maocifer (#70465874)
it's-a-me, maocifer!
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Slight Eyewing
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Energy: 47/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Water.
Female Guardian
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10.6 m
20.28 m
8573.79 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Jun 27, 2021
(1 year)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Guardian
EXP: 0 / 245




  • none


about me

  • Hi hii, I'm mao. You could also call me May if you want to pretend we're definitely all human, or go for maocifer if you want to be formal.
  • Definitely not a cripplingly socially anxious goblin inhabiting a floundering human meat sack.
  • Has a Genshin Impact addiction. *F2P sobbing at Keqing's alt dress*
  • Lives in a country where we judge our economic stability on the price of a chocolate frog.
  • My birth-country's flag is literally a dragon. get on my level.
  • In unrelated news, have you seen the price of a Freddo these days? Absurd.
  • Probably spends far too much time playing video games and reading webtoons. Needs to finish the witcher and get all the...*ahem* collectables...
  • Overenthusiastic user of the oxford comma.
  • LOVES canids, birds of prey, and reptiles. Favourites include: maned wolf (foxy-long-legs), African wild dog, carrion crow, red kite, Brazilian rainbow boa, and armadillo girdled lizard ♡
  • Favourite colour is red! Or maybe purple... Could also be green... Or yellow? Orange...? I think it's grey.
  • Certified plant nerd and slightly less certified animal nerd. Other things I spent years of my life studying but still suck at: latin, psychology, environmental science.
  • Comprised of 99.7% earl grey tea. The other 0.3% is mystery goop containing but not limited to: hazardous levels of anxiety, big sad, adhdeez- (*sigh*), a crippling lack of sleep despite doing it every stupid day, and ✧・゚:* autism *:・゚✧
  • Occasionally gifts people random things on their wishlists, or sends far too much food than is necessary alongside nest rentals, all accompanied by bizarre and (so I've been told) occasionally funny messages. Can't help it, it must be done, sorry I'm #quirky #notlikeothergirls.
  • Rice over potatoes literally any day*. Orco is wrong. (*fine, I'll concede to one day where rice is not better because no one wants to eat a sunday roast with rice, blegh.)
  • PSA: Orco is a pure, unbridled criminal who eats roast dinner on a Saturday, and if you think that's not a day too early you're part of the problem.
  • Would die for Luminax.
  • Never - I repeat, NEVER - give Orco more minor health potions. He's already too powerful.
  • Definitely 100% did not copy this bullet-style layout from a certain timber tender to prevent rambling but just ended up rambling anyway.
  • My bestest shmestest pal in the whole wide world does art things on insta and sometimes youtube, go give her a high-five to stop her feeling so self-art-conscious. ♡

Discord - maocifer#7930 | carrd | Steam
chickensmoothie || Genshin - 713266810
Feel free to gander at my youtube where I occasionally post awkward and badly edited gaming content. If you like any measly part of it, please let me know! I'd love feedback to help me improve 👉👈.

game info
Until [unknown], my user was: Catzi ; until [15/05/19], my user was CosmicTeapot.

Can I send you a friend request or personal message? Unless we’ve had some form of conversation somewhere or something with which to build the basis of a friendship, I’d rather not be sent a friend request. However, you’re welcome to talk to me, I don’t bite. I do not have any such thing as a ‘dni’ list; I don’t believe people to be defined by their ‘fandoms’... unless you're weirdly obsessive about it.
Response times to messages may be slow, as I have a stupid goblin brain and need time to formulate, but please don’t worry about making me anxious, lol, I do it to myself.

Can I buy x dragon? I’m fine on offers for anyone other than those in ‘Umbral Point’. This doesn’t guarantee I’ll sell anyone not already in the sales but feel free to ask. As for dragons on the AH, feel free to haggle on prices so long as it’s within a reasonable range. Aside from standard currency, I may also accept art, items on my wishlist, or ‘chickensmoothie’ C$/wishlist.

Will you exalt x? Chances are, unless I’ve bred them myself or bought for fodder price, no. However, if the answer is yes then you’re welcome to offer on the dragon or buy them back if you were the seller.

Inquiry about lore? Unless otherwise stated or credited, I’ve written all my own layouts, stories, and quotes. Much of my lore is a work in progress, and general clan lore can be found [here]. There is also some lore I have written for dragons whom I no longer own, namely: Rowan, Shia, Ghost, Tetra, and Myadis; and shorter pieces for Shiver, Crim and Kilo.
If you’d like to make a specific inquiry about lore / you’d like to work together on something / or you’d like to share with me some lore about a dragon related to one of my own (including letters from hatchlings), I’d very much love to hear from you.

What other services do you offer? I am open to dragon-borrowing requests, and nest and cauldron rentals, among other things, all of which are detailed below:

> breeding and lending: please PM me about studding / borrowing / breeding.
I also don't mind breeding requests if you like the look of a pair together, so if you want to be notified for a pair or specific hatchling, don't hesitate to ask!
> cauldron: Level 12, rarely used.
Send all materials over and I'll make what you need for you, no extra charge c: (see here for recipes)
> nesting: Free Shadow Nests.
I'm part of the Nest Network! But even if you aren't, if I have an open nest and space for a pair then you're welcome to CR me the dragons you want me to breed c:

silly things I hoard:
why?... best not to worry about that.

i think i miiight have a teeny weeny hoarding problem...

Thank you for popping by, have a beautiful day

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