What's a Plague dragon's favorite food? Soup.
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Dancing Chalice
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Energy: 46/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Wind.
Male Coatl
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Personal Style


Bamboo Tea Tray
Bamboo Dried Tea
Bamboo Tea Cups
Green Olive Wreath
Bamboo Apron
Pastry Chef Apron
Forest Rogue Vest
Ivory Aviator Scarf
Classy Ring


Accent: NS-Strawberry Demonade



7.25 m
7.71 m
829.38 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Dec 17, 2019
(4 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Coatl
EXP: 0 / 245




  • none


OriginalsizeRupeeWind.gif The Chef OriginalsizeRupeePlague.gif


Scarlet Mussels
Favorite Ingredient


Ancient Knife
Kitchen Tools


An ambitious but inexperienced young chef, Kada seeks to make his mark on the world through his unique culinary inventions. Despite being a Coatl he taste tests everything he makes, often making himself sick in the process. Some of his clanmates might say that's not the only reason the food is making Kada sick. Undeterred by criticism and common sense, Kada finds ways to convince dragons to try his food, even if they don't appreciate his bold innovative flavor combinations. Unfortunately Lilly, the quartermaster, often refuses his requests for interesting ingredients rare to the wasteland, unable to see Kada's visions as anything other than a waste for resources.

When he's not cooking up his newest invention, Kada makes large meals out of whatever the hunters bring back for the clan to share. Due to their increased metabolism, the Pack often eats a share of their prey while in the field in addition to eating with the rest of the clan at meal times. Typically Plague clans favor hearty soups that incorporate whatever scraps they can find, and despite the teasing he receives, the Forgotten are fond of Kada's method of combining flavors. Plague dragons are hearty and resistant to rot and most poisons, and Kada finds this an avenue for interesting flavors other dragons would not consider viable. He also enjoys making sweets for hatchlings.

Recipe Book
mISblcI.gif Crunchy Shiner Pops: This tangy desert is made from fresh Pineapple Shiners, stuffed with Apples and coated in sugar. It is baked at a low heat, until the apples soften and the sugar crystalizes into a crunchy outer shell. Once it has cooled, the treats are drizzled in a sauce made from Citrus Lionfish Venom, Cinnamon, and Crisp-Leaf Amaranth seeds. A perfect snack for the Mistral Jamboree!
You Will Need
Pineapple Shiners Red Delicious Apple Citrus Lionfish Cinnamon Crisp-leaf Amaranth

DhGVJrr.gif Edible Lanterns: Inspired by the lanterns that Livewire Endlers are often used for, this... creative edible version is made from hollowed out Wisp Fruit, filled with Glowslug flavored Blue Jelly. From the High Voltage Almonds and Stonecorns making up the pebbled bottom, to the Honey cooked Endlers themselves, to even the lantern handle, every piece is technically food! The taste... is unique! You will never lose it in the dark!
You Will Need
Wisp Fruit High-Voltage Almonds Stonecorn Over-ripe Cherries Blue Jelly
Glowslug Blue Honeycomb Livewire Endlers Water Lilies

vIn6W6z.gif Sornieth Roast Beef: This roast beef meat sandwich can be made with preserved ingredients or a scavengers findings! First, the dense and sturdy bread is made with Longneck Winter Rations, giving it a filling, slightly sweet taste. Salted Game and Coralsnake makes up the center of the dish, slow cooked in its own juices for a fall apart texture. Layered with caramelized Onion, Leechroot Mushroom, and White Cabbage Butterfly wings, this sandwich is sure to please! Pickled fish are placed on top for a tangy finish, and the whole thing covered in gravy. A few Yellow Peppers can be thrown on top for those who like it spicy, and Wild Mustard served on the side for those unafraid of the mess! Best enjoyed in a big group on a cold day.
You Will Need
Salted Game Longneck Winter Rations Dried Fish Coral Snake Wild Onion
Wild Mustard Golden Pepper Leechroot Mushroom White Cabbage Butterfly

lHdQ8WC.gif Bamboo, Shrimp, and Twig tray: This tray boasts an array of sauces and dippable delights to be mixed and matched by guests at your next party!

Dippables: Chopped Woodshrimp simmered in Minty Jadevine, crunchy Deadwood Twigs breaded in Panko and fried in oil, buttered Elk Ears, boiled Green Shoots to soften them, and seared Noxious Caterpillars.

You Will Need
Wood Shrimp Minty Jadevine Deadwood Twig Elk Ear Green Shoots Noxious Caterpillar

Dips: First, the spicy dip is made from a cream base, Ashfall Prickler juice, and finely chopped Fireflies. Next, the seafood inspired sauce is made from Pincushion Urchin juice and Blood Acorn nectar. For the completion of the trio, a sweet sauce made from Sugary Prickleaf and Maple seed.

You Will Need
Ashfall Prickler Firefly Pincushion Urchin Blood Acorn Bamboo Leaves
Sparkling Wasp Sugary Prickleaf Maple Seed

Finally, the dips are placed in the center of a large circular tray, and the rest of the ingredients in a starburst pattern around them, divided evenly. Experiment to minmax your flavor combos.

3HIlJEu.gif Plagueland Stuffed Shells: This wasteland take on stuffed shells is sure to please a pack of Mirrors! The noodles are made from Redwing Hopper flour, extracted bone marrow, and Bonebark Mold, shaped into shells. The filling is, well, whatever you can find. In this case the shells are stuffed with Aged Carcass and Zeeba meat roasted in Chickweed and Herbal Plantains, to nullify any lingering poison. (Most plague dragons find venomous creatures to be more zesty, but guests appreciate an antidote baked in.) Coated in cheese and tomato sauce and finished off in the oven, it is best served in a large dish and shared with friends.
You Will Need
Dodo Wing Aged Carcass Mangled Zeeba Carcass Redwing Hopper
Chickweed Herbal Plantain Bonebark Mold

RMVmeAS.gif Festival Mochi: These sweet ice-cream filled mochi are the perfect portable treat for a celebration. The mochi is made from glutinous rice, pounded into dough and formed into the proper shape. Each is filled with a different ice cream flavor- classic Strawberry Banana, a Banana, Cinnamon, and Cindermint creation for a spicy sweet experience, and lastly, Peppermint and Spearmint for ultimate mint.
You Will Need
Red Banana Strawberry Cinnamon Cindermint Spearmint Peppermint

mspABfO.gif Plague-Fried Octopus: This take on Plague cuisine consists of Blue Ring Octopus lightly fried in Amaranth Seeds and panko, topped with a zesty combination of ground Noxious Caterpillar, Coralsnake venom, and lemon juice. Not an adventurous eater? Don't worry. The dish is also served with a Feverfew, Chickweed, and Herbal Plantain pesto, seasoned with lemon zest. Enjoy at your own risk.
You Will Need
Blue Ring Octopus Amaranth Noxious Caterpillar Coral Snake
Feverfew Chickweed Herbal Plantain

mLsTShZ.gif Arcane Parfait: This magical desert is made with Dayglo Thresh infused custard, layered with Engineered Superberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, and Blue Parrot Tulips. Layers of Incorporeal Substance whipped cream add a lightness to the dish, Luminous Almonds add texture, and Blackberry Drizzle adds indulgence. It is topped off with Dayglo petals, Fallout Whisper flakes, and crunchy almonds. The ethereal desert is served in a dish of sculpted Blue Honey, shaped to look like a floating arcane island, with Starmoss to complete the illusion. Finally, the "bowl" itself levitates, as well as several Dayglo threshes floating above it. Serve at a low table, or with extra high seating arrangements.
You Will Need
Arcane Runestone Dayglo Thresh Amber Algae Engineered Superberry Raspberry Blueberries
Blackberry Blue Parrot Tulip Incorporeal Substance Luminous Almonds Fallout Whisper Blue Honeycomb

ZFzZekt.gif Potluck Salad with Elemental Dressings: Perfect for sharing with large groups, this party dish is made with a base of chopped greens including Spinach, Water Lettuce, and Amaranth. To bring out the best in Fragrant Orchids, they are cooked with Withered Rose and Greenpod Blooms to add depth of flavor. For color and texture, White Cabbage Butterfly, Leaf Insect, and Bell Fungus are combined to the dish, finally topped off with slow cooked shards of Glass Vole tossed in Amaranth seeds. Serve with any one of our Elemental Dressings!
You Will Need
Amaranth Spinach Water Lettuce Fragrant Orchid Withered Rose Greenpod Bloom
White Cabbage Butterfly Bell Fungus Leaf Insect Glass Vole

sweet, rich, and creamy
Aether Cherries Starfall Blossom Dusk Aconite

spicy, strong, adds crunch
Ashfall Prickler Cindermint Firefly

minty, cool, balance of sweet and bitter
Winter's Delight Peppermint Snowflake Urchin

jello-like consistency, makes tongue go numb
High-Voltage Almonds Electric Stingers Static Charged Lemming

bitter, zesty with a kick
Mycena Mushroom Coral Snake Over-ripe Cherries

airy, bright, refreshing
Star Moss Lume Daffodil Cursed Garnish

Cotton Candy Stir-Fry
Should your clan ever find itself inundated with far too much cotton candy (perhaps in mid February?) there are a few routes you can go down. The most obvious is a desert, though the meatier ingredients must be handled carefully. We opted to make Teriyaki and balance the sweetness of the Cotton Candy with soy sauce, Mushrooms, and Flameleg Milipede for a spicy kick. There's some dumplings and vegetables in there too, but does it really matter? This one was really hard.
MJ 2022 Incident wrote:

qDFE584.gif Gamy Pot-Pie: Looking to make a hearty meal out of meat scraps? Look no further than this savory comfort food. The interior is filled with lightly seared Shredded Rambra Carcass and Gamy Shockshank, which are slow roasted along with Potato Onions, garlic, carrots, and Bell Fungus in a rich cherry wine. Chickweed and Puddlehopper poison is added for a kick before the filling is placed inside the flaky crust, then baked to perfection. Optionally served with colorful dust.
You Will Need:
Vegetable Oil Shredded Rambra Carcass Gamy Shockshank Potato Onion Bell Fungus
Chickweed Diseased Fungus Over-ripe Cherries Puddlehopper

Bj9vK4V.gif Plague Sushi Rolls: Working with less than optimal ingredients is a tenant of plague cuisine. This optimistic definition of what "sushi" is begins with pressed Madame Snapdragons in place of seaweed, covered with rice mixed with herbs. This is topped with raw cuts of Black Maiden, Cucumbers, and Crystalplate Wasp legs. The sushi is rolled, cut, and a delectable slice of cooked Plaguebringer's Delight is placed on top. Serve with wasabi, oyster sauce, and in the case of indigestion, medicinal tea (courtesy of the bean lab)
You Will Need
Madame Snapdragon Plaguebringer's Delight Black Maiden Cucumber
Crystalplate Wasp Chickweed Herbal Plantain Madame Snapdragon

Herbal bean juice tea
Dandelion Seeds Feverfew Peppermint Lume Daffodil Manyleaves

dpLxzfw.gif Meaty Macarons: The batter of these delicate desserts is made with Luminous Almonds, a variety of flavors and colors, and Incorporeal Substance to reduce the heaviness. The most important step is to separate the egg whites from the yolks, and beating the eggs to make stiff peaks. Then mix in your chosen combination of liquified meats, use a piping bag to lay them out on a tray, bake, and frost. If hosting Harpy guests, or a pack of Wildclaws, the mix of sweet meats will be sure to satisfy.
You Will Need

All Batter
Luminous Almonds Incorporeal Substance

Heartred Croaker Leg Dustwing Hummingbird

Serpae Tetras Amber Algae Cinnamon

Carnival Angelfish Citrus Lionfish

Bluebite Rattler Peppermint Blue Honeycomb

Coneflower Cotton Candy Satin Violets Aether Cherries

Nogglebane Leaf Beetle Pretty Pink Mums

Tokay Gecko Arroyo Toad Patio Rose


oa2vPOj.png Credits:
This guide to know basic coding
This guide to find assets
Here for bio template
This guide to get dragon portraits working
Budge for the flight gems
osiem for dividers and icons
RobotNix for pride ribbons
DogiCrimson for the cute food sprites
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Exalting Kada to the service of the Plaguebringer will remove them from your lair forever. They will leave behind a small sum of riches that they have accumulated. This action is irreversible.

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