I was born a royal, but I earned my rule.
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Spirit of Plague
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Plague.
Female Mirror
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Personal Style


Dried Flowerfall
Crown of Bones
Sanguine Plumage
Bone Antlers
Bloody Head Bandage
Red Birdskull Headdress
Quartz Jaw Enhancement
Red Birdskull Necklace
Sanguine Rose Thorn Collar
Bloody Neck Bandage
Incense Mantle
Crimson Tail Feathers
Crimson Feathered Wings
Proto Wings
Ravenskull Broadsword
Sanguine Rose Thorn Banner
Boneyard Drape
Tar-Trap Forecallouses
Bloody Leg Bandages
Tar-Trap Hindcallouses


Accent: Call to Battle


Scene: Autumn Clearing


4.96 m
6.05 m
549.22 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Oct 08, 2017
(6 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Mirror
Max Level
Irradiated Scratch


The Sword
Spirit of Plague
Crown of Bones
Display Plumes

Scree once served as Third in Command of the Frostguard and commander of the Pack - a specialised strike team of Mirrors (and one foul-tempered Tundra). After the civil war, Scree assumed a seat on the Faeaafe as representative of her estate and the noble House of Truth. In this role, she works to protect the Froslands from the threats that cannot be tackled through diplomacy, nor direct force. Though outwardly the position appears largely ceremonial, those privvy to the Froslands' inner workings understand the full extent of Scree's power and influence over the clan. Within the Frosfoen, she is known as the 'Thror'er Kvot Njesh' or 'The one who wears a hidden crown.'

She/Her - Biromantic - Ancient

Personality and Relationships:

Scree is a ruthless dragon, both in her work and demeanor. From an early age, she was taught that to show mercy was to show weakness, which would only invite failure. Scree learned to hide her emotions, which leads many to mistake her for being cold and uncaring. While she has little tolerance for anyone who would waste her time, Scree does care deeply for both the events and dragons around her. The trust needed to show these emotions simply does not come easily to Scree after the betrayals she has previously suffered. The few lucky enough to be counted amongst her loved ones, however, will see a kinder side to her.

Prime, her mate, describes her as a cunning, witty, and heavily sarcastic mirror. In truth, Scree is greatly mischeivous once comfortable, which her Pack will readily vouch for. She is also highly protective of those close to her, and will readily put herself in harm's way to save her friends and family from danger. Her daughter Opheria suffers the most from her guarding, to the extent that her smothering has hampered the young mirror's career. Regardless, Scree remains close to her daughter.

Scree can also struggle to be empathetic to when she might have offended another dragon or hurt their feelings. Often this is unintentional, but she has leaned into this character trait over time as a defence. Usually this is in the form of being unapologetically blunt; something she views as a positive character trait, and only doubles down on whenever she is criticised for it. However, it is also one of her greatest insecurities, as it has cost her multiple friends in her past for simply being honest.


Scree and Prime are almost inseperable. This is to be expected, given that she is the guardian's charge, but Scree rather enjoys the attention regardless. While the pair aren't particularly public with their relationship, once alone they are greatly affectionate.

Due to their long and dedicated relationship, the pair are a sight to behold in battle; they work together like two well-fitted cogs even when they bicker, which is often. Outside of work, they enjoy spending their time together either at home with their growing family, or walking alongside the Iron Lake's ruddy waters.


Eldest Daughter

Scree has a very close relationship with her daughter, and works hard to be a good parent as she is determined to be better than her own. However, her protective nature pushed her to refuse Opheria entry into the Frostguard for many years out of fear of her daughter being harmed. After their relationship almost broke down over it, she relented and allowed Opheria into her Pack - not her ideal choice of career, but a good compromise between them.

After the events of the civil war, when Opheria chose to side against her mother's bid for power, their relationship became strained. For several years, they saw little of each other even with Opheria's mate and son making frequent visits. It was only after Opheria saved Acieri that the two were able to reconcile and become close once again.

Second Daughter

Acieri is the younger of Scree's two daughters, and shares a similarly close relationship with Scree as her older sister. However, there is a great deal of sibling rivalry between the two, particularly as Acieri was permitted to join the Pack at half the age Opheria did. Scree claims that it is because raising Opheria taught her not to underestimate her children, but the truth is that Acieri shows much greater talent not only as a warrior, but as a tactician than her older sister; the prodigy that Scree had hoped Opheria would be. Her pride in Acieri's talents has benefitted their relationship in many ways, but it has also made Scree somewhat blind to the trouble that lies beneath Acieri's outward success.

Third-Born Son

Scree is highly protective of Isolde, and has a tendency to baby him even as an adult. She has kept him close by employing him within her House as a Scrier. Though she has a bad habit of using her position to protect him - be it through unnecessary security details, or assigning him to mundane missions - Isolde does not begrudge her of it. Rather he recognises that it means she loves him, and he wouldn't trade that for the world.

Fourth-Born Son

Scree has always struggled with Hker. Though she loves her youngest son dearly, his arrival invoked a great deal of jealousy from Isolde when they were both little. The elder son's demands for attention often distracted her from her youngest, and he was largely left to fend for himself as he grew more independent. When Isolde matured and lost his childish jealousy towards his brother, Scree attempted to make ammends. However, by then Hker had become so fixated on gaining his father's attention that he all but ignored Scree's. The two do not associate often, and when they do it is typically with Prime as a buffer.

Fifth-Born Son

Njevyre was a sickly hatchling, and spent much of his early years in hospital. Similarly to Isolde, Scree is over-protective of him now even as an adult, though it is less subtle. She struggles to see him as anything but the frail child he used to be, and uses her affluence to surround him with carers who fret over his every move. Njevyre finds the attention smothering, but due to his poor health he is forced to rely on it, which causes him to bicker with his parents often.

Youngest Son

Rhoche, who Scree nicknamed Gunpowder for his fiesty attitude and aptitude for getting into everything he shouldn't (particularly volatile agents), is the youngest of Scree's children and conferred all the priviledges that come with that status. After struggling with Hker, Scree is particularly attentive over Rhoche, much to the independent hatchling's dismay. Though for the most part he delights in his mother's attention, Rhoche finds it much harder to get up to michief under his mother's vigilant watch. Lucky for him, Scree's job keeps her busier than she'd like, giving him plenty of time to terrorise the family's butler whenever she's away.

Old Ally

While at one time Scree was very close to Star, over the years their friendship has faded. It started when Scree began to disagree with Star's approach towards leadership of the Froslands; while the Guardian was adept at leading the clan when it was small and they were at constant war, her inexperience with politics began to show once the conflicts had settled. Scree, on the other hand, had been raised as heir to a kingdom and trained in political and conventional warfare equally. Tension between the two began to escalate, first as petty arguments at council meetings that would delay each topic at times by hours, then to full-blown screaming matches that bled outside of the meeting chambers. Finally, with the support of half the clan, Scree challenged Star for leadership. What was intended to be a duel turned rapdily to a war when dragons on both sides tried to intervene.

Even with the civil war now settled, Scree and Star associate very little beyond political need.

Closest Friend

Scree and Noc were raised side-by-side, as Aurator was Royal Protector and advisor to the king before Roghtcrown's fall. Noc is undoubtedly Scree's closest friend and most trusted confidante, though his advice is sometimes a tad lacking due to his detatched, sarcastic nature. This can often cause the two to butt heads, though they've yet to have an argument that can't be resolved over a few drinks.

Though Scree does not take naturally to gossip, Noc likes to use petty rumours - both true and improvised - to distract her when she's had a particularly long and trying day. She's known since they were sub-adults that he's only doing it for her benefit, but Scree has never called him out on it as it truly is one of her favourite things about Noc.


Scree considers Aurator both a trusted advisor and a mentor figure. Though Scree loved her grandfather, he suffered from a short temper (which she inherited) and was ill-equipped to deal with children. Often when her grandfather was struggling, Aurator would step in as a surrogate father-figure, soothing Scree when she was upset and reasoning with her when she was angry or confused. Aurator was responsible for teaching Scree to hunt and fight, and without his lessons she likely would not have survived her cousin's assassination attempt


Siriol was one of Scree's magic tutors when she was growing up. As one of Scree's favourite teachers, the Fae holds a special place in Scree's memories. When she came to the Froslands, Scree was quick to invite her to the Frostguard but Siriol turned her down in favour of a position at the reforming Eleven Academies. Despite her refusal, the two remain friends and often meet at Demier's for tea.

Second in Command

Ceridae is among Scree's closest friend, and acts as her second in command leading the Pack. The two have fought side-by-side for many years, and share the kind of bond that can only be forged in battle and blood. Though Ceridae has struggled with the Pack's transition to the House of Truth, they have remained a loyal friend regardless.


Ratt was a gift to Scree from her grandfather in accordance with family tradition. The line of Roghtcrown are historically proud of their connection to the Wasteland and would keep Plague Spirits as companions to celebrate this. The care of an elemental spirit is viewed as one of the great ways to honour the Eleven, and is a life-long committment. The little spirit has been with Scree through everything, and will be by her side for everything to come. Without him, Scree would feel that a part of her very soul had been lost.



Scree was born fourth in line for the throne of Roghtcrown - a plague kingdom located on the southern border between the Wandering Contagion and the Abiding Boneyard. Contrary to expectations of royalty, her early years were greatly unhappy due to her father, who blamed her for her mother's unexpected passing. When he too passed, only six years later, Scree's grandfather adopted her as his ward and, controvertially, his heir.

As successor to the throne, Scree was put through rigorous training to prepare her for rule. Through tuition in both politics and combat, Scree flourished from a timid, terrified hatchling into a strong and proud warrior, of which her grandfather was exceedingly proud.
While Scree was lauded by her grandfather, her cousin, whose birthright she had usurped, was shunned. His jealousy of his older cousin was widely known, but ignored as he was seen as the weakest member of the family. In a bid to take the power he rightfully saw as his own, Scree’s envious relative hired a band of assassins to speed up the process of succession. Though her grandfather did not share her luck, Scree was able to escape as far as the border with the Windswept Plataeu before she was finally caught, only to be saved from by a passing mercenary.

When Scree awoke the next day under the care of the mercenaries’ healer, she learned that through some divine luck she had become her saviour’s charge. At first, Scree was dubious of the guardian's intentions, and rejected his attempts to protect her. However, as fear of another attack built, it soon became a comfort to have him close. Rather than exploit her terror, Prime instead comforted her in her frequent moments of weakness, which served to build a deep trust between them that had been previously absent from Scree's life. As the trust between them deepened, their relationship grew romantic in nature. The rest of Prime's clan, conversely, had grown to dislike Scree due to her snappish attitude and reluctance to assimilate into their ranks. The tensions within the clan grew to a head when she lashed out at the clan's leader, which resulted in her banishment.

With no clan to protect them, Scree insisted that they travel south to escape any further attacks her cousin may attempt. Prime, born in the Southern Icefields, held no qualms with this plan and followed his mate to the Fortress of Ends, where they discovered the Breach, and the two guardians who stubbornly defended it. Nowhere else to go, they decided to join up with Star and Orion to help them monitor the crack in the Fortress, and became founding members of the Frostguard.




In her free time, Scree enjoys spending time with her family and sparring with her Pack. On the reasonably frequent days she feels the need to be alone, Scree can be found in the Froshold's great library, studying ancient tomes on magic or comedically-bad romance novels with equal attention. Secretly, she is working on her own manuscript of the latter genre, though only Prime has ever been permitted to read it. It is doubtful she will ever publish it, but it offers a welcome reprieve from her duties to the clan regardless.

On the day of her hatching, Scree was gifted a Plague Spirit as part of an ancient tradition shared only by the royalty of her birthclan, whom she childishly named Ratt with her first spoken word. She has kept the elemental as one of her closest companions throughout life, and dedicates a fair portion of her time to his welfare. It is rare to see her without the small creature peering out from the shadows of her armour, though in the few instances he appears absent there is a good chance he is much closer than would seem.




















- Tail Lashing - Clawing - Wing Flapping -


7XMjzHa.pngStats and SkillsNioDk6b.png









Through her years of study, Scree has become highly adept in the use of Plague magic. She specialises in a close-contact branch of regenerative magic that allows her to enhance her physical attacks with a potent plague, which can quickly debilitate an enemy due to the rapid propogation of her unique bacteria. (A trait common to plague dragons, much like a magical fingerprint.) For this, Scree favours a physical, tooth-and-claw fighting style that relies primarily on speed and agility over brute force; however, her strength should not be underestimated.

Plague dragons are able to attune their magic to suit their environment through continued 'survival' of its hardships. In ancient times this was practiced to strengthen roaming packs as they travelled across Sornieth to spread the Plaguebringer's influence, so that they might survive the extremes of the other flights. In modern day, with the enmeshment of the flights, such a ritual has become rare; not only are there few dragons with the strength to survive the trials, but there are fewer still willing to undergo them when an alliance with locals is usually sufficient to endure Sornieth's worst.
Due to her age, Scree posesses the magical strength needed to 'enhance' herself, and sought out to do so that she might better protect her family as she is acutely aware how vulnerable her element leaves her to the Icefields' natural threats. After decades of trekking through ice and snow, Scree's body is scarred by dark frostbite that has become entangled with her inborn magic, granting her great resistance to the cold. Combined with the thick plumage that covers her back, wings and tail, Scree is one of the few dragons within her clan capable of flight during the Southern Icefields' infamous blizzards. Even so, it is not a task she takes on lightly, as the first step of a plague dragon's quest to imbue themselves with a foreign element is to learn how truly fearsome that element really is.


At their hatching, every Plague dragon carries a unique strain of disease passed onto them by their parents. While the pathogen cannot harm other Plague dragons, it helps to protect the hatchling from other sources of harm and becomes entangled with the dragon's Magic. As the dragon develops, so too does their strain; their unique experiences force it to evolve, or in some rare cases, die out if the conditions are too extreme.

Scree's pathogen, a fast-acting strain of toxic bacteria, is highly resistant to cold due to her many years attuning herself to the Icefields. This adaptation has made it susceptible to heat, and the cells will quickly denature in a fevering dragon, if they are lucky enough to last that long. Regardless, the fever is only the first half of the battle; when the cell wall breaks down, the cells release a payload of toxins from their cytoplasm that are often more potent than the original bacteria.


All dragons posess an innate ability to produce an elemental Breath, which can take on one of many forms within the range of the Flight's magic. It is a popular belief among dragonkind that a dragon's Breath is a reflection of their personality, which the mages of the Eleven Academies have yet to either prove or disprove.

Scree's Breath takes the form of a highly corrosive acid gas that readily burns through organic matter and corrodes inorganic. While powerful, her Breath loses strength as it is dispersed, limiting its range significantly.

Some might say that her Breath is born from her sharp, abbrasive personality - it is certainly just as wearing on the unprepared mind as her Breath is on metal.



Scree wears the scars earned through her years of hardship with pride, particularly the frostburn on her legs and wings from her years of attuning her plague magic to the cold. Though her iridescent white scales aren't quite as shiny as in her youth, they still dazzle in the sunlight like fresh-fallen snow, which would lend itself well to an ambush if it weren't for the vivid red plumage of her wings, back and tail - which makes her a terribly silent flier - and the mottling on her hide. Through her age, Scree has grown magical reserves beyond what her body is able to contain, and this has slowly manifested itself both in a general aura of malaise and the harrowing of her features - her claws are crueler, her wings more ragged and hidden within her feathers are yet more twisted talons.

Though Scree's kingdom is dead, she still wears the crown that was hers by birthright in its rememberence. Beneath this she wears the trophy of her first kill - a Plague Roc, as was tradition in her family. After the incident between her eldest daughters, Scree took them hunting together in an effort to better mend their bond. During this hunt, the pair were able to take down a Pronghorn together. Scree took the antlers from their kill and bound them to her crown, both to represent how her family had changed since her exile and to celebrate how their battles had ultimately made them stronger. She also sports the banners of her House, draped loosely to conceal the poison-edged sword she always keeps at her side. The skull that she wears was taken from a Roc, and is both ceremonial and protective in its purpose; blackened bones are often used to ward off nature magic, as the rot within them repels it. Since she damaged her jaw in battle, Scree has also taken to wearing a 'second' jaw, also made from plagued bone, which keeps her bite strong.

The tattoos on Scree's scales mark her as a master of her element in another tradition she is loathe to let die. Though she was unable to partake in proper ceremony to receive them, as all the magi of her kingdom had long passed, Noc was able to help her perform the rites. Scree believes that the legacy of her kingdom lives on through her in this way, though she mourns that by her children being born within Ice territories she will be the last to wear these markings.


A Waste
Years after her cousin assassinated their grandfather and attempted to kill her for the clan’s throne, Scree returns to her birth clan to exact revenge and claim what is rightfully hers. However, when she arrives the clan is dead, and there is nothing left to do but mourn what she could have had.

Previous Outfit
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