Shey (#39439671)
Born in water...influenced by even cooler
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Harpy Ancestor
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Energy: 48/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Water.
Male Coatl
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Personal Style





8.25 m
7.73 m
921.02 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Feb 12, 2018
(4 years)



Eye Type

Special Eye Type
Dark Sclera
Level 3 Coatl
EXP: 25 / 1401


rKCqt5F.png SHEY
Clan founder
Has a crush on Vanoss

The founder of what would be a very large lair, Shey was a simple little tundra dragon obsessed with the world under the sea. Along with Geras, the two just wanted to run a nice and quaint little lair together, but of course that didn't happen. The poor guy just couldn't catch a break when Ainan got seriously hurt and a mysterious coatl claiming to be a former harpy suddenly appeared. But as time went on, Shey started to enjoy recruiting the strange, dark and mysterious into his clan. They all had so much personality and interesting aspects to them as he got familiar with his new friends. Eventually the tundra passed his rank onto Shunky, after seeing just how strong and responsible he was, and instead continued his studies of the Sea of a thousand currents.
A more in-depth look. Backstory, etc.

Unfortunately this life of peace and prosperity didn't last very long. Despite enjoying an extended vacation in plague, his association with Alucard brought unwanted attention, ending up with him being kidnapped right as he was about to leave with Shunky. These cruel and sickened vampires experimented on him, turning him into a vampire and completely changing his appearance and mentality in order to make him one of their own. Even though he was deeply sickened and hurt, Shey was able to use his emotional abilities and intelligence to convince another victim of these vampires, Set, to free them both and escape home. It worked, and the two were able to flee as the rest of Shey's clan fought viciously against the vampires and win...for now.
Shey still has yet to control his urges to feed and the sun can be a burden to him, but he still tries to retain normality, using his cats and his allies as support for his new life as a creature of the night.


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Coral/Maroon/Bronze (w/Breed change, new secondary gene & dark sclera)

In charge of first gen dragons
Art by shunkerbelle (Me)
Reached 100 likes! (27th October 2021)

Just some random incorrect quotes. Don't ask, they are here for no reason :P
44377167p.png If there's going to be a big dramatic scene, wait until I get back.
38855558p.png Of course. I can't flip this table by myself.
45246258p.png Treat spiders the way you want to be treated.
42157553p.png Killed without hesitation.
45246258p.png No.
50919184p.png I went through an entire character arc during quarantine
50919184p.png I became more evil if you’re curious
38855558p.png We're still in quarantine, don't worry, there's time for a redemption arc still!
50919184p.png i’m going to get worse on purpose
45246258p.png What do you think Vanoss will do for a distraction?
38855558p.png He'll probably, like, make a noise or throw a rock. That’s what I would do.

Building explodes and several car alarms go off

38855558p.png ... or he could do that.
45246258p.png Vanoss and I were crossing the street, and this dude drove by and honked at us
38855558p.png *sighing* What did Van do?
45246258p.png He chased him to the next red light, then reached into his window and...
42157553p.png Who wants a steering wheel?
39439671p.png If you can’t beat them, dress better than them
45246258p.png What's a word that's a mix between 'sad' and 'mad'?
38855558p.png Disgruntled, miserable, desolated-
42157553p.png Smad.
38855558p.png: There is no future. there is no past. do you see? Time is simultaneous, an intricately structured jewel that humans insist on viewing one edge at a time, when the whole design is visible in every facet.
39439671p.png: ...
45246258p.png: ...
42157553p.png: ...

Everyone Else At Copper's Surprise Birthday Party: ...

39439671p.png: All I asked was if you wanted to cut your birthday cake first.
42157553p.png: Well, well, well... if it isn’t my old friend: the dawning realization that I screwed up bad.
44377167p.png: You often use humor to deflect trauma
42157553p.png: Thank you
44377167p.png: I didn't say that was a good thing
42157553p.png: What I'm hearing is, you think I'm funny
38855558p.png: In light of what you did for me, you can hug me for four to five seconds.
45246258p.png: FORTY FIVE SECONDS?!?
38855558p.png: No! Four to five seconds!
45246258p.png: Too late!!!
39887245p.png: Do you take constructive criticism?
42157553p.png: I only take cash or credit.
42157553p.png: We need to get through this locked door. Copper, give me your credit card.
38855558p.png: Here.
42157553p.png, pocketing it: Thanks. MOOOOOOOOOOOOO, kick down the door.
39439671p.png: I told Gohma his ears flush when they lie.
38855558p.png: Why?
39439671p.png: Look.
39439671p.png: Hey Gohma! Do you love us?
45246258p.png, covering his ears: No.
38855558p.png: ...
38855558p.png: Three words. Say them and I'm yours.
45246258p.png: Three words.
38855558p.png: ...
50919184p.png: I prevented a murder today.
44377167p.png: Really? How’d you do that?
50919184p.png: self control.
Shapeshifter: *transforms to look like Copper*
38855558p.png: Okay, are you like BLIND? You look nothing like me. First off, I'm way taller. Secondly, I DO NOT look so sleep deprived and lastly, if you could drag comb through that hair you're like a 7 on a good day and I've been told I'm a constant 10.
44377167p.png: BEHOLD, the field in which I grow my f*cks! Lay thine eyes upon it, and thou shalt see that it is barren!
42157553p.png: *Accidentally hits Copper in the face*
42157553p.png: *Trying to decide between saying 'I’m f**king sorry' and 'Are you okay'*
42157553p.png: ARE YOU F**KING SORRY?!
38855558p.png: What’s wrong with you?!
38855558p.png: Shey... Why did you draw a pentagram on the floor?
39439671p.png: Your text told me to satanize the house before you returned.
38855558p.png: ...
38855558p.png: I wrote sanitize, Shey.
50919184p.png: Hey, it's your turn to wash dishes.
50919184p.png: 'Kay, but before that, wash the dishes, also use soap this time?
50919184p.png: I'm a reverse necromancer.
38855558p.png: Isn't that just killing people?
50919184p.png: Ah, technicality.
42157553p.png: Is letting someone win at chess sapiosexual bottoming?
38855558p.png: Does anyone in this godforsaken group ever think before they speak?!
45246258p.png: Shey, stop! This isn't you, you've gone mad with power!
39439671p.png: Well of course I have.
39439671p.png: Have you ever tried going mad without power?
39439671p.png: It's boring
34743325p.png: You know how I roll.
34743325p.png: And I’m not talking about that time I fell into a pile of dung at the foot of a hill.
38855558p.png: I know you snuck out last night, Gohma.
42157553p.png: Play dumb!
45246258p.png: Who's Gohma?
42157553p.png: NOT THAT DUMB!!!
45246258p.png: Wake me up…
39439671p.png: Before you go go!
38855558p.png: When September ends…
42157553p.png: WAKE ME UP INSIDE-
39439671p.png: I think we're missing something.
45246258p.png: Teamwork?
38855558p.png: Cohesion?
42157553p.png: A general sense of what we’re doing?
44377167p.png: You’re receiving a ticket for having three people on one motorcycle.

42157553p.png: Sh*t.
39439671p.png: Wait, three?
44377167p.png: Yeah?
38855558p.png: OH MY GOD GOHMA FELL OFF!!!
42157553p.png: Gohma isn’t answering his phone
38855558p.png: I’ll call
42157553p.png: Shey and I have both tried six times each, what makes you thi-
45246258p.png: Hello?
38855558p.png: You lying, cheating, piece of sh*t!
36846519p.png: Oh yeah? You’re the idiot who thinks you can get away with everything you do. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD
38855558p.png: I’m leaving you, and I’M TAKING GOHMA WITH ME!
34743325p.png, picking up the monopoly board: I think we’re gonna stop playing now.
39439671p.png: Yo is Vanoss sleeping or dead?
38855558p.png: Hopefully dead, I hated their guts.
45246258p.png: Yeah, so did I.
42157553p.png: Okay first of all, feck you-
38855558p.png: How did none of you hear what I just said?
39439671p.png: I’ve been zoned out for the past two and a half hours.
45246258p.png: I got distracted about halfway through.
42157553p.png: Ignoring you was a conscious decision.
45246258p.png: I just ended a four year relationship.
44377167p.png: Oh, I’m so sorry. Are you okay?
45246258p.png: Hm? Oh yeah, I’m fine. It wasn’t my relationship.
*38855558p.png and 36846519p.png fighting from across the room*
38855558p.png: Truth or dare?
42157553p.png: Dare
38855558p.png: I dare you to kiss the hottest dragon in the room
42157553p.png: Hey Shey?
39439671p.png, blushing: Yeah?
42157553p.png: Could you move? I’m trying to get to Hineana
45246258p.png: Copper, I'm sad.
38855558p.png: *Holds out arms for a hug* It’s going to be okay.
39439671p.png: Vanoss, I'm sad.
42157553p.png, nodding: mood.
39439671p.png: Why are Copper and Gohma sitting with their backs to each other?
44377167p.png: They had a fight.
39439671p.png: Then why are they holding hands?
44377167p.png: They get sad when they fight.
38855558p.png, setting down a card: Ace of spades
42157553p.png, pulling out an Uno card: +4
39887245p.png, pulling out a Pokémon card: Jolteon, I choose you
45246258p.png, trembling: What are we playing???
42168972p.png: Okay okay stop asking me if I'm straight, gay, bi, whatever. I identify as a F**KING THREAT.
41340847p.png: With great power comes great need to take a nap. Wake me up later.
42157553p.png: You wanna see how hardcore I am?
42157553p.png: *punches wall*
42157553p.png: ...
42157553p.png: Take me to the hospital.
36846519p.png: I’ve come to a point in my life where I need a stronger word than f*ck
38855558p.png: WHAT’S YOUR TYPE
42157553p.png: Anything, honestly, but nerds especially
38855558p.png, desperately, as Vanoss bleeds out: YOUR BLOOD TYPE
42157553p.png: Oh! B positive.
45246258p.png: Schrödinger’s cat is overrated. If you wanna see something that’s both dead and alive you can talk to me any time of the day.
39887245p.png: Not trying to brag or anything, but I can wake up without an alarm clock now simply due to my crippling and overwhelming anxiety, so...
38855558p.png: Bye Gohma! Bye Vanoss! Bye Shey! Bye Shunky! Bye Gohma!
42157553p.png: You said ‘bye Gohma’ twice.
38855558p.png: I like Gohma.
42157553p.png: I'm 10 times funnier and sexier than you
38855558p.png: 10 times 0 is still 0 though
42157553p.png: Jokes on you, I can't do math
38855558p.png: *Gets down on one knee*
50919184p.png: Oh my god, it’s finally happening.
38855558p.png: *Falls over*
50919184p.png: The poison is kicking in.
42157553p.png: Ok, maybe playing ‘whose family is most dysfunctional’ wasn’t the best idea we’ve had. Gohma's been crying in the bathroom for an hour. We can’t get him out...
38855558p.png: Can you please be serious for five minutes?
42157553p.png: My record is four, but I think I can do it.
45246258p.png, pointing: May I sit there?
38855558p.png: That's my lap
45246258p.png: That doesn't answer my question, Copper.
44377167p.png: *Stubs his toe* F*CK!
38855558p.png: Mind your language!
44377167p.png: What else am I supposed to say, “Woe is I”???
44377167p.png: You have to accept that swear words are necessary sometimes.
34743325p.png: So what’s for dinner?
38855558p.png, staring at the food he just burnt: Regret.
42157553p.png: You're right.
38855558p.png: That's... That's an unusual phrase for you. Did you just learn it?
45246258p.png, trying to ask Copper out: Would you like to stay for dinner?
41340847p.png, pouring milk directly into the cereal bag: And you thought I could help?
38855558p.png: We need a distraction.
44377167p.png: Is anyone here good at jumping up and down and making weird noises?
41340847p.png, whispering: My time has come
Store Worker: Would a Mr. Copper please come to the front desk?

38855558p.png, arriving at the desk: Hello, is there a problem?

Store Worker: points to Shey and Gohma

Store Worker: I believe they belong to you?

39439671p.png and 45246258p.png, simultaneously: We got lost :(
38855558p.png: I didn’t even bring you guys here with me-
45246258p.png: I’m kind of crushing on someone, but I’m worried about telling you who it is, because you’re not going to like it
36846519p.png: Just rip the bandage off.
45246258p.png: It’s Copper.
36846519p.png: Put the bandage back on.
45246258p.png: Copper, what do IDK, LY, and TTYL mean?
38855558p.png: I don’t know, love you, talk to you later
45246258p.png: Ok, I love you too, I’ll just ask Vanoss.
39439671p.png: What if I press the brake and gas at the same time?
42157553p.png: The car takes a screenshot.
38855558p.png: For the last time, get the f*ck out.
38855558p.png: You disgust me.
42157553p.png: *eating a kitkat sideways* I realize this and don’t care.
42157553p.png: I sleep with a gun under my pillow.
39439671p.png: I sleep with a knife.
45246258p.png: Both of you are pathetic.
42157553p.png: Oh yeah? What do you sleep with?
45246258p.png: Copper.
39887245p.png: I’m so happy two of my favorite people are getting along now.
44377167p.png: Uh, Copper and Vanoss are not getting along.
39887245p.png: They’re not trying to kill each other.
44377167p.png: You may have a point.
45246258p.png: What is love?
39439671p.png: An emotional minefield.
38855558p.png: A neurochemical reaction.
42157553p.png: Baby don't hurt me.
38855558p.png: What do we think of Shey?
45246258p.png: *sighs* Nice pal.
42157553p.png: I think he's gay.
39439671p.png: Where's Gohma?
42157553p.png: Don't worry, I'll find him.
42157553p.png, shouting: Copper sucks!
45246258p.png, distantly: Copper is the best person ever! F*** you!
42157553p.png: Found him.
42168972p.png: I am darkness. I am an power. I am your worst nightmare. I could kill a man in more ways than you can imagine. I am the night. I am fury, I am a weapon, I am-
50919184p.png: A doll.
58912629p.png: A cinnamon roll.
67333737p.png: A sweetheart.
42168972p.png: ...stop it.
42157553p.png: Hey, you want a tarot reading?
38855558p.png: Those are Pokemon cards.
42157553p.png: You got a magikarp.
38855558p.png: ...
42157553p.png: It means 'f*** you'.
39439671p.png, bursting into the room: You two are having s**!
38855558p.png, not looking up from their book: Really? Gohma, why didn’t you tell me? I would have put my book down.
42157553p.png: Do you think different paints have different tastes?
41340847p.png: They do.
44377167p.png: ...Why did you say that with such certainty?
39439671p.png: If I say I love you, will you say it back?
42157553p.png: Yes.
39439671p.png: I love you.
42157553p.png: It back.
45246258p.png: Why is Shey crying face-down on the floor?
39887245p.png: I am strong! I beat Vanoss at arm wrestling!
38855558p.png: Anyone can beat Vanoss at arm wrestling!
42157553p.png: Hey-
39439671p.png: Why is everyone so obsessed with top or bottom? Honestly, I’d just be excited to have a bunk bed.
42157553p.png: I'm gonna tell him.
38855558p.png: Don't you dare.
38855558p.png: Goddamn it, the printer broke while printing out Gohma's birthday invitations.
44377167p.png: Well, what are they supposed to say?
38855558p.png: "Gohma's birthday".
44377167p.png: So, what do they say instead?
38855558p.png: "Gohma’s bi".
44377167p.png: Works out either way.
39887245p.png: Why does Copper always do the laundry so loudly?
36846519p.png: So everyone knows that no one helps him out in the house.
38855558p.png, in the distance: *slams the washing machine shut*
42157553p.png: Hey, do you know the password to Copper’s computer?
39439671p.png: F*** you, Vanoss.
42157553p.png: Hey!!
39439671p.png: No, you misunderstood, the password is "f***youVanoss".
42157553p.png: Oh, no numbers? Not very safe.
34743325p.png: It’s funny how well you and Hineana get along. Didn’t she hate you at first?
42157553p.png: Hineana hates everybody at first. It’s her way of reaching out to people.
38855558p.png: They made Gohma cry!
42157553p.png: Gohma always cries!
45246258p.png: That's not true! *cries*
44377167p.png: What time is it?
42157553p.png: I don’t know, pass me that saxophone and we’ll find out
42157553p.png: *blasts the saxophone*
42157553p.png: It’s 2 am
41340847p.png: Copper said its my turn with the brain cell.
42157553p.png: Square up.
42157553p.png: Dinosaurs aren't extinct. I mean, Nuit is walking in this room.
38855558p.png: *Spits out tea*
45246258p.png: I'm not that stupid!
44377167p.png: Gohma, you literally ate the wax from a babybel.
38855558p.png: So, Delirious is no longer allowed to take the trash out at night.
42157553p.png: Why?
38855558p.png: Because I've caught him trying to train raccoons to fight five times in a row.
41456763p.png, arms crossed and pouting: You'll be thanking me when the third raccoon battalion saves your a**.
42157553p.png: Where are my f***ing keys?
44377167p.png: Vanoss, Copper is around, can you say it a little nicer?
42157553p.png: May I ascertain the whereabouts of my F***ING KEYS?!
45246258p.png: Nicomede doesn’t look very happy.
39439671p.png: That's his happy. He's just a b****.
38855558p.png: Vanoss, can you help me? All of my clothes keep disappearing for some reason.
42157553p.png, wearing a waistcoat that's 5 times bigger than his size: Spooky.
*Everyone is giving advice to Gohma*
38855558p.png: It's okay to ask for help.
39887245p.png: You're not a burden.
42157553p.png: Murder is okay.
39439671p.png: Your feelings matter.
38855558p.png: My stomach growled super loud in French.
38855558p.png: I would like to clarify, my stomach did not speak in French. It growled during French class.
44377167p.png: Bonjour.
41340847p.png: Le growl.
34743325p.png: Hon hon hon, feed me a baguette.
36846519p.png: Underestimate me. That'll be fun.
38855558p.png: Anyone d-
45246258p.png: Depressed?
44377167p.png: Drained?
41340847p.png: Dumb?
58912629p.png: Disliked?
38855558p.png: -done with their work... what is wrong with you people...
41340847p.png: Can I offer you a nice stick in this trying time?
45246258p.png, near tears: Please, Vanoss, I don’t speak meme! I don't know what a 'yeet' is!
44377167p.png: Ah s***, I forgot.
39887245p.png: Forgot what?
44377167p.png: How do you expect me to answer that?
62958690p.png: New year, same me. Because I'm perfect
36846519p.png: Don’t go picking a fight with me. I could make your life difficult.
38855558p.png, sarcastically: Wow. I wonder what it’d be like to have a difficult life.
45246258p.png: Like they say, "If you can't beat them, curl up in a ball and protect your organs."
45246258p.png, looking through their clothes: Has anyone seen my top?
42157553p.png: Copper's in the kitchen.
39887245p.png: You have to apologize to Copper!
36846519p.png: Fine!
36846519p.png: Unf*** you, or whatever!
39439671p.png: I’m not being weird. Am I being weird?
41340847p.png: Yes, and that’s coming from me.
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