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Welcome to Twelvetrees! Mother be praised that we should meet on this day. My name is Olid, and I shall be your guide for the duration of your stay. For my service, I require payment in advance, and there are no refunds in the case of your untimely death. Should I be injured or killed before the contract is complete, you are entitled to hire another guide at a discounted rate.

Now that we have the introductions out of the way, shall I give you a quick tour? As you can see on your maps, we are nestled within the great canyon that spans the border of the Rotrock Rim and the Wyrmwound. We are just far enough away from the Wyrmwound itself that vegetation still grows, but close enough to it to bask in its gorgeous orange glow. It's impressive isn't it, that great crater looming overhead?

Is this your first time? Well, don't be shy, feel free to have a look around. I only ask that you take care to mind your manners. The Wyrmwound is a pilgrimage site for many dragons from all walks of life, and it's important to stay civil. If you break the rules, I'm afraid we would have to arrest you—and well—it'll be better for everyone to avoid that scenario. Better for you, certainly.

If you fancy a bit of sightseeing, I should warn you that the weather around here is permanently cloudy and the sky is permanently red. Sometimes there's acid rain, but this valley protects us from the worst of it. But you needn’t stress, with the number of powerful magi we keep on retainer, we actually make things quite pleasant here. Why do you think so many sojourners flock to us? Trust me, you'll know immediately when you leave our protective shields. The acidic vapours in the air alone would burn your lungs. Those clouds aren't red just for show. So, stay within the boundaries of those twelve trees hm?

Yes, those twelve enormous pine trees are where Twelvetrees gets its name. They're excellent for holding up and anchoring our wards. Plus, those towering boles are an amazing landmark. It's easy to get lost here, as you may have noticed. The landscape shifts and moves like a living thing. Don't worry, it's supposed to do that. It's just the Wyrmwound—the pulsing heart of our land. Its timbre and beat runs through the veins of our world.

Here at the center of Twelvetrees, is Fogtown. This is where you’ll be staying. I’m sure you’ll find the services provided within to your liking. I will be available to answer any of your questions, and I can enter negotiations on your behalf for a small fee.

Before we head in, I want to point out one thing. If you would kindly look this way, up the slopes to the South-East of here. Follow my finger, and you'll see the Sanctorum sitting astride the Blood Tor. If you keep climbing past it, and you'll eventually reach the Wyrmwound itself. The Sanctorum is where our ancient clan's treasures and histories are kept. Visitors aren’t allowed in typically, but I’ve been informed that you have obtained the required passes. I don't recommend going there without an escort though. The tor is protected by blisters that bubble out from the ground, filled with blood, pus, and who knows what else.

The Sanctorum is the home of Excalibur—have you heard of them? Excalibur is the group of dragons that run Twelvetrees, and they're led by twelve of the most influential and powerful dragons in all of Plague Flight!

Now that I’ve given you a quick overview of the place, let us head onwards to Fogtown!

Previously known as FelinaeFatale
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December 09, 2023 23:32:39
I wanted to say thank you for Mayfish!! She's beautiful and I love her very much <3
December 06, 2023 22:29:35
twegged for F+P and four eggs for D+C!
December 06, 2023 19:05:59
A wegg from Neishout and Nostoc!
November 16, 2023 21:33:44
November 07, 2023 23:34:24
I really love your clan lore from what I've read so far! Very dark, but with depth and maturity. Nice work!
October 28, 2023 16:23:28
nightrise and seref have completely caught my eye, if you ever decide to rehome them I'd love to have them in my lair
October 19, 2023 14:24:33
wegged </3
June 12, 2023 11:25:21
Just saw Haruspex on the front page!
May 06, 2023 15:37:06
Gyne looks interesting (she was on the front page!)
March 12, 2023 09:08:12
Point is ill give ya a free dragon XD
March 10, 2023 15:15:03
Hey I am not sure if I ever did send you the tundra you mentioned in june last year but I am doing a lair purge id be happy to give you whatever dragon ya want
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