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Female | 30 | Art Addict | Lore Lair

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"The supreme good is like the aether.
It benefits all things and never contends with them,
it adapts itself to the perfect place
and never forces its way."

•• ━━━━━━ ━━━━━━ ••



[ The Gods | Sanctum | Arkadia | Citadel | Obscurum ]

A sanctum is founded.
''The Aether''
flows through your soul.

The clan of the Hidden Sanctum lives mostly secluded in a secret and sacred place behind the ruins of Hewn City. Their sanctuary is pervaded by ''the Aether'', a mysterious aerial substance which binds all clan members together, like silent voices or warm pneuma flowing through their souls.

Originally descending from the Arcane Starwoods, the clan moved to the territory of Light after Cloudwhisperer entrusted his authority to "the Aether" and its kindred spirits Nugua and Morpheus. It is said that he has recognised "the Aether" to be the chosen leader who inherited the fate of the clan.

''The Aether'' is a divine and godlike being, a never ending mystery to all clan members, which cannot be perceived in its entirety - yet, all members of the Hidden Sanctum have a deep intuition and knowledge beyond any words, and are willing to follow him everywhere he leads them.

∞ ∞ ∞

All dragons have their very own and profound reason to be a part of the Hidden Sanctum, otherwise ''the Aether'' would not have accepted them. They are mostly mysterious, sublime and willful creatures, deep thinkers and seekers for wisdom and truth, interested in myths, philosophy, obscure artefacts, dreams and magic.

The clan focuses on sacred rituals, mystery cults, both illuminated and arcane spells, healing arts and foreseeing. It is the home of prophets and priests, unbending wardens, dreamers and philosophers, noble knights, mystic beings and saints.

Even if there exist tension and rivalry between certain members, they are eternally trustful and loyal towards each other when it comes to the point where the clan as a whole is endangered from the outside. What binds them together is the spirit flowing through their hearts and souls, the endless mysteries of life: What is the meaning and purpose of their existence and self-awareness, why is the world made of light and darkness and what is the ultimate grounding which keeps the world together?

•• ━━━━━━ ━━━━━━ ••



[ Pyramid | Basilica | Krypta | Labyrinth ]

A revolution is about to start.
''The Apeiron''
is coming closer.

You are entering the Pyramid, a holy and symbolic place filled with enigmatic riddles and mysterious voices coming from both, the past and the future.

Nothing can be without its counterpart. "The Apeiron" unfolds its dark wings and is constantly trying to negate "the Aether" and to undertake its reign. Their eternal alternation guarantees the existence of the Hidden Sanctum.

∞ ∞ ∞

"The Apeiron" is the invisible, infinite principle and circle surrounding the clan. Many have followed its omen and echo: demigods, dragons searching for their destiny, lost spirits, creatures filled with darkness, grief and desperation, as well as shamans, necromancers, renegades, witches and clerics. Some of them are protecting the border walls of the Hidden Sanctum with mystic and forbidden rituals; others are raising cult places, founding a revolutionary religion to worship "the Apeiron".

The Basilica, the Krypta and the Labyrinth are three cult places, located within the infinite Pyramid: the first is a place to hallow the endlessness of the world, the second is a place to solve the world's cryptic mysteries, the third is a place to get lost within the paths of your own heart.

•• ━━━━━━ ━━━━━━ ••



[ Genesis | Desert | Ruins | Oasis | Serapeion | Cathedral ]

A new generation is awakening.
''The God''
watches you.

Forever unseen and with many eyes "the God" watches you. It is the synthesis of "the Aether" which may be called the thesis of all existence, and "the Apeiron", which may be called the antithesis of all existence. "The God" is their eternal unity and the paradox of all existence.

∞ ∞ ∞

All dragons under its reign are either created or spirited by "the God". They are far from being usual dragons - they are divine and mythological creatures, beasts and archangels, living within the dark side of the Hidden Sanctum. Sacred and derelict shrines, endless and illusional deserts, and immemorial ruins are their homes. Many have sold their souls to the absolute, which has many names but will always be one and the same unity of the world.

[ Mythos | Logos | Kosmos ]
G1 dragon collection.

Subregion of the HIDDEN CHILDREN:
Dragons hatched from enigmatic eggs which were not bred but crafted by "the God" to generate pure force and knowledge.

[ Antrum ]
Ancient dragon collection.

Subregion of the HIDDEN CHILDREN:
The Ancients pledged allegiance to "the God" due to their intrinsic kinship. They are the only dragons which were not created or spirited by "the God" - their inseparable bond consists of elective affinity.

[ Elysium ]
Eternal youth dragon collection.

Subregion of the HIDDEN CHILDREN:
Hatchlings which were frozen to be eternally youthful, because they would exceed and surpass even the power of "the God" if they grew up and unfolded their true potential.


» Personal Notes «

I'm currently studying M.A. Philosophy.
I'm interested in literature, art, fantasy stories, anime & manga, far eastern cultures, and ancient mythology (Greek, Egyptian, Near East).

I'm not accepting random friend requests.
If I reject your request, it's nothing personal at all. I'd like to keep my friend list to closer friends, and to people I have regularely interacted with before at the forums or via PM. Please talk to me first, messages and pings are always welcome :)

I'm breeding most of my dragons on request.
Just ask and I'm happy to throw them into a nest for you!

❖ If I ever forget to reply to your message/ping, please poke me about it again! I'm currently quite busy with university and something might slip my mind.

❖ Constantly working on dragon bios and lore, and actively collecting artworks for all permanent dragons.



[ Artwork Credits: Nimrook & GlowPen ]

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March 27, 2023 05:07:34
thank you so so much! i also have yet to crack why the primal eyes look right on him, i guess they just do XD talking about perfectly matching eyes, i adore Bryndis! i always love a nice pink-range stained, and her muted, dusty rose colors have such a delicious contrast to her very dark eyes ;w; also i am amazed at your luck in hatching alda!
March 26, 2023 19:05:15
yess, Alda is a stunner. what a lucky hatch! i have terrible luck on self hatches so im sticking with breed changing for now :D

yay for #7! they kinda reminded me of those shadowy blue shades in batman comics when i first saw the scry. abyss is such a 10/10 colour.
March 26, 2023 15:20:22
oh gosh thank you so much!! ;w; <3
March 24, 2023 10:38:53
thx for complimenting Arioch ♡
i admit, i do like the f pose more but m pose aethers look like cute little kittens to me. im excited for what you end up going for with Zoheret :D
March 23, 2023 22:50:10
aaaa its great to hear from you friend!! im glad you found the time to enjoy the game for yourself, i too am quite smitten with the update, i love the little buggers so much ;;; happy to hear things are well!! im doing alright, just permanently exhausted, im nearing the end of this semester but ill be even more slammed w summer classes ahahhah TT but i do love the classes im taking tho so its not that bad :3 (i kept my hatches! did you :D?? theyre jia and umi in my empress witch tab) hope the same for you, thanks so much!! its lovely to hear from a good friend ^^ <3
March 21, 2023 20:21:44
shifu(84853765) was on the front page, and he is gorgeous!! i didn't recognize the scene, i love it :O
March 20, 2023 12:54:44
OH MY GOODNESS! @Luunai I was going through your lair on RANDOM because I saw your comment in the "Look at em!!(finished g1 fandragon)" topic and was fascinated with the art of Baelor. I read his bio and was ensnared into the realm of The Hidden Sanctum, so I started going through your lair and stopped at Kailasa and thought "she looks strangely familiar.." I don't know what processed me, but I looked in her offspring list, and found a familiar name. Kailasa is my dragon Ilyrana's MOTHER! What are the chances?! I found one of my dragon's parents on complete ACCIDENT! I dunno, I just wanted to share that.
March 18, 2023 10:11:31
Thank you so much for your compliments on my savannah thread! It's funny, because I would use your exact words to describe your dragons! Always so cool to see your amazing shares and what you come up with. You've opened my eyes to entirely new savannah possibilities haha
March 17, 2023 20:12:52
You are so sweet! Thank you for the kind words!
March 17, 2023 12:41:13
Greetings, Luunai~ ♥

I have been the worst and terriblest of friends due to how busy I have gotten, but I am so glad to hear you have finished your thesis, and that you have more time to be on FR than you did before~ ♥ I hope I can continue our correspondence this weekend now that I have a brief break before work on Monday.

Your lair is as gorgeous as always and I am always spying what new babies I can steal buy from your lair, heheh.
March 16, 2023 14:06:31
Greetings, Luunai!

It's great to hear from you again, too.
How've you been?

I had quite a blast seeing everyone posting their dragons. Dragon Share has to be my favorite sub-forum. That being said, I wanted to welcome the opportunity to thank you for the feedback. I still got a lot to learn in this game.

I've been incredibly busy recently, but, thankfully, I'm actually managing to fix both my physical and mental health after that awful year last year.

I hope that you're doing well on your end, too, and that you're safe and healthy. Take care!
March 13, 2023 14:54:45
your lair is absolutely lovely & inspirational! <3
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