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Please don't call USA/The United States "AMERICA".
America is a continent, i live in America, i don't live in the united states.
In America, Spanish is the predominant language.
South and Central America are not the same as Mexico.
We are trying our best to stop being sh-t on by every other country and continent.
Don't take this away from us, please.

I like gifting things to the offspring's of my 'perma' dragons! No need to give anything back![/size]
I'd love to receive letters from my hatchlings//
Memes are well welcomed.
MY MOTHER LANGUAGE IS SPANISH, i apologize for any misspell or typo in advance//

I usually exalt/train after 12pm server time
please ask if you want your dragon back BEFORE I TRAIN IT

^^fr tumblr ^^^

*Lair looks a bit odd, Currently trying to do a purge*
Greetings there! Friends or foe... Welcome to the "Golden Garden" home sweet home

Hi my name is Allue (Alú) im a 20 y/o artist and i live in Chile! My main likes are drawing, eating, sleeping, playing videogames (mostly GW2 and LoL las server) talking about series and ships; im still a lowkey sucker for anime so theres that... I love bragging about my dragons and I LOVE when people share me their dragons and proyects in general.

My lair is mostly conformed by Witches, pagans, "divines", assassins and a mix of fortune tellers with a hint of drunk bards and dancers.

*special thanks to everyone who gifted me flowers ;; Flowers to us are the most important thing ever.
-> Rain = something good is about to happen

*wip : Re do the purposes of the sections. ughh whyyyy
South (DZ): The elder dragons with lots of strength and knowledge bla bla often asked to take care of the shade when it attacks

North: eeh is pretty much the same. Scholars, pagans, adventures, truth seekers, philosophers etc.

East: Cheerful and joyful. They help everyone in need! Tho rumors say they have a dark side.. after all once a plague always a plague (they might be shade touched or corrupted)

West: the west is a bit of everything... crazy and wild dragons who live their life to the fullest! They constantly celebrate life and death as a way to purify or help the ones who have already fallen; Also for those who get exalted or exiled bla bla. Many see this as a plague like festival but in reality is nothing different from a joyful-funeral..

Our lair is dived in Three canon sections and 1 death zone..
South, North, East and west. (Not map orientated)

Interested in any dragon? Let me know!
I collect:

Bones, tusks, chimera fangs, horns, any sort of bottle with weird liquids (glitter please yes)skulls,knifes,
-> You enter a mysterious old house decorated with red flowers and red feathers.
-> Smells like candles and Incense
-> You glance over a golden button placed over a refined wooden table.
-> Press button / Don't press button.

Currently looking for:
Tarnish Tarnish eldritch male


Note to self! :

x25 x5
x25 x25
x25 x25
x25 x35
x35 x25
x25 x30
x25 x35
Crimson Jadevine (Maren Wavesinger)(kelp beds)
Lyretail Puffer (Longneck Mender) (arena)
Celestial Horn (Celestial Antelope) (arena)
Nightsky Fuiran Hide (Nightsky Fuiran)
(sandswept delta)
Vampiric Featherflea (Cardinal Hippogriff) (harpys roost)
x70(4/70) / x50 (50/50)
x70 (0/70)/ x50(4/50)
x70(10/70)/ x60 (5/60)
x60 -/ x60 -done
x50- / x50- done
x50(27/50) / x8 (4/8)
x20 (0/20)/ x2(2/2)thanks old mom
x50(0/50)/ x25 (25/25)

23303 skin for male coatls


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Muttsmutt said
October 18, 2021 09:53:48
thanatos was on the front page. cool dragon, cool lore.
Paproszka said
October 18, 2021 09:53:32
Thanatos was on the front page!! Love his outfit
nahum said
August 27, 2021 22:30:00
Sosgutven is sooooooooo gooddddddd
August 27, 2021 18:57:52
sosgutven was on the front page !! i wired all the money in my bank account to him and now im broke :')
batfossil said
August 27, 2021 18:57:42
Sosgutven was on the front page, they are absolutely stunning! Their accent + those genes and colors is amazing.
Chr0llo said
March 02, 2021 15:53:46
Corvus was on the front page! Very lovely boy, and you have an amazing lair!
Tharn said
January 09, 2021 18:19:16
LOL omg your comment might be the funniest compliment I've gotten. :'D Thank you! (Your stained dragons are gorgeous!!)
Odeen said
December 09, 2020 15:35:48
Thank you for your lovely words about Arrakis! I wish you success in all your endeavors <3
Redsparrow said
December 07, 2020 20:15:49
Sosgutven is hands down the best Veil I have seen yet.
Uyi said
December 07, 2020 18:34:22
i stumbled across your lair, and i really love your dragons!! Killue and Ares are favourites of mine, but honestly i love all your dragons. their outfits are glorious.
Luunai said
October 30, 2020 17:19:15
Your lair is incredibly stunning and inspiring! I love all your dragons' aesthetics, colour schemes and unique outfits. c:
October 25, 2020 17:28:39
Haha she just has those vibes, you know? Prairie is a gorgeous dragon by the way.
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