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Taking A Hiatus 9-25-23 to 10-16-23!
Don't worry, I'll be back & feed them eventually, I'm really active otherwise :D

My special somepony is coming to visit meeeeee for the first time in real life for the 4 years we've been seeing each other, I'm so happyyyyy ahhhhhhhhhh
He's finally heeerrrrre!!

Hello there! Welcome to the clan! :D Here's a little bit about me:
Four words that describe me: Lazy, Passionate, Sentimental & Charismatic | | She/her | MLP Lover | FR Time + 1 hr | Pegasister| Also wishes she could be a pegasus | Artist | Christian | Aspiring Author | Straight | Loyal Servant of Wind Dad | Active Player | Taken by the sweet FortunaMagica :) <3| Dragon lover | USA/American | 20-something y-o | Cat Lover| Socially Awkward | Asperger's Autism Advocate & diagnosee | Avid Reader | Introvert | Just tryna do this thing called life | :D
Call me Cascade ^^)

I don't mind random friend requests! :D Though I may comment on your page after if we haven't spoken/interacted before, but don't mind me, I just like to know people a little first XD am just weird like that XD

I like to look at the front page's random dragons & let you know if your dragon got featured! As long as you allow profile messages, I'll tell you if your dragon's there as a way to spread some joy among us players here ^^)

~*Note to Admins & Devs:*~
I also play on moblie/phone so my IP address may change sometimes but it's still me! I'm just checking things on-the-go ^^)


*more info below ^^)*

All Flight Rising Discord:

Info about the SkyWings clan
Hello & welcome to the SkyWings clan! Feel free to take a look around & meet some of the dragons here, they won't bite! :) (although most of their bios are under construction, I am slowly getting them written tho XD)

Icon/Avatar dragon for those interested: -->

Situated in a feild of the Windswept Plateau on the some of the wider Zephyr Steppes, near a portal to another universe, lies the clan you are viewing where the dragons of the SkyWings clan make their home. On one day in November 2017, a being from the Cascadian Universe stumbled upon said portal & was transformed into a Fae as she went through. She traveled the land, learning about what had happened & realizing she couldn't go back & was stuck here, so, with that in mind, she met others along the way & got inspired to start her own life here as well. A Gaurdian came lumbering through, who was on The Search, yet when he saw the beautiful golden Fae, he knew he'd found his Charge, and was instantly smitten as well. She told him of her past as they got to know each other, and at first, he didn't believe her until she took him to the spot where the portal remained and he finally saw the proof of what seemed to be her tall tale. With that in mind, they worked together to set up a fortification around said portal and made it their home, as well. They welcomed in hatchlings shortly thereafter and many more dragons who joined to make their home in the realm of Wind, and over time, an established hierarchy formed, with GoldSong the Fae, Valen the Gaurdian & her now partner, Moriah their daughter, Terrence the Ridgeback & Gabrian the Skydancer making up the ruling body of the clan :)
Over time, they have expanded the clan so much as to accommodate well over 200 dragons, but more are always coming after expansions to the Lair & Den are made. GoldSong & the leaders are happy to have seen their clan flourish, and though she loves the Flight she was created to represent, she cherishes & celebrates other Flights as well :D The dragons here have freedom to be whoever & whatever they want; all are welcome here, and the Fae, along with the Skydancer & others, work to institute that ever-welcoming attitude & atmosphere so that whoever may find their way to the clan, through the Winds of fate, never feel like an outsider or alone. :)

Other pertinent info:
-All dragons here have & will get bios/lore, and as I said, I'm slowly working on finishing them :) XD
-I pair my dragons here with mates they are probably going to be keeping for life unless some kind of circumstance arises where that might change such as with Moriah (see lair) :)
-I do exalting here, but it's only my own dergs that I send to serve under Wind Dad, it's never a dragon that I acquire from an outside source/person; dragons like that are here to join the clan permanently & be mated for life to someone, so don't worry: if I get a derg or two from you, your dragons are safe :)
Lair & Den organization set up:
-The important dragons, leaders & adults with their mates & families of the clan & Flight representatives, are in the Hibernal Den, in a tab labeled 'Important Dragons' and others who will be transitioning to the Den are in a tab that say 'Families'. The others who are with their families who are just as important but don't quite have Leader status are also in the adjacent tab labeled 'Families'. If you want to get to know the first dragons who founded the clan and all the other important ones, this is where you'll want to head first ^^)
-The first tab in the Lair is for the Nursery and New Arrivals, where babies come to stay after hatching and are raised by their parents and helped by Meiriona and her family who are great with kids; and where new arrivals land such as dragons traded from others or bought from the AH, and both learn their way around the clan and grow here & make a life for themselves :)
- the tab labeled 'To Breed' is for the dragons who have paired together and will hopefully be breeding one day when the Nesting Grounds, Nursery & Lair have the needed space :)
-'Need Genes B4 Breed' is pretty self-explanatory; I'm waiting to gene those dergs before I breed them, then once I do, eventually they'll join the happy families of the clan in the Den.
-'Ancient Dergs' is pretty self-explanatory too, that's for the new Ancient breeds that FR is releasing, but they are very much part of the clan.
-'For Sale' is for dragons that are for sale & ready to leave the clan and find a new home and forger their own paths elsewhere, so if you want a new derg, feel free to take a look! ^^)
~-BUT, Do Note: If they don't get sold by the end of 3 weeks, I WILL Exalt them!!-~

Disclaimer--though no one has asked yet, I have seen this on other's pages so thought I'd include it as well.. None of the dragons in this clan are for sale unless they are in the aforementioned aptly named 'For Sale' tab. Otherwise I will NOT be parting with anyone for any price unless like you throw a Skycat at me or an exorbitant amount of gems or send something of equally insane value my way, then maayybe XD Otherwise, NO ONE is leaving this clan so hands off & please don't ask for them, thank you kindly ^^) The dragons in this clan are here to STAY and make a life for themselves in this, the SkyWings clan of the Windswept Plateau :) ^^)

Map of the lair: (to edit-in progress)

->Finish them bios!
->Expand Hibernal Den
->To see an extensive account of my wishlists, come visit Betta, the Gaurdian of Wishes! :D -->
Dream dragon!!
Sandsurge Male
Splash Flaunt
Copper Marlin, Saddle or Flair
Grapefruit Thundercrack
Look how gorgeous!! are you LoOkInG?!?! omw :D


Have an awesome day and thanks for stopping by! :D
Thank you for taking the time to read all this :D

(not my art, banners & respective icons/imagery belong to their respective owners)

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September 24, 2023 13:37:12
Thank you for your comment! It was super thought-out and sweet, I'm not used to folks leaving longer comments so it was a nice surprise. I haven't been making outfits for dragons as often as I used to but Nighthaven is definitely one of my dragons where just a few pieces of apparel really make her colors look great and I had fun picking a familiar for her since they matched her so well.

I hope you have a wonderful day too! (:
September 23, 2023 08:28:14
Just saw your message, thank you so much! I do agree, she’s beautiful!
September 07, 2023 12:58:41
Hello! I just saw the message you left from back in august when one of my dragons made the front page. I just wanted to say thank you, i am so glad there are more christians on this platform that are so kind and willing to share their belief. have a wonderful day!
August 24, 2023 02:52:27
thank you for your sweet comment <3 agonia says hi ::3
August 06, 2023 19:13:06
Thank you for your kind words and letting me know MossReins appeared on the front page!! I hope you also have a marvelous day :>
August 03, 2023 02:46:37
Ahhh, thank you! That's really awesome that she ended up on the front page :D :D
July 28, 2023 04:03:13
Thank you so much for the compliments and I hope you have a lovely day as well!! Sorry for geting back to you so late
July 21, 2023 09:50:57
yeah of course! :) I"m happy to give her to a good home ^^
July 21, 2023 07:54:06
hello there! you messaged me last year about a dragon (and I did in fact come back to play!)
are you still interested? x)
July 18, 2023 19:41:56
Thank you so much, that's so sweet! I really appreciate it, and you seem lovely. <3 I'm going to take a look at your lore, also!
July 18, 2023 08:22:38
Hi! I just saw your nice compliment about my sweet boy Eirianell. He says a very big, rumbly thank you!
July 16, 2023 15:30:17
Hey, thank you for letting me know about Eindride! I'm glad you like him! I was hoping to find out the first time one of my dragons was on front page. Thank you for asking about his lore, it might motivate me to actually write it. As for the image, it was originally made as a joke in the Arcane Discord with the male Gaoler in the Encyclopedia and I was sad that I couldn't make one with Eindride. To which, they said "link him."
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