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16. 6. 2013 - 1. 4. 2022
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Clan Lore

What do you see? Do you see the stars in the sky? Are they calling to your soul in a way that words cannot describe?

What do you feel? Is it the hum of magic in your fingertips? Does it sing in your blood like the stars sing in your heart?

Will you wonder forever?

Will you?

At the apex of the Focal Point, where the sky comes closest to touching the stars, the Stellae have made their home, on one of the many isles that drifts through the air near the Observatory. Like much of the Focal Point (and the Observatory itself) it's nearly impossible to reach by normal means - there is no easy path from the Crystalspine Reaches through the tumultuous magics of the floating islands, and the same dissonance that keeps them afloat makes reaching them by flight alone even more difficult - and is one of the larger chunks of land in the sky, wide enough to bear both a small ridge of bumpy mountainous hills and a stretch of grassland big enough to host the populous of the clan. The island itself is bisected by a river; one that spills down the tallest hill and splashes over the edge of the land into a deep pool just below the ledge.

It is on this floating piece of wonder that Astra, founder of clan Stellae, has ultimately led those who have joined her in her penultimate search for knowledge about magic and the stars. Their lair is more hidden than visible, with many of the surface's dealings being, ultimately, in the buying and selling of wares, as well as socialization - there's more than one bard among the Residents, and the clearing in the center of the island is often host to one or more performances in any given day.

Astra - founder, leader, researcher - never meant for her clan to get this large. When she first began her expedition, she did so out of love for the stars and curiosity about the magic she knows that is rooted in them, hoping to find more dragons who shared her curiosity to aid in her research. She was joined first by Theodore, who she fell deeply in love with, who swore to protect her as she did her research. Over time, her expeditions carried her far and wide, slowly drawing more and more dragons into the fold. Though many were Dreamers like her, others were not, and now...

Now, Theodore speaks on her behalf at Council meetings, with Astra watching nervously from behind him. Her love for the rest of the clan is endless, and she will do anything to make sure everyone's needs are met...but she'd rather spend all her days teaching magic to the young hatchlings (and anyone else who will listen).

The Stellae are a clan of dragons of varying abilities, from blacksmiths to farmers to healers to bards, and they work together to ensure that every dragon is cared for, that nobody wants for anything. Some of the more honoured scholars follow their dreams to Exaltation, to study alongside the Arcanist himself; but that honour is one that is ceded to few of the Stellae. For most, their duty is here - to their family first and their clan second - and they remain with the clan, rather than vying for a position before the Eye of Many Lenses.

Many are here, and all are welcome. If they can find the Stellae, they can find a home...the problem is the finding in the first place...

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The island Stellae was now the hillock Stellae. The island gone; the clan upon it starting anew. The dreamers were dumbfounded as they looked upon the wreckage – their floating home shouldn’t have strayed from the magical field keeping it aloft for nearly another century. What had happened? An investigation was quickly started on the heels of the clan’s evacuation, all of them together as they watched their home fall from the sky.

The defenders had done their part by evacuating everyone. They could rebuild the rest with the belongings they’d taken. They’d always been as industrious as they were crafty, after all. The clan were all more grateful for one another too – closer than ever before after escaping with their friends and acquaintances alike with only minutes to spare. Their island was no longer in the Starfall Isles, but now in the Parched Canyonwalks’s westmost bound. Some joked that they meant to see the world, others were willfully optimistic that Dragonhome would make a great home for them.

A dig site was quickly formed for new investigations to be made about their new home. There was no time to grieve for what they’d lost, only time to find out what was here to discover. The investigation would answer their questions about what had happened to their home. The clan was settled further when everyone was accounted for several days after the crash – with Drayth the last accounted for, having come back from some sort of experiment north of there.

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About Me & Info

Hi, I’m Ronnie!

My inbox is always open to messages. It might take me a moment to get to them, but I promise I’ll try to reply ASAP. I don't mind random friend requests, but I’d prefer we have talked at least once before.

Dragons in the “For Sale” and “Fodder” tabs are always alright to be sold or traded, feel free to inquire (Please note that fodder has set prices which can be found in the tab descriptions). I might consider selling some of the ones in the “Projects” tabs, but I won't guarantee selling them. Everyone else is a perma, who I am not willing to part with.



- 24 bios - partially paid - April 22

To do & Notes

- Lore and art for new dragons

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