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June 11, 2024 21:53:56
💛💜 valain listens to nya fumble around in the closet for a solid 5 minutes. while she could enjoy an entire afternoon of this, she does have a very nice restaurant to get to. she pokes her head in, and immediately has to retreat - lest she lose an eye.
"nyanya, need some help?"
"... no."
"i think you're putting it on backwards."
"oh, shut up."
valain eventually has to step in to tie the bow on nya's back ;) she may or may not have lingered. oh, and can't forget the jewelry! she gives up on the makeup - they're running late. maybe next time.
a slightly disheveled nya, a dapper evren, and a fabulous valain are soon on their way to their "dinner date".
... i pity the poor waitstaff that have to deal with them.
June 10, 2024 19:56:44
💜💛 valain thanks u for ur compliments :uwu: nya would like to make it Very Clear that valain is not her gf or wife :okbro:
nya is grouchy. she just got shaken awake! who wouldn't be? some dinner or something? urgh. whatever. she's not going. hang on... why's evren in a full suit and tie? idiot even has bespoke glasses on. oh, valain wouldn't. oh, nya's going to show him who's boss!
nya instantly regrets her rash decision when she sees the outfit valain laid out for her. are those lace gloves? and that dress- ridiculous! it's silky and has a fluffy skirt and a bow that spans half her back! hey, just what are those shoes? she's going to hobble like a newborn lamb in those >.> nya is going to order the stupidest-sounding item on the menu and dump it on one of their heads.
June 09, 2024 21:44:50
💛💜 valain hums happily as she gets ready. the gold-and-pearls necklace? or the topaz brooch? what fancy hairdo this time :hmm: as valain braids her hair into an elaborate top knot, she ponders ways to get nya into the really cute dress she got for her the other week. it has huge bows! she may get scratched for it, but valain is confident she'll get her way. but first, she needs to convince nya to... actually go to the dinner. it should be much easier with evren around >:)
June 09, 2024 13:40:27
💜💛 (this totally isnt late oops) evren makes no move to stop observing the two. he may or may not regret this later >:) - nya made me write this
anyways, back to our scene: nya, snugly wrapped up, is slowly nodding off. valain continues fussing for the sake of fussing until nya completely falls asleep.
"poor thing, must be exhausted."
"i could go for a nap myself~ mind getting my camera?"
"of course, valain."
a photo is quickly captured of the burritoed nya. her singed tail tips are just in frame.
"now, tell me more of your time on that desert planet in the orion system."
"oh! i learned a new way to make coffee from the locals :3" and on and on the conversation goes late into the day, until an alert goes off
"ah, i have a dinner reservation. they won't mind one more. do you want to join us?"
"i would love to."
June 07, 2024 21:19:19
💛💜 well, evren expected this visit to be entertaining, but not to this level of tomfoolery. and nya and valain haven't changed one bit. how fun! he carefully sets the tea down and pours himself a cup, intent on watching the two interact. valain is beside herself with worry, but cannot do much more than carefully pet nya. evren's heart goes out to her, dealing with such a belligerent companion!
eventually, valain's able to maneuver nya into her arms. evren gets his first proper look at her. he doesn't have much experience in reading fox faces, but he would describe nya's expression as "shamefaced". hm, perhaps someone has learned her lesson? in any case, nya gives no resistance as valain covers her up with an even fluffier blanket and settles onto the couch. what a strange pair they make~
June 06, 2024 21:05:05
💜💛 nya's not mad about being interrupted! she really isn't! ok, maybe she is a bit mad. more than a bit. very mad. how dare valain walk in! she had everything under control >.> ... her tail hurts. and ok, maybe she was a little overeager to set things on fire - but the riffraff interrupted her! she's blameless! and how - how dare valain say she cares about nya! what is this new lie she's spouting? hey, why does her chest hurt a bit? she didn't get burned there...
(and around and around nya's thoughts go as she curls tightly into a ball and tries to shut out the feeling of gentle hands on her fur. she's only marginally successful)
June 05, 2024 21:11:56
💛💜 valain fusses over the ball of fur for another few minutes. it has somehow gotten smaller and rounder during that time... wonder what that's about. evren has slowly backed out of the room, new pot of tea in hand.
"nyanya, just what were you thinking?" valain genuinely sounded upset. nya, of course, doesn't answer.
"i don't care about the scarf but..." she sighed, then whispers, "i do care about you." she gives a half-hearted poke at nya, who remains stubbornly still. only if there were some way to hear nya's thoughts on the matter :hmm:
June 05, 2024 07:27:43
💜💛 looks like nya chewed my internet cables to avert the telling of this story ... too bad i fixed it >:)
anyways - both of them will deny letting out identical shrieks - but they did. valain has never moved faster to dump water over nya's merrily-flaming tails. evren peeks into see valain hastily patting a very wet ball of fur down. the smell of singed hair permeates the air (stinky). the scarf is still on fire. evren casually tosses it into the sink. everyone awkwardly avoids eye contact.
June 03, 2024 21:46:18
💛💜 burner: on
clothes: transported
valain: clueless
nya: eager to set things on fire
things start well - at first. and when i say at first, i mean the first 30 seconds. then, three things happened in quick succession - the smoke alarm went off, nya fumbled the on-fire scarf, and valain wandered into the kitchen to refresh the pot of tea, completely oblivious. oh my - someone better get the fire extinguisher!
June 02, 2024 20:03:44
💜💛 while evren regales a very curious valain with the roundabout way he ended up back at the apartment (tl;dr he got reassigned to a case on this planet after he pulled some strings, but only after he went through several years of awful missions and "misadventures"), nya sniffs around the kitchen. score! new knife set. she makes a note to swipe those later. but first, she's soo curious about the gas stove. how high can the burner get? and while we're at it, it would be a shame if some of valain's belongings went up in flames while she's busy chatting away with some nobody on the couch...
May 31, 2024 21:43:34
💛💜 evren is not fast enough to avoid the bundle of fluff and claws. nya slams into him... and then falls to the floor with a yelp. valain almost falls over laughing, while nya yowls to signal her displeasure, an undignified lump on the ground. evren quickly recovers from his shock and straightens out his tie.
"she found another form?"
"oh yes, isn't she adorable?" valain coos.
"and feisty."
"that too - anyways, why are you here evren?"
"long story..."
"i have time. sit, i'll bring over some tea."
May 30, 2024 22:29:43
💜💛 all is well at last in the apartment of countless dramas - nya is well fed and calm, valain is as smug as ever (valain: 481, nya: 3), and the spectators have enjoyed a thoroughly entertaining day. all is well and all is quiet - hang on a minute, who's knocking at the door? ah, it's evren. well, there goes the peace and quiet as nya launches herself at his face.
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