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Welp,there a lot to organize when you come back from 2 years
Ancient Lair
on the steps of the

Clan Info

Maybe its me,Im just crazy|Maybe I like that Im not alright~

~Was gone for a year/2 due to real life being depressing so sorry for any slowness/dumbness~

One day I will organized/fancy up this one day

Dragon Hunt

Randomly used G:T converter

Feel free to ask about dragon on the AH~ Some are hagg-able due to unsure how to price (dragon selling, why are you so confusing? >_>)

Current Hatcheries;
Ancients Hatchery

Retired Hatcheries;
*Jaguar+Rosette+Spine/Gem Orca/Orca/Ob!
Midnight XX(X-Y Purple) Opal Noct/Imp Hatchery

MonkeyButt2002 and Dayowna are sibling, I gift them unfairly

I have an obsession with getting unhatched eggs and love opening them. Such an expensive habit when I am able to afford it :')

Anime/Manga + Comic Books + video games (though mostly its pokemon, fight me :p) lover.
I'm got a lot of 'geeky' habits xD

-If I forget a deal or trade, feel free to remind me ^-^
I have a horrible horrible memory and doing possibly from 2 to 20 trades at a time is not always smart........

(Wants to one day get a Blood/Blood/Shadow Gen 1)

I now need a Blood/Blood/Peacock Gen 1 0_0 (preferably a girl)

Pretty lace colors


Oz-Pandora hearts.
Need a BLACK bunny accent/skin of some sort. HAS TO BE FOR MALES!
Thinking BLOOD tert no matter what.
-Maybe white range/gold range? (NATURE eyes then)
-Maybe black range/black range? (PLAGUE eyes then)
(Maybe both?^^^^ Depends when I am doing "Oz" technically *snicker*)
-Not sure on the breed yet so will probably hunt down UMA then probably go by that breed.

Atsushi from Bungou Stray dogs? Maybe???
Chuuya from Bungou Stray dogs?
-Dark range (charcoal) savannah, fire (maybe carrot) Peregrine, Blood (maybe wine?) underbelly. Lightning Coalt! (because Accent: UnfortunateCinder works so well for an accent for him!)

Fai and Kurogane from tsubasa: reserved chronicles? Maaaaaaaybe......???

Mika from Serpah of the End?
->I already got the perfect UMA for him to, oh dear XD
-> Gold rage (flaxen?) cherub/Black rage (obs?) seraph/BLOOD Stainted
->Plague or lightning eyes only, depends exact 'when' *snickers*

Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul
->Higanbana accent basically required for him
->M SD accent
->Dragon wise proabably some order of white/black/Blooooood
->Thinking White/White/Blood with Poison/Toxin/Crackle

Nori from RWBY
->No idea yet
Qrow from RWBY (nope, never mind)

This accent is telling me I need a fenderp of Number 6 >.>
I dont know who or any idea what they will look like but OMG is this accent not perfect for #6 or what!?!? Like its perfect for the story in general but whooooooo????? 0_0
Maybe the city itself???
tarnish stain tert and cerub and shimmer gold colors for 'goodness'

Random Anime/Manga gifs/memes/etc because *Shrugs*
(I don't own any of these)

Oh pandora hearts, why always right in the feels??? ;w;

Tokyo ghoul, just... just whyyyyyyyy :(

Random fluffy Ao because she is adorable.

Yes I am probably considered 'weird' person who watch gore shows and fluffy shows for fun *shrugs* I mean my fav story/series is Pandora Hearts that goes from heartwarming to 'oh... maybe if I kill you my head will stop ringing' FROM THE SAME FREAKEN CHARACTER (I just love character variety and grey characters when done right because life is grey and people make choices based on the situation and people aren't perfect 100% of the time but that doesn't mean that one horrible act makes them the bad guy and oh, I dont know good tends to be a relative term.
(Hey, if it has really good plot and character development I couldn't care less if its gore level of ep 12 of Tokyo ghoul or as fluffy and silly as Ao or a lovely in-between gore/cute/crazy like pandora hearts manga. Just no romance focused stories)

Adorable animal Pic~ Might one day get if I can afford it XD

]item=Wind Egg]

Fav character list:
Oz- Pandora Hearts
Shiro- Deadman Wonderland
Vash- Trigun
Tohru- Fruit Basket
Ed- Fullmetal Alchemist..... +Brotherhood
Dazai- Bungo Stray Dogs
Shion- No. 6
Hide- Tokyo Ghoul
Yuu and Shinoa and Mika- Seraph of the End
Hak- Yona of the Dawn
Nagisa and kuro-sensi and Karma- Assassination Classroom
Armin- Attack on Titans
Oikawa- Haikyuu
Ruby- RWBY
Tachibana- Aoharu x Machinegun

Shadow land lore in general (aka why a lot of my derps are insane)
Shadow land specific but;

Shadow land glowing shrooms actually producing mind altering spores that can have vary results depending on the dragons pre-temperament and emotions for what the spores effects does/changes. Dragons born and raised in shadow land still get effected, but done so before birth without anything else to effect it instead of getting it in a pre-set mindframe. So born shadow dragons pre-exposed but then immune while new dragons tend to get more emotionally changed/effected.

Also note their is no way to avoid the spore effect. The mushrooms has huge not technically but same idea root systems in the ground, spores collect in the water and thus anything ate or drink at or near the shadow low is effected and spores are near constantly in the airway due to the mass amounts of glowing mushrooms that live and continue to grow in the shadow lands.
While being affected doesn't guarantee insanity, it does tend to mostly amplify emotions (such as carers of children can become near obsessive in guarding them, dragons with depression/low self esteem/question life and etc tend to get those pulled from occasional to near constantly on their mind, fears/worry amplify, simple anger can get end up becoming blood thirst and etc.)
While the spores amplifying emotions isn't guaranteed bad, but has huge effect on new dragons that don't have an any immunity yet and amplify is more extreme till immunity eventually happens and extremes in emotions cool down, but older the dragon the more set in their ways/dont change so older dragons can become constantly whatever extreme they were when getting effected (slightly sad dragons can become perm full time depressed or slightly anger issues can become full time blood thirty and never find peace and extra).

Since shadow dragons are born and go threw the extremes when as babies and learning their emotions, they cope a lot better then older/full grown dragons and better adjust to the spores effects.

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November 27, 2023 16:44:01
Yuu was on the front page, what a lovely dragon and lair!
September 24, 2022 19:01:30
Don't apologize for being depressed, and no. no no no your not dumb. Everyone has those days. It's gonna get better <3
December 31, 2021 09:48:30
Found Solstice on the front page, gorgeous dragon!
December 31, 2021 09:47:33
Solstice was on the front page!
November 15, 2020 19:40:18
rage was on the front page! super pretty girl
June 30, 2020 22:32:48
The last one will be ready in the morning
June 10, 2020 16:11:31
Thanks! The bee scene is on my list of things to make!
May 22, 2020 10:21:57
February 14, 2020 10:42:47
FINALLY OMGOSH GNFDHVUBDS IF YOU BREED THOSE purpley dragons I love I'll buy em! <3 Dx
February 04, 2020 11:54:59
plz come back.. I miss yew ;-;
August 03, 2019 11:40:58
Just saw Windy on the front page. She's very pretty.
May 30, 2019 20:56:12
Just wanted to say that's okay! Sorry you had a mixup / hope you manage to get your fae scrolls soon!! Have a super swell day today. :D
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