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[Fair] Cheap 7 Egg Raffle! [CLOSED]
Mar 08, 2017 14:52:32





The Cheap possibly up-to 7 Egg Raffle!
~run by heartcrusher1~

Welcome to heartcrusher1's first raffle - featuring 7 eggs and cheap tickets!

Everyone is limited to purchasing one ticket (plus extras for their friends if they want, see the rules for more info), so everyone has a fair chance of winning - hence the term 'fair raffle'. Some people prefer fair raffles, because people with not as much money have the same chance of winning as people with more to spare.

However many eggs are raffled off at the end is dependent on how many tickets are sold. For very 71 or 72 tickets sold (the number required will alternate to evenly hit the total), I will add another egg to the grand pot. There are 500 tickets to be bought; if they are all claimed before the end date, I'll close the raffle and use random.org to draw the winners. Good luck!

Also check out the mini-raffle below - I will host one every week with some small, fun prizes!

:Current Pot:
  • 71/71 tickets for 1st Plague Egg
  • 72/72 tickets for Nocturne Egg
  • 41/71 tickets for 2nd Plague Egg
  • 0/72 tickets for Lightning Egg
  • 0/71 tickets for 3rd Plague Egg
  • 0/72 tickets for Fire Egg
  • 0/71 tickets for Water Egg

  • 187/500 total tickets bought
____________ :Current End Date:

July 31, 2017 | ~12:00 FRT (Pacific Time)
*may change depending on ticket sales*

:Ticket Prices:

2,500 treasure or 3 gems per ticket
No items, please!

  • Each person is allowed one ticket - it's a fair raffle!
  • This is my first raffle. Constructive criticism is always welcome.
  • Send payment for your ticket via one-way CR. In the CR message box, tell me what the payment is for. If payment is sent any other way, you will be disqualified.
  • Any PMs will be disregarded and currency returned. It's hard for me to read the PM history, so I will not accept PMs. If payment is sent via PM, you will be disqualified.
  • Tickets are nonrefundable, sorry!
  • No items accepted - only treasure or gems as payment for tickets.
  • I will draw as many winners as eggs in the pot at the end date, or if all 500 tickets are claimed before then. If you'd be unhappy receiving any of the egg types, please don't enter.
  • If you'd like, you can buy up to 3 extra tickets to give to friends as a gift. You don't have to tell them if you want it to be a surprise, but please do remember only 1 ticket per person; if you buy 3 extras, they have to go to 3 different people. Please tell me if you'd rather have them added to the pinglist or only pinged for the final drawing. If someone already has a ticket bought for them and happens to find this raffle, they cannot buy an extra ticket.
  • You can only buy your ticket and 3 extra tickets, so the maximum payment is 10kt. Please specify how many extra tickets you will be buying (not including yours!) in the CR chat, as well as to whom so I can write down their usernames.
  • Breaking or not following a rule may disqualify you from this raffle. There will be very, very few exceptions, and they are all case-by-case. I will notify you of your disqualification for this raffle.


Feel free to put this badge in your clan profile, signature, or anywhere that it's welcome! Helping me spread the word will get entries in faster, which means more eggs in the pot! I'll be updating this to reflect how many eggs are in here as soon as I can.


Everyone who enters will be pinged for important updates. If you don't want to be pinged, simply ask to be removed. The pinglist is located on the below spreadsheet - all people without "Do Not Add To Pinglist" in Column E next to their username will be pinged. Please refrain from using the pinglist - it's only for me to ping you all for announcements and such. Thank you!

:Ticket Spreadsheet:

5-11-17: Added a water and fire egg to the pot!
4-11-17: Hey Boss, thanks for the Lightning egg!
3-28-17: You can gift up to 3 tickets to 3 friends! :D
3-12-17: Well then, we now have four prizes! Plaguebringer is still trying to recruit me, I guess. :D
3-10-17: Plaguebringer handed me another egg while scavenging today! Three prizes, now~
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Dragons Wanted
[Fair] Cheap 7 Egg Raffle! [CLOSED]
Mar 08, 2017 20:45:55





: The Mini-Raffle :

Thank you to everyone who participated in the string of mini-raffles! There will no longer be any until the end of the main raffle.

To keep people interested in the raffle, I've decided to host a semi-separate series of mini-raffles! If you have any suggestions, please let me know - I enjoy constructive criticism! All rules here apply to this raffle only, not the main one.

: Rules :
  • Do not ping me for any tickets in the mini-raffle, such as bumps. I will go back and count them all, I promise.
  • You must have a ticket in the main raffle to be able to participate in the mini-raffle.
  • Whether you win the mini-raffle or not will not affect your standings in the main 7-egg raffle.
  • You can earn/buy more than one ticket! See the ways below for more info.
  • All items/currency must be sent by 1-way CR (bumps and such don't need a CR, of course). Try as best as you can to specify which method you are earning tickets by in the CR chat box.
  • Any PMs will be disregarded and items/currency returned. It's very hard for me to read the PM history, so I will not accept PMs. If things are sent via PM, you will be disqualified for that mini-raffle (but not for the next ones).
  • Tickets are nonrefundable, sorry!
  • Items are accepted as well as currency. See the ways below for more info.
  • I will draw winners weekly, at the end of each raffle's scheduled run date. I have a very busy but not uniform schedule, so it may be on a different day or at varying times. I will change the status of that raffle to Open or Closed right before I start tallying tickets and drawing winners, so any tickets earned once the current raffle is closed will go towards the next raffle.
  • Simply entering the main raffle does not earn you any tickets towards the mini-raffle.
  • For having the badge in your signature/clan profile/your threads: if and when you take it off for any reason, you must let me know exactly when you took it off so I can give you the correct amount of tickets.
  • Any tickets already earned will never be taken away unless they were improperly claimed. For example, if you have the badge in your signature for the first 3 days of the week, but take it off for the last 4 days for any reason, I will not take away your ticket.
  • I will not disqualify you from a mini-raffle for breaking any of these rules unless you are obviously trying to claim tickets that you have not earned or you fail to abide by the payment method rule. Any tickets you earned for the current mini-raffle prior to that will still be in the running, but you may not earn any more for that mini-raffle. However, you may still participate in the next mini-raffles and so forth unless it is a major infraction.

: How to Buy/Earn Tickets :
To claim things like bumps and putting the badge somewhere, ping me~

Regular Tickets: (they only count for the current raffle and don't carry over, but you can keep earning them throughout the duration of all mini-raffles)
  • Purchasing tickets - 1 ticket = 2,500t or 3g. You can buy an unlimited amount!
  • Bumping the thread - 1 ticket. Your bumps must be an hour apart from each other - distance between bumps by different users doesn't matter.
  • Bumping the thread with the badge in your signature - 2 tickets. Your bumps must be an hour apart from each other - distance between bumps by different users doesn't matter.
  • Sending anything to me - 1 ticket per 2kt in lowest realm-wide Auction House (LAH) value. For example, say an item has a LAH of 30kt. You would get 15 tickets (30,000/2,000 = 15). I will accept anything, from hoard junk and food to eggs and chests. Anything that lies in your hoard can be sent. Please do the math if possible and note it in the CR chat box - I'd really appreciate it!
  • Getting friends to join the main raffle - 2 tickets per each friend that joins AND mentions that you referred them. If you notice that they don't mention you, but you did refer them, please ping me with a link to a post or a screenshot of a PM as proof. If post is edited after the person joined, or if the PM screenshot doesn't have a timestamp, it will not count. I will not ask about this - you must see if they mentioned you or not, and if they don't and you do not provide proof, you will not receive the tickets.
  • Finding a mistake in my ticket-keeping - If you spot a mistake in my bookkeeping for tickets on the spreadsheet, for you or another person, let me know and I will reward you 2 tickets!

Carry-Over Tickets: (they count for the current raffle and carry over to all future mini-raffles if you still qualify)
  • Having the badge in your signature - 1 ticket
  • Putting the badge in one of your threads/clan profile/where it is welcome - 1 ticket

One-Time Tickets: (they can only be earned once over the entire duration of all mini-raffles)
  • Buying a ticket in the main raffle for someone - 2 tickets per friend (max. 6 tickets from this)

: Current Mini-Raffle :
: Status: Closed :

: Ticket Spreadsheet :
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Dragons Wanted
[Fair] Cheap 7 Egg Raffle! [CLOSED]
Mar 08, 2017 21:18:30






I'd love to enter! I'll send 3 gems over now. ^_^
[Fair] Cheap 7 Egg Raffle! [CLOSED]
Mar 08, 2017 21:35:08





@heartcrusher1 sending over some t
Click for Don't Starve/FR commissions! [TEMP CLOSED] (Casual collector of 6 digit dergs!)

[Fair] Cheap 7 Egg Raffle! [CLOSED]
Mar 09, 2017 07:48:52






Could I please purchase one ticket? :3
[Fair] Cheap 7 Egg Raffle! [CLOSED]
Mar 09, 2017 08:49:36





@TheInkheart - Ticket recorded! Thanks for entering.
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Dragons Wanted
[Fair] Cheap 7 Egg Raffle! [CLOSED]
Mar 09, 2017 09:22:41






Sending CR
[Fair] Cheap 7 Egg Raffle! [CLOSED]
Mar 09, 2017 10:19:59





sending CR for a ticket ~

[Fair] Cheap 7 Egg Raffle! [CLOSED]
Mar 09, 2017 10:43:18





Sending over 3 gems :)
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[Fair] Cheap 7 Egg Raffle! [CLOSED]
Mar 09, 2017 11:06:38





@Devitome @Kindly @L1BR4 - Your tickets are recorded~
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Dragons Wanted