowned Roc
hoarding: Dire Vulture, Flesh Forager, Tatterwing Carcass, Shatterbone Vulture, Warped Gryphon
Rosaline Strangler
Plainstrider Bard
Shatterbone Vulture
Greenwing Razorclaw
Heckling Hydrena
Flamerest Fiendcat
Sandshore Snipper
Armored Greatowl
Scroll of Renaming (always can use!)
hoarding Vulture Idol & Raptor Effigy
Scene: Golem Workshop for Belisa
Scene: Windsinger's Domain (need so many more omg)
Scene: Woodland Path
Scene: Mire
Scene: Blooming Grove
Scene: Drakeharvest
Scene: Arena
Scene: Quaint Parlor
Scene: Garden Arches
Scene: Flowering Wasteland
Scene: Pillow Palace
Scene: Strange Chest
need to get an m fae with butterfly some day
always in need of food,, (esp. plants)
lair reviews/dragon compliments are always loved c:

lair review story by wildewinged

(flag by Quasar91!)

Florabrisa's Founders -Tarragon, Moraine, Zaffre, and Tamarind!
(art by me)

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May 26, 2023 13:18:00
Thank you for the beautiful compliments about Augustus! I love your dragon Gelibol, here blue colors, frilly blue hat, and adventurous outfit is so charming!
May 26, 2023 07:40:24
Oh that's neat, I love finding coincidental dragon relations :D Well spotted! There's certainly no shortage of oilslick/yellow-range XXY's on the site.
And thanks for the compliment on Adiabatos! I love gliders so much but I'm very particular about the colour combinations, I want those extra wings to match well. Nibli's do a good job of that too :)
May 14, 2023 16:20:42
OH MY GOSH UR LAIR IS SO CUTE. I LOVE UR FARMLANDS TAB it reminds me of a flowerfilled meadow with all the colors!! <33333
May 14, 2023 16:19:01
awww thank you!!! he's bluecloud07's dragon though if you wanna tell them!! <3
May 13, 2023 13:50:04
Thank you, I appreciate it! ♡
May 12, 2023 14:26:13
Thank you for the compliment!
May 09, 2023 10:33:36
Innovee was on the front page!
May 09, 2023 10:29:39
Innovee was on the front page!
May 08, 2023 19:35:54
thank you! copper is such a great color, as a tert it goes so well with so many things :)
May 07, 2023 19:57:52
thank you! :D cherub is such a fun gene, and the two combined helped me with his lore by making him a part time tattoo artist haha ^^
May 07, 2023 17:54:58
Ploof is plerfect!
April 29, 2023 18:56:24
waaaaaaah thank you so much friend ;w;!! im beyond glad youre delighted by bean, she was once a spiral but she felt destined as an aether and now i swear the lil bugger is brighter now as one ahaha—and thanks for saying something about primrose, she means the world to me, it makes me happy knowing she makes someone else smile too ^^ (appreciate you droppin in, means a lot to hear such words from ya!! thanks again!! i hope youre having a great day for yourself <3)
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