Sonata (#44334912)
Level 25 Spiral
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Cosmo Gecko
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Shadow.
Female Spiral
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3.06 m
2.42 m
81.43 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
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Aug 15, 2018
(3 years)



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Special Eye Type
Level 25 Spiral
Max Level




  • none


mikhael #152042 wrote:
the old stories about the gods painting constellations across the sky in memory; cassiopeia in mourning-remembrance, hercules in honor, sagittarius in thanks to chiron. water at night, how black it looks, your fingers disappearing once you dip them beneath the surface.
- - -
thank u pringle for purple accent recolor ;v;; i love u
> tldr

> hey im oct [they/she] and im dumb and gay.
> if you need me, i'm probably too busy staring lovingly at her/suffering in yaesaraiden brainrot.
> the answer to your question is probably no, especially if it involves acquiring dragons.
> i'm like this because reading is beneficial and i don't have the energy for people. sorry.
> unknown.pngunknown.png

> personal things

who are you?? or: a general about me
> hi im october. oct is fine. octobirb is fine if you're pringle.
> they/she pronouns are both ok.
> fr+0, generally awake between 8-22 frt, though sleep schedules are fake and naps are nice.
> as of july 2021, the above information is inaccurate due to my eternal love for raiden shogun.
> aka i accidentally got into genshin and i love her. she's home!! ;w;
> i love cats, nightshade, and this cute nerd.
> 💖🧡💛💚💙💜💙💚💛🧡💖
> exalted to icedad as of may 28, 2020.
> unknown.png
> unknown.png

oct reviews:
> "things I know of oct: gay for pringles, cute doodles, dragons, ??? .... the ??? aren't a "what else" but another thing I know about oct" - kairos
> "Things I know of Oct: leaderboard god, v scary, v cute" - duskawakening
> "oct is an ageless terrifying god" + "I just know theyre terrifying and my only exposure to them initially was like leaderboards and being like how" - tiramissyou
> "can confirm that u are cute
> also maybe a nerd xoxo" - asinglepringle

> firenhdsip

random friend requests??
> no.

you unfriended me????
> im fickle and prone to occasionally trimming my friendslist. it's nothing personal.

> conversations or smth

messages and/or profile comments?
> if it's related to fodder, don't bother.
> otherwise, you're welcome to try.
> pls be aware that i have very little energy for socializing.

why didn't you respond to me? :(
> it was answered somewhere in here.
> i didn't think it needed a response.
> i forgot. i'm very tired and busy and have bad memory, sorry.
> if it's been over 24 hours, just nudge me again.

> of dragons and dom

the chaotic mess that is my tabs:
> :: perm dragons -- she.
> :: perm dragons -- the ones i actually use in coli sometimes.
> :: fodder -- themed fodder pairs bc those are fun, may be exalted during battles.
> :: fodder -- will be trained & denned.
> :: fodder -- fandragon brainrot project hell. don't look at me.
> :: fodder -- will be trained & exalted.

> :: perm dragons -- permbab addiction.
> :: perm dragons -- nightshade addiction.
> :: perm dragons -- im gay and impulsive and love my cute girlfriend v much.
> :: perm dragons -- im still gay and adore my cute girlfriend but they can't have flowerfalls.
> :: perm dragons -- gay menace baby jail.
> :: fodder -- preleveled fodder for reasons. currently: ivs, oct 31.
> :: fodder -- usually hatchlings waiting to grow up. sometimes adults if rl is busy.

lair review from fr user asinglepringle:
> "lair review:
> I see any of oct's dragons and i immediately go
> "good dragon" and "i love her so much"
> end lair review"
> that's gay.

why the heck are 3/6 of the perm tabs gay...
> pringle is a horrible enabler.
> my horrible enabler tho. >:3c
> it's probably closer to 4/6 since a good handful of the permbabs are bc of her too,,,,
> i miss my fodder space.

can i buy x dragon?
> no.
> exception made for this tab -- read the description first.
> don't send the money in the pm/send a cr -- i will send you a pa.
> if you don't receive a pa within 24 hours and the pm contents are correct, poke me again.

can i have x dragon back?
> no.
> obvious misprices will have a broadcast message for the original seller.

can i trade for x dragon?
> no.

but you're going to exalt it?
> yeah.

why can't i have it then?
> it stopped being worth the time and energy a while ago, sorry.
> asking anyway will result in your message being ignored.
> if you don't have the time to read, i don't have the time or obligation to respond.

but it's MY dragon!!
> no.
> dragon_does_not_belong_to_you.png

but i want it!!!!
> here is a helpful guide to read.

why fork??
> a friend suggested it several years ago and i think it's funny.
> name your dragons before you sell them if this is an issue. i won't rename them.

but random name generator is super fast!
> copy-pasting the same name is much faster, especially when i have 100+ dragons to name.
> if you think it's so fast, use it before you sell the dragons. please save my wrists.

dom watch?
> sometimes i host dom watch. to add things to the calendar on weeks im hosting, just poke me.
> i may forget to actually update the thread, but it'll be added to the sheet for future weeks.
> on weeks i'm posting, i try to post dw in the afternoon/evening [~14-18 frt].

why do you attend raffle/pb so much??????
> i have no life and make bad life choices.
> also the other choice is poking at coli and i'd rather drown in dragons.

> misc...?

why are you like this?
> i'm tired. use the block button if this is an issue.
> if you feel the need to send a condescending lecture, don't bother. i don't care.
> unknown.png
> thank u squid.

do people really ask after dragons enough for this?
> yeah.

do you sleep......?
> yes. people yell at me if i don't sleep.
> when will i be able to run solely off of coffee, gay, and spite..

are your wrists okay??
> no.
> unknown.png

flight changes
> :: april 2014 - october 2016
> :: october 2016 - september 2017
> :: september 2017 - may 2018
> :: may 2018 - march 2019
> :: march 2019 - august 2019
> :: august 2019 ❤
- - -
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