Halima (#39500553)
Level 15 Imperial
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Pebblehide Stoat
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Energy: 43/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Lightning.
Female Imperial
This dragon cannot breed until Jul 09, 2020 (3 days).
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20 m
17.18 m
6112.91 kg


Primary Gene
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Tertiary Gene


Feb 15, 2018
(2 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 15 Imperial
EXP: 21172 / 60881



• H A L I M A •


  • Hatchday: Feb 15, 2018
  • Original clan: Lightning
  • Parents clans: Father - earth Imperial // Mother - light Nocturne
  • Came to clan: was taken in on Feb 15, 2018 (Kymris)
  • Coliseum-Team: Keahi and Tengen - Leader: Halima herself

    39482839.png -//- 20109676.png

"If you don’t feel like you're able to carry the expectations everyone has of you, it weights down your heart. Makes you think about your position in life.

"Why have I been chosen? There were so many that are so much better than I am. What did he see in me? Looking in the mirror there is only the reflection of a shy, clumsy dragon there.

"I know that I’m not a natural-born leader. There is no way I can stand in front of them and give the right instruction at the right time. Everyone will be depending on me.

"What if I make the wrong decision? What if everything goes wrong?

"Hours after hours, day upon days, I thought of the right answer to all of these questions. But I don’t think I was able to grasp even one. So I decided to just keep on working hard. Maybe one day I can call myself an acceptable leader, worthy of being followed.”




Since her hatchling days Halima had loved hunting more than anything else. It was either her parents or some other member of the nature clan she was born to that would take the little dragon along. As soon as she could fly longer distances without getting too tired, she wanted to learn everything she could by observing those older dragons while stalking and taking down their prey. Thinking back, those were easier times. Days she didn't had to think much about how to get shelter or food. Halima could simply follow her parents and feel safe under their wings, resting in the shadow of the Behemoth. Watching and learning were the only things she had to concern herself with.

Those times came to an end the day her parents decided, she had getting too old for being cared for like a little hatchling. "You have to start looking after yourself, you are no child anymore! Go out! Make a place of your own. There is so much more out there you still don't know about."

But it was easier said than done! It wasn’t like Halima did not want to try... but she was just not able to figure out who or what she wanted to become. She felt lost, unsure what to do with herself. After a long conversation with her parents and the clan leader the young Imperial decided to leave her current clan in search for her destined place in this world.

And so, she set off; left the Viridian Labyrinth behind; headed west.

One day--after many moons of flight--she finally reached the Windswept Plateau. The moment Halima entered the place she immediately loved the soft and gentle winds of the wind territory, as well as the open and wide lands. The young dragon felt at ease.

Maybe old clan leader had been right all along with his talk about ones destined place in life? Might I've taken the first step in the right direction already?

Sitting down the young Imperial enjoyed the last rays of the setting sun. Only some time later did she noticed a couple of dragons, not far from her current position, heading right towards her. Becoming aware of them, Halima's shy side kicked in.

Should I try to hide? Wouldn’t it be better to leave? I'm the intruder here.... While thinking about various possible scenarios, a small Fae touched down right in front of her, followed by a group consisting of a variety of dragon. Despite her fears, Halima mustered all her courage by greeting the foreign dragons. She was approached with warm friendliness and even welcomed to spend the night over at their place.

It didn't take the young dragon long deciding to join their Clan all together. Halima admired the open-minded clan leader Azure and the different characters and stories of her family--the Clan Àidhear.

One day, she had been with them for some years already, Fawn appointed her as the leader of the coliseum team two. The older Imperial lady saw herself in young Halima and had noticed the young ones great skills in hunting. As wanted to step down as the leader, she decided Halima would be the best dragon for the position and started training her. Team two consisted of another newly appointed female and Halima's best friend, a young Skydancer named Keahi, as well as an older Ridgeback called Tengen. He was the oldest dragon of the group and had taken on the role as teacher, counselor and friend of the two younger dragons.

But Halima wasn't able to see herself as a natural leader. She found herself lacking of character, charisma and ability, and in her own eyes that was a very difficult thing to remedy. Still, she was determined to do the very best. Fawn entrusted the title to her, so young Halima was bound to at least try.

The young Imperial wasn't sure to be able to think matters over thoroughly, analyzing every as so little detail. So, she found herself agonizing over every decision related to leadership of her coliseum party, sternly considering the best way possible to make her team stronger.

Having all of those troubles and doubts, Halima still started to believe that even though she might not be the one best suited for the role as leader, she simply had to work extremely hard to live up to everyone's expectations. Nonetheless, her becoming a great leader was the goal she decided on the day she took over the position. She was determined to make Fawn proud of her.


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