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Hello there! I'm SolsticeStorm or just Sol.

Currently revamping and adding to my lore, pardon the dust!

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~ Pursue. Preserve. Persevere. ~
Clan motto

"Greetings.” Says a large ice-colored guardian, giving a slight, curt nod, “I am Solstice, the current head of these lands. We call this place the Crystalspire Castle, a once grand palace that was unfortunately destroyed long ago. As you can see, it is nowhere near as grand, but it has regained at least some of its former glory. Under my rule, our clan has done nothing but flourished, and I intend to keep it that way.” The guardian strains a crude smile of pride at that note. “It hasn’t been easy…I’ve faced great adversity in the past, and I’m sure I’ll face much more in the future, but I am duty-bound to this land. So, I shall weather any change, good or bad, and lead this clan through whatever comes our way.

Well, if you wish to speak more, you are welcome to stay awhile.” With that, the guardian gestures you inside.


The Grand Palace - "This is the master palace; where clan meetings are held, and banquets are served. There are several thrones in the back for the leaders and other dignitaries. On the tops of the thrones are the insignia for the Ice Flight."

The Icicle Towers - "The many towers that house the many members of the clan. Each is custom-made to best fit the dragon inhabiting it. Since we’re always expanding we’re always adding new towers. The leaders and elemental representatives have their own section of towers that are...a bit more ornate. Only slightly though."

The Great Hoard - "The basement where all of the hoard is stored. It is organized and categorized accordingly by all our members. It is off-limits to guests I’m afraid."

The Grand Kitchen & Bountiful Mess Hall - "Our main kitchen where the finest dining is made, and our expansive mess hall where one can enjoy said dining. We have plenty of smaller kitchens and dining areas scattered about, but this is the biggest one, and considered the best. It is where clan-wide feasts are served, or for important celebrations.”

The Chromatica Gallery & Artists’ Chamber - "A great hall that was once completely barren. It has since been turned into a personal art gallery, where clan members can show off their finest paintings, sculptures, and more. The room next to it is where this fine art can be made. It is one of those rooms where no matter how much you clean, there’s always some speck of mess, haha.”

The Tattertorn Spar Room & Healing Chamber - "This here is our main training room for the combat inclined. Stuffed elemental training dummies and various training weapons allow for a catered experience. It is a restricted room, and one must always be supervised when training. Hatchlings are not allowed entry at all.

Nearby is the Healing Chamber. It is not often used for practice mishaps, it is in fact the main healing center and is where soldiers and mages go if a combat mission went awry.”

The Prismatic Prison - "A leftover room from the Castle's original days. We’ve debated on sealing it off or not, but opted to use it as a detention center for misbehaving hatchlings.

With the return of the gaolers it has been refurbished to serve its original purpose. Cryou and her fellow wards harry any shade-touched creatures, or suspicious individuals behind the icy bars. The detention center has since been moved elsewhere."

The Solemn Grounds - "...Here are the burial grounds for those we have lost. Either from battle, illness, age, or other reasons. It is maintained by Leviathan, our mortician who takes care of the deceased and their families, as well as ensure they are given proper respect.”



"We abide by the Icewarden’s wishes. To preserve this world’s entities, creatures, things, all of its wonders and woes. Such a daunting task is accompanied by the duty of protecting this world from those who wish to destroy it. That is our mission, our destiny."

"Next to the leaders the elemental representatives are the most important members of the clan, though, of course, every member has a role to play. The representatives organize and often lead expeditions outside the clan’s territories, are expected to fight as top-tier warriors and mages, and bring with them the virtues of their respective Flight to our clan. They act as mediators both within and outside the clan, helping facilitate understanding between all kinds, elements, and backgrounds. It’s a daunting duty to uphold, and sadly we have lost a few reps who have either left or retired. Those who remain take pride in knowing they are serving their clan in a most honorable way."


“Eleven elemental facilities maintained by the representatives:”

The Glistening Gardens - Tended to by Hoarfrost
“Right outside of the Palace is a brilliant garden made out of native flora and life-size sculptures of the clan’s denizens, each carefully carved and crafted with Ice magic. In the center lies the largest and most ornate statue, depicting our patron deity, the Icewarden.”

The Meltwater Forge - Managed by Firestrike
“The main forge, located far away from the main castle, out of precaution. It is where forgemasters, metalworkers, and Fire dragons alike blast flames and smelt weapons, tools, and armor for the clan.”

The Pellucid Pool - Overseen by Typhoon
“Joined with the general swimming area, where water-dwelling dragons find peace. Fire and Ice magic is used to regulate the temperatures to the individual’s liking. Several special pools are set aside to be used by the resident oracles to divine the future for the benefit of the clan.”

The Shatterstorm Workshop - Operated by Thundercrack
“The cramped makeshift factory where Thundercrack and other inventors, engineers, and innovators work on all sorts of gadgets and gizmos. This is also the location of the master generator that powers the machinery both in the factory and elsewhere around the palace. All things considered, it's a surprisingly safe environment. Not always the most uncluttered though.”

The PhantomAir Theatre - Run by Altocumulus and Zephyr
“A grand stage where theatrics and entertainment are held. Songs are sung, dances are danced, and overall merriment is made. The two Wind reps act as stage managers and schedule the various acts and shows. Altocumulus often writes her own plays and poems to be read, while Zephyr is more comfortable with set design and lighting.”

The Cragcrevice Caves - Maintained by Rimrock and Tablet
“An underground endeavor made to explore any hidden secrets that may be buried below. Above ground are digsites and research towers for tracking any new findings. The clan’s archeologists, miners, and geologists work in tandem to bring about new discoveries.”

The Glimmershine Temple - Kept by Starshine and Sunchaser
“Both temple and library, home to tranquil reflection and vast knowledge. The two Light reps maintain the serenity of the temple and manage the movement of the library’s books, but they are often prone to petty squabbling over who does what. Fellow attendants and assistants often have to politely quell their bickering before it becomes an all out brawl.”

The Shimmershadow Maze - Occupied by Shadowcast
“A unique addition made by the Shadow rep. It is a strange and large ice maze, filled with confusing games and treacherous traps. It is considered clan tradition to trek through the maze at least once in one’s lifetime. When not tailing me, the maze’s maker, Shadowcast, can be found lurking within the maze, watching for any successes or failures. Though he swears he has never interfered with a maze-goer’s progress.”

The Frostbitten Habitarium - Watched over by Herbaceous
“A special section of the hoard that was created to house various plants and animals. It is also where the clan’s familiars are cared for. Herbaceous and her many, many assistants help maintain this wide menagerie.”

The Shiversickened Keep - Guarded by Stygian
“A special quarantine zone for those who have fallen terribly ill. Doctors and pathologists study and treat those within the Keep’s walls. Stygian mainly guards the place but will also visit patients and give her input if deemed necessary.”

The Silverstar Observatorium & Ascendant Alchemy Chamber - Supervised by Mana and Borgsnar respectively
“A large tower that is the most prone to…mishaps. The Arcane rep, and her fellow scholars, astronomers, and magic enthusiasts keep an eye on magical fluctuations and star patterns.

Connected to it is the main center of alchemical experimentation, overseen by Borgsnar the head alchemist. Him and his fellows work day and night testing materials, crafting concoctions, and brewing potions. The two reps often collaborate, combining their knowledge to better their efforts, which sometimes lessens the explosive aftermath.”


“A special guard meant to protect the clan from insidious threats:”

Led by Catalyst and Impetus
“With the events of the Dustcarve Dig and the discovery of the latest modern dragon breed, the obelisks, a special task force was formed to keep the clan safe. Headed by the first obelisk to make contact with the clan, Catalyst, and her trusted partner Impetus, these two manage a special guard meant to monitor every angle for threats to the clan or the greater world at large. By enlisting the help of an obelisk from each element Catalyst believes no stone will be left unturned, as it were. If there are threats out there that the gods are fearful of, we’ll be one of the first to know.”


“Special orders and organizations constructed by the ancient dragons of the clan:”

The Prismatic Prison - Warded over by Cryuo
“Having since returned to the surface world, Cryou and her fellow gaolers have taken hold of the once defunct castle prison. Under her careful watch it has been reestablished for it’s original purpose, being use to hold shade-touched monsters and hostile individuals to keep the clan safe. Upon Frostbite’s insistence a special ward was set up to contain his shade-touched daughter, Crystal. There she is kept under close watch while the clan’s best are tasked with finding an ever elusive cure to her condition.”

The Snowsong Aviary - Organized under Pyrreferous
“A special area carved out for the wyvern ancients to perch. Here they hone their elemental skills for various non-combat uses, or to practice their latest song. Once Pyrreferous is satisfied with their progress they take to the stage at the PhantomAir Theatre to perform their concert live.”

The Sylvanflake Ring - Gathered under Thicketcloak
“A small, secluded council, hidden away within the nooks and crevices of the castle walls, where the tiny ancients meet. They won’t tell me exactly what they do in there, besides a vague mention of keeping secrets hidden and safe. Whatever that means.”

The Crossfangs' Alliance - Summoned under Virulent
“A newly constructed training grounds commissioned by the multi-limbed ancients. Here they spar against all manner of opponents, from training dummies to each other. Virulent also makes it a point that strength can be gained in many ways. So they not only train physically. Some work on emotional strength, or mental strength or even spiritual strength. Whatever calls to the individual aberration the most.”

The Trenchlurkers Consulate - Governed by Synken
“An expansion of the general swimming area to create more deep and pressurized zones to better replicate the crushing depths the undertides are used to. It is here that Synken and his fellow leviathans gather to plan alliances and diplomacy with neighboring Beastclans.”

The Silverstar Enterprise - Captained by Galaxus
“A branching organization off of the clan’s observatorium. Maned by an eccentric group of aethers, this enterprise seeks to not only observe the stars, but to explore them too. They spend much time traversing the land to meet with friendly rival clans, exchanging knowledge and findings that could further space exploration for all dragonkind. Each member has a talon-made badge to signify their rank and connection to the organization.”

The TBD - Governed by NAME


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